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Grilled chicken with vegetables-prepared in DELIMANO dishes ...

Grilled chicken with vegetables-prepared in DELIMANO dishes ...

I made myself a Christmas present :)) a set of dishes from DELIMANO .... I received them these days and today, being Sunday, after a week of intense work from morning to evening, I was very heavy and lazy :)) ... I wanted something fast and good, without too much hassle ... and how I was very curious how it cooks in the dishes from delimano. I went to work ... the work that lasted 30 minutes ... I was thinking a lot when I ordered the vessels ... I had even canceled the order, after a discussion with Gaby about them ... but the delimano operator who called me for the order, convinced me ... and now I'm not sorry ... I even ordered another pan (if Cristi finds out, he kills me, because I don't have enough because I paid 800 lei for them plus the transport 40: (() ..... I wanted another pan because the pan on which I received it is too small to fry some potatoes in it or something for two people ... the bigger the grill pans, the wok and the tray, the smaller the pots ... but what is the more importantly, it is as in ade The food cooked in these dishes is wonderful ... the grilled meat is juicy inside (when I took the piece of meat from the grill, the juice flowed from it) and crispy on the outside, it was ready in the blink of an eye, and the vegetables made in the wok pan were made without mixing at all and I didn't even realize how they were made in 10 minutes .... it's worth the investment, without any regrets ... the pictures are not very successful because it was a very dark day ...

Professional kitchen furniture

Our most requested pan, with a new coating. The quantities of oil needed to prepare various dishes in the pan decrease. Buy now from Okazii. Because we know that the health of your loved ones is your highest priority when you cook every day, Dry. Home and garden Household items. DELIMANO CERAMICA DELIMANO CERAMICA FIRST PAN DRY COOKER FRYING PAN WITH PANELS INNOVATIVE SHAPE!

Moldova added new photos to the albuWok. Ad is expired, deleted or & # 160. WOK GreenPan Siena3D induction ceramic pan. DETACHABLE HANDLE: Once the handle is detached from the pan, it can be. New dry cooker pans decorate the lei! All this was in vain, after I found out that this campaign was a total failure and the Romanian state wants to return the donated amounts.

I haven't tried grill delimano, but I've been using dry cooker for some time and I'm super happy. Leaving aside the mysteries that are made on & # 160. With Carrefour's offer of non-stick pans and woks, you can now fry the most delicious dishes without worry. Previous articleCooked chicken breast with Dry Rub spices. Prices, products and discounts for dry cooker, delimano and pans.

Cook Healthy with the new pan with ceramic coating, for only RON instead of 1RON See more details on Teamdeals. Discounts - Cook Healthy with & # 160. Hi, I wanted to buy a ceramic dry cooker pan from the top shop and I tried to look. Ceramic, detachable handle. This delimano classic dry ceramic cooker pan has become famous as one of the best options for cooking food.

This is a major difference. Professional ceramic pans BIOLUX & # 8211 without Teflon. The combination of the ceramic coating and the aluminum layer on the outside of the vessel diffuses. Ceramic pans: ceramic is one of the best materials for pans, and that.

Category: Kitchen utensils. I was reading on the media page. Delicious and tasty potatoes in the dry cooker pan! Recipes PURE WITH SAUSAGES (FRIED IN DRY COOKER) Musket.

The taste of Christmas Fill the house with the delicious smell of. VANORA IVONA, ALUMINUM FRYING PAN CM, CERAMICA IVON & # 160. Instructions for use ceramic dry cooker. You must have JavaScript enabled pan dry cooker store bucharest I have. If you just want to & # 160. Garnkow Line I Patelni. Delimano Tava za palačinke Delicia.

Dry Cooker Pan Wholesale, Cooker Pan Suppliers - Alibaba. Healthy eating: oven, steam or.

REDMOND RGM-M816P-E electric grill, 2100W, 7 programs, Silver

Redmond RGM-M816P-E is a multifunctional home appliance 3-in-1 which can be used to prepare various meat and vegetable dishes grill, to bake #caincuptorand can also be used as barbeque. You can make juicy steak, grilled fish, flavored pilaf, roast meat, omelette and even cakes. Thanks to the fast and uniform heating of the platters, the simultaneous heating of the ingredients, both below and above, the favorite foods are prepared. 2 times faster in the SteakMaster than in a conventional oven or stove.

When cooking with SteakMaster you don't have to select the cooking parameters, you just have to choose one of them 7 programs READY: "Meat" (meat), "Fish" (over), "Poultry" (chicken), "Bacon" (bacon), "Sausages" (sausages), “Cutlets and burgers” (chops and burgers), “Defrosting / heating” (defrosting / heating). The Redmond RGM-M816P-E is will automatically heat to the preset optimum temperature and then will configure the cooking time depending on the thickness of the product.

If your recipe requires other cooking temperatures than the preset ones, then you can switch the appliance on manual mode and you will be able to enter yourself desired temperature between 70 and 230 ° C, in steps of 10 ° C and then cooking time between 1 and 88 minutes, in 1 minute steps.

Cooker ovens in the included non-stick tray or in a disposable aluminum one

Pies, stews, baked meats, omelettes - these and many other dishes can be cooked in the SteakMaster RGM-M816P-E. You can also prepare baked food in aluminum foil.

Select and put the ingredients in the tray

Cover the tray with foil and put the lid on

Set the cooking temperature and cook like in the oven.

Grill on both surfaces (lid opens 180 °)

Open the grill at 180° and cook food on the grill regardless of the weather, even in the kitchen - no smoke and no smell.

Furthermore, can you cmanually set the desired heating temperature for the tiles and on one of them prepare mushrooms or vegetables thin cut, and on the other - make the meat.

How to choose the best heat resistant dishes

To buy the best heat-resistant vessels however, it is not enough to know their benefits. As in any other field, there are products on the market that are not of good quality or that do not have a justified price. When you buy such a vessel, or a set of such vessels, you expect optimal results, at endurance and longevity.

When such a product breaks down or is not what it claims to be, you lose your investment, but you can jeopardize the operation of your kitchen appliances, as well as your health, if they crack or break while eating. it is cooking.

Just one informed buyer can make a good decision in this regard. In order to be able to inform you quickly and thoroughly, we have prepared this for you shopping guide. Once completed, you will be able to understand the difference between such an expensive vessel and a similar, but cheaper one.

You will learn to identify the quality, but also to choose a material that is best for your needs and for your kitchen. Last but not least, in the end we are waiting for you to take a look at our list of products selected according to the criteria analyzed below, at the best value for money on the market.

So let's see how you can make a purchase that you can be proud of.

Type of heat resistant vessels

Heat-resistant dishes are easy to classify, because they are found in a very wide variety. Basically today you can find from storage pans to trays or even pans made of heat-resistant materials.

Bowls and, of course, pots should also be mentioned.

Dishes used while cooking

We refer here to BOWLS made of heat-resistant material, most of the time they are made of heat-resistant material. They are usually used in intermediate processes to develop a recipe. They are extremely versatile, which is why this is a investment that you will fully enjoy.

They can be used to wash or store for a short time food. They are also ideal for melting sugar or steamed chocolate. You can put in them hot food which you will serve at the table, but they are also very aesthetic when you prepare it salad in them, having the possibility to serve it directly from such bowls.

Here we can also mention heat-resistant glass cups. The glass coffee and tea cups stand out, which have a very pleasant appearance.

Vessels used for storage

It falls into this category trays, most often made of yena glass. These are very advantageous from several points of view. First of all I allow you to store food at refrigerator so that it lasts longer.

Equipped with a lid that allows airtight closure, they are available in very many sizes, which means that you can portion the food in such a way that you have an organized and spacious refrigerator.

Because the material is heat resistant, you can heat food directly into these dishes, without having to search and dirty others. You can also use them as a lunch casserole and take them to work with you to serve a tasty and healthy meal.


