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Ghriba - Moroccan sesame cookies (video recipe)

Ghriba - Moroccan sesame cookies (video recipe)

Ghriba are some very popular cookies in Morocco. They are made in several variants: with sesame, with coconut with almonds, with peanuts. It is consumed with Moroccan mint tea at all weddings, "baptisms", engagements or afternoon tea that Moroccans respect with holiness. But let me tell you about tea. Tea is ubiquitous in the daily life of Moroccans. Moroccan tea is made from Chinese green tea, the one in which the leaves are rolled, looking like beans, to which fresh mint is added. It is drunk quite sweet, too sweet for my taste, because Moroccans are big sugar lovers. Tea making is a real ritual and you need some time to learn how to make a Moroccan tea as per the book. Usually, in Morocco, men make tea, especially on different holidays, with women taking care of everyday tea, such as breakfast tea. Along with the tea, cookies and gibberish must be served, as I did this time, but also other cookies with almonds, figs or dates. The host puts in the middle of the table a large plate with different cookies, of different shapes and colors and with different fillings for everyone to choose something to their taste. About that for the moment, I promise that I will return with other episodes from Moroccan culture and civilization. Until then, crave cookies! I'll give you the tea!

Islere Ingredient:

  • 500 grams of flour
  • 360 grams of butter
  • 200 grams of lightly roasted walnuts in the oven and finely ground
  • 2 yolks
  • 2 tablespoons vanilla extract
  • 170 grams of powdered sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • cream: 3 whole eggs, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 250 grams of sugar, 300 grams of butter, 1 tablespoon devanilie extract, 2 tablespoons good rum
  • icing: 120 grams of milk chocolate or icing of 200 grams of powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon of cocoa, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of oil and hot water until a homogeneous paste of pancake dough is formed
  • in addition, flour for sprinkling the worktop


Before proceeding with the actual procedure, keep in mind that the above quantities result in quite a few islets. If you don't need that much, halve the amount of ingredients.

Then the walnut does not have to be fried. If you fry it, however, you will get some biscuits with a much better taste. To do this, place the walnut seeds in an even layer in a pan and put them in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 5 minutes, no more, as they burn easily. Allow the walnut to cool, then grind it finely (with a processor or with a special nut machine).

How to prepare walnut dough for Isler

1. Put the butter, powdered sugar, vanilla extract, salt and yolks in a bowl and mix (with the mixer) until they become a homogeneous cream (picture 1).

2. Add the flour and ground walnuts (picture 2) and incorporate with the mixer on low speed. If you do not have a mixer, knead the dough with a wooden spoon until it is homogeneous. Not by hand, because if the butter melts the biscuits will lose their fragility.

3. Knead only until the dough gathers into a ball and has a homogeneous appearance (picture 3).

4. Wrap the dough in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes & # 8211 1 hour.

Isler & # 8211 cutting cookies

After this time, the dough is divided into 4 identical pieces. They are spread one by one on the work surface sprinkled with flour in a sheet with a thickness of 4-5 mm. Cut the islands with a glass or a cutter. I used a cutter with a diameter of 7 cm.

The edges resulting from the cutting are gathered together, shaken from the flour and pressed, then stretched and cut as well until all the dough is exhausted.

The islands are placed in trays covered with baking paper. From the above quantity resulted 4 trays.

Isler & # 8211 baking

Bake the isler cookies one by one, tray after tray, for 12-15 minutes in the preheated oven at 180 degrees, until they begin to brown slightly on the edges. Do not touch the hot islands because they are very fragile. Allow to cool in the pan then transfer to a cake rack.


Until the cooked islas cool well, prepare the cream. All the ingredients, except the butter, put in a saucepan and simmer over low heat, stirring constantly, until well thickened. Transfer the pan to a bowl of cold water (or let it cool by itself, if you have time). After the base cream is ready, incorporate the butter with the mixer.

Divide the unfilled islets in two and distribute the cream on half of them. This is so that you don't have the unpleasant surprise of running out of cream at the end. Cover with the other halves and press lightly.

For the icing, melt the broken milk chocolate into small pieces on a steam bath. The second option would be to prepare the icing cold. For this, mix the powdered sugar homogeneously with the cocoa. Then add the lemon juice, oil and spoon after spoon of hot water until a homogeneous composition of pancake dough is formed. I used milk chocolate icing.

Allow the icing to harden well and it is preferable to leave the islets in a cool place overnight before tasting them, they will be even younger.

Rub the butter with the sugar until it becomes fluffy, add the flavors, then the water and the yolks, mixing well. Sift the flour together with the baking powder and cocoa and add to the butter composition. Mix well until you get a smooth and fluffy dough. From the cookie dough I formed a 6.5 cm thick roll, which I left in the fridge until it hardened, rolling from time to time to have a cylindrical shape. Then I cut 0.6 cm thick slices and baked them for 8 minutes at 180 degrees C.

For the cream, mix the chopped chocolate with the cream and the ness and dissolve it on a steam bath until the chocolate melts. Cool and then beat until it forms peaks.

We put the ganache in the posh / bag and with a round tip we form a circle on the edge of the cookies.

We pass each cookie through the coconut, with the side with the chocolate cream down, to catch the coconut with the chocolate cream. A border is formed, like a basket, which we then fill with chicks and eggs :).

