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Bee cake

Bee cake

I started with the sheets first, of course

I put the margarine, sugar and honey on low heat

I left it on the fire until they melted then I put it to cool

I extinguished the baking soda with a little vinegar (here, I admit! I don't know if it should have been extinguished or not, in none of the recipes is it specified but I never prepared anything with it extinguished..sincerely..I don't know)

when the composition was cooled with margarine (not complete cooling, but you can still work with it), I put it in a bowl and added the rest of the ingredients

I kneaded a dough and I think I put about 3 tablespoons of milk, so it can work better.

I divided the dough into 4

I baked 4 sheets on the back of the tray (I greased the tray with a little oil)

the first sheet spreads quite easily, because the dough is still warm (I spread it on a countertop on which I powdered flour), but I couldn't handle the others at all, so I spread them directly on the back of the HEATED tray, almost hot , if it went great

I baked each one for about 10-12 minutes in the preheated oven, over medium heat

while they cooled I made the cream

I put the milk and honey on the fire and when it reached the boiling point I added semolina, in the rain, always stirring

I boiled until it thickened and came off the walls of the pot (so as not to smoke it, I boiled it in a pot of tuci: d)

I rubbed the butter with the sugar and the vanilla sugar

when the semolina was cooled, I mixed it with butter


sheet / cream / sheet / jam / sheet / cream / sheet

In the girls' recipes, the cake was powdered with sugar but I, being a chocolate fan, melted in a kettle 50ml vegetable whipped cream with 100gr chocolate (as if it was bitter ...)

I poured over, leveling slightly

how when it comes to cakes, the word patience is non-existent for me: d, I finished assembling and cut it :)))))

I was not happy, logically .no? :)))) because the sheets were dry, the cake was cut badly although it tasted good

but! after two days ... I can't say how it melted in my mouth ..

it was great!

was ... went ....: