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Olympic rings traybake recipe

Olympic rings traybake recipe

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This fruity traybake is perfect for your Olympic viewing party, and it's chock-a-block with fruit - good for your budding Olympians!

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IngredientsServes: 12

  • 225g butter or margarine
  • 100g caster sugar
  • 110g soft brown sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 300g plain flour
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 225g cream cheese
  • 60g icing sugar
  • 300ml whipping cream, whipped to stiff peaks
  • 75g fresh blueberries
  • 75g fresh blackberries
  • 75g fresh raspberries
  • 1/4 fresh pineapple, peeled and cut into 1cm pieces
  • 1 kiwi fruit, peeled and cut into 1cm pieces

MethodPrep:1hr ›Cook:15min ›Ready in:1hr15min

  1. Cream the butter and sugars till light and fluffy. Beat in the egg and vanilla. Combine the flour and salt, then slowly add to the butter mixture. Cover and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  2. Place a 38x25cm piece greaseproof paper over a similar-sized cutting board or a baking tray without rims. Flatten the dough to a rough rectangle, then place over the greaseproof paper. Cover dough with a second piece of greaseproof paper; roll dough to within 5mm of edges. Remove top sheet of greaseproof paper; invert dough onto a greased baking tray. Remove remaining greaseproof paper.
  3. Preheat the oven to 180 C / Gas 4.
  4. Using a 11cm diameter plate or bowl and a knife, trace three touching circles along a long side of the dough. Trace two more circles centred below and overlapping upper circles by 2.5cm. Cut around outer edges of the rings; remove dough around rings and use to make biscuits if desired.
  5. Bake rings for 14 to 16 minutes. Cool completely before icing.
  6. Beat cream cheese and icing sugar until smooth. Add whipped cream and fold together. Generously ice the cooled rings with icing.
  7. On top rings, from left to right, place blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. Place pineapple and kiwi on lower rings. Chill in the fridge until serving.


Best made the day of serving. You can use chopped strawberries instead of raspberries, if desired.

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S01E05 Pastry

It&rsquos the penultimate round and as the travelling marquee pitches up in the Cornish village of Mousehole, it&rsquos time for the bakers to get to grips with the most difficult of all baking skills &ndash pastry. They bake their own versions of hearty British pies, get down to details with exquisite pastry canapés, and take a crash-course in crimping for this week&rsquos surprise bake. While they&rsquore rubbing-in and rolling-out, Mel and Sue will be finding out that Britain&rsquos earliest pies really were humble, how pastry became an art form and how pies used to have a more sinister side. Then judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will decide who will be the final three to go through to the final.

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Season 2

SPECIAL 0x6 The Great British Wedding Cake

Renowned baking writer Mary Berry and professional baker Paul Hollywood explore the history of the Great British wedding cake. They look at its dramatic change through the eras, from the earliest Tudor creation and the extravagant Victorian period, to wartime Britain, the affluent eighties and the present day. Mary and Paul also set the ultimate challenge to the three finalists from 2010's Bake Off, to make and bake two spectacular wedding cakes each, one traditional and one contemporary, in just 16 hours.

S02E01 Cake

Twelve of the country's best amateur bakers take part in the second series of The Great British Bake Off, hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. Over eight weeks their cake-baking, pastry, bread-making and patisserie skills are tested to the limit as they are challenged to bake everything from the perfect tarte au citron to towers of macaroons, and iced fingers to family pies. All the challenges are devised by legendary cookery writer and baker Mary Berry and acclaimed master baker Paul Hollywood who are also on hand to judge and taste their efforts. This first show sees the twelve amateur bakers challenged to make 24 beautifully flavoured and decorated cupcakes in two hours and the stress of highly pressurised surroundings of the Bake Off's open plan kitchen soon shows. Next up, the technical challenge - to make a coffee and walnut Battenberg cake from one of Mary Berry's recipes that delivers drastically different results. Finally, for a place in the next round of Bake Off they have to make and bake a tiered showstopper cake. But whose cakes will have the wow factor and who will be the first to leave The Great British Bake Off?

S02E02 Tarts

The second round of The Great British Bake Off, hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, continues in the search for Britain's best amateur baker. Eleven bakers remain and this time their pastry skills are scrutinised as the bakers tackle tarts. Over two days the bakers will face three increasingly complicated challenges whilst trying to avoid a soggy bottom. Judged by acclaimed master baker Paul Hollywood and legendary cookery writer and baker Mary Berry, the bakers start with a signature bake: a quiche that says something about them. Next is the dreaded technical challenge where they are faced with baking a classic tarte au citron. Finally, our bakers have to deliver in bulk as they are asked to deliver 24 show-stopping sweet miniature tarts. The pressure of pastry proves too much for some. Who will be named Star Baker and whose Bake Off journey will be over?

S02E03 Bread

The contestants start this week with the signature bake, a free-form flavoured loaf that produces a variety of interesting results, including a combination of chocolate and onion. Next is the technical challenge - focaccia - that really separates the wheat from the chaff. Finally, a mammoth six-hour hour challenge requires the bakers to create a display bread basket that is filled with 24 bread rolls.

S02E04 Biscuits

The search for Britain's best amateur baker, with Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, is now haf-way through. The bakers take on biscuits and these bite-sized, delicate delights prove too much for some. As always starting with the signature bake, the remaining eight must impress legendary cookery writer Mary Berry and artisan baker Paul Hollywood with their interpretation of a classic biscuit. Who will crumble when it comes to judging and whose ginger nuts are too hot to handle? Next up, the technical challenge, where following a Mary Berry recipe is not as simple as it would seem for our bakers, who start feeling the pressure when faced with brandy snaps. Finally, the toughest showstopper challenge yet as they attempt to bake and present a macaroon display that must taste as good as it looks. With five hours on the clock, every second counts. This is the last chance to impress the judges before someone's dream of becoming Britain's best amateur baker is over.

S02E05 Pies

The search for Britain's best amateur baker, with Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins, reaches the fifth round and everyone is out to avoid the dreaded soggy bottom as the seven remaining bakers face pies. The marquee is soon filled with the delicious aroma of fresh baking as the signature challenge has the bakers doing all they can to impress acclaimed master baker Paul Hollywood and legendary cookery writer and baker Mary Berry with their signature family pie. Topping their pie with either flaky or rough puff pastry, some decide to play it safe whilst others get more experimental. Next is the dreaded technical challenge where for lifelong vegetarian Jason delivering six individual, beautifully baked and seasoned pork pies to the judging table proves problematic. Finally, there is a sweet showstopper challenge in the shape of a meringue pie. The judges' expectations are high with hopes of crisp pastry bases and delicious custard and fruit fillings topped with a perfect meringue. But the pressure of pies proves too much for some. Who will be named Star Baker and who will leave The Great British Bake Off?

S02E06 Desserts

The all-lady quarter-final of The Great British Bake Off, hosted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. The remaining five have to impress with their dessert skills. As usual starting with the signature bake, the exacting judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are expecting to see and taste baked cheesecakes that reach their high expectations. Next is the technical challenge and the bete noir of most bakers, a chocolate roulade. Finally, the spectacular showstopper that requires the bakers to impress with hundreds of choux pastry profiteroles that must be perfectly baked, filled and then assembled into a croquembouche. This king of desserts is traditionally served at French weddings and Mary and Paul expect to see an impressive tower of choux pastry buns with superb flavoured fillings and held together with hardened caramel. Who will have what it takes to book a place in the semi-finals?

S02E07 Patisserie

Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins host the semi-final. After seven weeks of gruelling challenges, the four remaining bakers must prove they are worth a place in the final. To begin, the signature challenge requires them to make a baked, layered, mousse cake, and the standards are high as Mary-Anne again attempts something different with a joconde sponge and decor paste. As usual, judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood set the tasks. This week's technical challenge is Paul's favourite sweet treat - iced fingers. Finally, for the showstopper, the bakers have to make a labour-intensive and technically demanding layered or laminated pastry dough to produce a batch of three different types of pastries or croissants. With a place in the final within their grasp, the bakers know they have to deliver their very best to the judging table every time.

S02E08 The Final

It&rsquos the grand final for the contestants and after seven tough weeks the three finalists face their biggest challenge yet &ndash baking for The Great British Bake Off&rsquos street party. They will be baking for judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, but also friends, family and former Bake Off contestants. Our finalists will reach new height of baking. They will be making a selection of petits fours and puff pastry, a first for The Great British Bake Off. They also be baking mille-feuille, mini Victoria sponges, strawberry and cream meringue nests and miniature strawberry and rhubarb cheesecakes. Who will be crowned as Britain&rsquos best amateur baker on Great British Bake Off 2011? If sonly it could be all of of them&hellip

SPECIAL 0x7 Masterclass - Coffee and Walnut Battenberg, Tarte au citron, Focaccia, and Brandy snaps.

The ultimate baking masterclass with The Great British Bake Off judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. For the first time ever, Mary and Paul get behind the workstations and bake. Revisiting the technical challenges from the series, this programme, in a step-by-step guide, demonstrates all tips and tricks you need to know at home to get a perfect result every time. First in a two-part series, this programme features how to bake Mary's take on a traditional British cake - a coffee and walnut Battenberg, her classic tarte au citron with a deliciously sharp lemon filling, Paul's traditional Italian flatbread focaccia, and Mary's brandy snaps.

SPECIAL 0x8 Masterclass - Pork Pies, Chocolate Roulade, Iced Fingers, and Sachertorte

The ultimate baking masterclass with The Great British Bake Off judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. Mary and Paul get behind the workstations and bake. The programme revisits the technical challenges from the series as Mary and Paul guide you through challenges faced by the bakers in this year's Bake Off. In a step-by-step guide they demonstrate all tips and secrets you need at home get achieve a perfect bake every time. The masterclass features Paul's luxury pork pies, filled with the perfect combination of pork loin and a quail's egg, and Mary's chocolate roulade recipe where Mary will show you how to get the perfect roll every time. Plus Paul's traditional iced fingers and Mary's sachertorte.

SPECIAL 0x9 Revisited

In 2010, talented baking enthusiasts from all over Britain came together to compete in the first ever Great British Bake Off. Over six challenging weeks 10 bakers battled it out until finally a winner was crowned. One year later, this programme reflects on the highlights from series one. Catching up with the bakers to hear the highs and lows of their journey, where they are now and how The Great British Bake Off changed their lives. With judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, who give their own personal accounts and memories from the series.

Season 3

SPECIAL 0x10 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 1

The first heat of The Great Sport Relief Bake Off sees four well-known faces don their aprons in this charity special hosted by Mel Giedroyc. Baking for Sport Relief in this heat are actress Sarah Hadland, TV gardener Joe Swift, botanist and broadcaster James Wong and actress Angela Griffin. Only one baker from each heat can go through to the final. Their baking skills are tested to the limit as they face three classic Bake Off challenges - all devised by the Bake Off judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

SPECIAL 0x11 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 2

Heat two of The Great Sport Relief Bake Off and four more well-known personalities throw their oven gloves into the ring for this charity special. Host Mel Giedroyc and judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are joined by renowned choreographer and dancer Arlene Phillips, Radio Four's Fi Glover, The Apprentice runner-up and now presenter Saira Khan and art historian Gus Casely-Hayford. Who will sink and who will rise to win a place in the Great Sport Relief Bake Off final?

SPECIAL 0x12 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 3

The third and final heat in this Great Sport Relief Bake Off, a charity special hosted by Mel Giedroyc. The final four personalities take on more Bake Off challenges in hope of getting the last place in the grand final. Stepping up to the hotplate to have their baking scrutinized are TV presenter Anita Rani, singer turned fashion designer Pearl Lowe, BBC weatherman Alex Deakin and TV historian and archaeologist Alex Langlands.

SPECIAL 0x13 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 4

The competition reaches its climax as the winners of the three heats take on their final challenges before Mary and Paul must decide who is the first ever Great Sport Relief Bake Off champion 2012. The standard is high and the competition is fierce.

S03E01 Cakes

The first episode is all about cake, and the pressure is on from the very first challenge. The bakers tackle an upside-down cake for their signature bake. The feared technical challenge sees the bakers tackle Paul's recipe for rum babas, a hybrid of cake and enriched dough. It is an unusual and and unfamiliar recipe that baffles some of the bakers. And to keep hold of their place in the bake off tent, the bakers attempt to produce a showstopping cake that reveals a hidden design when it is sliced into. Who will impress the judges and become star baker and who will be the first to leave The Great British Bake Off?

S03E02 Bread

From the off the atmosphere in the Bake Off tent is charged as eleven bakers attempt to make flatbread. Tempting Paul and Mary with two varieties, the bakers are under pressure to produce 24 perfect flatbreads each. The feared technical challenge has the bakers in a twist as they attempt Paul's recipe for the notoriously difficult eight-strand plaited loaf. Remaining in the competition rests on pulling out all the stops in the showstopper challenge. Attempting a technique new to Bake Off, the bakers endeavour to make bagels. Boiled before they are baked, the eleven hopefuls have to produce 12 sweet and 12 savoury bagels. But who will impress and be named Star Baker and who will fail to make the grade and leave the Bake Off tent?

S03E03 Tarts

Things are hotting up in the Bake Off tent as the remaining ten bakers do their best to wow Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry with some unusual flavour combinations for their tartes tatin. Baking know-how is the all important ingredient for coming through the technical challenge unscathed. Mary's treacle tart seems simple enough, but its lattice top proves to be the undoing of some of the bakers. So the pressure is on - a showstopping tart is no easy task when baked under the gaze of Paul and Mary, but it is the bakers' best chance to achieve the accolade of Star Baker, and more importantly to avoid going home.

S03E04 Desserts

The bakers face three challenges, all designed for a sweet tooth. Starting off with a tempting array of decadently rich tortes, the bakers then face the technical challenge. This time it is a mainstay of French baking, the crème caramel, and for some there is more wobble than expected. Proceedings are rounded off with a mammoth six-hour challenge to produce a mighty showstopping layered meringue. But who will claim the accolade of Star Baker and who will hang up their apron for the last time?

S03E05 Pies

The bakers turn their attention to pies. For their first task, they must master a perfect Wellington. When they have recovered, it is straight into a fiendishly difficult technical challenge - hand-raised pies. None of the bakers have used a pastry dolly before and it proves the downfall of many. With several bakers in the danger zone, everything rests on the showstopper challenge - American pies. Who will be this week's star-spangled baker and who will be leaving the bake-off?

S03E06 Puddings

The bakers go all out to impress Mary and Paul with two types of delicious sponge puddings. The technical challenge sees them face a Queen of Pudding, a recipe direct from the archives of the Queen of Bakes, Mary Berry. The final test is a showstopping strudel that stretches the bakers to their limits.

S03E07 Sweet Dough

Facing three sweet dough challenges, the bakers start their campaign by creating their signature regional buns. Paul Hollywood opens his recipe vault for the technical challenge of jam doughnuts and in a final bid to hang on to their place the bakers produce a showstopping enriched dough loaf fit for a glorious celebration. But who will make it through to the quarter-finals and which two bakers will be saying goodbye for good?

S03E08 Biscuits

It is the biscuit based quarter-final, and Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are taking the challenges to another level. The signature bake sees the bakers' organisational and baking skills put to the test, as they attempt to deliver a huge batch of perfectly baked crispbreads. Then the bakers have to throw away the baking rule book as time and temperature work against them to produce six perfectly tempered chocolate tea cakes for the technical challenge. A place in the semi-final will be hard earned as the final challenge tests not only the quality of the bake, but how well it works as a building material.

S03E09 Patisserie

There are only four bakers left vying for a place in the much sought-after final of the Great British Bake off. The weight of the occasion is getting to the most unflappable of the bakers as they frantically work against the clock to deliver petits fours to Paul and Mary's exacting standards. The hardest technical bake ever seen on Bake Off finds two of the bakers left wanting as their fraisier cakes collapse. It's possible to hear a pin drop in the kitchen as the bakers pull out the stops for their showstopping choux gateaus. Paul and Mary think they have seen it all until they are presented with a tribute to the Tour de France..

S03E10 The Final

After weeks of pastries, cakes and bread, three bakers have made it to the final. They now must face the most demanding of challenges yet as every aspect of their baking skill is scrutinised. To prove themselves to judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry, they must create pastry perfection with a signature pithivier. Then on to one of the most intricate technical challenges ever devised - fondant fancies. Finally, it all comes down to their last ever showstopper, creating a masterpiece with a notoriously difficult chiffon sponge. After two days of baking, only one of the finalists can claim the title, winner of The Great British Bake Off.

SPECIAL 0x14 Masterclass

It is the calm after the baking storm, and Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry take over the Bake Off tent to show how the technical challenges should be done. Free from the frenzy of whipping, piping and kneading, Mary and Paul tackle treacle tarts, rum babas, creme caramels, hand raised pies and Paul's infamous eight-strand plaited loaf. Going through every step of the first five technical recipes of the series, they show exactly how to avoid the mistakes some of the bakers made.

SPECIAL 0x15 Revisited

A year after taking part, we catch up with the bakers from series 2 of The Great British Bake Off. What was it really like to compete in the tent, be judged by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, and comforted by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins? And how has their shared love of baking and appearing on the series changed their lives?

SPECIAL 0x16 Masterclass

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are back in the Bake Off tent to show exactly how to tackle the remaining technical challenge recipes from the series. From the queen of puddings to chocolate tea cakes, jam doughnuts, fraisier cake and fondant fancies, Mary and Paul prove that no bake is too big or too small. They go through every step in detail to show how to avoid the mistakes some of the bakers made

SPECIAL 0x17 Masterclass

With the Bake Off tent all to themselves, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood show, for the first time ever, which signature bakes they would have chosen if they had been in the bakers' shoes. Armed with sieves and spatulas, they show their signature sponge puddings, flat breads, wellingtons, sweet buns and tarte tatins. They go through every step of their recipes, with no soggy bottoms in sight, proving that anybody can give baking a go if they follow their advice.

SPECIAL 0x18 Christmas Masterclass (2012)

Join The Great British Bake Off judges, Queen of Cakes Mary Berry and master baker Paul Hollywood for a very special Christmas masterclass. Showcasing everyone's festive favourites, Paul and Mary divulge in real detail how to make the perfect mince pies, Christmas pudding and Christmas cake as well as introducing some new tasty treats for the holiday season.

Season 4

SPECIAL 0x19 The Great Comic Relief Bake Off Episode 1

Comic Relief takes over the Great British Bake Off tent. Mel Giedroyc is on quality control duty whilst Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood resume their roles of formidable judges. Lorraine Pascale will be reporting from Ghana on how the money raised really can change lives. Jo Brand, Stephen K Amos and comedy duo Watson and Oliver are the first four to arrive in the tent. Facing signature shortbread as well as a dastardly technical challenge of custard slices and a showstopping portrait cake, they will be tested to the limit. But who will claim tonight's coveted title?

SPECIAL 0x20 The Great Comic Relief Bake Off Episode 2

Comic Relief takes over the Great British Bake Off tent. Mel Giedroyc is on quality control duty whilst Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood resume their roles of formidable judges. Lorraine Pascale will be reporting from Ghana on how the money raised really can change lives. Warwick Davis, Duncan Bannatyne, Simon Reeve and Andy Akinwolere try their hand at signature iced biscuits and attempt pastry for the first time. One of them will also bake the smallest cake ever seen on Bake Off.

SPECIAL 0x21 The Great Comic Relief Bake Off Episode 3

Comic Relief takes over the Great British Bake Off tent. The rules have been relaxed so a host of well known personalities can lay their baking skills bare in the name of Comic Relief. Each night different faces will battle it out to claim one of the four Comic Relief 'Star Baker' titles. Mel Giedroyc is on quality control duty whilst Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood resume their roles of formidable judges. Lorraine Pascale will be reporting from Ghana on how the money raised really can change lives. Olympian Ellie Simmonds battles it out with Kirsty Wark, Julia Bradbury and Bob Mortimer over signature scones, technically tricky chocolate eclairs and a show stopping novelty cake. Who will impress the judges enough to claim tonight's title of Comic Relief star baker?

SPECIAL 0x22 The Great Comic Relief Bake Off Episode 4

Comic Relief takes over the Great British Bake Off tent. The rules have been relaxed so a host of well known personalities can lay their baking skills bare in the name of Comic Relief. Each night different faces will battle it out to claim one of the four Comic Relief 'Star Baker' titles. Mel Giedroyc is on quality control duty whilst Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood resume their roles of formidable judges. Lorraine Pascale will be reporting from Ghana on how the money raised really can change lives. Claudia Winkleman, Ed Byrne, Martha Kearney and Olympian Helen Glover try to impress the judges in the last round. Attempting to prove that they've got what it takes to claim the title of Comic Relief star baker, they attempt signature chocolate biscuits, get to grips with a family size lemon meringue pie and try to celebrate Comic Relief's 25th anniversary with a showstopping birthday cake.

SPECIAL 0x23 Easter Masterclass (2013)

Join The Great British Bake Off judges, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood as they showcase some of their favourite Easter recipes. In a step-by-step guide Mary and Paul will show you how to make the ultimate hot cross buns, a classic simnel cake, delicious chocolate custard tarts and a lemon meringue nest.

S04E01 Cake

The Bake Off returns and for the first time ever, the tent welcomes a baker's dozen to do battle. Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins coax them through their baking trials, all the while under the scrutiny of the inimitable judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. With a range of baking styles and personalities, the Bake Off tent is packed with the best amateur bakers from around the country from space engineer to student, teacher to dentist, psychologist to carpenter. But after ten weeks of whisking, crimping and piping, only one can emerge victorious. This time, nobody is safe because Mary and Paul may decide to lose not one but two bakers at any time. The judges set the signature challenges as true home baker staples so that they can immediately see the bakers' personalities and their range of skills and ideas, setting them apart from each other. The first challenge is a sandwich cake. While this might seem simple, there is a difficult choice to be made between going for the classic or being experimental. Something tried and tested might not stand out, but going for ambitious flavours and ideas could miss the mark. Mary's first technical challenge is for angel food cake, which is not the bakers' idea of heaven as they attempt to follow the bare bones of the recipe, which proves to be a recipe for disaster for some. The showstopper explores all things chocolate, and is their final chance to secure their place in the Bake Off and save them from being the first to leave the tent.

S04E02 Bread

One week down and the remaining 12 bakers have 9 weeks and 27 gruelling challenges to get through before they can be crowned Winner of the Great British Bake Off. But having survived cake, now they battle bread. Knowing that Paul will be watching their every move and prove, they must bake 36 perfectly thin and crispy signature bread sticks, a technically tricky English muffin, and the most outrageous showstopping loaves of bread ever seen on television. from a Christmas wreath to a proud peacock and a psychic octopus. As the bakers try to perfect their breakfast muffins, we explore their rise in popularity in Georgian England, initially distributed by a network of muffin men, now immortalised in the famous nursery rhyme. Mel and Sue try to help but instead leave chaos in their wake, as Mary and Paul use the challenges to find out what type of bakers they are and exactly how far they can push their baking skills. They are looking for real talent and natural instinct, creativity and baking brilliance. At any time, two bakers might be asked to leave, making this year tougher than ever before. nobody is safe.

S04E03 Desserts

It's week three, and the heat in the kitchen is already too much for some, as the remaining 11 bakers get ready to deal with desserts. Mary and Paul are upping the ante. Having survived cake and bread, this is the first week we see the bakers having to multi-task across several different baking skills at the same time a signature trifle combining biscuit, cake, jelly or custard in perfectly distinct layers a technically difficult task of making floating islands, which result in various forms of unrecognisable landmass by the end of the bake and a showstopper that pulls out all the stops, getting the bakers to juggle 24 petit fours that the judges might finally deem acceptable. They are taking no prisoners, and for the first time ever, there's a baking burglary in the Bake Off tent and it becomes a crime scene. Mel explores the origins of the trifle and discovers how it was transformed in the Georgian era from an elitist dessert for the aristocracy to a dish that was accessible to the masses.

S04E04 Pies and Tarts

It's week four in the tent and the baking is getting serious, as the remaining bakers put on their pinnies to pimp up pies and tarts. From the country's oldest known cookbook, we discover the almost 700 year old history of the English custard tart. It might once have been popular at the decadent court of King Richard II but it is now a technical challenge in the Bake Off tent, one which causes more than the intended wobble for the bakers. Starting with what should be a home baker staple, their signature double-crusted fruit pies present a challenge to even the most experienced bakers, let alone the one baker who has a deep-hatred of all things fruit, and the showstopper sorts the bakers from the boys, as they set about making a filo pie centrepiece. Mel and Sue come to their aid as the bakers' nerves are stretched tighter than the filo pastry they are making from scratch.

S04E05 Biscuits and Traybakes

Almost halfway through the Bake Off and the remaining eight bakers are faced with biscuits and traybakes. First up, a Signature Challenge that requires them to do something apparently simple - produce their favourite traybake. The bakers offer Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood their twists on everything from bakewells to banoffees and brownies. Next they face the thinnest Technical Challenge ever devised on Bake Off - the French classic tuiles, biscuits formed into fragile rolls and decorated with delicate designs of piped chocolate. And finally, a Showstopper of epic proportions as the bakers make 'biscuit towers'. Mel and Sue follow the trail of biscuit crumbs as the bakers produce architectural feats inspired by everything from ancient Japanese civilization to one of time travel's most feared enemies. Meanwhile, we discover how the Tottenham Cake, a pink, iced traybake produced by the Quakers of North London, became a match day treat at White Hart Lane.

S04E06 Sweet Dough

It is week six in the tent and time for sweet dough week - but will it prove bittersweet for the bakers? They kick off with a signature tea loaf. Most of the bakers choose to make something connected to home, so Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are presented with everything from locally sourced loaves from Yorkshire and Oxford to Devonshire-inspired panettone and Welsh bara brith. Meanwhile we explore the history of the Sally Lunn, and the story of the torta negra - the well-travelled tea loaf that creates a taste of Wales in the middle of Patagonia. The bakers face Paul's most twisted Technical Challenge yet and a Showstopper that draws on all of Europe for inspiration, creating 36 sweet European buns - from Swedish cinnamon buns to German schnecken and French brioches. Over halfway through and the stakes are high. but will their dough rise too?