The recipe for Easter cookies was proposed by PaulaM on the culinary forum.

Sesame cookies

I saw a picture of these cookies about two weeks ago, on a French blog, and I kept thinking about them. As I already told you that I think you never know enough recipes for cookies and small cookies for the holiday dishes, I thought that this year these beauties could successfully make their place among the other little delicacies with which I will pamper my guests. Compared to the recipe I was inspired by, the only difference is the cream, which in my case is a sweet milk (condensed milk caramel cream). I will not insist on the cream recipe either, because the author of the recipe used a cream bought from the market, I think everyone can use nutella, for example, with very good results. The cookies are very fragile and fine, I remember alfajores (Argentine biscuits with corn starch) and the decorating idea is simply brilliant, in my opinion.

Preparation time: 01:30 hours
Cooking time: 00:15 hours
Total Time: 01:45 hours
Number of servings: 36 pieces
Degree of difficulty: environment

Biscuit ingredient:

  • 1 or
  • 1 yolk
  • 125 grams of melted and cooled butter
  • 90 grams of powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 80 grams of corn starch (gustin)
  • 200 grams of flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 200-250 grams of spreadable cream of your choice (I used leche dulce prepared at home from a can of condensed milk)
  • 100 grams of sesame seeds or coconut flakes
  • decoration: 1 yolk, 1 tablespoon of milk, 1 teaspoon of instant coffee

From the beginning, I want to tell you that if you don't have it at home or you don't like the rather intense taste of sesame seeds, you can finish the biscuits with coconut flakes, grated chocolate, etc. As for the cream, the possibilities are endless. The biscuits are adaptable and are quite easy to make.

1. Melted butter, 1 whole egg and 1 egg yolk together with powdered sugar and vanilla mix in a bowl until smooth (picture 1).

2. Add the starch mixed homogeneously with the baking powder and incorporate.

3. Add flour, 1 tablespoon at a time (picture 2), until a dough is formed that must still be milky, but homogeneous.

4. Wrap the dough in cling film and refrigerate for an hour (picture 3).

5. After the rest time has elapsed, sprinkle the work surface with flour and spread the dough in a sheet with a thickness of about 4 mm, which is cut into as equal shapes as possible. You can use the pastry roll, a special shape for cookies or the knife.

6. Dissolve the instant coffee in a tablespoon of milk, add the yolk and mix.

7. Put the biscuits in the tray covered with baking paper (2 trays will result) and half of the biscuits formed are greased on top with the mixture of yolk and coffee. With a fork, different models are greased on the surface of the biscuits.

8. Bake for 13-15 minutes in the preheated oven at 180 degrees, watching carefully, it should not brown, it will just start to color on the edges (as in the last picture & # 8211 the biggest & # 8211 from the assembly below).

The baked biscuits are left to cool, then grease those without decoration with cream.

If you want to prepare sweet milk at home & # 8211 I would say the most delicious caramel cream & # 8211 the procedure is very simple: you need a can of sweetened condensed milk, which you put in a pot and cover with cold water (to be enough water). Put the pot on the fire and cook for 3 hours. Leave the can to cool in water, then open it and the best caramel cream is ready to use.

Cover the cream-smeared biscuits with the decorated halves, spread a little cream all around and coat the edges with sesame seeds, coconut flakes, ground walnuts, grated chocolate, etc. If you use sesame seeds, it is good to fry them in a fat-free pan for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly, just enough to develop their flavor and color a little.

They are absolutely delicious and, as is the case with the vast majority of biscuits, it seems that the next day they are even better.

I think that, as beautiful as they are, if they are beautifully packaged in a box or a cellophane bag, they can be a beautiful holiday gift.

How do I prepare the recipe for fluffy sesame bars?

The preparation method is extremely simple. Sift the flour in a bowl and add the sugar, salt and yeast over it.

We mix them all and then add water and oil. We will start kneading until we get a homogeneous dough that does not stick to our hands.

Put the dough in the bowl, cover it with plastic wrap and leave it to rise until it doubles in volume.

After the dough has risen, we will put it on the worktop greased with a little oil and divide it into 8 equal parts, so we will have 8 balls.

We will spread each ball in the shape of a rectangle with the help of the facet.

The result will be a thin sheet that we will try to roll tightly along the length, thus obtaining the bar that we will place in a tray lined with baking paper.

In this way we will proceed to the other dough balls. After we have molded all the sticks and placed them in the tray, we cover them with a clean towel and let them rise for another 30 minutes.

While our sticks are growing, we take care of the topping that we use to grease the sticks before putting them in the oven so that the sesame has adhesion.

Mix the 50 ml of water with a teaspoon of flour and with this mixture we will grease the bars.

Sprinkle the sesame seeds on top and put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for about 30 minutes until the bars are browned.

When they are ripe, the hot sticks are taken out of the oven and greased with the syrup we obtained by mixing warm water with honey.

These poppy bars they can also be served hot. They are fluffy like a sponge, and we are not talking about taste. You can also make a recipe for fluffy poppy bars, they are just as good as these. & # 128539

We are also waiting for your opinion.

Good luck with that! Good appetite!

The recipe and the pictures belong to him Oana Branescu, blog contributor Good appetite, recipes with Gina Bradea.

