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Beef steak with hot green bean salad, with tomatoes and potatoes

Beef steak with hot green bean salad, with tomatoes and potatoes

Bring the meat to room temperature. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, wash the potatoes well and cut into 1 cm cubes. Cut the tomatoes in half, peel the beans, remove the pips from the olives (if necessary) and chop, grind the garlic and chop the oregano.

Add salt, pepper and a little oil over the potatoes and mix well. Transfer to a tray suitable for the oven and bake on the top shelf of the oven for 25-30 minutes.

Heat a little oil in a pan over high heat to medium and add the beans. Saute for 4-5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add a little water if needed. Add salt, pepper and tomatoes and leave for another 3 minutes. Add oregano and garlic, cook for another minute, then transfer to a large bowl.

Heat a double-bottomed skillet over high heat with a little oil. Add the steak and fry for 3-4 minutes on each side, turning it after every minute. In the last 2 minutes, add the butter. For the well-done steak, leave 2 minutes on each side. Let it rest for 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, add the potatoes over the beans and tomatoes, along with the olives and balsamic vinegar. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cut the steak into strips, sprinkle with salt and pepper and serve with hot salad and butter left in the pan in which the steak was cooked.

Green bean zacusca for winter

I like to prepare all kinds of preserves for the winter, zacusca recipes, jam, pickles, syrups, homemade liqueurs and this recipe for delicious bean zacusca is one of them.

I love Mashed vegetables of any kind and I prepare all kinds of wonders, I do Mashed vegetables from anything. & # 128578 Let me tell you green bean zacusca recipe, see how good it is. You will remember me! And it will be fine. & # 128539

Below you can find other recipes with green beans, pod beans, I prepare it in many ways:

What do we need for the green bean zacusca recipe for winter?

  • 1 kg tender green beans
  • 1 kg onion
  • 2-3 carrots
  • 1 kg of red bell pepper, kapia or donuts
  • 1 l thick tomato juice
  • salt
  • pepper
  • pepper
  • 100 ml oil
  • 1-2 celery leaves
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 2 cloves of garlic

Diet of a person with blood type ab4

The AB4 blood group is less than a thousand years old is rare (2-5% of the population.) And biologically complex. It does not fit well into any of the categories. Multiple antigens make them those with blood group AB4 to be sometimes similar to gr. blood A, sometimes with gr. blood B and sometimes a fusion of both.

Those with AB4 blood type are often stronger and more active than blood-weighted A people who are sedentary. with gr.sanguina B inhabitants of the steppes.


For weight loss you should restrict your intake of meat by consuming small amounts that can be supplemented with vegetables and tofu.

Foods that promote weight loss:

TOFU Supports metabolic efficiency

MARINE FOOD Sus & # 539in efficiency metabolic

DAIRY PRODUCTS Improves production

GREEN VEGETABLES Improves efficiency


In terms of weight gain, those with AB4 blood type reflect the mixed inheritance of the A & # 537i B genes. Sometimes this means special problems. meat products do not have enough gastric acid to metabolize them efficiently and they tend to be stored as fat.

Foods that promote weight gain

CARNEA RO & # 536IE Poorly digested

GREAT BEANS Inhibits insulin efficacy

LIMA BEANS It slows down your metabolic rate

SEMIN & # 538E Causes hypoglycemia

MAIZE Inhibits insulin efficiency

BUCKWHEAT Causes hypoglycemia

WHEAT Inhibits insulin efficiency.

Meat and poultry products

Avoid all smoked or canned meat products. These foods can cause gastric cancer in people with low gastric acid levels, a common feature with those in blood type A.


There is a wide variety of seafood for those with blood type AB4, these being an excellent source of protein. Those in blood group AB4 have in common with blood group A susceptibility to breast cancer. In case of hereditary collateral history of breast cancer it is recommended to introduce dietary snails.