S04E07 Pastry

With only six bakers left in the tent the stakes are getting higher and this week they face pastry. The remaining bakers bring the old fashioned suet pudding bang up to date, banishing nightmares of stodgy school dinners for good with their range of creative signature suet puds, from 'spotted dick with a kick' to fig roly-poly. Delving further into the history of suet takes us to the Isle of Mull, where the clootie dumpling has been at the heart of the community for centuries. The technical challenge this week proves to be hell on earth, as the bakers are set one of Mary's choux pastry recipes and they must make eight perfect religieuse. These are delicate choux buns filled with crème patissiere, topped with shining ganache and balanced delicately one on top of the other. As they reach the end of their pastry marathon, the bakers reach the showstopper and must make three different types of perfectly puffed pastries. One type must be filled, another must be iced and the third is up to them. From palmiers to cream horns, they have just four hours to impress the judges. On your marks. get set. BAKE!

S04E08 Quarter Final

It is the quarter final and there are just five bakers left. In the last seven weeks they have been tested on normal cakes, breads, pastries, pies and puddings so the judges are upping the ante. This week's challenges test them on how they cope working with unconventional flours and unusual desserts which push their creativity to the max. For the signature challenge, the bakers must make a loaf using non-traditional wheat flours, encouraged instead to use the rarer flours such as spelt, rye, potato or tapioca flours. Whilst the bakers get busy with their loaves, the programme explores the history of the National Loaf. This culinary creation was borne out of necessity during World War Two, when the Ministry of Food developed a flour to make imports go further and keep the nation healthy in times of rationing. The technical round sees the bakers challenged to each make a dacquoise, made with three layers of fragile coiled meringue, sandwiched with coffee custard and topped with hazelnut praline, a dessert which also happens to be gluten free. For their final challenge, the bakers must push themselves out of their comfort zone to create showstopping novelty vegetable cakes - which must also be dairy free.

S04E09 French Week

It is the semi-final and there are just four bakers left. This time it is the French round, and the challenges include savoury canapes and opera cake.

S04E10 The Final

It's the final of The Great British Bake Off! 13,000 applicants were narrowed down to 13 of Britain's best amateur bakers, and the 13 became three. There are just three final challenges standing between the bakers and the title of winner of the Great British Bake Off. Mary and Paul have chosen the final challenges to test the bakers on the areas in which they wanted to see how far they had grown in skill and creativity. The Signature Challenge asks them to create a technically difficult picnic pie - a savoury pie packed full of fillings that create a creative design, surrounded by shortcrust pastry with perfectly baked sides strong enough to be served out of the tin. The Technical is one of Paul's, as they are tasked to make 12 perfectly shaped pretzels, six savoury with rock salt and six sweet, flavoured with poppy seeds and topped with sweet orange zest and glaze. For the very final challenge in this year's Bake Off they must bake the ultimate showpiece in a baker's repertoire - a wedding cake. Three tiers that are their last chance to showcase their creative, baking brilliance. All of their efforts will be prepared for their family and friends at the GBBO summer garden party, who will be there to support the winner - but which of our female finalists will it be? Bake Off finalists on your marks. get set. BAKE!

SPECIAL 0x24 Class of 2012

Each year thousands of people apply to The Great British Bake Off and only a handful are chosen, but what exactly is it like to take part? Talking candidly about their experience, the Class of 2012 return to the Bake Off tent to give a special insight to life inside the tent. They divulge how it felt to face the steely blue eyes and judgement of Mary and Paul, how they coped with having ingredients siphoned off by Mel and Sue, and to what extent practising bagels, pies, petit fours, meringues, hidden design cakes and gingerbread constructions took over their lives. Reliving their perfectly risen highs and soggy bottom lows, the bakers also reveal how their experience in a tent, in the middle of a field, in extreme weather conditions, has changed their lives.

SPECIAL 0x25 Masterclass 1

Mary and Paul take over the tent for the ultimate baking masterclass. Mary makes a whole orange cake and angel food cake, Paul makes breakfast muffins and olive bread sticks, and together they make a chocolate cake showstopper.

SPECIAL 0x26 Masterclass 2

Paul and Mary show what they would have done in dessert and pie challenges. Mary: 'Tipsy Trifle', floating islands and 'Wobbly Apricot Tart'. Paul: custard tarts and spanakopita.

SPECIAL 0x27 Masterclass 3

Paul and Mary show what they would have done in the biscuit and pastry test. Mary: ginger spiced traybake and tuiles with chocolate mousse. Paul :iced tea loaf, sweet dough brioche tete, and apricot couronne.

SPECIAL 0x28 Masterclass 4

Paul and Mary show what they would have done for the challenges in the final weeks of the Bake Off. Paul: wheat-free crusty rye loaf and sweet and savory pretzels. Mary: sussex pond pudding, choux pastry religious, and an opera cake.

SPECIAL 0x29 Christmas Masterclass (2013)

Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry plan for Christmas in a special one-off festive masterclass, sharing their favourite recipes for Christmas classics and some less well-known bakes. They share their favourite recipes for Christmas classics such as stollen, mincemeat streusel and a gingerbread house that can be made with all the family, and some less well known bakes - Scottish black bun, Tunis cake and Paul's hand-raised boxing day pie - the perfect way to use up all the trimmings from the day before.

Season 5

SPECIAL 0x30 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 1

The Bake Off returns for four special Sport Relief programmes. In each episode there are four celebrity bakers facing three challenges set by Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, each hoping to win the Sport Relief Star Baker apron. This time the tent has four different hosts to coax the bakers through their challenges: Sue Perkins hands over the baton to Jo Brand, then to Omid Djalili and finally Ed Byrne. Sue Perkins hosts the first episode, in which cricketer Michael Vaughan, James Bond and Downton Abbey actress Samantha Bond, Harry Potter actress Bonnie Wright and broadcaster Johnny Vaughan enter the tent. For the signature challenge they must make sandwich biscuits, for the technical challenge a tarte tatin and for the showstopper a 3D novelty cake, which must represent a sporting landmark.

SPECIAL 0x31 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 2

Sue Perkins hands over the baton to Jo Brand to support the next four celebrity bakers through their three Sport Relief challenges. This time the battle is between Desert Island Discs' Kirsty Young, singer and actress Jane Horrocks, Olympic gold-medal winning long jumper Greg Rutherford and ice skating's Mr Nasty, Jason Gardiner. For the signature challenge Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have set gingerbread biscuits, for the technical a banoffee pie and for the showstopper a representation of their jobs - in cake. From Kirsty's 'Dessert Island Dish' cake to Greg's sponge sandpit, who will impress and be the one to win the Sport Relief Star Baker apron?

SPECIAL 0x32 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 3

Omid Djalili is host of the Bake Off tent. This time, those facing the judges are Olivier award-winning singer Michael Ball, broadcaster and co-founder of Comic Relief Emma Freud, singer and presenter Jamelia and Olympic gold-medallist Victoria Pendleton. As they warm up for their baking marathon so does the rivalry between Emma and Michael, but only one can win the Star Baker apron. For their signature challenge they face a traybake, for the technical they must make iced ring doughnuts, and for the showstopper layered cakes which must pay homage to their personal sporting heroes. With a cake the girth of Sir Chris Hoy's thigh, a fondant Jamaican sprint team and an almost life-sized Big Daddy, what could possibly go wrong?

SPECIAL 0x33 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 4

It is Ed Byrne's turn to take up the baking baton and support the four celebrities as they face their three challenges in the Bake Off tent. The bakers on the starting line are impressionist Alistair McGowan, Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes, comedian Doon Mackichan and former Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton, who rowed the Amazon and trekked to the South Pole for Sport Relief. Will her baking prove as much of an ordeal? The bakers must make pizzas for their signature challenge, eccles cakes in the technical challenge and showstopping tiered cakes that represent sporting equipment.

S05E01 Cake

The Bake Off is back for another year, welcoming the tent's youngest-ever baker and the oldest. All 12 bakers will be challenged on their baking skills from every angle by judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, all the while helped - or hindered - by Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins. But their first hurdle is cake. As they enter the tent for the very first time, their first Signature Challenge is to make a swiss roll. But with such a seemingly simple challenge comes a risk - who will have the tightest roll? Whose roll will split? Should the bakers go for the classic or push the boat out to impress? Recovering from their first challenge, they face their first ever Technical Challenge. It's cake week. it's a Mary recipe. it's a classic cherry cake. But will the bakers be able to suspend the cherries and ice their cakes to the exacting standard of Ms Berry? As the next day dawns so does the Showstopper. The bakers must make classic British cakes. in perfect miniature. all 36 of them. 30 challenges, 12 brand-new bakers, two judges and two presenters, but there can only be one winner. On your marks, get set. bake!

S05E02 Biscuits

One week down. Having survived cakes, the remaining 11 bakers are tested on biscuits. Serving up signature savoury biscuits, the bakers must push themselves on flavour to create biscuits that go well with a cheese course, and Sue learns the dirty secret behind the invention of the ice cream cone and the start of the UK ice cream industry. In the technical challenge Mary sets the bakers her recipe for florentines. With their chewy caramel sauce and lacy brandy snap texture covered in tempered chocolate, the bakers must follow Mary's basic instructions, adding up to a more exacting bake than expected. And finally a showstopper like no other - in the most ambitious biscuit challenge to date, the bakers are challenged to create three-dimensional biscuit scenes. They can make any scene they like as long as it is made entirely from biscuits and doesn't fall over. easier said than done in the Bake Off tent. The bakers are really put under scrutiny as the biscuits must taste as good as they look, as the judges make their decision about who will leave the Bake Off tent.

S05E03 Bread

In week three, the remaining ten bakers get ready to brave bread. The boys are confident that this is their week, but the girls have other ideas. Knowing that Paul will be watching their every move and prove, the bakers must bake 12 perfect rye bread rolls, shaped in any way they like and using as much rye flour as they dare. Paul is enigmatic in the technical challenge, telling the bakers to 'be patient' with his recipe for ciabatta loaves. But which bakers will listen to his words of wisdom and which ones will lose their nerve? The bakers have their work cut out for them in the showstopper challenge, making a filled centrepiece loaf that will make an impact on a table as well as on the judges. Mary and Paul are looking for real talent and natural instinct, creativity and baking brilliance - but which one of the bakers has what it takes?

S05E04 Desserts

It's week four in the tent and the baking is getting serious. Having seen the bakers make cake, biscuits and bread, Mary and Paul up the ante - for the first time, we see how the bakers cope with multi-tasking across several baking skills at once. For their signature challenge the bakers must bake saucy puds - delicate sponges hiding a gooey saucy filling or a saucy surprise at the bottom. If baked for just a fraction too long the sauce won't ooze upon cutting, but they won't know if it has worked until they are judged. Sue explores the origins of the Paignton pudding - a pudding larger than a cow that caused a riot in Paignton in the 19th century. For the technical challenge, Mary sets the bakers her tiramisu cake. It's a new kind of tiramisu requiring the bakers to temper chocolate, bake beautifully thin coffee-soaked sponges and assemble to create perfect layers of sponge, cream and chocolate. but only if they read the recipe properly. For their final flourish the bakers are challenged to bake incredible showstopping baked alaskas made up of cake, meringue and ice cream. on the hottest day of the year so far. In the centre of a field in the middle of the English countryside the bakers have the odds stacked against them, as temperatures soar and tempers fray. There is still everything to bake for. on your marks. get set. bake!

S05E05 Pies and Tarts

Almost halfway through the Bake Off and the remaining bakers are facing pies and tarts. No self-respecting home baker is complete without being able to make all kinds of pastries, and today the bakers are challenged to do just that. Starting with a signature custard tart that gives more than one of them a wobble, the bakers must make sweet custard tarts of their own invention, ranging from 'rhubarb and custard' to 'chocolate and coconut' to a 'tropical Manchester tart' (a tart with tropical flavours made by a Mancunian). Paul sets the bakers mini pear pies one of the more unusual technical challenges that the Bake Off has seen. The bewildered bakers get in a twist as they attempt to wrap poached pears in a spiral of rough puff pastry, whilst Mel investigates the ancient wedding centrepiece that was the aphrodisiac known as bride pie. Finally the bakers battle their biggest bake yet three-tied pies. In just four hours they must create a towering collection of pies from any pastry or pastries they like. With 'three-little pig' pies and a 'pieful tower', Mary and Paul have their work cut out for them and Mel and Sue really will eat all the pies. On your marks, get set. bake!

S05E06 European Cakes

Past halfway in their baking marathon and the remaining six bakers face three European cakes. For their signature challenge the bakers are asked to bake yeast-leavened cakes a tricky cross between cake and bread that sees some of the bakers opting out of Europe. Mary sets the bakers their most demanding technical challenge yet in which they must make a Swedish princess torte. With 24 different stages and only two-and-a-quarter hours to do it in, the bakers have their work cut out for them, while Sue explores the events that led to the huge array of Danish cakes and pastries in the Danish cake table tradition. And finally, a showstopping finale that puts the hungry into Hungary. The bakers must make their own contemporary version of the dobos torte. Traditionally a multi-layered Hungarian cake, the bakers must go one step further and make a two-tiered dobos torte with an emphasis on all things caramel in every way they can imagine. but whose Bake Off will come to a sweet but sticky end? On your marks, get set. bake!

S05E07 Pastry

Presenters Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins set the remaining contestants three tasks involving pastry, beginning by asking them to make signature savoury parcels. For the technical challenge, they must prepare a cake that hails from the Brittany region of France - the kouign amann, which none of the bakers has ever heard of - before creating two different types of eclair in the showstopper round. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood judge the hopefuls' efforts before deciding who is star baker and who is going home.

S05E08 Advanced Dough

The nation's favourite baking contest is about to get a whole lot hotter in the kitchen, as it reaches the quarter-final stage, and just five amateur bakers remain. They've all impressed to various extents during Bread Week - at least sufficiently to make it through - but now their skills are thoroughly tested as they take on enriched doughs. They have a signature bake in which they must work with soft dough to create artful works, a technical that sees them recreate an Eastern European cross between bread and pastry, and a showstopper involving doughnuts.

S05E09 Semi-final - Patisserie

It's Patisserie Week, and the remaining four bakers will need to demonstrate that they have skills worthy enough to see them through to this year's final. The bakers are challenged to make a signature baklava - two types of any flavour they like, before the technical challenge demands they knock up a German Schichttorte, a cake cooked in stages under the grill to create 20 layers of different coloured sponge. Finally, the showstopper sees the semi-finalists baking non-stop to create two entremets in which they should demonstrate as many personal skills and techniques as they can.

S05E10 The Final

The three finalists face a Signature Challenge in which they have just three hours to prove they have mastered a pastry technique that usually takes a whole day. They then have to tackle a Technical Challenge without the aid of a recipe, before rustling up a Showstopper that turns sponge, caramel, choux pastry and petits fours into a winning combination.

SPECIAL 0x34 Masterclass 1

After 10 weeks of stiff competition, calm finally descends on the Bake Off tent as judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry take up the reins to demonstrate how they would have tackled the contest's signature, technical and showstopper challenges had the roles been reversed. They begin with tasks from the first two weeks of the series, with Paul making a blackcurrant and liquorice Swiss roll and two types of savoury biscuits, while Mary prepares a cherry cake with lemon icing, Florentines and miniature classic coffee and walnut cakes.

SPECIAL 0x35 Masterclass 2

Back in the Bake Off tent, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood roll up their sleeves, baking the challenges that they set the bakers in bread and desserts weeks on the Great British Bake Off. Paul takes us through his ciabatta technical and his show-stopping roquefort and walnut loaf one step at a time and Mary shows us how to make her layered tiramisu cake from desserts week. Paul shows his saucy side with chocolate volcano fondant puds and Mary finishes off with her flamboyant neapolitan baked alaska.

SPECIAL 0x36 Class of 2013

We catch up with last year's bakers, who have come a long way since their time in the tent. This programme looks back at the golden moments - and recurring nightmares - of the bakers dozen from last year, as they revisit their time in the tent and share their memories as the Class of 2013.

SPECIAL 0x37 Masterclass 3

Once again taking over the Bake Off tent, Mary and Paul tackle the signature, technical and show-stopper challenges from the second half of the series. Just as the challenges got harder for the bakers, Mary and Paul must also make their more elaborate bakes, showing us how to achieve the perfect results at home. Mary makes a swirling chocolate and orange tart and the most complicated technical challenge of the series, the Swedish prinsesstarta. Paul dusts off his pastry skills making mini sausage plaits and demystifies the delicious kouign amann, which so baffled the bakers in the tent. Finally, Mary constructs her own version of the two-tiered dobos torte, complete with caramel of all kinds, with hints and tips on how to achieve perfection at home.

SPECIAL 0x38 Masterclass 4

In the final masterclass of the series, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood dust off the flour one last time, creating the signature, technical and show-stopping challenges from the last part of the Great British Bake Off. Mary makes a pair of chouxs with her lemon and raspberry eclairs, while Paul gets fruity with his cherry and chocolate loaf. Paul explains how to stretch your skills to make the technical povitica, followed by his show-stopping raspberry and chocolate doughnuts. And Mary finishes with her elaborate double chocolate entremets that will impress at any dinner party, giving helpful advice to inspire you to achieve the same at home.

SPECIAL 0x39 Christmas Masterclass (2014)

In the countdown to Christmas, Mary and Paul are getting festive in the kitchen. They have six brand new recipes to bake for the family this Christmas, inspired by rich traditions from all over Europe. Paul kicks off the baking with St Lucia buns, which are saffron buns traditionally eaten throughout Advent in Scandinavia. He puts a twist on the traditional mince pie, making a mincemeat and marzipan couronne, while Mary makes a French galette and offers alternatives to traditional Christmas cake and Christmas pudding. She makes a fruit-filled genoa cake and white chocolate and stem ginger cheesecake. The baking is topped off by Paul's kransekake - a spectacular tower of rings of delicate mixture that will bring everyone to the table.

Season 6

SPECIAL 0x40 The Great Comic Relief Bake Off Episode 1

Bake Off returns with four special programmes for Comic Relief. Sue Perkins presents as Joanna Lumley, Jennifer Saunders, Lulu and Dame Edna face Mary and Paul's challenges.

SPECIAL 0x41 The Great Comic Relief Bake Off Episode 2

The Great British Bake Off returns with four special Comic Relief programmes. Mel Giedroyc welcomes Gok Wan, Jonathan Ross, Abbey Clancy and Zoella to the Bake Off tent.

SPECIAL 0x42 The Great Comic Relief Bake Off Episode 3

The Great British Bake Off returns with four special Comic Relief programmes. Jo Brand welcomes David Mitchell, Michael Sheen, Jameela Jamil and Sarah Brown to the tent.

SPECIAL 0x43 The Great Comic Relief Bake Off Episode 4

The Great British Bake Off returns with four special Comic Relief programmes. Ed Byrne welcomes Victoria Wood, Alexa Chung, Chris Moyles and Kayvan Novak to the tent.

SPECIAL 0x44 The Great Comic Relief Bake Off 2015 - Extra Slice

The four Comic Relief Bake Off star bakers are interviewed by Jo Brand, and one of them is declared the overall winner of The Great Comic Relief Bake Off 2015.

S06E01 Cake

The 12 new bakers don their aprons and head for the iconic tent for cake week. Starting with cake week, the bakers' first signature challenge is to make a madeira cake. It's a well-loved cake, but which of our bakers will try to impress by reinventing this classic, and who will play safe in a bid to get perfect madeira with its traditional crack? With one challenge out the way, the bakers face their first technical - Mary's frosted walnut cake, a pre-war classic that is as British as they come. Light sponge sandwiched with buttercream and covered with sweet meringue, this technically challenging cake is one of Mary's favourites, and no-one wants to disappoint the queen of baking. Day Two, and the bakers have to go all out to impress with their first show-stopper, the black forest gateau. This retro classic from the 70s has it all - chocolate, cherries and cream. It's ripe for a reinvention, and these 12 bakers are ready and willing. 12 new bakers, 30 new challenges. On your marks, get set. bake!

S06E02 Biscuits

With cake week over, the remaining bakers must prove themselves with biscuits. The signature challenge is to create 24 biscotti. Twice baked, these Italian specialities have to be crammed with flavour and have a crisp crunch. It's a delicate balance between underbaked and bendy, or overbaked and rock hard. Paul chooses the technical challenge, arlettes, a labour-intensive reverse puff pastry biscuit from south west France. Wafer-thin, flaky and swirled with cinnamon, delicious to eat but devilishly difficult to make. And finally, the show-stopper is to create and build an edible biscuit box filled with 36 biscuits of a different flavour. Judges Mary and Paul want to see the bakers exercise their creative muscles with clever construction and beautiful decoration, while not forgetting that flavour is king. The pressure is on, and the clock is ticking. Who will claim Star Baker, and who will be leaving the Bake Off tent?

S06E03 Bread

The ten remaining bakers tackle quick breads, baguettes and 3D bread sculptures. Starting with the signature challenge, the bakers must tackle a Bake Off first and make quick breads - with no proving necessary, the bakers have an hour and a half to get creative with their flavours. Ranging from sweet chocolate loaves to manchego and prosciutto stuffed bread, the finished loaves are a delight, and one even earns a handshake from Paul. In another Bake Off first, Paul sets baguettes as the technical challenge. A seemingly simple recipe, everyone knows what a baguette looks like. or do they? The pressure of the tent gets to a few of the bakers, and the finished baguettes result in one of Paul's most brutal judgings. For their show-stopper, the bakers must make edible 3-D bread sculptures. As one baker says, 'it's doughverload', with another making enough bread to start up his own bakery. Mary and Paul have to work their way through a bicycle, a snake, an array of flowers, a lion and even the Brighton Pavilion, all made of bread. The results are impressive - so much so that one baker renders Paul speechless by making the best bread sculpture he's ever seen.

S06E04 Desserts

For the nine bakers left, it's time to tackle the sweet ending to every meal - desserts. The signature challenge comes in the form of a French classic - creme brulees. The bakers need to achieve the perfect wobble of the creme and an audible crack of the brulee. It's not easy though, as they have to brulee under the grill, not with a blow torch. While some will reach perfection, others will serve up scrambled egg and custard soup. Mary picks the technical challenge, and it's a European medley - the spanische windtorte from Austria, with a nod to Spain and some Swiss and French meringue thrown in. It maybe only be meringue, cream and soft fruit, but it's tricky to construct and needs to be decorated with delicate fondant violets - if only the bakers knew what a violet looked like! Not one, not two, but three baked cheesecakes make up the show-stopper. Mary and Paul are looking for faultless baked cheesecakes, beautifully flavoured and stacked in a show-stopping way - easy? The bakers don't disappoint with their inventive ingredient combinations, but not all of the tiered cheesecakes are structurally sound.

S06E05 Alternative Ingredients

The remaining bakers have to try and bake without sugar, gluten or dairy this week. The signature challenge sees the bakers having to create a variety of sugar-free cakes, from an upside-down pineapple cake to carrot cakes. The technical challenge features gluten-free pittas. For their showstopper, the bakers have to make dairy-free ice cream rolls.

S06E06 Pastry

The remaining bakers have to prove their skill with pastry. They have to make frangipane tarts for their signature challenge and the technical challenge sees them having to make a traditional cheese-filled pastry from Cyprus called the flaouna. The showstopper is the classic 70&rsquos canape, vol-au-vents. Bitesize puff pastry.

S06E07 Victorian

In a Bake Off first, the entire episode is devoted to the period of history that gave birth to modern baking - the Victorian era. The signature challenge is a stalwart of the Victorian dinner table, game pie. Pie moulds, pheasant, pigeon and pastry are the order of the day as the bakers must create beautifully decorated pies, stuffed with all manner of game to tantalise the judges' taste buds. For one it's the chance to use a genuine antique from 1850, while others take a more modern approach and dabble with spices. Mary dusts off her antique cookbooks to find a technical recipe that dates back to the late 1800s. The bakers battle with time as they must first make a perfect fruit cake, and then create their own sugar paste and marzipan and indulge in some very detailed royal icing in a bid to create a cake that resembles a tennis court. For the show-stopper, the bakers make charlotte russe, a dessert much loved by the Victorians which has a silky bavarois centre surrounded by sponge fingers and topped with jelly. A tricky construction at the best of the times, but the added pressure of the Bake Off tent takes its toll as not everyone manages to get their jelly to set or the charlotte russe to stay standing. Although one baker does manage to create a masterpiece that even Queen Victoria herself would have found amusing.

S06E08 Patisserie

No series of Bake Off would be complete without testing the bakers on patisserie, and what better time to do it than the quarter finals? The five remaining bakers must work their way through childhood favourites and delicate french fancies to a mountainous choux pastry masterpiece.

S06E09 Chocolate

The pressure is on, as the remaining bakers must get to grips with one of the most difficult ingredients, chocolate.

SPECIAL 0x45 Class of 2014

Bake Off 2014 was compulsive viewing and caught the imagination of the country. This programme looks back over the incredible bakes of the last series, from Luis's amazing 3D biscuit scene, via the technically challenging schichttorte to Ian's binning of his baked alaska. We hear what the bakers from 2014 really thought about their time in the tent, share their memories and catch up with what they have been doing since.

S06E10 The Final

Only three of the original twelve bakers remain. They've made it to the final. Over 27 challenges, they've worked their way through every baking discipline Mary and Paul have thrown at them - from cakes to bread, pastry to puddings, and biscuits to chocolate. Along the way they have tackled recipes from the 70s and 80s, they've gone back to the Victorian era, they've made gluten-free bread, strange meringue concoctions, incredible constructions out of biscuits, bread and choux. They have all survived, and now they face their last three challenges. The signature challenge sees the finalists tackle enriched dough to create delicious filled iced buns. The technical requires them to conquer something they have all struggled with, and finally, for their last ever showstopper, they must make a classic British cake. Mary and Paul expect nothing short of perfection. So who will hold their nerve? Who will be crowned winner of The Great British Bake Off 2015? On your marks, get set. bake!