Salted with sesame and mac & # 8211 simple recipe for stars with cheese in the dough

Salted with sesame and mac & # 8211 simple recipe for stars with cheese in dough. Salty and fragrant salads with cheese, sour cream, butter and lard and decorated with sesame or poppy seeds. They look puffy even though they are not made of puff pastry. They can be cut into different shapes, depending on the event.

I also said in previous articles that I don't spend a weekend without preparing homemade salads. For the holidays, I prepare my dough 2-3 days before and keep it in the fridge. We really like the cakes with cow cheese (sweet cheese) because they do not require yeast or any complicated folding process and yet they come out very well raised and puffed.

The basic recipe for this dough is from Oana's great-grandmother and you can find it here. In this case, I added a little sour cream and increased the amount of flour a bit.

This is due to the yeasts in the cheese that help the dough to grow. It is not about any kind of cheese (not urda or ricotta, not telemea) but sour cheese that has ferments and that helps the dough to grow. It's cow's cheese for cheese pancakes and can be made at home & # 8211 see the recipe here.

Only with the help of cheese, the salt dough kept cold for 2-3 days will ferment so that the saltines will grow when baked from 0.5 cm to 2-3 cm high! There is no need for yeast, as I said at the beginning. In addition, the recipe is very practical because we can make double or triple portions of dough that we keep cold and bake 1-2 trays of salt every day. This way we will always have fresh and crispy salt & # 8211, especially on consecutive holidays when our guests keep coming.

From the quantities below it results approx. 3 large salted trays with sesame and poppy seeds or asterisks.

Moroccan cuisine

Although it does not yet enjoy the deserved appreciation, due to its ignorance by Europeans, Moroccan cuisine is still among the richest and most varied in Africa and one of the most imaginative in the world.

This is due, first of all, to the abundance of raw materials and, secondly, to the strong social and cultural mix in the area, which favored the birth of a gastronomy with innumerable influences, from various other countries. Among the raw materials we find in abundance citrus fruits, cereals, olives, dates, potatoes, fruits, meat, fish and seafood.

The influences from Morocco are quite surprising: here the French and Arabic cuisines met, thus turning the country into a point of confluence between the traditions of the West and the East, which overlapped without altering them. # 8211 strong traditions of Berber cuisine.

The strong point of Moroccan cuisine is the mixture of flavors and various tastes given to simple dishes by herbs. The most well-known preparation is couscous, in a multitude of variants, often surprising by the combinations of tastes and colors, even if the same basic ingredients are always used (couscous, various vegetables, meat and spices).

Another dish, certainly less known, but just as characteristic of Morocco, is a traditional soup, harira. As a proof of the social and cultural ties throughout Africa, we must remember that this soup is eaten in the evening, in all the communities where Ramadan is celebrated. It is a unique, filling dish, with the main ingredients being flour, tomatoes, onions, eggs and beef or lamb.

We can't talk about Moroccan cuisine without mentioning tajines, which, as we have already mentioned, means either the dish in which it is cooked or the food itself. The vessel consists of a bowl with not too high edges, with a flat bottom, in which the ingredients are placed, and of a conical lid with which it is covered, favoring a uniform distribution of heat, implicitly of tastes and aromas.

The vessel is beautifully decorated & # 8211 a demonstration of the idea that all the senses, including sight, must take part in the gastronomic act. The most famous Moroccan recipes that are cooked in tajine are kefta, mrouzia and mquali. The first is based on meat and tomatoes, the second is based on lamb and herbs and the last is made from chicken with lemon.

As with the couscous, the vitality of Moroccan cuisine has created a multitude of variations. Thus, there are tagines with fish, vegetables and the most surprising combinations of spices and herbs (reaching an extremely exotic dish for European tastes, containing chicken, garlic, onion, saffron, cinnamon, sesame and plum seeds).

According to tradition, in Morocco, diners eat from the same bowl by hand, without cutlery. Alcohol is forbidden (primarily for religious reasons), the most common and invigorating drink being mint tea.

Ghriba - Moroccan sesame cookies (video recipe) - Recipes

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O reteta de moare pargalita din: zeama de varza acra, orez, carnati afumati, ceapa, faina, ulei, sare si piper. Daca moarea (zeama ae varza) este prea acră sau prea sărată, puteţi s-o diluaţi cu apă, dar în acest caz va trebui să aromaţi supa cu mai multe ierburi: mărar, cimbru, pătrunjel. Ingredinete: 2 l…

Rulada de vita cu cartofi

O reteta delicioasa de rulada de vita cu: sare, piper, salvie, vin rosu, usturoi, unt, ardei capia, ardei verde, cartofi, boia, cimbru uscat. Ingrediente: 1 kg muşchi de vită sare piper salvie 100 ml vin rosu 3-4 catei usturoi 100g unt Ingrediente umplutura: 500 ardei capia un ardei verde gras 1 kg cartofi o…

Penne cu mozzarella

O retete de penne cu mozzarella din: usturoi, ulei de masline, rosii decojite, vin rosu, supa de legume, fulgi de ardei, pasta de ardei, paste scurte, sare, piper, parmezan, mozzarella si frunze de busuioc. Ingrediente: 2 catei de usturoi 2 linguri ulei de masline 1 conserva de rosii decojite (400 g) 750 ml vin…

Ciorba de vita cu rosii

O reteta gustoasa de ciorba de vita cu:rasol de vita, telina, ceapa, ardei gras, mazare, suc de rosii, sare, fasole verde, piper negru, ulei, patrunjel. Ingrediente: un rasol alb de vită o ţelină rădăcină şi frunze 1-2 cepe un ardei gras 200 g mazăre proaspătă suc de roşii sare 100 g fasole verde păstăi…

Pulpa de miel cu ceapa

O reteta gustoasa de pulpa de miel cu: ceapa verde, usturoi verde, sare, cimbru, busuioc, vin alb, sparanghel, ulei. Ingrediente: o pulpă de miel de 1-2 kg 3 legături ceapă verde o legătură usturoi verde sare cimbru busuioc 150 ml vin alb 300 g sparanghel ulei de floarea-soarelui Mod de preparare: Se condimentează pulpa…

Cocktail Corcovado

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Corcovado din: tequilla, curacao albastru, drambuie, limonada, lamaie, portocala si cirese. Ingrediente: 2 cl tequilla 2 cl Curacao albastru 1 cl Drambuie limonada o felie de lamaie o felie de portocala cirese Mod de preparare: Punem cateva cuburi de gheata intr-un pahar pentru bauturi lungi, adaugam lichiorurile si…

Cum se prepara placinta cu alge marine uscate, tofu, piure de cartofi si sos de patrunjel (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara placinta cu alge marine uscate, tofu, piure de cartofi si sos de patrunjel, un preparat vegetarian foarte delicios si gustos, rapid si sanatos. Cum se prepara placinta cu alge marine uscate, tofu, piure de cartofi si sos de patrunjel

Budinca de peste

O reteta de budinca de peste din: cartofi, fileuri de peste afumat, lapte, branza de vaci, lamaie, unt, pesmet, patrunjel verde, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 5-6 cartofi 5-6 fileuri de peste afumat 200 ml lapte 100 g branza de vaci 1 lamaie 75 g unt 2 linguri cu pesmet patrunjel verde sare piper …

Pandişpan cu ananas

O reteta de pandispan cu ananas din: ananas, stafide, oua, zahar, faina, ulei, zahar vanilat, esenta de vanilie si sare. Ingrediente: 1 ananas 100 g stafide 5 oua 1 cana cu zahar 1 cana cu faina 5 linguri cu ulei 2 pliculete cu zahar vanilat esenta de vanilie sare Mod de preparare: Intr-un…


Unii considera ca maslinul (Olea europae) este cel mai important pom fructifer cultivat in lume, istoria sa fiind foarte veche. Ca sursa a unuia dintre uleiurile cel mai des utilizate in tot Orientul Mijlociu si in bazinul Marii Mediterane, maslinul a fost foarte pretuit inca din perioada antica preegipteana. Potrivit Vechiului Testament, atunci cand…


O reteta de priconuci din: albusuri, zahar, nuci, unt, lapte, galbenusuri si cacao. Ingrediente: 4 albusuri 350 g zahar 400 g nuci macinata pentru crema: 200 g unt 100 ml lapte 4 galbenusuri 5 linguri cacao Mod de preparare: Pregăteşti priconucile: Baţi albuşurile spumă tare cu un praf de sare, adaugi zahărul şi…

Muschi cu sos bechamel

O reteta gustoasa de muschi de porc cu:sare, piper, vin alb, cimbru, ulei de masline, usturoi, unt, faina, nucsoara, lapte, morcovi, batoane de susan, sos bechamel. Ingrediente: 800 g muşchi de porc sare piper 150 ml vin alb cimbru 2 linguri ulei de măsline 5-6 căţei usturoi Ingrediente sos bechamel: 75 g unt 2…

Tocăniţă cu cartofi

O reteta de tocanita cu cartofi din: cartofi, ulei de masline, carne tocata, sos, ardei gras, ardei iute, ceapa verde si cascaval. Ingrediente: 600 g cartofi 2 linguri de ulei de măsline 250 g carne tocată 1 plic de praf de sos pentru spaghete milaneze 1 ardei gras roşu 1/2 ardei iute 3 cepe…

Corn de gazelă

O reteta de corn de gazela din: faina, ou, unt, apa de flori de portocal, zahar, migdale, scortisoata si zahar pudra. Ingrediente: 250 g faină albă 1 ou 20 g unt 1 lingură apă de flori de portocal pentru pasta de migdale: 175 g zahăr 250 g migdale curăţate 50 g unt 1 vârf…

Cocktail Cynar Russia

O reteta simpal de Cocktail Cynar Russia din: cynar, votca si limeta. Ingrediente: 2 cl Cynar 2 cl votca o felie de limeta Mod de preparare: Mixam bine ingredientele cu gheata in shaker si servim bautura in paharul pentru bauturi lungi. Decoram cu o jumatate de felie de limeta.