In the case of dairy products, those with blood group AB4 can be identified with blood group B. Dairy products are beneficial, especially prepared products such as yoghurt, kefir and sour cream, which are easier to digest. Eggs are a very good source of protein for those with AB4 blood type. Although they are very rich in corals and those with AB4 blood type have some susceptibility to heart problems, research has shown that the most common culprits are It is not foods that contain cholesterol, but rather saturated fats.








Those with AB4 blood type should use olive oil instead of animal fats, hydrogenated vegetable fats or other vegetable oils. Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat that is thought to help lower blood cholesterol.


Walnuts and seeds present a mixed picture for those with AB4 blood type. Eat them in small amounts and with caution. Although they can be a good source of extra protein, all seeds contain them. lecithins with insulin inhibitory effect, which makes them problematic for those with blood group B. On the other hand, they have in common with blood group A preference for peanuts, which are a strong support for the immune system.




Lentils are an important anticancer food for those with blood type AB4, although they are not recommended for those with blood type B. In particular, lentils are known to contain antioxidants and antineoplastic agents. , large beans & lima beans, which slow down the production of insulin in those with blood group A, have the same effect as those with blood group AB4.








Guidelines for those in blood group AB4 favor both recommendations for blood group A and those for blood group B. In general, cereals, even wheat, will do you good, but you should limit your consumption of wheat. , because the inner core of the bean is particularly acidifying for those with blood group AB4.

Limit your intake of germs and wheat bran once a week. Crushed oatmeal and soybeans, millet, potato flour, crushed rice and soybeans are beneficial grains for the group. blood AB4, but hri & # 539i and corn must be avoided.



The guidelines for the AB4 blood type regarding the consumption of bread and brioche are similar to those for cereals and grains. They are generally favorable foods, but if you have a secretion of mucus or are # 539and overweight, whole wheat is not recommended. Soy and rice flour are good substitutes.




Cereals and pasta

Blood type AB4 has beneficial effects with a diet rich in rice rather than pasta, although you can eat semolina pasta or spinach pasta once or twice a week.

Avoid corn and wheat and replace them with oats and rye. Limit your consumption of wheat and wheat germ once a week.




Fresh vegetables are an important source of phytochemicals, natural substances in foods that play a role in preventing cancer and heart disease, diseases that affect those with blood type A and B more often, as a result of certain systems. weaker immune system.





Those with blood type AB4 are largely intolerant and prefer blood type A for certain fruits. Focus on more alkaline fruits such as grapes, plums and berries, which can help. to balance cereals, which are acid-generating in the muscle tissues. Those with AB4 blood type are not recommended to eat certain tropical fruits - especially mango & guava. But pineapple is an excellent digestive aid for those with AB4. Oranges should also be avoided, although they may be among your favorites. Because vitamin C is an important antioxidant, especially in preventing gastric cancer, eat other fruits rich in vitamin C, such as it would be grapefruit or kiwi.



Those with AB4 blood type should start each day with a glass of warm water, mixed with the freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon and help eliminate elimination. Continue with a glass of diluted grapefruit or papaya juice.

Focus on high-alkaline fruit juices such as black cherries, apples or grapes.


Sea salt & kelp should be used instead of salt. Their low sodium content is an important aspect for the AB4 blood group and kelp has great positive effects on the heart and immune system. Avoid pepper altogether because it is acidic. # 539i lemon juice with oil & # 537and herbs season vegetables or salads.

Avoid all pickled spices due to susceptibility to gastric cancer. Avoid ketchup, which contains vinegar.


Herbal tea should be used by those with AB4 blood type to stimulate the immune system and build protection against cardiovascular disease and cancer. Burdock, muffin and echinacea are strengthening the immune system. Hawthorn & licorice root are very beneficial for the health of the cardiovascular system. Green tea has excellent positive effects on the immune system. Dandelion teas, burdock root & head leaves will help absorb iron and prevent salt from anemia.



Red wine is good for those with AB4 blood type due to its positive effects on the cardiovascular system. It is believed that a glass of red wine every day reduces the risk of heart disease in both men and women.