SPECIAL 0x46 Season 6 - Masterclass 1

After ten weeks of baking highs and lows, calm descends on the Bake Off tent as Mary and Paul take up the reins to make the signature, technical and showstopper challenges that they set the bakers in the first couple of weeks of the series. Step by step, they take us through the recipes, methods, tricks and tips to ensure that even the most amateur bakers can get it right at home every time. Mary kicks off with a classic madeira cake followed by her frosted walnut cake. Paul makes hazelnut and orange biscotti and shows us the right way to make the technically tricky arlettes. He then demonstrates how to make a foolproof plait. Mary provides a handy tip on how to stop ramekins from slipping in a bain marie and closes the show with her take on the retro classic black forest gateau.

SPECIAL 0x47 Season 6 - Masterclass 2

Back in the Bake Off tent, Mary and Paul roll up their sleeves, baking the challenges that they set the bakers in Bread and Desserts weeks of the Great British Bake Off. Paul is in his element as he shows how to make soda bread in under an hour and then bakes baguettes, perhaps the most iconic of all French breads. Mary makes cappuccino creme brulees without a blow torch and creates the classic meringue cake which foxed the bakers in week 4 - the Spanische windtorte. Paul shows us how to decorate a pie and Mary reveals her tip for making a checkerboard cake before going on to bake a tiered white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake.

SPECIAL 0x48 Season 6 - Masterclass 3

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood make the challenges they set the bakers. Mary bakes her version of a sugar-free carrot cake and Paul makes a lime and passion fruit charlotte russe.

SPECIAL 0x49 Season 6 - Masterclass 4

In the final masterclass of the series, Mary and Paul heat up the ovens and get out the mixing bowls one last time to create the signature, technical and showstopper challenges from the last part of the Great British Bake Off. Mary makes a tennis cake based on the 19th-century recipe that was the technical challenge from Victorian week. Paul makes two types of cream horns - the first filled with a mocha creme pat and the rest with a limoncello tutti frutti cream. Mary shows us how to be delicate, precise and perfect with her mokatines, and Paul gets to grips with an epic construction in choux pastry - le religieuse a l'ancienne.

SPECIAL 0x50 Christmas Masterclass (2015)

After the drama and deliciousness of Bake Off, the much-missed Mary and Paul are back to bring a generous dollop of baking cheer to Christmas this year. Step by step, they take us through stunning recipes that all the family can make during the festive season. Mary kicks off with a pavlova wreath and Paul makes a Chelsea bun Christmas tree. Mary makes a decadent trifle layered with fruit compote and Paul puts leftovers to irresistible use with his turkey and ham pie. Mary makes a truly beautiful rosace a l'orange and Paul closes the show with his magnificent towering pandoro.

Season 7

SPECIAL 0x51 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 1

Mel Giedroyc hosts this first episode featuring comedian Jason Manford, EastEnders actor Maddy Hill, former England goalkeeper David James and businesswoman Samantha Cameron. The contestants face three challenges - making canapes using rough puff pasty, preparing a Paris-Brest, a French dessert, and finally, creating a 3-D cake in the shape of a sporting trophy.

SPECIAL 0x52 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 2

Celebrities take on baking challenges for Sport Relief. Jennifer Saunders hosts this second episode as four celebrities face their three challenges set by judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood. The bakers on the starting line are former Labour politician Ed Balls, writer and presenter Victoria Coren Mitchell, sports commentator Chris Kamara and singer and actress Kimberley Walsh. The bakers must make 24 identical American-style muffins for their signature challenge, football pies in the technical challenge and, finally, show-stopping tiered cakes representing an extreme sport. Interesting flavours and confusion abound in this baking battle. Who will bag the coveted title of star baker? Whilst the bakers aim to inspire others to raise money, Denise Lewis visits a project in Tyne and Wear where she meets Linda and Hughie. Hughie was diagnosed with dementia six years ago at the age of 59. Denise finds out how money raised really does make a difference to his quality of life.

SPECIAL 0x53 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 3

Four more celebrities head to the famous Bake Off tent in aid of UK fundraising event, Sport Relief. Judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood set three tasks to test each celebrity's baking prowess, while comedian Ed Byrne is on hand to guide them through. The celebrities taking up the baking baton this time are ex-Spice Girl Geri Horner, BBC world affairs editor John Simpson, footballer and pundit Jermaine Jenas and 1990s pop sensation Louise Redknapp.

SPECIAL 0x54 The Great Sport Relief Bake Off Episode 4

4/4. Celebrities take on baking challenges for Sport Relief. Sarah Millican hosts this fourth episode, featuring Alison Steadman, Ade Edmondson, Will Young and Morgana Robinson.

S07E01 Cake Week

Twelve new amateur bakers enter the iconic tent and take on three cake-making challenges.

S07E02 Biscuit Week

The remaining bakers face three biscuit challenges. Who will see their dreams crumble?

S07E03 Bread Week

The bakers face an ovenless technical challenge and a three-flour showstopper.

S07E04 Batter Week

For the very first time on Bake Off it is Batter Week. Mary and Paul have set three challenges to test the bakers on some store cupboard classics.

S07E05 Pastry Week

Mary and Paul set three challenges to test the bakers on three different types of pastry, including a technical challenge that sees them baking a classic British tart.

S07E06 Botanical Week

For the very first time it's Botanical Week. The bakers can use anything that grows as they face a citrus signature, a leafy technical and a three-tier showstopper.

S07E07 Dessert Week

Three sweet challenges will mean a bitter end for one of the bakers as they face a sweetly filled signature, a French technical and a mousse marathon showstopper.

S07E08 Tudor Week

For the first ever Bake Off Tudor Week, the bakers must tackle pies, biscuits and a marzipan showstopper. Which of them will make it through to the semi-final?

S07E09 Patisserie Week

The semi-final sees the bakers tackling three patisserie-based challenges, including a French pastry, a yeast-based cake and a multiple mini-cake showstopper.

S07E10 The Final

It is the final, and with just three of the original twelve bakers remaining. The theme for the final is a Royal Bake Off, as the tent plays host to three challenges to impress the Queen.

SPECIAL 0x55 Class of 2015

A catch-up with the contestants from The Great British Bake Off 2015.

SPECIAL 0x56 The Great Christmas Bake Off (1) (2016)

The tent has been decorated and the invitations have been sent out for two very special Christmas episodes of The Great British Bake Off. Eight bakers of Bake Off past return to the tent to compete once more. In this first episode there's another chance to see Mary-Anne from Series 2, Ali from Series 4, Cathryn from Series 3 and Norman from Series 5.

SPECIAL 0x57 The Great Christmas Bake Off (2) (2016)

The tent has been decorated and the invitations have been sent out for two very special Christmas episodes of The Great British Bake Off, featuring returning contestants from previous years. A festive welcome awaits four more returning bakers, Chetna from Series 5, Howard from Series 4, James M from Series 3 and and Janet from Series 2.

Season 8

S08E01 Cake Week

The Bake Off begins with Cake Week, and sees the bakers take on a fruity signature challenge. Prue sets her first technical - a kids' party favourite. Plus, the trickiest showstopper ever set in the first week of Bake Off: an illusion cake.

S08E02 Biscuit Week

It's week two, and the sandwich biscuit signature challenge sees bakers trying to blend biscuit and filling. There's a technical task set by Paul Hollywood that no one has tried before. And a final showstopper challenge that takes the biscuit and is literally game changing. Paul and Prue Leith cast a critical eye over the contestants' efforts, while new hosts Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding settle into their roles. As ever, it remains to be seen which of the unlucky bakers will be shown the door.

S08E03 Bread Week

It's Bread Week and the ten remaining bakers have a lot to prove to Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. This time they've been set three tough challenges: a teacake signature, where they must rise to the challenge a two-tiered technical that's back to basics and the most ambitious sculpture showstopper ever set in Bread Week. Only one can claim star baker while another will leave the tent for good.

S08E04 Caramel Week

Nine bakers remain and for the first time it's caramel week. Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood have set the contestants three sticky challenges - a super sweet signature with a rich teatime favourite, a double Dutch technical, and a caramel showstopper. The three tasks will result in one star baker, while another will leave the tent for good. Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding lend a hand with pep talks and shoulders to cry on.

S08E05 Pudding Week

It's pudding week and the signature challenge is a steamed favourite. There's a technical challenge where timing is everything and a multi-layered showstopper that's not to be trifled with. Which bakers will impress Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood enough to keep their place in the tent? And which of the eight remaining bakers will be heading home? Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig are with the contestants every step of the way, and during a break from the action, Sandi returns to her old haunt, Cambridge University, to discover the history of the college pudding.

S08E06 Pastry Week

In week six there's a savoury signature, where contestants must impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with style and substance. There's also a multi-layered technical, and an ambitious final challenge, in which the bakers make a traditional pie. Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding are with the contestants every step of the way, ready with a pertinent pep talk or just a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. Also, Sandi heads abroad to discover how some unusual habits have inspired a classic pastry treat.

S08E07 Italian Week

The amateur cooks take part in Italian week, which culminates in a fiddly showstopper in the hottest temperatures ever recorded in the tent. Before that, under the ever watchful gaze of judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, the contestants dish up a Sicilian signature that gets them all hot under the collar and a deceptively tricky technical. Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig are on hand to keep the bakers in line as the pressure of reaching the final stages of the competition intensifies.

S08E08 Forgotten Bakes

The remaining five bakers step back in time for Forgotten Bakes Week, facing the test of baking with unfamiliar recipes, with places in the semi-final at stake. They start with a sweet and savoury signature challenge, before Prue Leith sets a boozy technical and, for their final challenge, the bakers must produce an elaborate sponge showstopper that once graced the dining tables of high society. Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding are on hand to help the bakers calm their nerves.

S08E09 Patisserie Week

It's the semi-final, and the four remaining bakers must set to work on producing 24 exquisite choux buns. Prue Leith has set a complex technical for her first semi-final that leaves everyone stumped. And there's a meringue sculpture showstopper where the bakers mustn't crack under pressure. Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig present, while Paul Hollywood passes judgement alongside Prue.

S08E10 The Final

Twelve bakers started, just three remain. Who will succeed with the demanding final challenges, including a high-end patisserie showstopper, to be crowned winner of The Great British Bake Off 2017?

SPECIAL 0x58 The Great Christmas Bake Off (2017)

Noel, Fielding, Sandi Toksvig, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood return to the tent for a traditional Christmas get-together and welcome back four former contestants to compete once more. Paul Jagger (2015), Beca Lyne-Pirkis (2013), and Selasi Gbormittah and Val Stones (both 2016) face three festive challenges as they compete to impress judges Paul and Prue in the signature, technical and showstopper rounds and carry off the coveted title of Christmas Star Baker.

SPECIAL 0x59 The Great Festive Bake Off (2018)

To welcome in the New Year Noel Fielding, Sandi Toksvig, Prue Leith, and Paul Hollywood welcome back four more contestants from the show's past to compete once more, with Benjamina Ebuehi, Rob Billington, Rav Bansal and Sandy Docherty taking on a series of challenges.

Season 9

SPECIAL 0x60 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2018 Episode 1

The Great British Bake Off returns with five special Stand Up To Cancer episodes. In each episode Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding are joined by four different celebrities aiming to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith with their baking skills. Over five episodes, Paul and Prue set 15 exciting new baking challenges, pushing the celebrities to their baking limits. But only one celebrity per episode will be awarded the coveted star baker apron. On your marks, get set, bake for Stand Up To Cancer! In the first episode, the four brave celebrities ushered into the Bake Off tent are comedian Harry Hill, Spandau Ballet's Martin Kemp, actor and writer Roisin Conaty, and veteran broadcaster Bill Turnbull. The first challenge is a bake sale classic - cupcakes. The technical challenge is fiery. And there's a demanding showstopper challenge - a 3D biscuit scene recreating the best day of their life. So who will fall flat and who will rise to the occasion to be crowned star baker?

SPECIAL 0x61 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2018 Episode 2

Countdown's Nick Hewer joins singer and TV personality Stacey Solomon, the Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson and Diversity dancer Perri Kiely for the latest culinary challenge. Presenters Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding guide them through the assorted tasks, and Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith pass judgment on their baking skills. On the menu are scones, a devilish technical, and a showstopper challenge in the form of self-portrait croquembouches, but which of the famous faces will impress those judges?

SPECIAL 0x62 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2018 Episode 3

Actor, comedian, musician and director Tim Minchin takes a break from creating hit musicals such as Matilda and Groundhog Day. He'll be competing along with leader of the Scottish Conservative party Ruth Davidson, Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing, and singer Ella Eyre. They have to contend with a signature challenge, a fancy technical, and the showstopper, which involves meringue towers. Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood pass judgment, while Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig guide the celebrity contestants, and also offer shoulders to cry on for the runners up.

SPECIAL 0x63 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2018 Episode 4

Presenters Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig welcome comedian Lee Mack, writer and actor Griff Rhys Jones, TV presenter Melanie Sykes and comedian Joe Lycett to the famous tent. The celebs face three tricky test set by judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood - beginning with a blondies signature challenge, then a testing technical and concluding with the opportunity to reveal their secret passions with their cake showstopper - but which of the famous faces will impress those judges?

SPECIAL 0x64 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2018 Episode 5

Comedians Alan Carr and Aisling Bea, Paralympian Kadeena Cox, and actress and author Teri Hatcher compete in the final programme of culinary challenges. Judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith set the celebrities some tough challenges, beginning with a muffin signature, followed by a test of their pie-making abilities for the technical, and then a showstopper cake challenge that may see dreams may turn to nightmares. These brave celebrities are all baring their bakes to raise money for Stand Up To Cancer - and to encourage viewers to do the same. Last in the series.

S09E01 Biscuit Week

Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding welcome 12 contestants to the tent, where judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith oversee them in three challenges. This year, the competition kicks off with Biscuit Week, and the bakers are challenged to make signature biscuits that will say something both about them and a place in the British Isles, before tackling one of Paul's childhood favourites in the Technical. Finally, the bakers are tasked to make a 3D biscuit portrait in their first Showstopper.

S09E02 Cake Week

It's week two and the remaining 11 bakers face Cake Week - kicking off with a crowd-pleasing signature challenge. Next, the bakers face Prue Leith's first technical, a complicated cake with a very unusual ingredient. Finally, an ambitious chocolate-collared showstopper turns up the heat in the tent. Who will rise to the various tasks - and who will melt under the pressure? Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding present, while series regular Paul Hollywood and Prue pass judgement before another baker leaves the contest.

S09E03 Bread Week

It's Bread Week, and the ten remaining bakers have a lot to prove with three tough challenges set by judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. There is a teatime fruity favourite Signature a deceptively simple time-test of a Technical with an international flavour and an ambitious Showstopper that's the largest bread sculpture challenge ever set in the tent. Only one can claim Star Baker, while one of them will leave the tent for good.

S09E04 Dessert Week

It is Dessert Week and judges have set three sticky challengers to test the remaining nine bakers. They must create a cracking meringue Signature, a wobbly Technical and a complex chocolate showstopper that promises to reveal all.

S09E05 Spice Week

It's Spice Week, and Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith task contestants with a teatime favourite Signature. The Technical means the bakers are tested with a tricky Arabian pastry. And, finally, they take on a fiddly Showstopper that promises to be anything but light work.

S09E06 Pastry Week

It is Pastry Week, and Paul and Prue are looking perfection - with savoury and sweet samosas, a classic French technical, and for the final challenge, a daunting majestic pie fit for a banquet.

S09E07 Vegan Week

It is a Bake Off first with Vegan Week. Prue and Paul have set three very different challenges to test the remaining bakers including savoury pastry signature without butter, a cracking technical and a risky but spectacular showstopper.

S09E08 Danish Week

Volkommen to Danish Week with a bread signature requiring style and substance, a spherical technical and an elaborate pastry showstopper fit for a Danish birthday party and everyone is out to impress.

S09E09 Patisserie Week

It is semi-final week for the remaining contestants, who know they are just three patisserie challenges away from the biggest day in their baking lives. First comes the Signature and a deceptively simple challenge, with Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith looking for perfection, followed by Prue's complex, multi-layered Technical. The pressure intensifies when they are asked to create a spectacular Showstopper that could grace a Parisian patisserie - but who has the skill to reach the Bake Off final and who will fall at the final hurdle?

S09E10 The Final

Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig present the 2018 grand final, as the three remaining bakers compete to impress judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith and take home the trophy. For the final three challenges, they must prepare and decorate doughnuts, followed by a deceptively simple technical, and climaxing with an intricate, multi-layered, edible landscape showstopper. Last in the series.

SPECIAL 0x65 The Great Christmas Bake Off 2018

Former contestants Jane Beedle and Andrew Smyth from 2016, and Liam Charles and Flo Atkins from 2017 join Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding for festive-themed challenges. It's down to judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith to decide who wins the Christmas Star Baker title. Plus, British rockers The Darkness perform their hit, Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End).

SPECIAL 0x66 The Great Festive Bake Off (2019)

Noel Fielding, Sandi Toksvig, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood are reunited in the tent. Joining them are Kate Henry from the 2014 series, Dr Tamal Ray from 2015, 2016 winner Candice Brown, and finalist Steven Carter-Bailey from 2017. All hope to impress the judges with their skills and take home the title of Festive Star Baker. Music is provided by the London Gay Men's Chorus.

Season 10

SPECIAL 0x67 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2019 Episode 1

Actor John Lithgow, comedian Jon Richardson, Paralympian Hannah Cockroft, and funny man Russell Brand take on three challenges as the contest returns. They have to make brownies, tackle a handful of a technical challenge, and also a 3-D biscuit. Presenters Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding guide them through the assorted tasks, and Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith passing judgment on their baking skills.

SPECIAL 0x68 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2019 Episode 2

James Acaster, Russell Tovey, Rylan Clark-Neal, Michelle Keegan: The celebrity bakers tackle topped flapjacks for the signature challenge, a tricky technical, and make their 'happy places' out of meringue for the showstopper challenge'.

SPECIAL 0x69 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2019 Episode 3

Comedian Johnny Vegas, grime artist Big Narstie, Olympian Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Labour MP Jess Phillips handle shortbread for their signature challenge, get to grips with a picnic favourite for the technical, and re-create themselves in cake form as their showstopper. They're baking to inspire viewers to do the same and raise money for Stand Up to Cancer.

SPECIAL 0x70 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2019 Episode 4

Jeremy Paxman, Joe Wilkinson, Sally Lindsay, Georgia Toffolo

SPECIAL 0x71 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2019 Episode 5

Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig welcome journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy, presenter Caroline Flack, actor Greg Wise and boxer Nicola Adams. The challenges are a fruity drizzle cake for Signature, a graceful - or ghastly - Technical, and a towering biscuit version of themselves for the Showstopper. Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith pass judgment on their baking skills before the winner is revealed. Which of them will follow in the footsteps of previous victors such as Russell Brand and Michelle Keegan? Last in the series

S10E01 Cake Week

This series kicks off with cake week, with challenges including a retro classic technical that demands precision and intricate decoration, and a showstopper birthday cake, taking the baker's dozen back to their childhoods.

S10E02 Biscuit Week

It's crunch time with biscuit week, starting off with a luxurious chocolate coated signature bake, then a snack with family significance for Paul and an eye-catching showstopper.

S10E03 Bread Week

It's Bread Week and the bakers tackle a signature bake designed to be shared. Then, the bakers must tackle a deceptively simple summer staple in the Technical and to finish there is an ambitious Showstopper.

S10E04 Dairy Week

It's Dairy Week and Prue and Paul have set some tricky challenges including a Technical that dates back to Henry VIII and a Showstopper usually found at Indian weddings.

S10E05 The Roaring Twenties

This time the judges set challenges inspired by the roaring twenties, including a slapstick Signature and a tiered Showstopper that's a take on their favourite tipple.

S10E06 Dessert Week

The cake layers stack up in an elegant and challenging bake for Dessert Week. There's also a spherical celebration cake and a Technical where success lies in precise decoration.

S10E07 Festival Week

This week is a special festival-themed round of the culinary competition. The episode kicks off with a signature challenge in which the bakers must draw inspiration from celebrations across the world. For the technical round, the contestants find the makings of a classic deep-fried Italian dish lurking beneath the mysterious gingham cloths.

S10E08 Pastry Week

Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig host as the remaining bakers' knowledge of pastry is tested. The Signature challenge is a savoury take on a French classic, there's a multi-layered Moroccan Technical, and a towering Showstopper that requires not only an expertise with pastry, but also a solid grasp of structural engineering. With a place in the semi-final at stake, who will win the coveted Star Baker title from judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood?

S10E09 Patisserie Week

Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig present the semi-final of the baking contest, which tests the four remaining bakers' skills with patisserie. There are only three places in next week's final, and this round of challenges will determine who does not make the cut. The signature dish requires a delicate dome and a perfect finish, while for the technical, the bakers must take croquembouche to the next level. Finally, for the showstopper, they must use all their skills to construct an edible display case.

S10E10 The Final

Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig host the final of the culinary competition. As family and friends gather on the lawn outside, the last three bakers enter the tent to prepare a chocolate cake as their signature bake. For the technical challenge, they must master that most delicate of dishes, the souffle, and finally for their showstopper, they must create an edible illusion using only cake, sweet bread and biscuits. Last in the series.

SPECIAL 0x72 The Great Christmas Bake Off (2019)

Noel, Sandi, Prue and Paul are back in the tent for their traditional Christmas get-together. Joining them for the celebrations are Tom and Yan from 2017, and Briony and Terry from 2018, competing in festive themed challenges for the title of Christmas Star Baker They&rsquoll round off Christmas with legendary British rock band Status Quo, as they perform their smash hit "Rockin All Over The World&rdquo

SPECIAL 0x73 The Great Festive Bake Off (2020)

The Great Festive Bake Off sees Noel, Sandi, Prue and Paul welcoming brand new bakers to the festive tent for the first time. In the form of the Derry Girls star cast. Baking up some New Year's inspired bakes, and competing for the coveted Star Baker title are Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Nicola Coughlan, Jamie-Lee O'Donnell, Dylan Llewellyn and Siobhan McSweeney. Together they'll see in the New Year with London Community Gospel Choir.

Season 11

SPECIAL 0x74 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2020 Episode 1

The Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer is back and first in the tent are Louis Theroux, Jenny Eclair, Russell Howard and Ovie Soko. This week's challenges are a giant biscuit, a classic bake, and a choux sculpture depicting their perfect day.

SPECIAL 0x75 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2020 Episode 2

Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss, former EastEnder Patsy Palmer, The Inbetweeners star James Buckley and TV personality Scarlett Moffatt take part in the culinary challenge.

SPECIAL 0x76 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2020 Episode 3

Queer Eye's Tan France, actress Caroline Quentin, comedian Joel Dommett and British tennis number one Johanna Konta take part in the charity culinary challenge, under the watchful eye of hosts Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding and judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. For the signature challenge, they must prepare a batch of classic eclairs, while the technical round will test their skills with puff pastry. Finally, for the showstopper challenge, they must immortalise their greatest fear in cake form.

SPECIAL 0x77 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2020 Episode 4

James Blunt, Alison Hammond, Alex Jones and Joe Sugg take part in the charity culinary challenge, under the watchful eye of presenters Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding, and judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. For the signature round, they must prepare a batch of decorated traybakes, while the technical challenge involves a classic British staple. Finally, for the Showstopper, they must create a scene out of biscuits depicting what they wanted to be when they grew up.

SPECIAL 0x78 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2020 Episode 5

Carol Vorderman, Kelly Brook, Rob Rinder and Mo Gilligan take part in the final charity culinary challenge, overseen by judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, and presenters Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig, making her final appearance in the tent before being replaced by Matt Lucas for the next series. The contestants must take on three tricky challenges - a sandwich biscuit for the signature round, a sweet bread-based technical, and a cake showstopper which reveals their favourite guilty pleasure.

S11E01 Cake Week

It's Cake Week and the bakers put their twist on the classic Battenberg, face a turning-out technical challenge and pay tribute to their heroes in the showstopper

S11E02 Biscuit Week

It's Biscuit Week and the bakers make a sophisticated fruit, nut and chocolate combination for the signature, produce two tropical technicals, and create an elaborate table setting showstopper

S11E03 Bread Week

It's Bread Week, and the remaining bakers have a lot to prove in a sweet and savoury signature, a technical that honours the NHS, and an ambitious, artistic showstopper.

S11E04 Chocolate Week

It's Chocolate Week and the bakers tackle a deceptively simple traybake signature, a technical packed full of chocolate and nuts, and a white chocolate celebration showstopper.

S11E05 Pastry Week

It's Pastry Week and the bakers put their stamp on a Cornish classic in the signature, go retro in the technical, and make a showstopping classic tart hidden within a cage.

S11E06 Japanese Week

It's a Bake Off first - Japanese Week - and the bakers tackle steamed buns, a layered technical and a showstopper inspired by kawaii, the Japanese love of all things cute.

S11E07 1980s Week

It's 1980s Week, and the bakers put their twist on the classic quiche in the signature, tackle a retro treat in the technical, and keep their cool with an ice cream showstopper.

S11E08 Dessert Week

It's Dessert Week, and the bakers tackle a miniature cheesecake signature, a 17th-century technical and a showstopping jelly art dessert cake, for a place in the semi-final.

S11E09 Patisserie Week

It's the semi-final. The bakers' patisserie skills are tested in a booze-soaked signature, a tricky technical and a delicate showstopper showcasing their finesse and precision.

S11E10 The Final

The bakers pull out all the stops in a set-custard and puff pastry signature, a choccy-nut technical and a magnificent dessert tower showstopper. Who will be crowned the winner of Bake Off 2020?

SPECIAL 0x79 Best Bits (1)

We look back at some tasty treats from Norman, Flo and Kim-Joy, get a second helping of some of the most confusing cakes to grace the tent and give a nod and a wink to the bakes that made us all blush.