Cotlet cu sos de piper

O reteta delicioasa de cotlet de porc cu: sare, piper, unt, vin, zahar, nucsoara, faina, nuca, cimbru, ulei, ulei de masline, cartofi, mazare, ciuperci, sos de piper. Ingrediente: 8 felii cotlet de porc sare piper 100 g unt 175 ml vin dulce 2 linguri zahăr nucşoară o linguriţă făină 100g nucă măcinată cimbru uscat…

Supă de mazăre galbenă cu broccoli

O reteta delicioasa de supa de mazare galbena cu broccoli din: mazare galbena, frunza de dafin, morcov, ceapa, cartofi, broccoli, ulei de masline, oua si sare. Ingrediente: 200 g mazăre galbenă deshidratată 1 frunză de dafin 1 morcov 1 ceapă 2 cartofi 300 g broccoli proaspăt sau congelat 4 linguri ulei de măsline 2…

Chec cu fructe uscate

O reteta de chec cu fructe uscate din: nuci, amestec de fructe uscate, faina, unt, zahar, galbenus, esenta de vanilie si sare. Ingrediente: 100 g nuci 150 g amestec de fructe uscate 1 albus pentru aluat: 100 g faina 60 g unt 50 g zahar 1 galbenus esenta de vanilie sare Mod de…

Garnitură cu miere pentru carne

O reteta de garnitura cu miere pentru care din: ceapa, lamaie, miere, stafide, ulei de masline extravirgin, usturoi, patrunjel, coriandru, scortisoara, ghimbir, ienibahar, sofran, chimen, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 3 cepe albe 1 lămâie 2 linguri miere 50 g stafide 4 linguri ulei de măsline extravirgin 2 căţei de usturoi 1 legătură pătrunjel 1…

Cocktail Wild Ocean

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Wild Ocean din: bols maracuja, grune banane, sirop de cocos, suc de ananas, frisca, ananas si capsuni. Ingrediente: 4 l Bols Maracuja 2 cl bols Grune Banane 2 cl sirop de cocos 10 cl suc de ananas 3 cl frisca lichida bucati de ananas caspuni Mod de preparare:…

Aperitive calde cu branza

O reteta gustoasa de aperitive cu: branza, bagheta, mozzarella, salam, mascarpone, sare, rosii cherry, ardei capia, smantana, usturoi, busuioc. Ingrediente: o baghetă albă 200 g mozzarella 100 g salam foarte uscat 100 g brânză mascarpone sare grunjoasă 300 g roşii cherry 2 ardei capia 2 linguri smântână 3-4 căţei usturoi busuioc proaspăt pentru ornat…

Pui umplut cu gutui

O reteta delicioasa de pui umplut cu:gutui, mere, zeama de lamie, cimbru, sare, foi de dafin, piper negru, unt, vin alb dulce, usturoi. Ingrediente: un pui 4 gutui 4 mere verzi zeama de la două lămâi cimbru 2-3 foi dafin sare grunjoasă piper negru măcinat 200 g unt 100 ml vin alb dulce 5-6…

Tocană cu carne de berbec

O reteta de tocana cu carne de berbec din: carne de berbec, ulei, ceapa, morcovi, sfecla rosie, sare, piper, cartofi, praz, varza, patrunjel, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 600 g carne de berbec 50 ml ulei 2 cepe 2 morcovi 1 sfecla rosie sare piper 4 cartofi 2 fire de praz 1 varza mica 1…

Mancare cu gutui si rozmarin

O reteta gustoasa de mancare cu: carne de vitel, gutui, zahar, gogosari, ceapa rosie, fasole verde, sare, ulei de masline, vin rosu, rozmarin. Ingrediente: 800 g muşchi de viţel 4 gutui mijlocii o lingură zahăr 3 gogoşari o ceapă roşie 200 g fasole verde păstăi sare ulei de măsline 4-5 linguri vin roşu dulce…

Specialitate de cartofi în pâine

O reteta delicioasa de specialitate cu: cartofi, gogosari, ceapa, rosii, foi de dafin, cimbru, ulei, pulpa de porc, ceapa, paine, marar. Ingrediente: 10 cartofi 2 gogoşari 2-3 cepe 5-6 roşii o foaie dafin cimbru uscat şi măcinat 2-3 linguri ulei de floarea-soarelui 400 g pulpă de porc 4 fire ceapă sau praz 4 pâini…

Vengaya bhaji

Unul dintre felurile de mancare ce se regaseste in meniul tuturor restaurantelor sud-asiatice este ceapa bhaji, care pare a fi aperitivul preferat al tuturor. Se prepara din ceapa taiata, cu usturoi, ou si faina de gram (naut). Datorita faptului ca se prajeste in baie de ulei, ceapa este putin crocanta la suprafata. In Occident,…

Reteta zilei: Tiramisu

O reteta delicioasa de tiramisu din: piscoturi, oua, crema mascarpone, esenta migdale, cafea, coniac, zahar si cacao. Ingrediente: 500 g piscoturi (de preferat boromir) 4 oua 500 g crema mascarpone 1 esenta migdale 1 l cafea Coniac 4 linguri zahar Cacao Mod de preparare: Se separa albusurile de galbenusuri, albusurile se bat spuma….