This includes all the vessels that you can use under intense heat treatment. The trays are very practical when it comes to baking, being suitable for both meat and vegetable dishes and desserts.

pan heat-resistant, distributes heat evenly, which reduces the risk of burning food and helps prepare tastier foods.

pans and pots they are also tools that can be found in any housewife's kitchen. They are used to prepare food to be cooked, or soups. The food is cooked evenly, without drying out.

Heat resistant vessel material

When determining the quality of a product, the material is among the first aspects that are considered. Here are the ones you will find on the market:


More precisely glass Yena, Pyrex or Duran. Some models are treated with aluminum or boron oxide. This treatment has the role of preventing damage at high temperatures.

Glass is a material suitable for oven, can be used for both desserts and main courses. These are a great addition to any kitchen. Glass is not reactive, which means that food cannot be contaminated in any way by its materials.

It is also a good heat conductor. This means that a delicious and very good-looking crust will form on the food. However, sugary desserts can be burnt because sugar is more sensitive in such dishes.

It is cheaper than ceramics. Housewives and not only prefer it because they can easily follow the cooking process, as the glass is transparent.


Heat resistant ceramic dishes are available in many shapes and sizes. Ceramics, which also includes porcelain, are gradually heats up, but retains heat very well. That can lead to reducing food cooking time by up to 30%.

Ceramic is a non-reactive material, which makes it suitable for cooking acidic or alkaline foods, and can be used for later food storage. Ceramic pots are also very aesthetic, which makes them suitable for serving without having to transfer food to another container.

As for the disadvantages, they can too burn the sugar. They are also more sensitive to shocks, being able to break or shatter much more easily than other materials.

Heat-resistant clay vessels are surprisingly appreciated. It is said that the food cooked in such dishes is much more tasty, although this is one of the most rudimentary materials used in the kitchen.

To choose a quality model, you need to check wall thickness. The thicker it is, the more resistant it is to high temperatures. But you need to know that such vessels are sensitive to shocks, and can easily chip.

The size of heat-resistant vessels

Size is a very subjective criterion. You need to choose a dish with a size suitable for your cooking style, but also for the amount you cook. In this regard, it is very helpful to think about how many family members are served the same meal, and how many servings should fit in each bowl.

Dimensions are expressed differently in depending on the type of vessel. For example, tall pots that are used for cooking have a size expressed in l, so you can recognize the volume of this type of vessel. You will need a larger pot if you are cooking for more people, and a smaller one when you are cooking just for yourself and possibly your partner.

The trays, on the other hand, have a size that expresses surface their in cm. Trays and bowls round are measured diameter, but also the depth, both expressed in centimeters.

Before choosing a size for a vessel, you will need to measure oven space, microwave, refrigerator, and storage space at home. It would be unwise to buy a tray that does not fit in your oven.

The shape of heat-resistant vessels

The most common forms are round and rectangular of course. When choosing the shape of the dish you need to consider what type of food you will make in it. Desserts, for example, come out very well in round dishes, while main courses cook better in rectangular dishes.

You can always buy one set of heat-resistant vessels. If this is your wish, this set must contain: a large vessel of at least 2.5 l, a medium vessel suitable for heating food in the microwave for example, and a smaller vessel for storage of about 1 liter.

If you can actually see the vessels, look closely appearance them. Their bottoms must be very stable. They must not be scratched or cracked. The lid must fit perfectly and tightly.

Maintenance of heat-resistant vessels

A quality product can last for years and be as good as new. However, here it depends a lot on how much effort you are willing to make to maintain such a vessel. If you are not a meticulous person and you do not have the patience to wash a certain product very well, choose a material that is easier to clean.

Cleaning heat-resistant dishes, regardless of the material, can be quite complex, depending on what you cooked and how you cooked. It is very important to follow the steps recommended by the manufacturers.

Heat-resistant dishes, regardless of the material, gradually heat up and cool as well. If you want to wash them while they are still warm, you will have to use a jet of water that has a close temperature.