SPECIAL 0x80 Best Bits (2)

We look back at how it all started for Val and Liam, pay homage to the nation's favourite squirrel, delve into the mystery of the Star Baker curse and get to grips with the famous Hollywood handshake.

SPECIAL 0x81 The Winners (1)

We pay homage to the first five winning bakers, including Edd and surprise-winner Nancy, and relive their epic highs and lows, from their first Signature challenge to their final Showstopper.

SPECIAL 0x82 The Winners (2)

The second of two specials paying tribute to the winners from past shows, made to celebrate the series' 10th anniversary. The second programme focuses on the five most recent winners, including Nadiya, Candice and Rahul, reliving their most memorable moments, from their first Signature challenge to their final Showstopper.

SPECIAL 0x83 The Great Christmas Bake Off (2020)

Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith and Matt Lucas are joined by Tom Allen to celebrate Christmas in the famous white tent. Joining in the festivities are Jamie and Rosie from 2019, Ruby from 2018 and James from 2017, all back and ready to battle in the festive fight for the Christmas Star Baker title. Plus, Alexandra Burke performs her magical version of Silent Night.

SPECIAL 0x84 The Great New Year Bake Off (2021)

Noel Fielding, Matt Lucas, Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood see in the New Year with past bakers Helena and Henry (2019), Nancy (2014) and Rahul (2018), and a cosy sing-song around the piano.

SPECIAL 0x85 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2021 Episode 1

Daisy Ridley, Rob Beckett, Alexandra Burke and Tom Allen tackle millionaire shortbread in the signature and a fruity tart in the technical, and create their pet hates in cake form in the showstopper

SPECIAL 0x86 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2021 Episode 2

James McAvoy, Anne-Marie, David Baddiel and Dame Kelly Holmes make signature decorative tarts and a savoury technical, and render their spirit animals in cake form in the showstopper.

SPECIAL 0x87 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2021 Episode 3

Dizzee Rascal, Nick Grimshaw, Philippa Perry and Reece Shearsmith tackle vegetable slices, a royal technical and a 'selfie' made entirely from biscuit.

SPECIAL 0x88 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2021 Episode 4

Matt Lucas hosts as TV presenter Stacey Dooley, Little Mix's Jade Thirlwall, comedian Katherine Ryan and internet influencer KSI show off their baking skills. They serve up cocktail-flavoured fondant fancies, have their knowledge of pastry tested in the technical and in the showstopper are asked to create a scene showing something they cannot live without - all from biscuit and meringue.

SPECIAL 0x89 The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up to Cancer 2021 Episode 5

Matt Lucas welcomes TV presenter Anneka Rice, comedian John Bishop, pop star Nadine Coyle and wheelchair basketball player-turned-presenter Ade Adepitan into the tent. Under the watchful eye of judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, the celebrity bakers attempt decorative choux buns in the signature and tackle financiers in the technical before making a showstopping cake that represents something from their bucket list

A Woodland Walk

Into the woods, around boggy bits, along field edges, slipping up hills and slivering down others in the mud, catching on brambles and holly, walking in pelting rain, climbing over fallen trees and back into the woodland, until I finally implored them

“SLOW DOWN! Aunty Rachel’s legs are a lot shorter than yours!”

I felt like I’d been through commando training!

Chop, chop, chopping for a chicken and pearl barley casserole.

Ohhhh. Not sure about including the sweet potatoes!

I’m now on my second granny square. The decision whether to keep going on and make a huge one-square blanket was made when I laid it on out a table at the weekend. I realised the edges were starting to frill. Rather than fiddle around adding extra chains along the sides I unravelled some rounds until it wasn’t frilling any more, fastened the yarn off and began another square.

Sometimes decisions are made for you and it’s easy!

I need to decide whether I carry on using this colour combination (it’s Breeze) or buy some more Hayfield Spirit DK in another colour combo. I can’t decide whether I want a purely blue and grey blanket, or one with a more colourful patchwork effect. I’ll have to decide soon because I have only half a ball left…

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Olympic rings traybake recipe - Recipes

We were in Edinburgh for last week's Sunday Snap of the city volcano. I asked what its name is and the answer is

Erupting with the right answer were Susan, Lisa, Kara, Anne and Soma.

We're staying in Edinburgh for this week's Sunday Snap and making our way up the Royal Mile. Just outside of St. Giles' Cathedral is this statue. Although it looks as if it has been in place for years it was actually unveiled in 2008 – such is the lasting influence of a man born in 1723.

His start in life was quite inauspicious with his father dying very early on (some reports state before he was born, others when he was two months old). However, this did not have an effect on his education. By the age of fourteen he had enrolled at the University of Glasgow before moving on to Oxford. He returned to Scotland and was appointed as professor of logic and then professor of moral philosophy at Glasgow University. He was able to travel abroad when he became the tutor to the young Duke of Buccleuch. On his travels he was able to meet some of the famous European intellectuals of the time such as Voltaire, Rousseau and Quesnay.

Upon his return he was able to complete his masterpiece - An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations – more commonly shortened to The Wealth of Nations. Today it remains a fundamental text in economics dealing with topics such as division of labour, productivity and free markets. Quite fittingly his image has appeared on bank notes issued in both Scotland and England. Since 2007 he can be seen on the back of the 㿀 note issued by the Bank of England – the first Scotsman to receive such an honour. This week's question is

Who is the Scottish economist?

We were joined last week by Susan and sports day successes. Lisa has been making a lunar themed ard. On a trip to Weymouth Kara spotted a penguin at the Sea Life Centre and the Olympic Rings on the cliff. The trampoline is finally up at Anne's. Finally, Jesh has been rounding up the month of May.

If you want to join in with this week's Sunday Snap then add your link to the linky below. Any theme is allowed. It doesn't have to be published today as you have until 23.55 on Friday 8th June 2018 to join in. Grab my badge below for your blog post. Just make sure it is your photo and you hold the copyright for it.

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

The ultimate fish finger wrap?

The finished product
For some strange reason, when I was ill, I found myself thinking about fish fingers. Don't ask me why but obviously a bad chest does that to you. So it was a complete coincidence when Birds Eye offered to send me a kit to try making the ultimate fish finger wrap, but quite a welcome one.

The recipe comes from Phil Vickery and there are a load more recipes (not just fish finger ones) that he's put together with Birds Eye and Saira Khan on their facebook page in the Clarence's Cookbook section.

So, this is the recipe for the wraps.

Ultimate Cod Fish Finger Wrap
Serves 4

Preparation time:- 15 minutes. Cooking time:- 10 minutes.

4 x 24cm soft flour wraps
8 Birds Eye Cod Fish Fingers cooked and warm
1/4 Iceberg lettuce
4 slices smoked streaky bacon, cooked until crispy
2 hard boiled eggs, halved
4 tbsp mayonnaise
few fresh basil leaves
2 spring onions, finely sliced
1 medium carrot, finely grated (optional)

1.Lay out a wrap onto a chopping board. Place a little Iceberg lettuce down one end of the wrap. Top with 1 slice of bacon, sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, add the 2 cod fish fingers. Add half a boiled egg, 1 tbsp squirty mayo, a few basil leaves and a sprinkling of spring onions. Add carrot if you want.

2. Fold bottom edge over the fold in both sides, finally roll up tight, and then wrap tightly in film. Chill well.

3. Remove film and cut in half diagonally and serve with onion rings.

I made these for lunch one day, and to be honest, I couldn't be doing with the onion rings so they didn't happen. There is quite a lot of prep to do - cook fish fingers, slice lettuce, fry bacon, hard boil eggs, for example. I also found it odd that you have lovely cooked fish fingers and bacon, then wrap and chill them. My wraps, therefore, didn't get chilled for very long. Chilled partly, I'd call it but it meant that they were still warm when we got to eat them. I am fairly rubbish at rolling wraps up tight and wrapping in cling film even worse, but I seem to wrap them tight enough for them to stay wrapped after slicing diagonally.

I must admit, I was a bit dubious about putting basil leaves in this. So were the children - when presented with these, they looked suspiciously at the greenery within but after a few mouthfuls, they proclaimed them a success, and asked when they could have them again. That makes them a success. I found the mayo I had used worked well because it is quite vinegary (Asda reduced fat mayo, if you're interested) which was a nice balance to the richness of the bacon and the egg.

I have to say tho, as ultimate as they were, they were ultimate in the amount of washing up it created - one pan for the eggs, another for the bacon and a grill pan for the fish fingers! My favourite fish finger sandwich is just to bung them in some soft bread, add some tartare sauce or mayo if you haven't got any. And eat - simples! Having tried this ultimate wraps, I'd probably add some basil (or some fresh dill - I love it with fish) just to make it slightly posh. Even though fish finger anything is not really posh at all.

(Birds Eye kindly sent me a kit to make fish finger wraps, a coupon towards Birds Eye products and an Asda gift card to buy the remaining fresh ingredients required. They also sent two cuddly Clarence polar bears for the children. I have included the recipe for information but all opinions are my own.)

Soup Tuesday

Cheese. It's a serious business. And we here at Soup Manors eat more cheese at Christmas than at any other time of the year. Mainly because we do nothing but sit around watching all 6 Lord of the Rings movies, drinking enormous quantities of red wine and eating biscuits. And nothing accompanies those things better than a nice bit of cheese (I think any hobbits reading this would agree wholeheartedly)

And this year, much to my surprise, when the hangovers cleared and Frodo had sailed to the Grey Havens, I found that we still had a big hunk of blue cheese left which needed something doing with (as we had decided to get all healthy and didn't really want to be sitting around in our hobbit holes when there was a whole outside world to be getting exercise in) so what better fate for a cheese than to be turned into a soup. And what better soup to use said cheese in than a Leek, Potato and Cheese soup?

Because I'm being super (soup-er? Geddit?) organised this year I actually got round to making this soup a whole day before I got round to consuming it, so I thought I'd try something that I heard a while ago, which is soup made a day in advance, especially a milky/cheesy soup has its flavour intensified by being kept in the fridge for a day beforehand. And what do you know, it really works - the soup had a much richer, deeper flavour than other sups of this kind I've made before. So if you have the time, I highly recommend making your soup in advance. Its ace.

2 Leeks
300g Potatoes
1 Onion
4 Cloves Garlic
100g Cambazola Cheese
30g Butter
1 Bay Leaf
600ml Vegetable Stock
400ml Milk
Salt and Pepper

1. Peel and chop the potato, leek, onion and garlic. Heat the butter in your soup pan. Add the garlic, onion and leek and cook for a few minutes with the lid on until everything is soft. Add the potato and cook for a few more minutes.

2. Add the stock, bay leaf and thyme. Bring the soup to a simmer, cover and cook for 15 minutes, until the potatoes are soft and just starting to break up.

3. Crumble up the blue cheese and add to the soup, along with the milk. Cook over a gentle heat until everything has cooked through and the cheese has melted into the soup. Adjust seasoning to taste and serve. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Quibebe - Brazilian Squash Soup

Sometimes when I'm looking for soups to make, the most childish things attract me. For instance, when I was researching South American soups (you'll remember that I'm a little excited by them right now) I was drawn to this recipe simply by its name Quibebe. Say it out loud. It's impossible not to smile at that word. It's also impossible not to smile when you taste this soup. Its creamy, a little bit spicy and amazing. Perfect for a winter's evening when there is snow on the ground and the nights are short.

Snow. It's pretty, isn't it?
In fact, pretty much nothing like what I imagine the weather is like in Brazil, where this recipe comes from. Although I imagine it gets pretty chilly in the Andes. (And yes, I did make a reference to the Andes without a) doing a Chilly/Chile pun, b) an Andes/Hands pun or c) referencing the movie Alive. I must be ill)

Other things that attract me to soup recipes are weird and wonderful ingredients, and whilst this soup contains nothing that you wouldn't find in your local corner shop, I did unearth a recipe for Piranha Soup.

Where does one acquire Piranhas from? Allegedly, the soup has aphrodisiac qualities (presumably derived from the fact it's made from Piranha, much the same way as idiots think Tiger Testicles are an aphrodisiac too) so I'm not sure substituting for any other fish would have the same effect.

So if your local Aldi does sell Piranha on their fish counter, do let me know and Ill be all over it

(And whilst we are on the subject of puns, should I do a 'In Brazil the soup eats you' gag here?)

500g Butternut Squash
100g Potatoes
20g Butter
2 Tomatoes
2 Stalks Celery
2 Cloves Garlic
1 Onion
1tsp Dried Chilli Flakes
1/4tsp Light Brown Sugar
1.2l Beef Stock
Salt and Pepper

1. Peel and de-seed the squash and cut into cubes of about 1cm. Peel the potato and roughly chop that too. Thinly slice the onion and celery. Put the tomatoes in boiling water and leave to soak, then remove the skin, seeds and cut into small bits.

2. In your soup pan, heat the butter and then gently cook the onion, celery, garlic and chili flakes until the vegetables are soft but not coloured. Add the squash and potato, stir everything round and cook for a few more minutes, before adding the stock and sugar.

3. Bring the soup to a simmer, cover and cook for 25 minutes, until the squash and potatoes are very soft and starting to break up. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

4. Blend the soup until smooth, then return to the pan, adjust seasoning to taste and reheat. Serve and garnish with parmesan and croutons. Enjoy!

Behind me in that tent are four nervous celebrities,

about to put on their aprons and go into cake battle.

Welcome to The Great Sport Relief Bake Off.

Today, four more celebrities walk into the baking ring.

- Chill out. It's just cooking.

..and go three rounds with judges Mary and Paul.

..hoping to raise money for Sport Relief.

..and inspire you to do the same.

Sport Relief is a fantastic cause.

It's great that someone like myself who's not particularly sporty

To be able to support them in this way is fantastic.

I love being a part of something special

and Sport Relief is just that.

They are vying for the title of Sport Relief Star Baker.

I really don't want to mess this up.

I am not getting beaten by Michael Ball.

Just give me the prize now.

And Olympic boxer Nicola Adams will be in South Africa learning

how Sport Relief can help change young people's lives.

Today's Sport Relief bakers are.

West End star and Radio 2 DJ Michael Ball.

# Love will never, never let you be the same. #

Do you know I'm really relaxed about this whole thing?

Going on stage is so much easier than doing this.

..broadcaster and campaigner Emma Freud.

The way that you get involved in Comic Relief and fundraise is.

We didn't ask you that, Emma, but that was nicely said.

I've been working at Comic Relief for the last 25 years

so to be now baking for Sport Relief,

..pop star and TV personality Jamelia.

# Like you must be some kind of superstar. #

Usually, my only judges are my daughters

so my lack of artistic prowess doesn't really matter yet.

But I know it's going to matter today.

..and Olympic gold medal-winning cyclist, Victoria Pendleton.

I quite enjoy baking, even if I'm not terribly good at it

so I'm quite looking forward to the competition.

How hard can it be? It's only baking.

Welcome, Sport Relief bakers to the Bake Off tent.

You first challenge is the Signature Challenge.

Mary and Paul would like you to bake a tray bake.

Now, this could be anything from a cake to a flapjack or a brownie.

They must be at least 16 identical pieces

and you can flavour them any way you like.

You've got one hour and a half.

On your marks, get set, bake!

I'm going to start off by creaming butter and sugar together.

I came in all chilled out this morning and everyone was like,

"I'm going to win this" and I was like, "Whoa,

"just chill out, it's just cooking."

A recent but enthusiastic convert to baking,

Michael won an Olivier award for playing Sweeney Todd

so he's used to unusual bakes.

I want to be creative and I had a cold

so I've invented a hot toddy tray bake.

Michael's tray bake is a lemon sponge flavoured with spices

and a drizzle made from whisky, lemon, honey and ginger.

He's toping it with fondant icing and stem ginger.

Well, I think you get full marks for originality.

I've never heard of one like this, but it does sound good.

The secret, Mary, if I can give you a little tip, sweetheart.

- The problem is you're adding some big flavours in there.

- You've got to be careful that you get the balance right.

But I'll tell you what, the ginger brings it all together.

Are you going to have any trouble with the time?

Well, probably, if we keep talking like this

but I'm enjoying myself, to be honest.

Victoria is a methodical baker.

She likes to follow recipes to the letter

and frequently phones her mum for baking advice.

The only tray bake that I've ever cooked before really is

a chocolate brownie and I wanted to do something a bit different

and I tried a couple of recipes out and I just really like this one

and so did my brother and sister so that was a good start.

Victoria is making Blondies - brownies made with white chocolate.

She's flavouring them with pecans and apricots soaked in orange liqueur.

How are you going to finish this off?

Drizzle it with white chocolate, but then I'm going to

toast off some pecans with some sugar and a little bit of butter

just to sort of glaze them and put them on the top individually.

The apricots, I have soaked them in a little bit of Cointreau,

just to try and give them a slightly fruitier taste.

I know that when you were cycling, you always used to try

We are huge cake fans, us cyclists,

and when you're burning 3,000-plus calories a day,

you can have a couple of slices and not feel bad.

Emma's father, Sir Clement Freud, was a chef,

but he might not have approved of her attempt to candy bacon.

You know when you have a brownie and you go, "Oh, it's really nice

"but it's not quite as bacon-y as I'd hoped."

Really good luck with that, Emma.

Emma is also adding sour cherries

and bourbon to her chocolate brownies.

She's even cutting and decorating her tray bake

to look like bacon rashers.

- You're doing bacon and chocolate?

- Someone did that on American Bake Off, you know?

- I threw him out that week.

Jamelia loves to bake family recipes

and has brought her home-grown ingredients along with her.

I have an apple tree in my garden which has four million apples

so I thought that I would use the apples

and make a cake inspired by my favourite drink.

Jamelia's top tipple is an almond liqueur which, along with her apples,

she's using to flavour both her cake and icing.

I love being in the kitchen.

I'm a proper little housewife, no husband.

That's an appeal, for a husband.

These are dried sour black cherries,

simmered in bourbon to imbue them with an alcoholic tang.

It went like scrambled eggs and I have no idea why.

For me, that's only good news

because I need Michael Ball to go down.

She's done something. Emma Freud's done something.

I don't think it's going to get the rise that it should.

I'm thinking, I'm going to risk it. I haven't got time.

OK, this is going to be quite impressive.

Good morning, Emma. So how have you candied your bacon?

But I think that's going to impart an interesting smokiness.

Marinated sour black cherries.

And the bacon's going to go in here as well.

It's not the cakeiest brownie, it's a little bit more fudgy.

- Have you killed Mary Berry?

That's really going to count against you, Emma.

The bakers should know exactly how long

their signature bakes need in the oven.

How long do you cook yours?

Oh, my God. It's all lop sided.

It's gone up one side but not the other.

How long have I got? I can't make another one.

It's the look on Mary's face that I can't.

This is disgusting and I'm so sorry for you.

I cannot get this wrong because I can't embarrass my mum,

I can't embarrass my daughters

so it's got to go right and I think I'm going to need to leave it,

I'm just calming my nerves with a cup of coffee.

Bakers, there's 30 minutes to go.

With the tray bakes in the oven,

the bakers begin to make their toppings.

That's the consistency you're looking for, is it?

Yes, I'm also going to put a bit of condensed milk in it

because I kind of like the toffee flavour.

This might not please you very much

but I'm not very good at following recipes or sticking to the.

I'm a bit of a. I don't know.

Good luck with the icing too.

Thank you. Oh, don't say that! I'm so scared now.

I'm just glazing some pecans.

What is this? Is that white chocolate?

You know what you're doing. Mine's just gone wrong.

- I know, it's cos you're going to lose.

As the only real kind of sports person here who's won medals

at the Olympics, what would it mean to you to win something like this?

I'm just enjoying it. I'm just enjoying the process.

Hopefully that's not burning. Is something burning?

It's really smelling of flame.

Oh, no, I've burnt your saucepan.

'Needless to say, if you've got a hot pan,

'do not put it on the carpet.'

I thought that was really clever putting it by the fire extinguisher.

Look what I've done to the Bake Off tent.

You could use it as a cake tin.

Promise me you won't tell Mary Berry.

I think it looks OK. I hope I haven't over-baked it.

I don't really want to look inside because that's when you really know.

You've done that on purpose.

Michael's had a lot of problems with his,

but right now he seems to be cheering up a little bit.

It doesn't look very nice though, does it? That looks horrid.

Let's see, I might just put it in the thing to cool down.

Oh, you're still in the oven.

You're not going to get yours cut in time.

I'm just going to turn it up.

I am not getting beaten by Michael bloody Ball.

Plenty of whisky in there.

'and the bakers must cool their tray bakes,

'which is easier said than done.'

I'm just trying to cool it down a bit on the top, just so that

when I put the chocolate on, it doesn't all just run away.

I might just take it outside for a couple of minutes.

Just walk around quickly a bit.

It's still really quite hot.

Can I put this straight on the rack?

While the other bakers sprint to the finish,

Jamelia is trailing behind.

Please, please, please, I pray.

Sport Relief bakers, you have ten minutes left.

Why's it doing that? Why is it melting?

I did realise pretty early on that I needed to put

a bit more effort into presentation.

Bakers, you've got five minutes left.

Oh, why am I cutting it already? Stupid fool.

Oh, this is horrible. This is horrible, I hate it.

EMMA: (They're completely wet.)

Sorry, Mum. That's all I can say, is sorry, Mum.

Bakers, you've got one minute.

Why didn't I do this in the first place? How stupid am I?

Oh, it looks like such a ball of.

Time is up, bakers. Thank you, Emma, step away.

Jamelia, how did your tray bake go?

Absolutely terribly. I'm so embarrassed.

I mean, the icing still looks a bit watery.

The inconsistency on the sizes is a bit odd,

you know, the way it's been cut.

When you've got apple in something, and you've put quite a lot in,

- it is liable to be a little bit heavy.

But, actually, I really like it.

The apple going into the sponge has worked.

It's kept it quite wet and you get a hint of apple coming through.

The Amaretto, I'm not getting at all.

They look awful but they actually taste really nice.

- I would like that warm for a pud.

- So don't be too sad about it.

Consistency-wise, they all look the right size, nice flat top.

Lovely bit of white chocolate and they all look quite attractive.

- I can't actually taste the orange liqueur.

..but it has softened the apricots, which is a very good thing.

The flavour is good, the look is good

They look OK. They look interesting with the shape.

I mean, you've got huge inconsistencies with the sizes.

I'm glad they're small, they're very, very rich, because

you just couldn't take more, but it's beautifully chocolaty and dark.

- I don't know where the bacon's gone.

..but it's a sort of caramel-y flavour,

it is different and I like it.

I think the texture's lovely with those cherries.

Could you taste the bourbon?

Yeah, just about and I don't like too much, you see,

so, for Mary, it's not enough, but for me, it's just about right.

- I can speak for myself, you know?

I thought they were lovely.

It is a good bake, even though some of it is quite deep

and some of it's quite shallow.

You've got really evil eyes, you know that, don't you?

- I think it's very good. I love it.

I do and it's not too boozy.

- Before you say it's too boozy, it's not too boozy.

- Because the flavours are coming through.

The cloves and the cinnamon, the ginger,

you had lots of, you know, there's alcohol in there as well.

But it's moist, it's a nice-tasting cake.

The only issue I have is the irregular sizes. That's all.

Cheers. Thanks, guys. Thank you very much indeed.

And I just thought, "Oh, get in." It's fantastic.

Money raised by Sport Relief helps thousands of people

who live incredibly tough lives across the world.

Nicola Adams went to South Africa to see how your money's being used.

Almost a quarter of young boys in Britain want to be footballers

these young people just want the chance to actually grow up.

The life expectancy in South Africa is just 53 years.

This is largely because of AIDS.

Something Desiree has experienced first-hand.

Her father died due to HIV-related illness six years ago

and now her mother Priscilla is being treated for HIV.

you feel like someone say, "Today, you are dying."

Does Desiree worry about your health and what might happen?

You can see she's very, very scared.

When I'm sick, my Des doesn't want to go and play with other children.

She will come to me every minute.

"Mama, can I help you with something?"

She knows that I'm the only one person she lives with in this world.

If I die, she has nobody in this world.

Stories like this aren't unusual.

Nearly two million children in South Africa

have lost one or both parents as a result of AIDS.

But despite its prevalence, people are scared to talk about it.

South Africa has more people living with the virus

than any other country in the world.

But HIV prevention is all about education.

And that's what your donation is funding.

Sport Relief supports projects

which use football to connect with children

and educate them about the virus.

- HIV weakens the immune system.

There's a lot of myths that young people believe about HIV and AIDS

we start at the basic level of HIV knowledge,

giving kids facts about how HIV is spread,

what HIV is and kind of get rid of all the stigma and myths

that surround HIV and AIDS.

And I'm just in time to join Desiree in some football drills.

The activity that we're doing today is called Risk Field.

Now, if you touch one cone, that means you have HIV.

You and your whole team have to do star jumps, right.

Desiree doesn't have to struggle with her mother's illness alone.

But with over five and a half million South Africans

already living with HIV, we need your donations.

Your money will help provide support for those living with the virus

and education to prevent it spread.

Please text BAKE to 70005 to give £5 plus your standard message charge

and £5 goes to Sport Relief.

Bakers, it's time for your Technical Challenge.

This is the part where you all follow the same recipe

but as yet you have no idea what it is.

So I'm going to have to ask at this point for Paul and Mary to leave

- the tent right now. Thank you very much.

And apart from saying "good luck",

it kind of makes a nonsense of them being here in the first place.

..Paul and Mary would like you to make eight ringed iced doughnuts.

Perfect rings, deep-fried, topped with water icing.

You have two hours before your rings are judged.

On your marks, get set, bake.

Paul has given them a basic doughnut recipe

so the bakers may have to rely on their experience,

Never made a doughnut before. I've eaten one or two.

Why did you choose doughnuts?

I think they're extremely difficult to make.

They've got to get the dough quite elastic

so you get a good consistency inside so they've got to work that dough

properly and they've got to prove it for the right amount of time,

they've got to fry it for at least three minutes on each side

and colour it that nice rich golden brown colour.