Chiftele din cartofi cu brânză

O reteta delicioasa de chiftele din: cartofi, branza gorgonzola, marar, oua, pesmet alb, unt, sare, ulei, faina. Ingrediente: 6 cartofi 200 g brânză gorgonzola o legătură mărar 2 ouă 100 g pesmet alb 100 g unt sare ulei pentru prăjit 1-2 linguriţe făină Mod de preparare: Se curăţă cartofii de coajă, se spală si…

Tarte delicioase: Tartă cu gutui

O reteta gustoasa de tarta cu: oua, gutui, zahar, nuca, faina, sare, unt, scortisoara, lapte, zahar vanilat. Ingrediente: 6 ouă 4 gutui medii 12 linguri zahăr 150 g nucă măcinată 6 linguri făină un praf sare un pachet unt un praf scorţişoară 300 ml lapte un plic zahăr vanilat Mod de preparare: Se curăţă…

Ardei umpluti cu fasole verde

O reteta delicioasa de ardei umpluti cu:pasta de fasole, ceapa, usturoi, cimbru, rosii, ardei, sare, piper macinat, ulei. Ingrediente: 4 ardei roşii pentru umplut 500 g păstăi de fasole 2 cepe 6 căţei usturoi cimbru uscat şi măcinat 6 roşii mari 2 ardei sare piper negru măcinat ulei de floarea-soarelui Mod de preparare: Se…

Vita cu sos si broccoli

O reteta delicioasa de vita cu: ulei de masline, sos de soia, vin rosu, sare, ceapa, otet, salvie, broccoli, unt, usturoi. Ingrediente: 800 g muşchi de vită 4 linguri ulei de măsline sos de soia 150 ml vin roşu dulce o lingură sare o ceapă o lingură otet aromatic 2-3 frunze salvie Ingrediente garnitură:…

Supă de lapte

O reteta de supa de lapte din: lapte, unt, cartofi, patrunjel, marar si sare. Ingrediente: 1/2 l apă 1 l lapte 2 linguri unt 3–4 cartofi mari pătrunjel şi mărar tocat sare Mod de preparare: Curăţaţi cartofii şi îi fierbeţi în apă cu sare. Când sunt pe jumătate fierţi, adăugaţi şi laptele şi…

Aperitive pufoase

O reteta gustoasa de aperitive cu: aluat, rosii, branza mozzarella, busuioc, seminte de susan, ou, sare, usturoi. Ingrediente: 500 g aluat franţuzesc 4 roşii brânză mozzarella 2-3 crenguţe busuioc proas­păt 50 g seminţe de susan un ou pentru uns sare 2-3 căţei usturoi Mod de preparare: Se scoate aluatul de la rece şi se…

Fursecuri cu susan şi scorţişoară

O reteta de fursecuri cu susan si scortisoara din: migdale, faina alba, zahar, seminte de susan, unt, ou si scortisoara. Ingrediente: 500 g migdale 500 g faină albă 350 g zahăr 200 g seminţe de susan 100 g unt 1 ou 1/2 lingură praf de scorţişoară Mod de preparare: Amestecă migdalele râşnite şi…

Reteta zilei: Pui cu sos de mustar

O reteta de pui cu sos de mustar din: pui, suc de portocale, smatana, vin alb, mustar, usturoi, amidon de porumb, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 1 pui 100ml suc de portocale 100g smantana 100ml vin alb 3 linguri mustar 4-5 catei usturoi 1 lingura amidon de porumb sare piper Mod de preparare: Puiul…

Praz cu masline

O reteta de praz cu masline din: praz, ceapa, sos de tomate, foid ed afin, ulei, masline, zahar, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 3-4 fire de praz (firul sa nu fie gros si sa aiba tiha alba cat mai lunga), taiate in bucati de 2-3 cm 1 ceapa medie, taiata solzisori 250 g sos de…

Tocăniţă cu făină de porumb

O reteta delicioasa de tocanita cu faina de porumb din: carne de porc, branza de oi, usturoi, faina de porumb, ulei, sare si piper. Inrgediente: 500 g carne de porc mai grasă 100 g brânză de oi sărată 2 căciuli de usturoi 1 kg făină de porumb 100 ml ulei sare şi piper …

Papanasi deliciosi

O reteta de papansi brasoveni din: branza de vaci, faina, zahar vanilat, zahar tos, coaja de lamaie, stafide, bicarbonat de sodiu, ulei, dulceata de visine si smantana. Ingrediente: 250 g branza de vaci grasa 150 g faina, plus extra pentru intins aluatul 1 plic de zahar vanilat 2 linguri de zahar tos coaja de…

Creme Caramel clasică

O reteta de creme caramel clasica din: ou, galbenusuri, zahar, lapte, frisca si extract de vanilie. Ingrediente: 1 ou 2 galbenusuri 130 g zahar 200 ml lapte 150 g frisca 1-1/2 lingurita extract de vanilie Mod de preparare: Se bate oul cu gălbenuşuri şi 50 g zahăr. Se dă în clocot lapte­le cu…

Pilaf cu prune uscate

O reteta de pilaf cu prune uscate din: ulei de floarea soarelui, ceapa, orez cu bobul lung, zahar brun, sare si prune uscate. Ingrediente: 33 linguri ulei de floarea soarelui 1 ceapa, tocata 1 cana de orez cu bobul rotund 2 lingurite de zahar brun 1 praf de sare 1 pumn de prune uscate,…