Mely's World

I posted the Carbonade recipe some time ago, in the chart you can see exactly the part that is used, it is the numbers 26 and 27 and in the case of today's recipe, as I said above, it is number 5. I hope it will help you. Here you can also find the details

Ok let's move on to the recipe because I've listed enough.

    • In a bowl, mix all the ingredients for the marinade, place the meat inside completely covered with the marinade and leave it for at least 2 hours or overnight. Turn it over at least once.

  • Remove the meat from the cold 20 minutes before cooking and place it on a slightly inclined plate to drain the extra oil. It is important, otherwise when you cook it it will not be hot except outside, especially if you want it "blue" or "bloody" I left the spices on it.
  • Put a pan on medium heat and add the butter when it has heated up.
  • When it becomes frothy and slightly brown on the edges of the pan, add the meat and fry it at big fire (almost maximum - if for example the maximum would be 10 fry it at 8.5-9) depending on how you prefer it. (see details below)
  • If you do not marinate, season the meat with salt and pepper on one side and place it in the pan with the spiced side down. Then season the top.

- NOT prick the meat with a fork when you turn it over. Use pliers. If you still use a fork, try to grab it by a corner. If the steak is pierced by the fork, it will lose all its juice inside.
- Meat he returns only once maximum 2, in case you realize late that you fried it too little on the first part! If you turn it over several times you risk having a hard steak.
In general, there are 4 ways to prepare
- fry about 1 minute per centimeter thick, so depending on the steak fry it for the corresponding minutes - for a 2 cm steak as in my case as follows:

    rarely or Blue - (the meat remains raw inside with blood), made only on the outside: leave it between 40 seconds and one minute on each side
    Medium rare or Bleeding - it is made in half, the inside remains raw, pale pink inside (it has only a little blood): leave it on each side for two minutes

    Medium or A point, remains pink inside (no blood at all): leave it on each side for three minutes

    Done or Well done it's the last choice, if you don't want burnt meat like a tire. The meat is completely done, in this case it is no longer pink but a gray-brown color. Leave it on each side for 4 minutes.

  • When ready, remove the meat to a plate and cover with aluminum foil. Let it rest for 3 minutes.

That's how we make a perfect steak, again if anyone prefers it more than that as I said above, I recommend them to eat something else. chicken, pork, geese or whatever else he likes because he throws his money on beef in vain if he buys something of quality.

Green bean salad like my wife does

As green beans appeared on the market in the fall, it's time for a green bean salad.

You buy green, wide beans from the market (tucara beans also work, that's why it's long and thin). Clean it of any threads and wash it in more water. Be careful not to have large berries in the sheath.

Put a pot of boiling water, in which you add a tablespoon of salt. When the water boils, put the chicken and green beans to boil, approx. 20 minutes, until the sheath softens.

Strain the boiled beans through a sieve and leave it for 15 seconds under a stream of cold water, then drain. While the beans are hot, add a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, pepper, a teaspoon of mustard, a pinch of sweet and hot paprika. Beat the mixture with a fork until it becomes slightly cloudy. Add sliced ​​garlic and finely chopped green parsley. Mix the composition and cover the bowl, then let it soak for about 30 minutes, so that the miasmas penetrate.

It goes with grilled chicken steak and french fries (steak and steamed potatoes). A red wine & # 8211 The power of the bear increases the appetite and accentuates the miasmas, which intoxicate the nostrils.



A feast, an ordinary meal, or a fleeting confrontation of a few gastronomic products of a people is a first and thorough probe thrown into his life and history. Let's not forget how important gastronomy was and has in the exchange of people's goods, their proximity and knowledge.

Just as the chef who does not know how to produce, in addition to the "universal" assortments and various (if possible all) food specific to a place or, sometimes, a locality, is in vain in the work, so is the traveler who does not try to know and even to initiate in the gastronomy data of the places through which it passes loses a large part of the flavor of the life with which it comes in contact, willingly gives up a pleasant opportunity to meditate on the variety of world views.