If you use cold water on a pot of this kind, the heat shock can lead to split his. Then you can use dishwashing detergent and a soft sponge. The use of wire sponge is not recommended. Allow them to dry before storing.

From time to time, it is recommended to boil the dish with detergent, to clean it deeply.

Other important issues

  • The maximum temperature - when you buy such a product, check the maximum temperature it can withstand. Usually, we are talking about 400 degrees C. This is a safe maximum, given that most ovens can heat up to a maximum of 300 degrees C.
  • Minimum temperature - to check if you can put the dish in the freezer.
  • Compatibility with the dishwasher
  • Thermal shock tolerance
  • The destination of the product - oven, microwave, etc.
  • Accessory: cover, protection for handles, removable handle, etc.


A good indication of quality is the manufacturer. If this is a well-known and appreciated one, you have more chances to enjoy a really good product. Among the most appreciated on the Romanian market are: Pyrex, Nadir, Vabene, Loveli, Kring, Modelia or Aida.

We recommend that you buy the best heat-resistant dishes online. Here you have more than six to find products that perfectly suit your kitchen, but also your cooking style.

In addition, special offers and discounts are much more common than in the case of a traditional store, which means that it is very possible to find products cheaper.

Don't buy any product online until you've checked other users' opinions. This can confirm the quality of your product, or it can save you from a wise purchase. Also, if your photos and product description don't inspire confidence, look for another product or store.

You are now ready to buy the best heat-resistant dishes for a complete kitchen.

Professional kitchen furniture

Grill stove model old mesh. Discover the promotions of the day. The material of the grill is made of steel, not cast iron. Grill - Stove - cast iron grill for gas cooking. Cast iron grill stove prices - Results list for cast iron grill stove.

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You will also grease the grill with a piece of bacon. Place on the bottom of a cast iron skillet and simmer at & # 160. Oven stove with oven Dim.

Ingredient Oua Benedict

  • 4 eggs
  • 2 English muffins (or 2 soft buns)
  • 8 slices of finely sliced ​​bacon
  • a few sprigs of crow onion (or green onion) finely chopped for. sprinkled
  • 1 glass of 150 ml. with vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon grated salt
  • Dutch sauce:
  • 2 yolks
  • 2-3 tablespoons of lemon juice (or as much as you like, I put the juice from 1/2 lemon)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 125 grams of melted butter
  • white pepper to taste

Preparing Eggs Benedict

Keep in mind, we have prepared a breakfast for two people, if you have more at the table, increase the amount of ingredients in proportion to the number of people.

This delicious breakfast, worthy of the crowned heads of the Court of England, is not difficult to make if you carefully prepare the ingredients at hand, as well as the necessary dishes and kitchen utensils.

You will need: a pot of about 4 liters for the preparation of eggs a bowl suitable for bain-marie (I used one made of heat-resistant glass) that fits in the mouth of a pan in which you will boil water (if you have the special bowl for bain-marie, chapeau bas, I don't have) frying pan bacon stove or grill or toaster for fried muffins.

Take the butter out of the fridge in time, separate the yolks for sauce, make sure all used eggs are very fresh, for. that they will be partially cooked, squeeze the lemon and boil the water in both pots (pans), both for boiling eggs and for bain-marie, be careful not to fill the bowl for bain-marie, the water should not reach the bottom of the bowl when placed on top.

Until the water reaches boiling temperature, heat the pan and fry the bacon slices until crispy, then remove them on paper towels.

When the water boils in the container prepared for bain-marie, go on to prepare the Dutch sauce, for which I recommend you follow Dutch Sauce recipe already published, including in video format (click on the link).

When the water boils in the 4-liter bowl prepared for boiling the eggs, add salt and vinegar and reduce the heat to a minimum. The 4 eggs are carefully broken in the pot, without throwing them from above, and the egg white is quickly gathered with a spoon around the yolk. They are kept in boiling water for 3 minutes and then they are removed with a foamer on a kitchen napkin, and they will be served immediately.

The muffins are cut in 2 in width and fried on the cut side (preferably to fry while the eggs are boiling, to be ready at the same time).