Just a minute, you didn't tell them three minutes.

You were being a little bit tough on them, I thought.

I'm expecting them to know what a doughnut should look like,

you know, all across the batch, all the same colour,

all the same shape, all the same size.

And it's as simple as that.

This is one of the first jobs I ever did in a bakery.

And I bet they weren't as good as these.

It's telling me to throw literally everything in there

So, that's exactly what I'm doing.

Not everyone is so trusting.

It just says put everything into the bowl. I don't think it means it.

I really, really need help.

Warm milk and yeast and sugar,

I think you have to do that bit first, so I.

Emma, can you help me, please?

No, go away and fail all by yourself!

I'm begging you, please help me.

You've got eyes in your head.

Eyes. What haven't I seen? Please just help.

'The instant yeast the bakers have been given doesn't need to be

'It does need to be measured though.'

It's just going to be the lot, isn't it?

Doesn't really look right, it looks very sticky.

I think I might have made a mistake.

The yeast in the bowl, I assumed it was one sachet

'The bakers should vigorously work the dough.'

Do that thing like in Ghost where you help me.

This creates essential air pockets, enabling it to rise.

You imagine it's that person who wrote that particular review

that you don't like and you go,

"Oh, yeah, Frank Rich from The New York Times.

"That's what you think, is it, mate? Right. Great."

This reminds me of making fried dumplings.

You're not supposed to knead it too much

so I should just leave it to prove.

You know when you get cellulite?

It's still looking like cellulite and I think it's meant to not,

it's meant to look like Victoria's thighs, not my thighs.

I think that's what I'm after.

When the bakers are happy they've worked the dough enough,

it goes in for its first prove.

You didn't use all your yeast.

Did you weigh out seven grams?

VICTORIA: That why I started again because I poured it in and.

But mine weighed seven grams.

Bakers, we're halfway through. One hour left.

My dough's proving at the moment

so I'm just zesting the lemon for the icing

because this isn't something I want to do in a real rush

cos I'll probably take some of my finger off with it.

- I just grated my finger. That's disgusting.

I think you have to withdraw from the competition.

Ladies and gentlemen, Jamelia. Good try though. Super.

Less painful is the icing.

All they have to do is get the consistency right.

"Tip the dough out and roll out on 1cm thick. "

The judges are looking for a uniform size and shape

so the bakers should be neat and accurate

when forming their doughnuts.

Ooh, it's not as easy as you think.

It says spin each doughnut around your index finger

I think that's what you're meant to do.

Oh, dear, they're all laughing at me.

Exactly the same as yours.

The doughnuts need to rise,

so the second prove is key to their success.

That's what you said about the last challenge.

"Oh, I just threw this hot toddy tray bake together,

"I don't know whether it'll be any good or not.

And that's what we got going on.

The bakers risk running out of time if they leave the doughnuts to prove

for too long, but risk ruining the texture if they remove them too soon.

I'm wondering if I should take them out early.

I was OK with the ballroom because it's all like really long strides.

I made a huge mistake of icing my cake earlier when it was hot

and I don't want to do that this time around.

Oh, my God, she's halfway through.

They look great. They look great.

You just. we're gossiping, you sneak in there, under the wire.

Who told you to put three in at a time?

Nobody told me to put three in at a time.

you didn't want to help me at all at any point.

Does yours actually say you've done a full half an hour?

- So are you just panicking?

The bakers need to judge by eye when the doughnuts are exactly

the right colour to indicate they're cooked through.

You wouldn't call it golden brown, you'd call it vaguely a sun tan.

It's like you've been on holiday in Scotland or something.

Mine look like onion rings.

How can I make those look attractive?

Bakers, this is your five-minute call.

When completely cool or not cool at all,

There are no tips. It says just lob it on.

It says something about a thick paste

but I think that's just them being cheeky and having a line with us.

That'll hide a multitude of sins.

They're a bit too hot to ice still.

Yeah, they're going to say, "Presentation - shocking."

Guys, you've got one minute.

You must put your doughnuts on the boards. You must.

This has to go on when it's hot.

It's now time for judgment.

'Mary and Paul have no idea which batch belongs to which baker.'

- Well, come on, they've done quite well.

- Which are you going to start with?

We have got four lots of doughnuts.

We've got four lots of ring-shaped.

Now, this one has actually got a water icing on and it hasn't

gone all the way down but it looks nice, it's got a lovely colour.

You can see the lemon in it as well.

And they're a nice even shape too, aren't they?

The texture's quite tight inside because it's been under-proved

When we say water icing, this is like a water icing, it's quite thin.

This is like a white paint.

Are there any extra marks for the message there?

It's dangerous because there's two of us.

They're all so deformed because the proving has gone very wrong

and the shaping has gone very wrong as well.

- And they're quite close in texture.

And it actually tastes not bad.

It tastes good and sometimes on doughnuts,

you do get icings as thick as that.

Let's move on, now, this one's got a nice icing on it.

Hasn't gone all the way down.

The shape of them are very odd, they're quite under-proved.

Looks more like a bagel than a ring doughnut.

- It's just it's a little bit informal.

Informal. I like that, Mary.

OK, we move on to the last one.

Again, the icing's quite thick on this one.

- Nice shape on the doughnuts though.

The structure's a bit lighter.

- It's got a bit more air in it, this one.

Tastes good, softer on the mouth.

Just the icing's a bit white

but if that was slackened down, that would be not a bad doughnut at all.

It's got a good texture, this one.

'Whose performance on the rings will earn them first place?'

Oh, dear. Even though I wrote, "I love you, Mary"?

I know, I thought it was enchanting.

You didn't have quite enough icing to love Paul.

- That was your fatal mistake.

- It was a little bit thick.

- ..and the texture was a little bit close.

In third place is. this one.

Actually, they're not bad. I like the water icing on the top.

There are issues with it being quite dense inside.

It's all to do with the proving time, but not bad.

This had the traditional mark around the side here

and it was a lovely texture.

And, obviously, first place - this one.

- Really pleased for you, Emma.

Well done, Emma, you've got a good water icing, good consistency

and a good colour and a good taste.

And they look real whoppers, don't they?

Yes. You've got nice whoppers there, Em.

I knew a doughnut icing had to be thin, whereas the other guys

clearly hadn't eaten enough to have twigged that bit.

But it isn't the winning that matters, it's the taking part.

My game plan for tomorrow is to get it done in the time frame.

As much as my ego might be bruised, I am not regretting signing up

for Sport Relief and being a part of The Great British Bake Off.

It's fantastic, I'm loving it.

I'll be back tomorrow with a smile on my face.

Our celebrity bakers warm up for their final challenge.

It's their last chance to impress Mary and Paul

and inspire you to get involved in Sport Relief.

Good morning, Sport Relief bakers.

Welcome to your Showstopper Challenge.

Mary and Paul would like you to bake a beautiful layered cake

it has to be in the theme of your favourite sporting hero.

You have three-and-a-half hours for this challenge.

On your marks, get set, bake.

Oh, how do these things work?

Today, I have decided not to concentrate on

what other people are doing.

Yesterday, I was so preoccupied with everybody

and I felt that that really.

It just didn't. It didn't fare well for me.

They can't just put a sponge in, a bit of butter cream

and you cut into it and go, "Well, that's boring."

If they're going to put a flavour into it, it's got to come through.

If you're going to put lime in, put lime in.

If you're going to put lemons, same thing.

The flavours have got to come through.

Five, six, seven, eight. nine.

The cake itself must be a really good flavour, good texture,

lovely filling, perfect icing.

I'm having trouble with all the electrical equipment today

but we're slowly, slowly making friends hopefully here.

Always put it down before you switch it on.

I'm making a layer cake with the theme of Chris Hoy.

He always gets really embarrassed when I say that he's my hero,

my sporting hero, but he is,

he genuinely is, and I got to train with him most of the time.

Victoria's sponge tribute to Sir Chris Hoy

has six layers to represent his six Olympic gold medals

and is flavoured with coffee, chocolate and vanilla.

She's decorating it with coffee custard butter cream

He loves coffee, he's a really big coffee fan

so that was the overall theme

so I chose chocolate and vanilla

cos it's kind of mocha and things that go with coffee.

So I wanted the circumference of the cake

to be equal to his thigh girth,

and it was 67cm, but then I would need an inch bigger.

Well, it would be an 8.25-inch tin.

It's going to be close, but not quite.

Jamelia's cake is celebrating the Jamaican sprint team who won

gold, silver and bronze in the 2012 Olympics 200m race.

I'm not sure what Usain Bolt would think.

I'm hoping that the outcome would be something

that he and every other Jamaican would be proud of.

Jamelia's One-Two-Three coconut sponge cake will be filled with

coconut butter cream and pineapple jam and topped with fondant figures.

To make it indisputably Jamaican, she's colouring the sponges

green and black and her butter cream yellow.

So when we cut into it, we'll see the Jamaican flag?

I've got loads of fondant icing here

which I'm going to attempt to make.

make them and put them on top of the cake.

Do you realise how difficult that is?

- I've never made anything in sugar.

- I'm going to need it, but thank you.

I'm making an homage to one of the greatest sporting heroes

this or any country has ever had.

His name was Shirley Crabtree and he was Big Daddy.

Michael is making a sponge wrestling ring filled with

orange butter cream and fruit.

He's moulding his hero Big Daddy and audience figures from sugar paste

and, like Jamelia, he's decided to colour his cakes.

I wanted to do something patriotic,

so lots of red, white and blue going on.

That's pink. This one's going to be blue any minute now.

No, if you put that in, it could get caught up in the beater.

OK, the inside of my cake is going to be pink and green.

- Your mouth has gone completely blue.

No, I'm going to keep it green.

I literally am going to go green and.

- Right, well, shall we put this down? Cos it looks very dangerous.

Do you remember that poster in the '70s that was on

many, many teenage boys' walls -

probably yours, definitely yours - of a girl wearing a tennis outfit

and scratching her bum and she wasn't wearing any pants?

My presentation - a large tennis racket.

Emma's cake is a tribute to all things tennis

combining layers of fruit and cream inside a giant tennis ball.

On the tennis racquet is going to be a tennis ball-shaped

rose and almond layer cake, then rose and raspberry jam,

rose-scented cream, then some raspberries,

which I'm marinating in rose liqueur, into this dome.

I remember once doing a Junior Bake Off

and someone did a full ball.

Did they do two of what I'm doing?

They did two and joined them together and they were fantastic.

And they were ten. So I'm looking forward to your half cake.

I can see you're quite a perfectionist, aren't you?

Oh. I don't ever live up to any of my standards.

Paul Hollywood was a little bit sneery.

So I'm going for the full tennis ball.

I don't want to overcook it.

They're meant to be red and blue.

I've never made a coloured cake before.

I don't know if they are supposed to be browned.

I probably left them in too long, but..

I'm just not going to stress out.

The flavour and consistency of the fillings

are crucial to the Showstopper's success.

I'm making some coffee custard butter cream.

It's something I really remember my mum making when I was a kid.

And it was the best thing about coffee cake.

All of Emma's fillings are flavoured with rose -

A very powerful taste which requires a light touch.

That's rose liqueur. It smells like perfume.

Oh! I don't think you can really have too much of the rose liqueur.

Maybe a tiny bit of the rose syrup as well.

I get a bit carried away with the rose water and it just ends up

tasting like sick, but I'm going to be more disciplined today.

I might put a little, tiny bit of rose water.

Victoria is making her decorations with spun sugar.

She's the only baker tackling this tricky technique.

I wanted it to look like the reverse of the Olympic medal.

It was very modern and very graphic and had lots of.

It looked like spokes almost.

Sugar is melted in a pan with a little water

until it becomes a clear caramel.

Bit more. It needs a little, tiny bit more.

It's instantly turned crystallised.

'The other bakers are all modelling figures for decoration.'

- This is going to be Big Daddy's body.

Were you a big fan of the wrestling?

I just loved it. And the chant - "Easy! Easy!"

He got everybody going. This great big lumbering bloke going around.

And it was sort of awesome. So I'm just doing his moobs.

Do you feel you're giving some kind of subliminal message

that you're the Big Daddy of the Sport Relief Bake Off?

I'm Going to model her legs on Jamelia.

OK, we need two cheeks and they need to sit here.

And I'm going to do the dress.

OK, this is working. I'm doing the hand.

OK, that's too high. Have you ever seen a woman naked?

It's not got crystallised sugar in it.

It's kind of clear and it's getting stringier,

like, it starts to go a little bit like threads. That's a relief.

I think it's just gone wrong.

Got to start again. Always go for a lucky third attempt.

Friends and family of Shirley,

I hope they realise that this is a genuine tribute.

I thought he was a phenomenal showman.

Do you not think it would be great

if you had Yohan Blake doing this beast thing and then.

You're being far too ambitious!

Victoria, are you burning something?

Um, yes, I just burnt some sugar.

I need to put more on and, actually,

I could do with a little bit more sugar!

We're now in the home straight. There's 30 minutes to go.

The layer cake should be carefully constructed

by alternating tiers of perfectly baked cakes.

I just want to get the burnt edge off.

..with smooth even fillings.

I forgot to put the timer on when I was boiling it.

Why has that gone like that?

The butter cream seems to have gone a bit solid.

I couldn't be. happier with the way this has gone!

My cream has definitely curdled now.

And I haven't got enough time to do anything about it.

I've read that, if you put it over hot water and whisk it hard,

Sometimes in sport, you know, things don't go to plan

and you just have to get back on your bike and get on with it.

Oh, no. I should have put this one on the bottom. Oh, mate.

Before she can serve her tennis ball, Emma has to construct it.

I'm not quite sure which layers to put on.

I think I might do that, that, that and then half that.

I'm going to get this bit wrong!

The judges are expecting gold standard presentation.

Bakers, you have ten minutes left.

- Do you reckon that will fit over that?

I'm going to now fake a thing around there.

I queried the plausibility of the little child

who made this incredible concoction in a minute and a quarter

and it turns out that he had doweling.

And I haven't got any doweling, I've got cocktail sticks,

so I'm sticking with a demi tennis ball.

Of course it's not going to stretch. Oh, you. Pah!

So far, it's Victoria 0 - spun sugar 3.

That's my fourth pan. I really don't want to mess this up.

I really need this to work.

I really, really need this to work.

I'm trying to get him to do this.

One minute. One minute to hit the finish line.

It's leaking out. I'm just going to have to use my hand.

Looking a little bit fancy, innit? A little bit profesh.

Oh, dear. It's kind of topply.

Step away from your sporting heroes.

Just give me the prize now.

The moobs I'm happy with. The taste is orangey.

I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised by it.

It just looks like Mr Blobby!

And the severed heads on the floor, I think, is a nice touch.

It looks such fun, that cake, but it's got to taste good.

Yes. It's the colour I'm excited about. Oh! Hang on a minute!

I can taste the orange and you've got orange in the butter icing too.

The actual sponge itself is a very close texture.

The flavours actually are good.

It's just that your sponge was a slightly unusual colour

It's a rose and almond layer cake

to pay tribute to the lovely bare bottomed tennis girl.

I think it could have been decorated more.

I think this is a very good model.

But I think that should be on there.

The cake is dense because it's got such a high proportion of almonds in.

I quite like it but it's more a sort of trifle cake.

But you're getting a very almond flavour. The rose is coming through.

The cream's coming through.

So often when bakers use rose water, they use too much.

- You've got it absolutely right.

They've obviously had a bit to drink, celebrating,

- leaning against the podium.

I think it's very wise to make them lean.

To make those little slim legs stand up,

they would have toppled over.

I think the colours are great.

I mean, the icing could have been a bit smoother around the outside.

- I don't think you should chop his legs off.

The layers are supposed to represent the Jamaican flag.

- The cake is just a little dry.

- But the juice of the pineapple is moistening it up.

I like the design. I think what you've done is very tricky to do

and to actually pull it off and make a Jamaican flag with a sponge,

- however dry the cake is, I think you've done well.

- It really does look spectacular.

I think the cream, obviously you've had issues with the custard.

All we've got to do now is taste it.

Now, that does look the part, doesn't it?

All those layers, the chocolate, the coffee and the vanilla.

You were clever to make so many different flavours.

The actual cake mixtures themselves are dry,

but that butter cream with the custard,

- it's a lovely flavour and it's moistening up the layers.

But overall, honestly, the flavour of the cake is very, very good.

The judges are now going to deliberate and come to a decision.

The ball is in the judges' court.

I think when you look at Michael, Michael's gone from near the top,

as far as I'm concerned, on his tray bake,

down to the bottom on the technical.

I mean, he put his heart and soul in that cake.

His moulding is excellent. The cake didn't taste quite as good.

They were a bit claggy, you know, they were under baked.

- What do you mean by claggy?

Moving on to Jamelia. I did like this cake.

I did like the flavour, but all the textures were wrong.

The actual figures were so beautifully done.

When you look at Jamelia's tray bake.

It tasted all right but it was more a pudding than a cake.

And she did come third in the technical as well.

I think the flavour of Emma's cake was very, very good.

You didn't mind all the props? Wasn't that a bit gimmicky?

It is a gimmick, but it marries up with the theme of the cake,

so there is a point to this cake being in the middle of this racket.

On the technical challenge, Emma was first.

I think she did quite well as well with the signature bake.

Emma made those delicious chocolate confections.

With Victoria, I thought her blondies were a little bit dry,

but the flavours were gorgeous.

And she came second in the technical challenge,

created a very good ring doughnut.

And the flavour of that cake with the coffee is absolutely delicious.

Pity that the layers were dry and the actual butter cream had curdled.

But the bicycle was absolutely brilliant.

It's exceptional. Very tricky to do. I've never seen that on Bake Off.

So there are two at the bottom and two at the top?

I think you've got it in one.

for getting through two days of this incredible baking bonanza.

But it's now time to announce the star baker.

It really was a difficult decision

because I would say Victoria and Emma were sort of neck and neck

but, gosh, that almond cake tasted good.

There was passion, there was flavour, there was creativity

and there was fun and I think she deserved to be star baker.

This is me for the rest of my life.

This is all I'm ever going to wear.

I'm never going to bake again.

I will leave this better informed, more empowered

and more excited about baking than I was when I came in.

I'm so glad I've been a part of it.

Are you going to put the recipe on the website?

And this is the way that you raise money for Sport Relief -

have fun and enjoy baking.

If you would like to help children all around the world,

please text bake to 70005 to donate £5 to Sport Relief.

Or go to to see how you can get involved.

Your money really does make a difference. Thank you.

Next time. Four more celebrities enter the Bake Off tent,

get in a spin over pizzas.

I'm trying to burn this a bit, everyone.

..battle it out with Eccles cakes.

..and tackle a sporty showstopper.

And Nicola Adams will be in South Africa

meeting more of the people whose lives have been changed

by the money you've raised.

Omid Djalili is host of the Bake Off tent. This time, those facing the judges are Olivier award-winning singer Michael Ball, broadcaster and co-founder of Comic Relief Emma Freud, singer and presenter Jamelia and Olympic gold-medallist Victoria Pendleton. As they warm up for their baking marathon so does the rivalry between Emma and Michael, but only one can win the Star Baker apron.

For their signature challenge they face a traybake, for the technical they must make iced ring doughnuts, and for the showstopper layered cakes which must pay homage to their personal sporting heroes. With a cake the girth of Sir Chris Hoy's thigh, a fondant Jamaican sprint team and an almost life-sized Big Daddy, what could possibly go wrong?

They are baking for Sport Relief, hoping to inspire everyone to raise money for those who really need help. Olympic gold-medallist Nicola Adams visits South Africa to see first-hand the people whose lives have been changed by Sport Relief. Desiree's mum, Priscilla, is HIV positive and they struggle with the ignorance and stigma surrounding the condition. Nicola meets the people trying to educate the next generation, so that they do not have to struggle on their own. Your help really can make a difference.

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- Crisp Lime & Cucumber with a hint of cardamom
- Fiery Mint & Ginger with a touch of cinnamon

The Urban Rajah added: &ldquoThe level of sugar in drinks is right under the spotlight. At the same time, consumers are increasingly demanding more natural, healthy options. Enter the Sparkling Indian Fresca &ndash an electrifying range of healthier soft drinks that use culinary botanicals like cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon, fennel, and cumin to add a new layer of flavour to fresh fruit juice and sparkling water&hellip with knockout results.&rdquo

The CQUIN compliant drinks have no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, are less than 80 calories per can, and are carefully layered with the sorts of botanicals people have been using in tonics and remedies for thousands of years.

Record number graduate from Elior’s Chef School #

18 aspiring chefs have graduated from Elior&rsquos award-winning Chef School the nine-month training programme which gives people in non-culinary roles the skills and confidence they need to start their careers as chefs.

The 2018 class were awarded their certificates after catering for 50 guests attending the graduation lunch at Coventry College, Henley Campus. The lunch &ndash which students ran with a telling maturity &ndash saw them showcase several of their newly found skills, including making fresh pasta for the mushroom, spinach and mascarpone tortellini and filleting the seared chalk steam trout for the main.

Stuart Nisbet, who led the design and delivery of Chef School, said: &ldquoChef School continues to go from strength to strength and attracts more and more talent each year. Not only because of the skills students learn, but the experiences it affords them. Seeing so many students graduate this year is incredible. It&rsquos great news for the future of Elior, for the industry as a whole, and for our 2018 graduates. For them, this is just the beginning.&rdquo

As part of their training, past students have worked alongside some of the industry&rsquos biggest players, including Jason Atherton, Anton Edelmann, and master chocolatier William Curley. And earlier this year, graduates from the 2017 class worked alongside the likes of Tom Kerridge, John Williams MBE, and Claire Clark MBE to serve hundreds of guests at the Elior&rsquos &lsquoInspirational Dinner&rsquo.

Leeann McFaddan, Poppy Court, said: &ldquoChef School has been eye opening for me. It&rsquos given me the confidence and skills to take on a chef apprenticeship and made me feel really positive about staying in the industry.&rdquo

Now in its fourth successive year, Chef School has delivered 163% return on investment and seen a total of 75% of graduates start their dream jobs as chefs &ndash with many of this year&rsquos intake expected to follow suit soon.

2018 Chef School Graduates:
Evelyn Woods (BT Greenock), Joy Hammel (Barnaby House), Jessica May Gardiner (Micromass), Tiffany Nicholls (Manor Hospital Walsall), Anton Webb (St Rumbolds Court), Adele Bray (Glenhills Court), Leeann McFaddan (Poppy Court), Andrea Antili (Polygon), Mohammed Hajjar Kouay (Schroders), Liam Fraser (Capula Investment), Diana Covelli Cuellar (Lloyds of London), Emanuel Forbs (Savills), Mohamed Bouchia (Support Team, Lexington), Ramesh Joshi Kumar (Schroders), Paulo Figuereido (Linklaters), Jowita Zylka (BT Hatfield), Carlos Quintero (ICBC Standard Bank), Isaac Jepson (Omnicom)

Elior care home chef scoops mentor award after setting new standard for texture modified food #

Kelly Gavriliuc, chef manager for Four Seasons Aspen Lodge, has scooped the trophy for Best Care Home Chef Mentor at the Chef Mentor Awards after setting a new standard for the training and development of staff.

Kelly impressed judges with her willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise, her ability to act as a role model and also her mastery of texture modified food. She quickly developed her skills to the same level as even Elior&rsquos most senior development chefs. Armed with this superior knowledge, Kelly gave up her time to roll out TMF training at Four Seasons Health Care homes all over the East of England. Elior was so impressed with her high standard of cooking and teaching ability that she was honoured with their Chef Award 2017.

Sarah Wass, Elior operations director for healthcare, said: &ldquoKelly leaves chefs inspired, confident and producing texture modified food that looks and tastes great. I can&rsquot stress enough what a phenomenal difference she&rsquos made to the lives of hundreds of residents. And it&rsquos been noticed at the very top &ndash FSHC senior management now want Kelly in the rest of the business.&rdquo

Beverley and Andrew Oldbury, whose mother is one of the residents at Four Seasons Aspen Lodge, said: &ldquoWe were blown away by the dedication and care that goes into our mum&rsquos food. Mealtimes are one of her few pleasures now. To be able to eat like she does is all down to Kelly.&rdquo

Cyrus Todiwala OBE and chair of the judging panel said: &ldquoThere are so many chefs who, sometimes behind the scenes, work tirelessly to train and develop people in our industry. The Mentor Awards are unique in recognising these brilliant people, who are crucial to the growth and development of our industry.&rdquo

To win the award, mentors had to excel in their willingness to share skills, knowledge and expertise, act as a role model, be held in high regard by colleagues and take a personal interest in the mentoring relationship. Enthusiasm, valuing learning and giving constructive criticism were also key requirements.

Kelly was honoured along with the other category winners &ndash including Albert Roux OBE for the Peter Hazzard award &ndash at Celtic Manor as part of the H&C EXPO on 17th July.

Bidfood leads the way with 20% sugar reduction in ice cream #

Bidfood has reduced the sugar content of its Everyday Favourites ice cream range by 23% on average, achieving Public Health England&rsquos (PHE) 2020 target in year one.

The initiative comes in support of The Childhood Obesity Plan and the government&rsquos fight against childhood sugar consumption, initially targeting the nine categories that make the largest contributions, including ice creams, cakes and biscuits.

In addition to its range of four ice creams (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and white vanilla), Bidfood has made significant strides in reducing sugar in its baked goods. The recipes for four of its Everyday Favourites tray cakes &ndash Victoria Sponge, Carrot Cake, Lemon Drizzle, and Coffee & Walnut &ndash have been reformulated to achieve a sugar reduction of an average 19% across the board. As a result, the foodservice provider&rsquos cakes now also boast refreshed flavours and an increase in fruit content.

Holly Marrero Easson, brand controller at Bidfood, said: &ldquoAt Bidfood, we support the work being undertaken by the government to reduce the consumption of sugar, and we are continually working towards PHE&rsquos sugar reduction targets across our own brand products.