Sarmale în foi de praz cu piept de pui

O reteta de sarmale in foi de praz cu piept de pui din: praz, piept de pui, franzela, oua, ceapa, suc de rosii, ulei, marar, faina, smantana, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 4 fire de praz mai groase 500 g piept de pui 1 felie de franzelă 2 ouă 2 cepe 500 ml suc de…

Reteta zilei: Ciorba de perisoare

O reteta de ciorba de perisoare din: morcovi, pastarnac, telina, ceapa, ardei rosii, bulion, zeama de varza, vegeta, patrunjel, leustean, sare, carne tocata, orez, sare si oua. Ingrediente: 2 morcovi 1 pastarnac 1/2 telina 2 cepe 2 ardei rosii 1 cana bulion sau 2-3 rosii 250 ml zeama de varza sau bors 1 lingurita…


Pissaladiere este o specialitate provensala originara din zona portului Nisa. Ea consta dintr-o foaie de aluat dospit sau o foaie de aluat frantuzesc, presarata cu ansoa, ceapa si masline negre. Inainte de a fi dat la cuptor, aluatul se unge cu o pasta de ansoa, care se numeste pissalat. Peste ea se pune o…

Cocktail Quarter Deck

O reteta simpla de Cocktail Quarter Deck din: creme sherry, cointreau, rom alb, suc de portocale si zeama de limeta. Ingrediente: 2 cl Creme Sherry 1 cl Cointreau 2 cl rom alb 10 cl suc de portocale 2 picaturi de zeama de limeta Mod de preparare: Mixam bine ingredientele cu gheata in shaker….

Briose cu cap de bezea

O reteta de briose cu cap de bezea din: alune de padure, faina, praf de copt, galbenusuri, zahar pudra, ciocolata, albus, otet, zahar, cacao, unt si nuga. Ingrediente: aluat: 175 g alune de padure macinate 75 g faina 1 lingurita praf de copt 5 galbenusuri 175 g zahar pudra 50 g ciocolata rasa capace…

Mămăligă cu ochiuri în cuiburi

O reteta de mamaliga cu ochiuri in cuiburi din: malai, apa, sare, ulei si oua. Ingrediente: 250 g de malai 1 litru de apa 1 lingurita de sare 2 linguri de ulei 3 oua Mod de preparare: Se pune apa la fiert, în care se adaugă sarea şi uleiul. Când începe să clocotească,…

Brownie – sandwich

O reteta de brownie sandwich din: praf de aluat pentru brownies, arahide, crema de caramel si ciocolata amaruie. Ingrediente: 1 pachet praf de aluat pentru brownies 150 g arahide nesarate 190 g crema de caramel (din plic) 100 g ciocolata amaruie Mod de preparare: Se prepară aluatul de brow­nies conform indicaţiilor de pe…

Saramură de crap cu ardei iute

O reteta de saramura de crap cu ardei iute din: crap, rosii, ardei capia, ardei iuti, gogosari, apa, sare si ulei. Ingrediente: 1 crap de aproximativ 1 kg 2 roşii 2 ardei capia 2 ardei iuţi 2 gogoşari 2 ardei graşi galbeni 500ml de apă 1 lingură de sare 1 lingură de ulei pentru…

Inghetata de nuga pe pat de frisca

O reteta delicioasa de inghetata de nuga pe pat de frisca din: alune de padure, ciocolata amaruie, galbenusuri, zahar, lapte, frisca si fulgi de alune de padure. Ingrediente 100 g alune de padure 100 g ciocolata amaruie 4 galbenusuri 200 g zahar 600 ml lapte 200 g frisca 4 linguri fulgi de alune de…

Plăcintă cu ciuperci şi ficăţei

O reteta de placinta cu ciuperci si ficatei din: faina, apa, ulei de floarea soarelui, sare, ou, ceapa, ulei de floarea soarelui, ciuperci, ficatei de pui, marar, sare si piper. Ingrediente: 325 g de făină, plus extra pentru întins aluatul 180ml de apă călduţă 50ml ulei de floarea-soarelui, plus extra pentru uns 1 praf…

Budinca de curmale cu sos caramel

O reteta de budinca de curmale si sos caramel din: curmale, bicarbonat de sodiu, unt, zahar, oua, faina, praf de copt, baton de vanilie, scortisoara, iaurt, frisca, zahar brun si unt. Ingrediente: 150 g curmale uscate fara samburi 1 lingurita bicarbonat de sodiu 50 g unt moale 50 g zahar 2 oua 125 g…

Ciorba de burta

O reteta delicioasa de ciorba de burta din: apa, burta de vita, oase de vita, telina, morcovi, ceapa, pastarnac, smantana, ou si zeama de lamaie. Ingrediente: 5 l de apă 500g burtă de vită prefiartă 2-3 oase de vită 1 ţelină cu frunze 2 morcovi 1 ceapă mare 1 păstârnac mic 300 ml de…

Portocale umplute cu orez

O reteta de portocale umplute cu orez din: portocale, orez, lapte, zahar, zahar vanilat, esenta de vanilie si dulceata de fructe. Ingrediente: 4 portocale 1 cana cu orez (bob rotund) 1 l lapte 5 linguri cu zahar 2 pliculete cu zahar vanilat esenta de vanilie dulceata de fructe Mod de preparare: Pune la…