Place slices of fried bacon on each fried muffin, after it has been greased with 1 teaspoon of sauce (or butter, but it seemed to me that there is enough butter in this recipe).

Carefully place 1 boiled egg on top of the bacon.

Cover the sandwiches thus assembled with plenty of Dutch sauce and sprinkle with finely chopped crow onions (I only had green onions).

Serve immediately, two per serving and for the 5-6 minutes it takes to soothe the wonder with great appetite, even if you feel like a lord!

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Cooking dishes

Electric kitchen



Special offers

Customer opinions:

Nutribullet Red nutrient extractor

"I bought it a week ago, it's very helpful in the kitchen, I recommend it."

Air Fryer PRO hot air fryer

"I loved this fryer because I can prepare it quickly and easily. I love the crunchy look it gives to the dishes, but also their juicy consistency. It's a great device that the whole family loves."

Pro food processor

"A real gem in the kitchen! I'm very happy with this appliance. It helps me a lot in the kitchen."

In short about pans, pots and pans

This is just the beginning of a story I write at the request of the reading public (I received about 8-9 messages asking about my pans in the last 30 days). The offer in stores and the abuse of advertisements have the gift of confusing the person (laugh as much as you want, think a little about the way you shop of any kind). I don't mind bringing the compass to the normal course, as far as I know, but it will take a while, the problem is complex and has many aspects :). If you want a simplistic conclusion, the more expensive the pan, the better. Of course, if a frying pan is expensive because it has a Swarovski crystal-tailed tail, it may not be a tip. Finally, let's not waste any more time and give you some concrete instructions:

If you want a pancake pan, choose a flat one with straight edges and a thin bottom. The pans with rounded edges are not suitable, they force the dough to gather in the middle, the edges of the pancake become thinner and dry / lace. You don't want that.

If you want a pan for general use (make an omelet, fry chicken breast, strips of meat, 2 cm thick pieces of meat or if you want to saute vegetables), choose a pan with the diameter according to your needs (if you are two at home, do not take the biggest pan, it will increase your energy consumption and implicitly the cost of the portion of food). As for the material from which it is made, avoid the thin sheet, painted with miserable Teflon that enters your food every time you use it. Look for a pan with a thick bottom and rounded walls. It can be made of steel, aluminum or copper (copper is very expensive, you can find pans like this in restaurants with a whip or in the kitchens of enthusiasts who can afford to pay 200 euros for a pan). The variants in the supermarket are & # 8222 glazed & # 8221 with stainless steel or Teflon coatings. In principle, a heavy frying pan is preferable, it means that the manufacturer cares about the goods he sells, it means that he did not skimp on materials and that Teflon or stainless glaze will not reach your food (I have Teflon pans for 2-3 years , which I use daily and which are as good as on the first day). If you want, you can choose a pan glazed with ceramic. They are good, withstand the oven (if they do not have plastic or ebonite handles), they transmit heat evenly. Their most common flaw is that if you don't put enough oil / butter / fat, the food sticks to them.

If you want robustness, if you want a pan that you can put in the oven or on the grill after you have browned the meat in it on all sides, choose a cast iron pan. It heats up harder but retains heat longer, is resistant, is good for omelets but also for stews. It costs a little (between 10 and 15 euros) and is easy to maintain (wash it, you can rub it with the wire washer, which I do not recommend for any other kind of pan).

Both for the beginning. More details next week. Stay healthy.


The pan provides you with two types of cooking surfaces, smooth and grill type silicone gasket is effective to seal. The cooking surface is relatively large, and maintenance and cleaning are easy thanks to the compatibility with the dishwasher.

Only one of the two pans is compatible with induction hobs, so the use options are relatively limited.

It is a good quality choice for people who want to cook healthily and for whom compatibility with induction hobs is important. An important advantage is represented by the two types of cooking surfaces.

Video: Φιλετάκια κοτόπουλου με μπαλσάμικο και καραμελομένα λαχανικά #MeAgapiXristianna Alpha Κύπρου (October 2021).