&ldquoWe are reformulating a number of products to reduce the amount of sugar, without compromising on quality or taste. As part of our &lsquoquality you can trust&rsquo proposition, we&rsquove carried out extensive benchmarking and tasting &ndash along with working closely with our supplier partners &ndash to ensure we get our recipes just right. Our Everyday Favourites ice cream reformulation is a fantastic example of this responsible work, achieving a substantial reduction in sugar while ensuring a high quality is maintained.

&ldquoAs part of the reformulation we have also focused on &lsquosmart swaps&rsquo, which cut sugar but maintain a great, if not even better, flavour. For example, in our lemon drizzle tray cake we now use Sicilian lemon drizzle instead of syrup and the Victoria Sponge now contains strawberry filling with a higher fruit content.&rdquo

Bidfood has more products in the pipeline, including gateaux, which will be reformulated and introduced to the market later this year.

Bidfood gives back to local communities across the UK for Volunteers’ Week #

Bidfood launched a nation-wide campaign in line with this year's Volunteers&rsquo Week (1-7 June 2018). The initiative saw over of 150 employees across the UK involved in different projects on behalf of the business, including widespread litter picks, a large beach clean in Manchester, volunteering at local schools and with the elderly, as well as helping out at various foodbanks.

Seven of Bidfood&rsquos 16 depots, including Basingstoke, Wakefield and Salisbury, collaborated with FareShare, the UK's largest charity fighting hunger and food waste, and one of Bidfood&rsquos UK partners. Volunteering activities included assisting their drivers with deliveries, sorting products, organising the depot and picking food orders to aid the process and help even more people in need.

The Bidfood Own Brand team also supported one of the volunteering initiatives in Slough (where the company is headquartered) at &lsquoRecycled Teenagers&rsquo, a local community lunchtime group for over 60&rsquos. The team donated, prepared and served a full lunch with food and drink from Bidfood&rsquos Own Brand range.

Speaking about the initiative, Norman Wemyss, COO at Bidfood said: &ldquoWe are consistently working on ways to continue to give our national company a truly local feel, which is why giving back to each of our sites&rsquo local communities is so important.

&ldquoOur depots take part in worthy local causes throughout the year and we are delighted to be running a campaign in line with Volunteers&rsquo Week, encouraging all of our teams across the UK to reach out to local businesses, charities and councils to spend a few hours offering a helping hand. This is a fantastic initiative and it&rsquos great to see our employees embedding themselves within their community.&rdquo

Lindsay Boswell, chief executive of FareShare said: &ldquoThank you to every Bidfood employee who volunteered their time at our Regional Centres across the UK this Volunteers&rsquo Week.

&ldquoVolunteers are the lifeblood of FareShare, and make it possible for us to get good food out to charities supporting people in need. It&rsquos always an eye-opening and rewarding experience to be a part of redistributing surplus food on the ground and we hope it has brought our partnership with Bidfood to life for their colleagues.&rdquo

The campaign has been a great success, engaging all of Bidfood&rsquos depots across the UK in a bid to give back to the local community. There has also been an extremely positive response from team members, including many who are keen to take part in volunteering activities in the future.

Bidfood goes for gold with an impressive series of award wins #

This year so far, Bidfood has achieved an impressive series of award wins, culminating in the Grocer Gold Awards, where the foodservice provider picked up the esteemed &lsquoWholesaler of the Year&rsquo accolade. The judges said that Bidfood has a great &ldquocare, share and dare culture&rdquo as well as a &ldquostrong and improving customer satisfaction&rdquo, and it was this commitment to its customers that clinched the win. The event saw over 400 top industry leaders come together to celebrate the highlights of what has been another amazing year for the UK&rsquos vast, diverse and fast-changing grocery sector.

The Grocer Gold Award is the latest in a series of wins for Bidfood, with recognition across the business from IT to employee engagement. At the BFFF Product Awards earlier this month, Bidfood took home five awards in total, including winning Gold in the &lsquoBest New Dessert&rsquo category for its Premium Selection Individual Truffle Torte, and the &lsquoBest New Starter&rsquo product for its Somerset Brie & Blueberry Chutney Tart.

Other recent awards have included winning &lsquoTechnology Team of the Year&rsquo at The Real IT Awards, along with three awards at the UK Employee Experience Awards (including the coveted Overall Winner title). Bidfood also won the Corporate Social Responsibility Award for the &lsquoTo Bee or Not to Bee&rsquo Campaign at the FPA Awards, plus three categories at the Chefs Choice Awards.

Andrew Selley, CEO at Bidfood said, &ldquoThe awards we have achieved this year are testament to the hard work and dedication of our fantastic team. To win &lsquoWholesaler of the Year&rsquo at the Grocer Gold Awards after such a successful year, is an honour and I am glad to see our team rewarded for their ongoing efforts. 2018 is set to be a really exciting year, and awards like these continue to motivate us.&rdquo

Have a Very Vegan Christmas: Bidfood Launches 2018 Festive Range #

The Christmas from Bidfood 2018 range has been unveiled, showcasing innovative food and drink products inspired by this year&rsquos hottest food trends. The range includes the first festive selection of vegan dishes and desserts, in response to latest statistics suggesting there are now around 3.5million vegans in the UK alone[1].

This year&rsquos offering has been designed with operators in mind, acknowledging the increasing pressure they are under to meet demand for vegan variety. Bidfood has focussed on providing a wealth of plant-based buffet nibbles and mains, but the real stars of the show are the desserts. Decadent festive options include, Premium Selection Belgian Chocolate and Raspberry Torte, Honeybuns Mincemeat Crumble Citrus Traybake and Lemon Swirl Cheesecake, as well as a delicious selection of non-dairy ice creams, with flavours ranging from blueberry to Swedish glace.

It&rsquos not just vegan diners that will be having all the fun. This year&rsquos Festive Flavours dessert range is set to dazzle with a new collection of cheesecakes, featuring tempting flavours such as Espresso Martini, Buck&rsquos Fizz, Mandarin & Cranberry, Banoffee Salted Caramel Crunch and Christmas Pudding, perfect for serving with indulgent Yarde Farm ice cream.

Furthermore, Bidfood&rsquos Farmstead meat range has this year launched Farmstead Frozen, offering customers a number of raw, butchery-style frozen products including turkey, just in time for Christmas.

The chilled Farmstead range also features new single serve festive joints such as turkey roulades filled with cranberry and apple stuffing and wrapped in Prosciutto, and individual turkey cushions with pomegranate and orange stuffing bursting with evocative flavours of the season.

Laura Mason, campaign manager at Bidfood commented: &ldquoWe&rsquore really excited to reveal this year&rsquos Christmas range. We&rsquove worked hard to expand the variety of foods we offer to meet the demand we&rsquove seen from our customers for more than just the traditional Christmas fare.

&ldquoWhilst the holiday season will always be about indulgence and fun festive flavours, there&rsquos more of a call than ever for products that reflect wider market trends. From world flavour influences, to vegan and free-from options, this year&rsquos collection is about catering for everyone.

&ldquoWith the significant jump in the UK vegan population[2] we are keen to ensure we have strong choices for this area of the market, particularly when it comes to desserts.

&ldquoChristmas is all about everyone being able to come together and enjoy, without the need for restrictions and limitations!

&ldquoWe have also expanded our on-the-go range in line with insight that the convenience sector continues to grow[3] &ndash from Proper Cornish Pasties with turkey and cranberry to individually wrapped We Love Cake Stollen Slices, there&rsquos a little something for everyone on the move at the busiest time of the year.

[1] Compare The Market (2018)
[2] Compare The Market (2018)
[3] Global Data, Convenience Retailing In The UK (2017)

Costa Coffee releases rainbow cups to celebrate Pride #

Costa Coffee proudly launched the first ever limited-edition rainbow coffee cups to celebrate Pride across the UK.

With Costa Coffee a founding partner of GLOW (Gay Lesbian Out at Whitbread) the activity had strong support from staff, with many Costa team members taking part in Pride parades across the country.

GLOW is a group that champions equality and inclusion in the workplace, ensuring all employees feel strong and supported in the company, no matter their background or personal preferences. This reflects Costa Coffee&rsquos commitment as an employer that provides equal opportunities and inclusivity to give colleagues courage and pride in who they are.

The limited-edition Pride cups were available in selected stores across the UK* in Edinburgh, Essex, London, Glasgow, Brighton, Leeds, Manchester and Cardiff. The cups are fully recyclable and ordered in place of the red for each store to reduce waste. They are manufactured in the UK by Huhtamaki.

Jason Cotta, Costa Coffee&rsquos managing director UK & Ireland commented: &ldquoOur all new rainbow cups are a fun way to celebrate Pride and reflect Costa Coffee&rsquos values of equality, and diversity. We are passionate about championing team members rights to work in an inclusive, supportive environment. We&rsquore so proud of the achievements of the GLOW team and look forward to seeing them marching at the many of the Pride Parades across the UK.&rdquo

In previous years, Costa Coffee has shown its support of Pride with the launch of limited edition Rainbow Lattes as well as changing its iconic red sign at key stores to rainbow.

CH&CO’s management systems declared ‘first class’ as it retains its IMS accreditations #

CH&CO has successfully retained its business certifications in quality management, environmental standards, energy management and health and safety.

The independent catering business holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

The auditor was very impressed with how CH&CO&rsquos operational practices comply with its management systems. His report confirmed that the audit objectives were fully satisfied, and that CH&CO&rsquos integrated management system is robust and effective for the size, nature and complexity of the organisation. He also praised the leadership team&rsquos mature understanding of the standard concepts and requirements, and the fact that employees are engaged and aware of policy objectives.

The report stated: &ldquoThis is a first-class Management system and a first-class organisation. I appreciate the efforts made by all engaged and recommend continued certification.&rdquo

In addition, CH&CO continues to hold &lsquoSafe Systems in Procurement&rsquo (SSIP) status. This umbrella organisation facilitates mutual recognition between health and safety pre-qualification schemes and allows buyers to verify that a contractor holds valid safety certification.

Emma Hill, CH&CO&rsquos head of food, health, safety and environment said: &ldquoWe&rsquore thrilled to have retained all our business certifications and to have the positive attitude of our teams towards QHSE matters recognised. As the auditor&rsquos report highlights, we recognise the importance of having robust management systems in place that are fit for the business&rsquo size, purpose and needs. We&rsquove worked hard to make compliance part of CH&CO&rsquos culture, and it&rsquos great that the auditor praised the understanding of both the leadership team and our employees. This shows that we&rsquove been successful in our goal. We will maintain this strong focus and ensure continued excellence operationally, environmentally and from a health and safety perspective, to benefit our business, our clients and our employees.&rdquo

CH&CO awarded top mark of Three Stars from the SRA #

CH&CO has become the largest and most diverse contract caterer to be awarded the top-level Three Star rating by the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA).

The SRA rating, which is regarded as the Michelin Stars of sustainability, encompasses the whole CH&CO business, including workplaces, destinations, venues, events, education, livery and healthcare.

Sustainability is an important long-term focus for the caterer, with CH&CO Planet embedded in the company culture and an active team of Green Ambassadors made up of people from across the business championing sustainability at every opportunity. Its chefs also regularly attend supplier visits to farms and fisheries, for example, helping them to build an understanding of sustainable techniques and giving them the knowledge to inform customers where their food comes from.

CH&CO and the SRA have worked in partnership for the past 12 months to analyse and monitor the business&rsquo sustainability credentials across ten areas under the three key pillars of sourcing, environment and society. The in-depth process harnessed the ongoing commitment and enthusiasm at all levels of the business &ndash from the board to on-site teams. By sharing best practices across sites and sectors and acting on the advice of the SRA, the top rating was secured.

To achieve Three Stars, CH&CO&rsquos overall scores for sourcing, environment and society were strong. However, it scored particularly well compared to the SRA average or similar businesses in the areas of &lsquocelebrate local and seasonal&rsquo, &lsquosource better fish&rsquo, &lsquosupport the community&rsquo, &lsquofeeding people well&rsquo, and &lsquovalue natural resources&rsquo.

Terry Waldron, CH&CO&rsquos chief operating officer, said: &ldquoWe&rsquore very proud to have been awarded Three Stars by the SRA across the entire company. This is an incredible achievement, particularly for a company of our size and scope. A lot of people across the business have made this happen and I thank everyone for their commitment and contribution. Sustainability has always been an important part of our culture, so we started from a good place, but working with the SRA challenged us and helped us focus on embedding consistent sustainability practices across the business, regardless of sector or site. It&rsquos been an inspiring process and a pleasure to work with the SRA team.

&ldquoOf course, this is not a case of job done! It&rsquos just the beginning of a long-term commitment. We must maintain focus to improve on our scores across the board. Sustainability is a complex, ever-changing area and there will always be things that we can do better. By working in partnership with the SRA we&rsquoll continue to shape our policies in line with the latest developments and challenge ourselves, as well as the industry, to make positive change. There&rsquos not a quick fix when it comes to sustainability, but it&rsquos something we&rsquore committed to for the sake of our planet and future generations.&rdquo

Andrew Stephen, chief executive of the Sustainable Restaurant Association, said: &ldquoCH&CO approached us with an ambitious challenge: How could we help them to embed consistent, high levels of sustainability across their hugely diverse range of over 700 sites? A year on, and as a result of an unswerving commitment from the top of the business down to the kitchen floor, the business has achieved Three Stars in the SRA&rsquos Sustainability Rating. A fantastic achievement. Lessons learned in school dining rooms have been transferred to workplace restaurants and vice versa, whether that&rsquos healthy eating programmes, food waste reduction initiatives or volunteering schemes for staff. As a result, all CH&CO customers can now enjoy food that does good as well as tasting good.&rdquo

CH&CO and The Prince’s Trust help young people ‘Get into Hospitality’ #

CH&CO joined forces with The Prince&rsquos Trust to give eight young people a helping hand towards a career in hospitality through the Get into Hospitality with CH&CO programme.

The programme provides unemployed young people, aged 16-30, with the opportunity to gain skills and experience in the hospitality sector, and support to secure further training and employment.

The eight candidates that took part in the three-week programme had the privilege of working at some of CH&CO&rsquos most prestigious and unique venues, including ZSL London Zoo, 28 Portland Place, Gray&rsquos Inn, the British Medical Association, the Law Society and with Historic Royal Palaces at Kensington Palace.

Working with CH&CO&rsquos talented chefs and front-of-house teams, they were given valuable training and work placements that covered all areas of working in hospitality from barista training, knife skills and nutrition and health, to customer service and health and safety. They also received guidance in important life skills, such as managing finances and employability.

The programme culminated in a special event held at ZSL London Zoo that saw all eight young people graduate with flying colours. They all showed a genuine hunger to pursue a hospitality career, having benefitted from excellent training and mentoring that instilled the confidence and self-belief, as well as skills and experience, to help them enter employment.

CH&CO has committed to provide ongoing support to all of the graduates through further training and employment opportunities. For example, placements have already made with CH&CO&rsquos teams at the Law Society, ZSL London Zoo and Gray&rsquos Inn.

Andrew Merrett, marketing & communications director, CH&CO, said: &ldquoIt&rsquos been amazing to work with the Prince&rsquos Trust on the Get into Hospitality with CH&CO programme. People are at the heart of a successful hospitality business and we have a duty to invest in the development of future generations of talented hospitality professionals. The eight young people that took part in the programme are a great example of what people can achieve given the right opportunities, guidance, mentoring and encouragement. Every single one of them made the most of the experience with fantastic results. The new-found confidence we saw as they spoke at the graduation event was inspiring. They clearly gained so much from the programme and it&rsquos been an absolute privilege to watch them grow both as professionals and people in such a short time. We&rsquore more than happy to welcome them into our team and we look forward to watching them and their careers continue to grow.&rdquo

Olivia Jeffery, corporate partnerships executive at The Prince&rsquos Trust, said: &ldquoWhat the young people had learned during the programme had not only motivated them to pursue their careers in this exciting industry, but also increased their confidence and life skills which is so incredibly important. We are so grateful to partner with CH&CO to give young people the chance to live, learn and earn and we look forward to seeing what opportunities the future may bring.&rdquo

Alec, a programme graduate who now works as a hospitality assistant with CH&CO at the 113 restaurant at the Law Society, said: &ldquoI can&rsquot believe how much I learned in just three weeks on the Get into Hospitality programme. Before, I wouldn&rsquot have believed that I could prepare food correctly or make a proper cappuccino! I also learned some really useful life skills that will help me, like managing my finances. I now know that I want a career in hospitality and I&rsquom so excited to have been given a role at 113. I&rsquom grateful to the Prince&rsquos Trust and CH&CO for giving me the opportunity and confidence to go for it.&rdquo

Emerging high street brands are offering something different to consumers, according to the latest ‘Ones to Watch’ report #

In the latest &lsquoOnes to Watch&rsquo report, which tracks fast-growing brands in the UK, Peter Backman reports that small scale operations are in growth whilst the rest of the casual dining market is effectively going backwards.

He explains &ldquoThe numbers in Ones to Watch have grown significantly year after year until May 2017 and then they went into reverse. The number of emerging brands has fallen by a huge 38% over the last 18 months and unsurprisingly, is continuing to fall, echoing the closures we&rsquove seen in recent months amongst larger restaurant chains.

&ldquoBut, there are still growth trends in the market. Coffee shops continue to grow and we are seeing sweet snack offers re-emerge. They&rsquore small scale operations with a small footprint and limited fit-out costs. Coupled with a franchise based growth model they are as attractive to investors as small scale startups.&rdquo

Ones to watch
US brands such as Tim Horton&rsquos, Taco Bell and Shake Shack all feature in the report as does the graduation of Dunkin&rsquo Donuts. German brand Doner Kebab, started in Berlin is also starting to make inroads. Like the other 135 Ones To Watch brands, these brands offer consumers something different as they shift their preferences from restaurants that don&rsquot stand out.

And, the big one to watch is Simit Sarayi, the big Turkish chain that is rapidly expanding in the UK and is likely to make some major acquisitions over the next year.

For more information about Ones To Watch or Simit Sarayi, please contact Peter Backman on 07785 242 809

Speed wins big at PRCA DARE Awards #

Speed has won three awards at this year&rsquos PRCA DARE ceremony, including Large Consultancy of the Year, Integrated Campaign of the Year for Bidfood and Trade & B2B Campaign of the Year for Nestlé Professional, marking the largest haul to date at the industry awards.

Speed was selected by the judges based on its client work, culture and best practice initiatives, citing the following as particularly impressive:
- Speed&rsquos ability to demonstrate excellent internally branded initiatives making the agency a fantastic organisation with a top-down commitment to work life balance
- Investment in content with the launch of an in-house production unit, &rsquoStudio Speed&rsquo, to explore ways to strategically connect clients with audiences in new, multi-channel, story-led ways
- The launch of a proprietary, web-based measurement tool called PACETM (Performance, Assessment, Commerciality, Evolution), designed to demonstrate to clients the correlation between effective comms and business impact

Speed&rsquos client work was also singled out for being clear, concise and demonstrating excellent concepts.

&ldquoTo win Large Consultancy of the Year for the second consecutive year is an incredible achievement,&rdquo commented Kelly Pepworth, MD at Speed.

&ldquoIt&rsquos recognition that we are outperforming the competition but more importantly, excelling in all aspects of what makes a good agency great both from a client and team perspective.

&ldquoIt is also down to bold campaigns such as Bidfood&rsquos Christmas Gift and Nestlé Professional BuzzBites that deliver for our clients and challenge what has gone before. Couple this with our continual investment in supporting the team with their career development and providing an engaging and rewarding place to work and we seem to have ticked the right boxes with the judges.&rdquo

Sold out lunch! show confirms record 370 exhibitors for 2018 #

A record 370 exhibitors &ndash from the biggest to the newest names in food-to-go, are preparing to showcase 1000s of innovations at lunch! 2018, when it returns to London ExCeL on 20-21 September.

The premier trade event for the sector, lunch! has been serving the nation&rsquos food-to-go operators and retailers for over a decade. Having sold out of all available space three months in advance, its 6,300+ attendees will be able to see and sample more new food and drink products, packaging, equipment and catering technology than ever before.

&ldquoThe support from the industry as always has been phenomenal,&rdquo says group event director Chris Brazier. &ldquoNot only have we sold 10% more stand space this year &ndash providing even more quality, innovation and differentiation to our visitors &ndash but demand has been such that there&rsquos already a waiting list for companies interested in exhibiting in 2019.

&ldquoIt really does demonstrate just how important lunch! has become to suppliers looking to do business with coffee shops, cafés, food-to-go multiples, supermarkets, contract caterers, wholesalers and distributors. While for food-to-go buyers, lunch! has proved itself year after year to be an essential visit to see what&rsquos new and compare the latest products from leading and emerging brands.

&ldquolunch! 2018 is not just our biggest event. It also boasts our most eclectic line-up yet. Every new product innovation that food-to-go buyers need to know about &ndash from ingredients to kitchen equipment and counter displays, from food and drink to packaging, payment solutions and business services &ndash will be on show this September,&rdquo he says.

&ldquolunch! is a key date in the diary for the food-to-go and the coffee shop sector. It is great to see so much innovation from such passionate people under one roof,&rdquo says Hannah McKay, head of food & beverage at Caffè Nero.

Exhibitor list goes live
The full exhibitor list &ndash featuring the 370 companies that will be helping to shape the future of the food-to-go sector over the next twelve months &ndash is now available online at

Eat Natural, Wholegood Supply, The berry company, Schur Star Systems, Sabert Europe, Kepak, Impress Sandwiches, HIPPEAS, Bord Bia, Raynor Foods, Natural Balance Foods, Magrini, Around Noon, The Alan Nuttall Partnership, UFit Drinks, NutriPot, Go2Grocery, Pip & Nut, RAP, Europastry, Menter a Busnes, Country Choice, Norseland, Karma Cola, Breckland Orchard, Tea Pigs, Doughlicious, Spare Fruit, POPS: Premium Popsicles, Bounce Energy Balls, Spikomat, Propercorn, Tom Chandley Ovens, Colour Heroes, Roller Grill UK, Welbilt UK, and Brands Unlimited are just some of the returning exhibitors listed.

First time exhibitors &ndash there are 144 to choose from this year&ndash include Panasonic UK, Mother, LBP Bakeries, Brazilian coconut water brand Obrigado, Yoyo Wallet, Simply Lunch, Remedy Kombuch, Fresh Marketing, Döhler, Curators of Flavour (100% natural British beef jerky), Rushdi Food Enterprises (Mighty Sesame Co), Bravura Foods, Creeds Direct, Daelmans Group, Honesty Group, Upbeat Drinks, No1 Rosemary Water, Pots & Co, Popcorn Shed, BEPPS Snacks, Huel, Luv Sum, Infinity Foods, Jude&rsquos Ice Cream, Avery Dennison, Pactiv (the world's largest foodservice packaging company), and Fine Cheese Company / Artisan Biscuits.

While over in the Start-up Zone, 28 emerging brands will be introducing their launch innovations to the market. Among them are: Boundless (activated nuts and seeds), Green Sisters (vegan samosas), The Healthy Protein Co (vieve protein water), Modern Contradiction (Something & Nothing &ndash low calorie, lightly carbonated seltzer), Push Chocolate (high protein, dairy free chocolate), Roqberry (tea blends and infusions), and Wallaroo Foods (children&rsquos fruit snacks).

Buyers looking to refresh their coffee menus will also find plenty of choice for 2018. From specialist Cold Brew companies &ndash Sandows, Farside Coffee, Cool Cold Brew, Fitch Brew, Point Blank, Califia Farms, and Land & Tide, to big name artisan roasters and equipment suppliers, such as UCC Coffee UK & Ireland, Rombouts Coffee, Douwe Egberts, Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, CoffeeBAY, Modern Standard Coffee, Tudor Tea & Coffee, Beanies Flavour Coffee, Single Source, Wessenan UK, My Coffee Station and Melitta UK.

For eco-friendly coffee cups, check out Pockito, Ecoffeecup, Huskup, Benders Paper Cups, ButterflyCup, and Biopac UK.

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&ldquolunch! is the only show dedicated to the best sector in food and moving to ExCeL makes it even better. Don&rsquot miss it!,&rdquo says Guy Meakin, head of buying at Pret A Manger.

&ldquoExCeL it is the perfect space for this on trend, innovative and brilliant event. lunch! is definitely not one to miss,&rdquo says Sandy Anderson, senior buyer at Elior.

&ldquolunch! is definitely the essential trade show if you&rsquore in food-to-go,&rdquo says Patrick Crease, product development manager &ndash food to go at Sainsbury's Supermarkets.

lunch! will return to ExCeL London on 20-21 September 2018. For further information and to register for a free trade ticket, visit and quote priority code LU26.

Itsu and Pret founder Julian Metcalfe confirmed for exclusive Keynote at lunch! 2018 #

Julian Metcalfe OBE, founder of Asian-inspired, healthy food outlet itsu and co-founder of high street stalwart Pret A Manger, is confirmed for a headline Keynote interview at lunch! 2018 on 20 September at London ExCeL.

One of Britain's most successful food-to-go entrepreneurs, Metcalfe says he&rsquos delighted to be speaking at the show for the first time. In his opening day Keynote, he&rsquoll be sharing his specialist knowledge and insights drawn from over thirty years at the forefront of the industry &ndash from the launch of Pret in 1986 to the continued expansion of the itsu brand across the UK (and, more recently, the US).

&ldquoI feel passionately about delicious, fresh, fast-food, so I&rsquom delighted to be speaking at the only trade show devoted to the food-to-go sector. See you at ExCeL for lunch!&rdquo says Metcalfe.

Commenting on the announcement, lunch!&rsquos group event director Chris Brazier, says: &ldquolunch! has already well-established itself as the destination show for the food-to-go sector and having Julian Metcalfe part of this year&rsquos line-up just makes it even more unmissable. This is really big news for the show and a huge opportunity for our visitors to hear insights from an industry legend.

&ldquoWe are thrilled to be able to offer our visitors such an incredible free Keynote line-up for 2018 &ndash and we&rsquove still got so many more great names to announce!&rdquo he says.