Cum se prepara gratar de porc cu sos chinezesc (video)

O reteta video despre cum se prepara gratar de porc cu sos chinezesc, un preparat absolut delicios si gustos, rapid si sanatos. Cum se prepara gratar de porc cu sos chinezesc

Fruit jelly

O reteta de jeleu de fructe din: compot de ananas, kiwi, afine, rodie si gelatina. Ingrediente: 1 compot de ananas 2 kiwi cateva afine 1 rodie 1 pliculet cu gelatina pentru jeleu Mod de preparare: Intr-o crăticioară, pune gelatina. Toarnă trep­tat 250 ml de suc de ananas din compot. Lasă pe foc, la…

Fursecuri cu Nuca si Alune

Alunele si nucile se sparg si se taie dupa plac. Intr-un bol se pun uleiul, nuca si alunele taiate, faina si zaharul vanilinat.

Separat, se pun intr-un bol lingurile de apa calduta care se amesteca cu drojdia uscata, apoi peste compozitia rezultata se pun lingurile de ulei, cacao, zaharul si vanilina.

Se adauga faina cat cuprinde, pana sa rezulte un aluat tare.

Aluatul de cacao si compozitia moale se impart in doua parti egale. Apoi, fiecare parte din aluatul de cacao se intinde si se unge cu jumatate din compozitia moale.

Fiecare foaie se ruleaza cat mai strans posibil, apoi se depoziteaza intr-un loc racoros, dar nu in frigider, pentru 30 minute.

Dupa ce a trecut timpul indicat, foaia se intinde cu facaletul pe o plansa data cu faina, apoi se taie cu formele dorite.

Fursecurile se coc in cuptorul preincalzit, iar cat inca sunt calde, se pudreaza cu zahar si se lasa la racit.

Cum facem fursecuri americane cu ciocolata – Best Tips & Tricks

1. Cum se face aluatul

Aluatul trebuie sa fie usor pliabil pentru ca aceste fursecuri de ciocolata sa iasa moi si fragede. Daca este uscat si faramicios, fursecurile vor iesi prea uscate, iar daca este prea lipicios vor iesi prea crocante.

Pentru a face aluatul usor pliabil, pufos si texturat, trebuie sa folositi unt normal. Fara sare daca doriti, dar trebuie sa fie pur, fara uleiuri sau alte ingrediente adaugate, cum este margarina sau untul vegetal.

Apoi va trebui sa alegeti zaharul potrivit pentru aluat.

Zaharul brun si cel alb se combina foarte bine cu untul pentru a forma aluatul si adauga o aroma mai intensa.

Asigurati-va ca le bateti bine pana cand se combina perfect si aluatul devine usor si pufos.

2. Cum facem fursecurile de ciocolata moi

Pentru a face fursecuri de ciocolata fragede si moi, trebuie sa faceti un aluat usor pliabil asa cum v-am explicat mai sus. Nu uitati sa folositi unt normal topit, deoarece aceasta joaca un rol foarte important in a le face moi.

De asemenea, zaharul este si el important in acest proces. Zaharul brun va face ca aceste fursecuri de ciocolata sa fie moi si fragede, pe cand zaharul alb le va face crocante.

Daca le doriti crocante, sau poate chiar foarte crocante, va trebui sa le coaceti cateva minute in plus. Undeva intre 2-5 minute in plus ar trebui sa fie de ajuns, dar este indicat sa le verificati la fiecare minut.

Acum haideti sa vedem care este cea mai buna faina pentru aceste fursecuri americane cu ciocolata.

3. Cea mai buna faina pentru fursecuri de ciocolata

Eu am folosit faina de ovaz pentru ca am vrut sa fac fursecuri de ciocolata fara gluten. Asadar, pentru mine aceasta este cea mai buna optiune.

Dar le puteti face la fel de bine si cu faina normala. Trebuie sa mentionez aici ca daca veti folosi faina normala, va trebui sa adaugati si un agent de crestere, cum ar fi praful de copt *.

O lingurita de praf de copt la fiecare 100g de faina va face ca aluatul sa creasca cum trebuie.

4. Ce ingrediente putem schimba in reteta de fursecuri americane cu ciocolata

Cum am spus si mai sus, puteti folosi faina obisnuita, daca nu aveti faina de ovaz. Apoi, puteti inlocui siropul de artar cu miere si puteti folosi orice tip de lapte (eu am folosit lapte de migdale).

Am facut toppingul din ciocolata alba topita, dar se poate face si cu ciocolata neagra sau ciocolata cu lapte.

Sau, puteti servi aceste fursecuri de ciocolata fara topping decorativ si vor fi la fel de delicioase.

Iar daca sunteti ciocoholici precum subsemnata, adaugati cativa fulgi de ciocolata. Credeti-ma, se potrivesc perfect in aceasta reteta.

Asta a fost totul pentru azi, dragii mei foodies. Acum este timpul sa puneti in practica sfaturile de mai sus si sa faceti aceste fursecuri de ciocolata delicioase.

Si nu uitati. Chiar daca sunt perfecte pentru sarbatori, ele sunt un desert minunat pentru orice ocazie, fie ca este vorba de o zi de nastere, sarbatoare in familie sau orice alta petrecere.

Ah, era cat pe ce sa uit.
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