Metcalfe is the latest exclusive speaker addition for lunch! 2018, which &ndash since its launch in 2008 &ndash has become known for attracting the biggest names in food-to-go (many, notably, who rarely appear at other trade shows). The 2018 line-up already includes directors and senior execs from Pret, Caffè Nero, LEON, EAT, Tortilla, and Tossed. Plus, 370 exhibitors showcasing a host of new products, equipment, packaging and services.

ExCeL-lent turnout expected
itsu, Pret, Greggs, Starbucks, Subway, EAT., Crussh, Tortilla, Caffè Nero, LEON, Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsbury&rsquos, Co-op Food, Aldi, SPAR, WHSmith, BP, FCB Coffee, Krispy Kreme, Small Batch Coffee Co, Welcome Break, Roadchef, Network Rail, Merlin Entertainments, Center Parcs, Bourne Leisure, apetito, Searcys, Aramark, Sodexo, Compass Group, BaxterStorey, Brakes, Caterleisure Group, En Route International, Gate Retail, British Airways, Condor Ferries and Eurostar International are just some of the big name repeat visitors who have already pre-registered to attend again this year. They&rsquore among thousands of buying teams from across the UK looking to source the next wave of food-to-go bestsellers. And, as the biggest food-to-go showcase of the year, lunch! offers choice aplenty.

&ldquoEach time I visit lunch! I&rsquom reminded and energised about how exciting and market leading our industry is,&rdquo comments Guy Meakin, Pret&rsquos head of buying.

&ldquoFood-to-go is one of the fastest moving categories in the food industry, so pulling innovative and inspirational suppliers together each year for lunch! is a great way for us to keep up-to-date with developments and ensure we are at the forefront of improving our proposition for our customers,&rdquo he says.

&ldquolunch! offers an excellent opportunity to meet other business professionals from across the food-to-go industry and see first-hand some of the new and innovative ideas emerging in our sector,&rdquo says Roger Whiteside, CEO of Greggs.

&ldquoExCeL it is the perfect space for this on trend, innovative and brilliant event. lunch! is definitely not one to miss,&rdquo says Sandy Anderson, senior buyer &ndash food at Elior.

Free trade registration
To register for a free trade ticket, visit and quote priority code LU26

The Hub celebrates a summer of new business success #

The Hub is delighted to announce that it has been appointed by four leading brands across the UK foodservice channel Nisbets, Leathams, Love Taste Co and Drink me Chai.

Rebecca Riches, founder and MD of The Hub commented, &ldquoAs The Hub celebrated its 14th anniversary in May this year, our specialist sector knowledge and experience gained across every individual channel of the foodservice marketplace, justly positions us as industry leaders. We work relentlessly to successfully retain our existing clients over many years testament to the service and results we deliver, but it is always incredibly exciting to have such a diverse range of new brands come on board. Industry-wide market conditions remain uncertain, so seeing such high calibre clients invest in not just us but the wider foodservice sector, is very encouraging for an optimistic period ahead.&rdquo

The UK&rsquos largest professional equipment supplier Nisbets, has chosen to partner with The Hub to lead its PR programme to communicate the scope and scale of its unrivalled portfolio of brands and product solutions &ndash as well as ensuring that its customers benefit from the added value support Nisbets has to offer. The brief will see The Hub focus on a range of activities that will highlight Nisbet&rsquos depth of experience and specialist sector knowledge.

Lynn King, Nisbets plc marketing & customer experience director said &ldquoWe are very much looking forward to working with The Hub to drive awareness of our overall business offering. Nisbets sells the widest possible range of kitchen and catering equipment, but we also have a great deal of specialist knowledge. Whether you work in fine dining, street food or contract catering, Nisbets can offer your business specific solutions to enable efficiencies, whilst meeting ever more discerning consumer expectations.

&ldquoWe feel that The Hub brings a diversity and quality of both contacts and experience across the industry which matches ours. The two businesses are very much in alignment and we are excited at the prospect of how our communications strategy is going to evolve to help deliver our vision for future growth and excellence.&rdquo

Leathams has appointed The Hub to support the company as it continues to extend and innovate its range of specialist branded ingredients. The Hub will work with Leathams on a series of strategic marketing projects to drive awareness and boost sales of individual brands including SunBlush® and Roquito® across a range of core sales channels.

Morgane Thouvenel, trade marketing manager, Leathams explains: &ldquoThe Hub demonstrated a great understanding of our market, and the complexity of communicating to a varied audience, by both pushing through to our customers while pulling through demand from our end users. We are confident that The Hub will make a difference for us by delivering exciting branded campaigns, thanks to their industry knowledge, creative approach and understanding of our brands and positioning.&rdquo

Additionally, Love Taste Co has selected The Hub as its retained trade communications agency, working together to support the brand as it continues to extend its range of 100% fruit and vegetable smoothies, shakes and bone broths.

Phil Plowman, managing director, Love Taste Co adds, &ldquoWe&rsquore delighted to start working with The Hub to raise the profile of Love Taste Co and our frozen smoothie range within the UK foodservice industry. Their channel focused approach allows us to really hone our message, delivering tactical, and targeted customer communications, which work hand-in-hand with our sales strategy, ultimately unlocking profit potential across our portfolio for our customers.&rsquo&rsquo

Rounding off a month of big wins, The Hub will be working with Drink me Chai, a family run British business, producing a range of instant Chai Lattes, made with natural & authentic spices imported from India. The Hub will act as Drink me Chai&rsquos first ever retained foodservice PR agency.

Amanda Hamilton adds &ldquoWe are really excited to be working with The Hub to raise our profile within the UK foodservice sector. We&rsquore launching some really exciting NPD and initiatives this year, and we&rsquove already seen some really strong results from the team at The Hub despite our relationship being in its infancy. I&rsquom really excited to see where they will take the brand over the coming months.&rdquo

Head to head with Deborah Hodson - RSPCA Assured #

A great example of the beneficial relationships an Arena event can ignite, a meeting between the team from The Hub and Deborah Hodson from RSPCA Assured at the Arena Savoy Lecture in April inspired an 'Ask the Experts' interview that highlights the work of RSPCA Assured on The Hub's website. Here's the interview for you to read:

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came about to work for the RSPCA Assured.
I was working for myself in an unrelated field. My circumstances changed and I looked for a new challenge.

I have always loved animals, having had pets all through my life including ducks, chickens and dogs. The opportunity came up for me to test the waters at RSPCA Assured where I work with great people, passionate about their aim and achievements.

I&rsquove learnt a great deal about farm animals and their welfare and I get to talk to some really interesting people in retail, wholesale and catering service and explain how we can all make a difference to farm animal welfare. It&rsquos contagious and I haven&rsquot looked back. I&rsquom just lucky I guess.

If you had to pitch the RSPCA Assured accreditation to an alien, how would you sum it up?
RSPCA Assured checks that the animals we eat have been well looked after because animals are capable of feelings and have the right to be treated with compassion and respect.

How can operators leverage the accreditation to the consumer through the hospitality and foodservice sectors?
Consumers are increasingly concerned about the welfare of farm animals and ensuring that what they eat comes from animals that have had a good life. The traceability and provenance of their food is also important to them. People are willing to support the ethics promoted by brands that commit to supporting higher standards of animal welfare and are even willing to pay a little more for products that carry this assurance. And when it comes to animal welfare, no one is more well recognised and trusted than the RSPCA.

What&rsquos the most rewarding aspect of your role?
That&rsquos easy &ndash spreading the word about what we do and why we do it. I love being part of a team that is helping to lead the way and make a difference in the lives of farm animals, for the better, both in the future and right now.

What are the greatest barriers to achieving the RSPCA Assured objectives in both retail and foodservice?
The RSPCA welfare standards are deliberately set at the stretching end of achievable, as we want to be leaders and a catalyst for positive change. This means it can cost a little bit more but not always as much as you might think, as the standards cover both indoor and outdoor systems - as long as they can ensure a good standard of welfare. We don&rsquot for example allow cages. Consumers increasingly accept this and are willing to pay a little bit more and back brands that support good welfare. Carcass utilisation can also be a challenge. People are used to having certain cuts of meat. For example, people who eat chicken usually only want breasts, thighs and legs which means the bird isn&rsquot fully utilised and there can be wastage.

In your opinion what is the single biggest issue those in the food standards sector are battling with today?
The single biggest challenge we face is chicken. Chickens account for 90% of all farmed animals in the UK &ndash that&rsquos without including the millions of egg laying hens &ndash and face some important welfare challenges not least fast growth rates, which can cause a number of significant health issues.

We&rsquoll see chicken welfare become a major focus of animal advocacy groups across Europe over the next few years. This could present significant threats or opportunities for those in the retail and food service sector as consumers shift toward even higher expectations around the ethical treatment of animals.

For interest take a look at and for more information about joining us check out and (consumer)

Being so close to the issues and practices of animal husbandry, what would your perfect meal comprise of and why?
It would be something really simple but tasty &ndash like an RSPCA Assured ham and cheese omelette, in the knowledge the pork and eggs had come from animals that have lived a good life farmed to strict RSPCA welfare standards.

HGEM launches new guest experience platform that combines guest insight with team performance #

Guest Experience Management experts HGEM has launched &lsquoThe Hub&rsquo. A new Guest Experience Management (GEM) platform aimed at rapidly equipping managers with all the insights necessary to monitor not just the guest experience but also its relationship with the team&rsquos performance on core standards.

Recognising the important part teams play in the delivery of an exceptional guest experience, for the first time, The Hub by HGEM combines detailed operational assessments with modern guest surveys and social reviews from Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook.

The fast and easy-to-use platform offers a wide range of interactive reports, including KPIs, NPS analysis, guest journey tracking, survey and audit results, social reviews, menu performance and leaderboards.

By combining information from multiple sources, managers can quickly identify strengths and weaknesses, align service standards with guest perceptions, and make informed business decisions to drive continuous improvement.

For busy managers with multiple sites, the GEM App&rsquo is designed to provide access to key results quickly and to facilitate instant discussions.

HGEM managing director, Steven Pike, said: &ldquoWe have been measuring and assessing experiences in various ways for many years. But really effective Guest Experience Management always starts with your team. Engaging team members at an early stage, helping them to buy into the unique culture of the brand and to understand what is expected from them is vital to ensure you deliver an exceptional guest experience.

Our new offering will help managers to monitor their social reputation, listen to their guests and review team performance in detail, all in the same place. The net result is better managed guest experiences and a greater likelihood of returns and recommendations.&rdquo

The Hub which previewed at The Propel Summer Conference is available now, so for more information about The Hub&rsquos initial key features or to book a demo visit or contact HGEM on 01225 470 999.

Sodexo wins seven Stadium Experience and Hospitality Awards #

Sodexo won seven accolades at the Stadium Experience and Hospitality Awards.

Catering and hospitality teams from top rugby and football stadia across the UK and Ireland gathered for the prestigious annual awards, this year held at the American Express Community Stadium (&lsquothe Amex&rsquo), home of Brighton & Hove Albion FC.

On their home turf, the Sodexo team at the Amex won two of the awards, Best Digital Enquiry and Best Stadium Events Venue.

The Sodexo team from Everton FC won Best Match Day Hospitality &ndash Medium Stadium, silver in the Chef Team of the Year category and bronze for Overall Match Day Hospitality.

The Sodexo teams at Newcastle United FC and Hampden Park won silver and bronze respectively in the Best Match Day Hospitality &ndash Large Stadium category.

Sodexo provides catering and hospitality to stadia across the UK and Ireland, as well as a host of cultural destinations. Sodexo Prestige Venues & Events provides sales and marketing support to venues to maximise conference and events revenue.

Chris Bray, CEO sports & leisure, Sodexo UK & Ireland, said: &ldquoCongratulations to all our teams who won at the Stadium Experience and Hospitality Awards. This is recognition for the hard work and excellent level of service they provide to clients and customers in the stadia market.

&ldquoA special mention goes to the team at the American Express Community Stadium who demonstrated why they won the Best Stadium Events Venue category by putting on a fantastic evening for their industry peers.&rdquo

Sodexo defines its environmental commitments on World Environment Day #

Sodexo celebrated World Environment Day with the publication of its environmental commitments.

Environmental protection is one of the key issues which Sodexo focuses from a global and regional perspective. It acknowledges that action is critical to ensure that it, as responsible corporate citizen, do as much as it can to improve the quality of life of future generations and reduce the impact its business operations has on the environment.

Environmental management is not just a tick box exercise for Sodexo, it commits to long term aspirations, objectives and positive environmental change. It does this through the continual improvement of its ISO accredited management systems to ensure its environmental performance and compliance is in line with current and future statutory and regulatory requirements.

Rachael Mason, environmental manager for Sodexo UK & Ireland, &ldquoIt has become very clear to us that our clients want a better understanding of the environmental elements of our corporate responsibility strategy, so we set out to create one document that explained our approach, commitments, targets and actions taken in a clear and simple way.

"Not only is the management of our environmental impact important but it was also clear that we needed to clarify the relevant targets and commitments within our Better Tomorrow 2025 roadmap for them to have relevance to our clients, to support their own corporate responsibility goals.&rdquo

Through its Better Tomorrow 2025 roadmap Sodexo sets out the following environmental commitments:

- As an employer it will foster a sense of environmental responsibility within its workforce and workspaces
- As a service provider it will source responsibly and provide management services that reduce carbon emissions
- As a corporate citizen it will champion sustainable resource usage

This year the theme for World Environment Day is #BeatPlasticPollution, Edwina Hughes, Corporate Responsibility Director, Sodexo UK & Ireland explains Sodexo&rsquos approach, &ldquoPrevention is a key step in addressing the waste issue and we will always endeavour to prevent waste where we can. Last month we banned the purchase of plastic straws and stirrers and made the commitment to phase out single use plastic bags and polystyrene items such as cups, lids and food containers by 2020, this move will go some way in preventing unnecessary plastic pollution."

More information on plastic pollution can be found on the World Environment Day website:

Sodexo partners with Adam Handling for second year #

Adam will continue to support Sodexo&rsquos corporate services culinary teams, inspiring its chefs through masterclasses and providing Sodexo&rsquos clients with exquisite hospitality at special events and functions. Adam will also help develop a signature hospitality menu to complement Sodexo&rsquos workplace dining offer.

David Bailey, CEO corporate services, Sodexo UK & Ireland said, &ldquoWe are thrilled to have Adam join us again for another year. Adam&rsquos professionalism has earned him the reputation as one of London&rsquos leading chef restauranteurs. He will help our chefs develop their skills and his position as a consultant chef will undoubtedly demonstrate to our clients and customers our absolute commitment to delivering the very best in food services.

Sodexo&rsquos corporate services business delivers integrated services to leading organisations around the world. In the UK & Ireland, the segment employs over 10,000 people working in a range of corporate environments including prestigious head office locations, research and design centres, manufacturing sites and laboratories.

David Mulcahy, culinary director, Sodexo UK & Ireland, adds &ldquoIn addition to his work with our corporate services team, Adam will also continue to support our National Craft Forum with bespoke training initiatives and judging at the annual Sodexo chef of the year competition and salon culinaire event later this year. In collaboration with Adam, we share a drive to encourage young people to look at the hospitality industry as a career choice, both working with and supporting professional bodies such as The Craft Guild of Chefs and Springboard&rsquos FutureChef programme.&rdquo

Adam Handling added, &ldquoI am extremely pleased to continue my relationship with Sodexo. The company has a real drive for excellence in the food it delivers and its chefs are highly skilled. Last year I thoroughly enjoyed judging the company&rsquos internal culinary competition and its chef of the year competition. I am looking forward to working with the team again and meeting more of their talented chefs.&rdquo

Adam&rsquos culinary journey started at Gleneagles where he was the first ever trainee chef. His career from there includes winning Scottish Young Chef of the Year 2011, Scottish Chef of the Year 2015 and Newcomer Restaurant of the Year in the Food and Travel Reader Awards 2015. Adam was also awarded the British Culinary Federation&rsquos Chef of the Year in 2014, and was the youngest person to be tipped by the Caterer magazine as one of the &rsquo30 under 30 to watch&rsquo in the 2013 Acorn Awards.

The Adam Handling Restaurant Group now includes two restaurants, a deli and cocktail bar. Adam has just announced his largest venture yet, a brand new site in Hoxton, which will be the new location for his first restaurant, as well as another bar and deli opening in July. Adam was recently appointed as Executive Chef at the new Belmond Cadogan Hotel, which is due to open at the end of the year.

Sodexo chef awarded Freedom of the City of London #

A top Sodexo chef has been awarded the Freedom of the City of London.

Food innovation director David Mulcahy received the historic honour for his contribution to culinary excellence in the hospitality industry.

David is responsible for menu creation and the culinary development of some 2,500 chefs working across the UK and Ireland in workplaces, schools, universities, army barracks and providing hospitality at major events such as The Open, Henley Royal Regatta, RHS Chelsea Flower Show and Royal Ascot.

In his voluntary role as vice-president of the Craft Guild of Chefs, David organises the National Chef of the Year competition, considered the most prestigious culinary accolade in the UK.

Previous National Chef of the Year winners include Michelin-starred chefs Gordon Ramsay, David Everitt Matthias, Alyn Williams and Russell Bateman. David also co-ordinates the FutureChef competition which this year saw almost 10,500 12-16 year olds across the UK compete for the FutureChef title.

As well as organising and driving many national competitions, David has won International Culinary Olympic and World Cup Gold awards and is involved in a number of charities, particularly Stop Hunger the charity of the Sodexo Foundation.

One of the oldest surviving traditional ceremonies still in existence today, the Freedom of the City of London was first presented in 1237. Notable recipients of the honour include internet inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Dame Judi Dench and Florence Nightingale.

David&rsquos fellow Craft Guild of Chefs vice-president Steve Munkley also received the award.

David Mulcahy said: &ldquoI was delighted to receive this prestigious honour in recognition of my involvement within the hospitality industry. I have long been motivated by supporting and developing others, particularly young chef talent of which there is so much across the UK and Ireland. I am very proud of our industry and the good that it does and very proud of this recognition.&rdquo

Quality comes naturally as Essential Cuisine extends signature range #

Essential Cuisine, is updating its chef-favourite Signature Range with a sleek new look and new Shellfish Stock Reduction made with all natural ingredients. Joining an established line-up featuring natural Chicken Stock, Beef Jus, Red Wine Jus and Hollandaise sauce, the brand is confident its new look, five-strong range of stocks, sauces and jus will inspire chefs across the nation.

Made from the finest natural ingredients, the new Shellfish Stock tastes and perform like kitchen-made with no quality compromise. Ready-to-use and primed for versatility, the premium flavour offers freeze-thaw stability whilst withstanding re-heating, further increasing the convenience for chefs.
Delivering a truly authentic taste thanks to the first-class natural ingredients chosen by Essential Cuisine&rsquos brigade of development chefs, Signature Shellfish is gluten-free and can be used directly from the pack. For those that want to take things further, the base can carry any number of additional ingredients, enhancing its sheer versatility.

To celebrate the launch, the Essential Cuisine chefs have created an inspirational recipe book &ndash The Signature Collection &ndash packed with recommendations for use. Download it now at:

Jonathan Harvey-Barnes, senior business development chef, Essential Cuisine, comments: &ldquoOur Signature Range has established itself amongst chefs as the go-to premium, ready-to-use stock, sauces and jus range and so we&rsquore excited to introduce this all-natural stock to the family, extending the wealth of options we afford chefs. Versatility is always top of mind when we&rsquore developing new products, which is why we have included a dedicated recipe book to help inspire outlets into creating flavour-packed menus that work that much harder. The inclusion of only natural ingredients is a no-brainer when appealing to the sensibilities of chefs.&rdquo

Signature Shellfish Stock Reduction
A 1.5x reduced natural stock, ideal for seafood risottos and paellas whilst also being a great base for chef&rsquos own shellfish sauce. The stock reduction can be combined with Essential&rsquos Lobster Glace for a stronger flavour or mixed with the Asian Aromatic Base for a tasty alternative Asian seafood ramen.

BaxterStorey celebrates achievements of 2018’s graduates #

At an event held at the Blue Fin Building, London on Tuesday 5 June, BaxterStorey celebrated the success of the graduates of both its Graduate Programme and Advanced Management Programme. The programmes represent two of many schemes run by BaxterStorey that are designed to develop the individuals and teams that make up the company. They demonstrate the business&rsquo exceptional commitment to its employees&rsquo career progression.

The Graduate Programme
The programme was first introduced in 2011 and provides support and guidance to exceptional young people who are starting their careers in hospitality. This year, 20 talented individuals participated in and graduated from the Graduate Programme. The graduates completed 9 months of training in departments including health and safety, HR, creative thinking, kitchen management and finance. They went on to work across a number of businesses that BaxterStorey works with as well as supporting sales and new business mobilisations. Participants have graduated into a range of hospitality-focused roles within BaxterStorey.

Since its inception in 2011, BaxterStorey has taken over 90 graduates through the programme. The Graduate Programme receives over 500 applications each year, demonstrating the business&rsquo attractiveness as a positive career provider and graduates&rsquo recognition of BaxterStorey as an aspirational employer.

The Advanced Management Programme
12 employees across BaxterStorey, Holroyd Howe and Searcys took part in this year&rsquos Advanced Management Programme, which aims to develop current management colleagues who aspire to progress to senior roles within the business. The programme focuses on solid leadership and management development skills and allows participants to benefit from implementing relevant projects across the WSH businesses.

At the heart of the programme are the business development projects that participants are encouraged to support. This year a number of these projects have been successful, demonstrating the ongoing importance of each of the programme&rsquos graduates in driving business success.

Commenting on the graduates&rsquo success, BaxterStorey chairman Alastair Storey said: &ldquoI am incredibly proud of all of those employees who have achieved success through this year's two programmes. I know that future business growth depends on the development and progression of all of our teams. &ldquoFor those that have completed the Graduates Programme, their success demonstrates their enthusiasm and dedication to this industry. I look forward to welcoming them to the BaxterStorey family and to watching them grow further.

&ldquoI have been extremely impressed by all those participants on the Advanced Management Programme this year. Their achievements remind me of the many exceptionally talented employees we have, that make this business what it is. I look forward to working with them more, and to continue to watch their careers develop further.&rdquo

BaxterStorey celebrates achievements of Chef Academy’s 2018 graduates #

On 25 June at 30 Euston Square, BaxterStorey celebrated the success and achievements of its 2018 Chef Academy graduates. This year, 34 talented chefs from BaxterStorey, Searcys and Holroyd Howe completed the Chef Academy, which represents one of many programmes run by BaxterStorey that demonstrates its commitment to furthering employees&rsquo careers within the hospitality sector.

The Chef Academy was originally set up in 2003 with the aim of enabling students to progress to more senior positions within BaxterStorey. This year, over 50% of graduates have been promoted since they started the programme. It gives chefs the opportunity to train on recognised courses to secure qualifications such as NVQ 2, NVQ 3 and a BSC in culinary arts. Each course offers a wide array of opportunities including a variety of excursions, such as visiting parts of the supply chain through to teaching financial and leadership skills.

It was a wonderful evening which celebrated the progression of the chefs including the HIT MasterChef (an industry, chef apprentice competition which works with BaxterStorey) winner, Adam Leyland-Simpson and finalist, James Shaw. Chef Academy mentor, and worldfamous chef, John Campbell (who made his name &ndash and acquired two stars &ndash at the Vineyard and now runs the Woodspeen in Wiltshire), attended and spoke at the event. Having mentored five students through the BaxterStorey Food EQ programme, which teaches chefs about the field to fork supply chain, environmental impacts of food and their responsibilities as chefs to fuel their customers as sustainably as possible, John Campbell commented: &ldquoOur current Food EQ team are an amazing group of people &ndash what they have produced and how they have progressed is absolutely sensational&rdquo

John Williams MBE, executive chef at The Ritz was guest speaker at the event, and commented: &ldquoThe Chef Academy is a pure reflection of what this industry is all about: encouraging young people to join the industry and stay in the industry by nurturing them and developing them through training and ensuring that we offer them the best career opportunities. The Chef Academy is proof that education and training is key to any successful business.&rdquo

The Chef Academy graduation comes following 2018 Institute of Hospitality Awards, in which BaxterStorey was crowned Talent Development Team of the Year. Up against six other businesses, including contract caterers CH&Co, BaxterStorey were praised for their innovative approach to training and development through their award-winning academies and broad range of bespoke training programmes including the Service Academy and the Barista Academy.

BaxterStorey chairman Alastair Storey commented: &ldquoThere has been an incredible spirit among the graduates tonight &ndash the graduate chefs all represent the spirit of BaxterStorey and I truly appreciate them for that. It&rsquos so important that we care about our business, our colleagues, our customers, our clients, our supply chain, everybody who comes in contact with us. A business grows through pursuing excellence and through taking care of others. A way to push business forward is to strive, to push yourself and to take care of others along the way. The chef academy for 15 years now has been an absolute exemplar of what is good about this business and the chef graduates are great ambassadors for the business.&rdquo

11 talented individuals and teams have been honoured at the third annual BaxterStorey Awards at a ceremony at the Institute of Directors, London #

Created in 2016 to recognise exceptional talent within the UK&rsquos largest independent hospitality organisation, the prestigious event acknowledged individuals across the business, from outstanding chefs and extraordinary front of house teams to dedicated kitchen porters and rising stars.

Award categories included Chef of the Year, Rising Star Award and Kitchen Porter of the Year. The Chef Academy &lsquoEquilibrium Team&rsquo was thrilled to take home the Innovation Award for its new project looking at meat protein alternatives. Addressing the heart of how we cook, Food EQ aims to change reliance on meat and fish as a sole source of protein, introducing alternatives such as grains and pulses to become the stars of the plate.

There was also the introduction of the Community Award, as testament to the generous spirit of so many individuals who donate their time to community or charitable causes. Chef trainer Leon Seraphin of Beyond Food was announced the winner, for his dedication in training more than 1200 homeless people in the local community with basic culinary skills to support them back into employment.

In tandem with the Community Award, fundraising for Beyond Food Foundation took place throughout the evening, with guests donating an incredible £2400 to the charity which supports people who are at risk of, or have experienced, homelessness to gain meaningful employment within hospitality.

The winner of the prestigious BaxterStorey Award was announced as Adam Nossek, chef director of retail development. The award recognises an outstanding personality who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to improving the business and wider industry. During his 18 years with the company Adam has been instrumental in introducing several food concepts to give customers healthier choices including &lsquoFood with Soul&rsquo &ndash a deli range which includes flatbreads, salads and protein pots. As well as Healthy Me, 60 recipes of hot food, smoothies and treats that uses evidenced based research to avoid processed ingredients such as high levels of saturated fat, sugar or salt.

Noel Mahony,co-chief executive of BaxterStorey said: &ldquoAdam is a very worthy winner of this Award. He is someone who many look to as a mentor and has supported the development of hundreds of individuals in his career with us. His enthusiasm for food development is infectious and he has encouraged many chefs to put their idea forward, which has culminated in the creation of some of our best loved food concepts&rdquo.

Alastair Storey, chairman at BaxterStorey, said: &ldquoBaxterStorey is founded on a deep commitment to training and development. We are passionate about encouraging individuals to progress through quality training and qualifications. The Awards showcase the growing talent in our business, and we welcome the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our outstanding people over the past year who all give so much to the daily satisfaction of our customers.

"I&rsquom incredibly proud of our BaxterStorey family across the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe, and for the dedication they all give in delivering the high standards our clients and customers expect&rdquo.

To mark the momentous occasion, John Campbell, chef patron at The Woodspeen, Berkshire, created a special menu celebrating the very best in seasonal British produce. Guests enjoyed corn fed chicken, sweetcorn and tarragon stuffing, courgette, rosemary and tomato sauce. Dessert included strawberry brulé, black olive, basil ice cream, watercress and olive oil.

2018 Winners
&bull Health and Safety Champion of the Year &ndash Cheryl Edwards, General Manager &bull Chef Manager of the Year &ndash Aurelija Slikate, Catering manager &bull Front of House Star of the Year &ndash Kish Benjamin, Front of House Manager &bull Kitchen Porter of the Year &ndash David Gadsby, Kitchen Porter &bull Chef of the Year &ndash Steven Wren, Executive Chef &bull Manager of the Year &ndash Prisca Marchal, General Manager &bull Rising Star of the Year &ndash Mitchell Webb, Learning and Development Coordinator &bull Innovation of the Year &ndash Equilibrium &lsquoEQ&rsquo Business Impact Project &bull Team of the Year &ndash Louise Herridge, Operations Manager &bull Community Award - Leon Seraphin, Beyond Food &bull The BaxterStorey Award &ndash Adam Nossek, Chef Director

Inspirational chef mentor work recognised at UK industry Awards #

Hackney born chef trainer Leon Seraphin has been awarded the Community Award at a prestigious black-tie Awards evening by foodservice provider BaxterStorey.

Working for social enterprise Beyond Food, which operates out of Brigade restaurant, owned by PwC and managed by BaxterStorey, Leon has trained over 1200 homeless people in the local London community and brought 120 people into full-time employment as chefs during his 14 years as a chef trainer.

Seraphin, who was also recognised with the 2018 Rising Star Chef Mentor Award at the inaugural Hospitality and Catering Mentor Awards, was nominated for his work in helping people gain meaningful employment if they are at risk of, or have experienced homelessness.

The judges were captivated by his passion and drive to use food as a catalyst to help people out of homelessness, by equipping them with the culinary skills needed to help improve their skills in the hospitality industry, as well as giving them the emotional and practical support they need as they adjust to working life.

Ricky Wilmont, director of operations at Brigade said: &ldquoA natural life coach and trainer, Leon has a talent for seeing the best in people and helping them find their strengths. He has proven to be the perfect role model for those in vulnerable situations and has contributed to the success of a social enterprise that makes the hospitality sector about more than profit.&rdquo

BaxterStorey provides tailored hospitality services through deli operations, restaurants, cafés and executive dining rooms for a wide range of customers across the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe. Established in 2016, the BaxterStorey Awards recognise outstanding talent within the hospitality organisation.

Noel Mahony, co-chief executive at BaxterStorey, added: &ldquoThe Awards showcase the remarkable talent in our business, including Leon and the admirable job he has done in providing training to support vulnerable adults in gaining meaningful employment&rdquo.

&ldquoThis award is a real testimony to his passion, leadership and dedication.&rdquo
Leon said: &ldquoWhen you love what you do, nothing will stop you from reaching the top.&rdquo

Fleet Street Communications strengthens expertise in London & Birmingham offices #

Fleet Street Communications (FSC), the specialist hospitality, leisure, food and drink agency, has made a trio of new appointments on the back of a significant period of growth and new business wins.

The PR and communications agency, which was this year placed at no.148 in PR Week&rsquos list of the UK&rsquos top 150 communications agency, and which has offices in London and Birmingham, has bolstered its team with the addition of three seasoned PR pros: new account director Mark Teale plus account managers Harriet Evans and Laura Rogers.

The three individuals have joined the 20-strong FSC team following a period of strong growth at the start of 2018, which saw the agency win mandates from the Irish food board, Bord Bia premium bar operator Arc Inspirations guest feedback provider Feed it Back, and electronics goods specialist Casio.

Based in London, Mark has extensive experience of working in food, drinks and hospitality PR, across both consumer and trade. With a specialism in strategy and planning, he has delivered successful campaigns for big global brands such as Burger King, Heinz and Campbell&rsquos Soup, along with a number of leading alcohol brands as well as some leading-edge bar and restaurant concepts.

Also located in the London office, Harriet is highly experienced in devising and delivering campaigns across a mix of channels including social media for leading consumer brands including: BrewDog, Coca-Cola, Innis & Gunn, Pernod Ricard, New Amsterdam Vodka, SAB Miller and Ocado.

Laura, who has joined the Central Birmingham team, brings a decade of experience across a variety of sectors, having worked for large consumer and corporate brands agency side, as well as in-house for Arsenal Football Club. Joining Fleet Street&rsquos Birmingham team, she will bring a creative, content-led approach to both new and existing clients.

Mark Stretton, managing director of Fleet Street Communications, said: &ldquoWe&rsquore delighted to be able to attract these incredibly talented individuals to the team, and in doing so, further strengthen our expertise and capability. Mark, Laura and Harriet all bring a wealth and depth of different experience and will help play a big part in driving the agency forward &ndash as we build our consumer work alongside trade and corporate communications.&rdquo

St Martin and St Mary C of E Primary School named winner of the 2018 McDougalls Young Baking Team of the Year Competition #

Premier Foods announced that pupils from St Martin and St Mary C of E Primary School have been awarded the title of the 2018 McDougalls Young Baking Team of the Year. The team from Windermere, Cumbria, cooked its way to first place with its Raspberry and White Chocolate Scones, wowing judges with their mouth-watering recipe and outstanding team skills. Finely Park (aged 8), Harry Vinall (aged 9) and Alice Evans (aged 10), supported by school caterer, Nicola Hastie, visited their local farm to collect the eggs used and sourced the chocolate in the recipe from a nearby company, adhering to the locally sourced ingredients competition theme. The final took place at LACA: The Main Event on Thursday 12 July, with the five schools cooking in front of a live audience.

Sarah Robb, foodservice channel marketing manager at Premier Foods, comments: &ldquoWe couldn&rsquot wait to see the dishes that each of the five finalist schools had submitted come to life. Every year we are blown away by the standard in terms of presentation, taste and how the teams work together throughout the day. Huge congratulations to the winning school and a big thank you to all those who took part, the effort that you put into rehearsing for the finals was clearly evident in the high quality of the final dishes.&rdquo

The judges &ndash Andrew Green, representing the Craft Guild of Chefs Carol Harwood, representing LACA and Mark Rigby, executive chef at Premier Foods - had the tough challenge of choosing one overall winner from the outstanding finalists in attendance. St Martin and St Mary C of E Primary School scored highly for their impeccable attention to detail from the mini pots of jam and cream to the beautifully handmade chocolate swans. The school was awarded £1,000 worth of kitchen equipment, a prize which was presented to them by Tim Blowers, Chair of LACA, encouraging the pupils to continue their passion for high quality food and learning cookery skills.

Nicola Hastie, school chef from St Martin and St Mary C of E Primary School, commented: &ldquoI couldn&rsquot be prouder of the children, you can see such a difference in their confidence from when we first started practicing for the competition. It has really brought all of the pupils at the school together as everyone has got involved with the process and supported us. The £1,000 prize money is incredible and we&rsquore planning on using it towards kitchen equipment so we can start up a weekly cookery club from September. It&rsquos so important that the children know where their food comes from and how to prepare it and this prize will help us teach them this.&rdquo

UCC Coffee UK & Ireland COFFEEWORKS suite joins SCA global training elite #

UCC Coffee UK & Ireland&rsquos refurbished training suite, dedicated to its unique COFFEEWORKS training programme, has been named as one of the world&rsquos leading locations for training, after receiving Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Premier Campus accreditation.

Following its upgrade earlier this year, the Milton Keynes-based COFFEEWORKS suite becomes one of only six Premier Campuses in the UK. It&rsquos now the third UCC Coffee training suite globally to receive the accreditation, joining the Total Coffee Solution&rsquos Kobe and Tokyo campuses.

Gareth Davies, head of coffee excellence, UCC Coffee UK & I said: &ldquoWe developed this suite to provide the best possible platform for us to train customers and our own team. From the equipment on offer, to the flow and set-up, every detail has been considered to make it the perfect training environment. Our aim was to create the right environment for our needs. Achieving this and then being aligned with an industry recognised name this early in our journey is phenomenal.&rdquo

To be named as one of the world&rsquos leading training spaces, assessors look for sites that provide an exceptional environment alongside industry-leading courses and educational materials. Everything from the quality of equipment through to the level of lighting is reviewed through a thorough day-long assessment from the SCA. With over 40 individual factors assessed, it takes a lot to make the grade and be named a Premier Campus.

COFFEEWORKS gives operators the visibility, skills and knowledge required to serve exceptional coffee across an entire estate, every time. With its wide range of courses and unique Coffee Excellence Check, the programme makes great coffee simple.

CESA, CEDA and the FCSI host charity race day in aid of Hospitality Action #

CESA is inviting all the petrol heads of the catering world to compete at the Foodservice Industry Race Day on Thursday 13 September 2018 at Daytona Milton Keynes. The fundraising event, which is being held in support of Hospitality Action, offers the chance for drivers to bring their A-game to the go-kart track for a good cause.

Hospitality Action, the hospitality industry benevolent organisation, offers vital assistance to all who work, or have worked within hospitality in the UK and who find themselves in crisis. The event is being run by CESA in association with CEDA and the FCSI.

Equally suitable for the experienced driver and the newcomer, the Race Day is perfect for team building or as a networking event to invite customers to.

The day begins with breakfast, followed by a full briefing from circuit staff and includes all safety equipment. Then the action gets underway with practice laps to set the grid positions. Once the order of the grid has been settled, it&rsquos time for the main event: the team endurance race. Drivers from each team will line up for their stretch of the contest, taking it in turns to last the distance in this two hour endurance event.

There are prizes to be won, with accolades for the fastest lap, best team performance and more.

The cost for signing up a team of four is £750 (plus VAT), and there is no limit to the number of teams a company or organisation can enter. This fee includes equipment hire, breakfast and lunch.

Glenn Roberts, chair of CESA says, &ldquoWe are looking forward to a fantastic day of competitive fun. It&rsquos a great way to network and raise money for a good cause.

&ldquoHospitality Action provides much needed assistance to members of the industry who fall on hard times. We are delighted to be able to help spread awareness of their great work and, hopefully, to contribute to their future efforts.&rdquo

Book up a team by filling out a form at this address:

Have you considered a career as a catering equipment service engineer? #

The chefs of Britain need YOU &ndash apprenticeships provide path to fulfilling, challenging career

The life of a catering equipment service engineer is busy and fulfilling with every day presenting a new challenge &ndash that&rsquos according to the men and women currently doing the job. The Catering Equipment Suppliers Association (CESA) has launched a video series designed to encourage individuals to take up apprenticeships as catering equipment service engineers.

Perks of the Job, the first video in the Catering Service Providers Series, features an assortment of apprentices, engineers and senior staff talking about the rewards of their chosen career path.

One of the most attractive parts of the job is its variety &ndash on any day an engineer may visit a Michelin star restaurant one minute, a school the next or a huge high-street chain after that. Kenny Grace, a service engineer for warewasher specialist Winterhalter, says, &ldquoThe career really stands out if you like the freedom of working in different places.&rdquo &ldquoIt&rsquos not like a nine-to-five job, every day is different,&rdquo says Ruben Rahunathan, improver refrigeration engineer with McFT, which maintains commercial kitchens. &ldquoThe job is always fast paced,&rdquo says Kane Needs, technical manager at service company Marren.

Job satisfaction is another perk. Rob Chapman is a regional operations manager. He says, &ldquoYou go into a hospital kitchen and the oven&rsquos down, you walk out and it&rsquos fixed so everyone can eat their lunch &ndash in terms of job satisfaction, that&rsquos huge.&rdquo &ldquoYou fix something, there on the job, and you get a really good buzz,&rdquo says Laura Smiles, catering engineer with McFT.

There are a number of catering equipment service engineer apprenticeships available for anyone looking for an interesting and challenging career. CESA is happy to offer advice on next steps, and you can find more information at Perks of the Job, and the forthcoming videos in the Service Provider Series, can be found on the CESA UK Youtube channel.

Catering equipment industry is nervous about the future #

The mood of the catering equipment industry has swung dramatically from 2017 to 2018, with many more companies feeling that the economy will struggle in the next twelve months.

The latest CESA Business Barometer, which surveyed members at the end of Q1 2018, also highlights the change in priorities in terms of what businesses are most concerned about. At the end of 2017 it was price increases and inflation. Now it&rsquos reduced consumer demand.

&ldquoHeading into 2018 there was an optimism about the economy,&rdquo says Glenn Roberts, chair of CESA. &ldquoHowever, this changed significantly after Q1, with only 14% of respondents seeing a positive outlook. Nearly 50% of respondents said they thought economy would not do so well over the coming year &ndash compared to just over 20% in Q4 of 2017.&rdquo

There&rsquos less optimism around their own business prospects, too. 40% of companies are nervous or pessimistic about business turnover in the next year &ndash compared to 24% in Q4 2017.

Reduced consumer demand jumped from number five to number one in the list of major business concerns. Uncertainty over the UK&rsquos role in Europe remained at number two. Interestingly, raw materials prices dropped out of the top five altogether &ndash perhaps because by now the worst has already happened. It was replaced by the need to retain the best people.

In terms of the priorities for the UK&rsquos negotiations over Brexit, the derogation from the Working Time Directive remains respondents&rsquo number one objective, with reduction of the UK&rsquos payments to the EU budget at number two. Reduced regulations saw the biggest jump, moving from second to bottom in Q4 2017 to third from top in Q1 2018. Standards, access to skilled workers, free movement of people and access to the single market all feature as key priorities, too.

&ldquoIt&rsquos not all doom and gloom,&rdquo says Roberts, &ldquobut it&rsquos certainly a holding pattern. For example, while fewer companies expect orders from the UK and overseas markets to increase, more expect them to remain the same. The same is true of staff numbers, capital investment and R&D. We&rsquore not going backwards, but we&rsquore certainly slowing down.&rdquo

The CESA Business Barometer is a survey of CESA members, carried out every quarter, to give a snapshot of the market and business expectations for the catering equipment industry. Copies can be obtained by contacting CESA.

Compass brewing success with Barista Academy #

Compass Group UK & Ireland launched its inaugural Barista Academy, revealing the five baristas who will make up the company&rsquos elite group of coffee experts.

Selection for the Academy was conducted through a rigorous trial process, which stretched over three days, with an emphasis on technical skill, consistency and quality. Starting with over 30 entrants, Compass whittled the applicants down to ten for the final heat.

The concluding round was judged by a panel of esteemed judges including: Lauro Fioretti, World Barista Championship Judge and Product Manager at Simonelli Group, Owen Thom, Training and Quality Coordinator at Speciality Coffee Association, Gayan Munaweera, Head of Coffee Quality at UCC Coffee, and Paul Whitehead, Regional Sales Manager at BUNN UK.

The Barista Academy&rsquos Master Baristas are:
- Thales VB Pima (Restaurant Associates)
- Razvan Cojocaru (Levy UK)
- Pariwarten Nepal (Eurest)
- Sziszi Walter (Restaurant Associates)
- Sharon Trundle (14 Forty)

Compass will now progress the skills of these baristas by enrolling them onto the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) Coffee Skills Program. The baristas will have the opportunity to work towards a Diploma in Coffee and potentially working towards becoming an Accredited SCA Trainer, enabling them to spread their expert knowledge across the business&rsquo barista community by leading SCA training courses themselves.

Stephen Lovegrove, head of format (Café and Foodvenience), said: &ldquoThe standard of the Barista Academy entrants has been outstanding. They have demonstrated creativity, knowledge and expertise during this process and they are testament to the quality and skills of our baristas.&rdquo

Louise Pilkington, marketing director &ndash Compass Group UK & Ireland said: &ldquoOver the last two years we&rsquove been raising the bar in our hot beverage offers. By launching our Barista Academy, we have empowered our baristas to enhance our brands and create fantastic tasting coffee for our clients and the public.&rdquo

Sponsoring the Barista Academy are: UCC Coffee, Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino, Yew Tree Dairy, West Country Milk, Alpro UK Ltd, Brita, Hydracs, Teapigs, Continental Chef Supplies and Speciality Coffee Association.

New Culinary Director on the menu for Restaurant Associates and Levy Leisure #

Restaurant Associates and Levy Leisure have appointed esteemed chef, David Simms, as culinary director.

David has more than 20 years&rsquo experience in the hospitality industry and joins from the Corrigan Collection, where he held the position of managing director overseeing an impressive portfolio including Bentleys Oyster Bar and Corrigan&rsquos Mayfair. Prior to this, David was managing director of Simon Rogan&rsquos UMBEL Restaurant Group, where he was responsible for the restaurant estate, including Fera at Claridge&rsquos, Rogan & Co and the iconic, two Michelin star, L&rsquoEnclume.

This appointment is a return to the business for David, as he previously held the position of group hospitality executive chef at Restaurant Associates between 2005 and 2012.

Commenting on his appointment, David said: &ldquoRestaurant Associates has a rich culinary heritage, serving many of Britain&rsquos most prestigious organisations. I&rsquom looking forward to working side by side with our clients and our talented chefs to continue delivering top quality dining offers.&rdquo

David will join the executive team, taking responsibility for culinary development, supply chain and culinary training for both Restaurant Associates and Levy Leisure. He will report to Alice Woodwark, MD of Restaurant Associates and Levy Leisure.

Alice Woodwark commented: &ldquoDavid brings significant culinary kudos to our team and truly reinforces our positon as the leaders in food service and innovation. He has a wealth of Michelin Star restaurant experience, a passion for training and talent development and a genuinely innovative approach to food service. We&rsquore thrilled to welcome him back to our team.&rdquo

Restaurant Associates prides itself on creating food that is of Michelin Star quality and serving it to clients that range from banking organisations to boutique law firms and independent media agencies. Levy Leisure is the official catering partner at renowned cultural, historical and visitor attractions in the UK from Somerset House, IWM Duxford, to Salisbury Cathedral, world-famous Glyndebourne Festival and Edinburgh Zoo. Both are part of Compass Group UK & Ireland.

Compass cooks up double success at Craft Guild of Chefs Awards #

It was a double win for Compass Group UK & Ireland at the Craft Guild of Chefs Awards 2018 with two of its chefs receiving awards. Seen as the Oscars of the culinary industry, this year&rsquos ceremony, which took place at Grosvenor House Hotel, London, once again shone a light on the UK&rsquos most talented chefs.

Faye De Souza, former apprentice chef and now Chef De Partie at Restaurant Associates, was awarded the Young Chef Award for her continued approach to the development of her career while still significantly supporting others within the kitchen and wider Restaurant Associates business.

Allan Blackmore, culinary director, Sport, Confex and Arenas, Levy UK, took home the Banqueting & Event Chef Award, being recognised for his work in the development and growth of the sports and leisure market through sound management and a great culinary presence.

James Larkins, group executive chef at University of Oxford, Chartwells, was also nominated for the Contract Catering Chef Award.

Allan Blackmore, winner of the Banqueting & Event Chef Award, said: &ldquoA lot of effort goes in to ensuring we offer our customers the very best catering and hospitality experiences across our portfolio, so our hard work and achievements being acknowledged in this way is really fantastic.&rdquo

Faye De Souza, winner of the Young Chef Award, commented: &ldquoAt Restaurant Associates, I am lucky to work with some highly talented people. I would like to thank my Head Chef Adam Thomason, for constantly driving me forward. I&rsquom really proud of this achievement and look forward to my continued culinary journey.&rdquo

In addition to her Young Chef Award, Faye was also crowned Compass Group UK & Ireland&rsquos Junior Chef of the Year in October 2017 and helped Restaurant Associates take first place at the Association of Catering Excellence&rsquos (ACE) annual Ready Steady Cook competition the month before.

Medirest Dietitian named British Dietetic Association Award winner #

Medirest dietitian, Helen Ream, has been awarded the Ibex Honour from the British Dietetic Association (BDA), for her contribution to the second edition of its &lsquoNutrition and Hydration&rsquo Digest. The event was held on 19th June in Birmingham, to celebrate the achievements of some of the UK&rsquos most accomplished food and nutrition professionals.

Five years after the BDA launched its successful Digest, Helen led the update and review of the comprehensive document, which replaces the original as one of the five key papers forming national hospital food standards in England.

Launched in 2017, key changes to the Digest included updated recommendations such as information about the latest Hospital Food Standards and the introduction of a new chapter about Health and Wellbeing for staff and visitors in the NHS.

Sian O&rsquoShea, Chairman of the BDA commented: &ldquoHelen leading on the updates to the Digest was a hugely important piece of work that sets the standards for, and informs the industry. We are very grateful to her for her valuable contribution and for imparting her knowledge and expertise in this area.&rdquo

Helen Ream, Medirest Dietitian, commented: &ldquoIt&rsquos been an honour to lead such an important piece of work. To receive this award is testament to the efforts the working group put in. The fact that I was nominated by my profession&rsquos peers makes this award very special.&rdquo

Helen has been a Dietitian for 25 years and until 2014, had roles within the NHS. She joined Medirest, Compass Group UK & Ireland&rsquos healthcare division, in 2015 and during this time, she has worked with its Care Home teams to support and enhance nutritional care for residents in this setting.

In addition to receiving this prestigious award, Helen and fellow Medirest Dietitians, Maxine Cartz and Lisa Baker, were all named on the BDA&rsquos Roll of Honour. The list recognises and rewards its members who have contributed significantly to a defined piece of work in the past 12 months.

Nisbets announces strong performance in catering equipment sector #

Nisbets, the UK&rsquos largest supplier of catering and kitchen equipment announced sustained year on year growth figures for 2017, but warns of sector headwinds as wider economic conditions tighten.

Nisbets has continued to lead in the UK market and has seen double-digit growth in their key international markets. This coupled with full year contributions of acquisitions made during 2016, has helped Nisbets achieve YoY sales growth of +18 % and a strong profit before tax position in 2017.

Building on success to date, Nisbets will continue its forward thinking approach to improving the wider business&rsquo capabilities by focusing on customer satisfaction and service, continued development of their broad product range, together with an investment in people and systems capability.

Klaus Göldenbot, group CEO at Nisbets said &ldquoThe health of our latest financial report gives us even greater conviction in our ability to deliver best in class service to our customers, while realising sustainable growth for our business. Whilst the industry faces an ever-increasing set of challenges, amid nationwide economic uncertainty and tougher trading conditions.

It is our goal at Nisbets, to sustainably invest in our systems, product innovation and employee expertise to deliver the best service and support we can. Our team and our products all continue to add value to our customers for a more optimistic and stronger industry of the future.

By listening to our customers&rsquo needs and collaborating with our supplier partners, stakeholders and the opinion formers within industry trade bodies and associations, we can start to consider Nisbets&rsquo longer-term strategy. In today&rsquos market, no business can afford to rest on its laurels only those that holistically invest, analyse their internal beliefs and re-strategize, will stand the test of time.

Whatever lies ahead, foodservice remains one of the most dynamic and exciting industries in the UK, as well as making a significant contribution to our nation&rsquos economy and at Nisbets we aim to be central to its on going development and success&rdquo.

Exclusive Polar Refrigeration offer is helping to keep back and front of house cool this summer #

Dedicated to supporting operators during the busy summer period Polar Refrigeration has launched guaranteed next day delivery on its entire refrigeration range. Coupled with price discounts of up to £140, this offer available exclusively through Nisbets, is one that operators can&rsquot afford to miss.

Understanding the increased pressure put on operators during warmer weather, Polar Refrigeration is keen to ease the burden faced by out of home venues, whether that&rsquos through additional chilled drinks displays or increased chilled capacity back of house to help supply demand.

Commercial director, Richard Cromwell, comments: &ldquoOur product portfolio offers operators a huge amount of versatility from back bar displays and blast chillers to 1,200ltr capacity double door uprights. We want to work closely with our customers and understand that when additional cold storage is required they can&rsquot afford to wait. We know that a reliable and efficient service is crucial to our customers and we continue to look at ways in which we can offer added value.

In addition to our guaranteed next delivery, our delivery team will position, unwrap any new unit and remove all packaging, meaning that operators can be up and running quickly without any additional time or financial costs&rdquo.

The majority of Polar Refrigeration&rsquos range is available in hydrocarbon versions helping operators satisfy their CSR and sustainability policies.

Polar Refrigeration&rsquos summer offer includes guaranteed next day delivery when ordered before 8pm, two man delivery to ground floor, position and unwrapping of new units. The offer is available until 30th August 2018.

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