Here is how, meditating, even in the past, on some of the meanings of gastronomy, we deduce a general picture of the very existence of welcoming and decent people, attentive to those of the body, but not enslaved to them, moderately inventive and always close to their natural cradle.

This human chain, which is the gastronomy of a significant chapter of the interferences between culture and civilization and a negligible ethical and aesthetic test, reveals itself as an ally of man and a faithful servant of his when approached in full knowledge of the facts.


FRIPTURILE are culinary dishes with a complex structure, with nutritional value, with special taste and presentation qualities, which gives them an important place in the menu.

a) When grilling: put pork fillets on the grill

b) Grilled: beef steaks with egg

c) In the oven (the tray): put the pork meat pulp in the tray in Frankfurt

d) In the pan: tochitura snitel pane pork chop with spicy sauce

e) At protap: lamb chicken rabbit over

SEALS are culinary preparations that accompany or complement other preparations in order to increase their nutritional and gustatory value to stimulate their consumption.

a) From vegetables: - fried - straw potatoes

c) From pasta: - macaroni and butter

The gaskets can be prepared by the following technical treatments:

1.1.3. SALADS : are culinary preparations that are part of the menus characterized by: low caloric value, easy digestibility due to cellulose content, appearance and bright color influencing the appetite and high content of mineral substances and vitamins from vegetables.

a) From raw vegetables: - lettuce

b) From cooked vegetables: - baked pepper salad

c) From combined vegetables: - Russe salad

- Oriental summer salad

d) From boiled vegetables: - cauliflower salad


MEAT - is the edible muscle tissue in the body of pigs, sheep, cattle, game and birds.

Meat is not a source of carbohydrates, instead in it we find Proteins 14-20% (carnizone) and lipids 3% fat, water 50-70%, vitamins, mineral salts 1-2%, phosphorus, magnesium, sulfur, sodium .

It has a softer consistency than beef

Light pink color, white fat

Depending on the fattening condition it can be:

Developed muscle fiber

It has a marbled appearance depending on the breed and fattening status

Red color of different shades depending on age

The tuber is the thickened part of the stem of the plant where reserve substances accumulate (example: starch).

Potatoes have a higher nutritional value than root vegetables.

VARIETIES: -early yellow, summer pink, autumn pink, etc.

They have an elongated shape, the surface covered with hairs

Cucumbers have a green color with a white core

The shape and size depends on the variety

Cucumbers have a high percentage of water

VARIETIES: - Delicate, Chinese, etc.

Tomatoes are appreciated for their sweet and sour taste and attractive appearance

It contains a pigment called carotene

Tomatoes have vitamins: A, B, C, E.

VARIETIES: - Aurora, Dutch, etc.

v The cabbage is eaten by the leaves

v Cabbage can be white, red, created

v Rice has low biological value

v Low in cellulose, very low in sodium, it does not contain superior proteins

v By boiling the rice changes its weight structure, increases its volume and becomes tasty

v It is associated with various foods rich in higher proteins (example: meat, milk, eggs, etc.)

It is added in culinary products for taste

It is indispensable for metabolism because it is the source of stomach acid formation

The salt must have a crystalline, fine appearance, odorless smell, salty taste, white color.

Salt is used in food and in the canning industry (example: vegetables, meat, etc.)

The oil is part of the group of vegetable-liquid fats

It is obtained by processing sunflower seeds or fritters

Refined sunflower oil

Vegetable oils do not contain cholesterol.

Vinegar is obtained by fermenting wine

The color of vinegar is colorless or white-yellow, the taste is sour, odor characterized by acid

Vinegar is used in various dishes

Artificial vinegar is used only in cans

Spices are products that are used as raw materials to add to culinary prairies, to give them a characteristic taste and smell.

PEPPER - is a tropical plant from which the fruit is used

BOIA is obtained by grinding the peppers to full maturity

MUSTAR is obtained by grinding the seeds of the plant with the same name flour resulting from mixing with vinegar or wine, salt, tarragon, sugar, pepper

DAFIN SHEET represents the leaves of a shrub called Dafin

CUISOARA represents the dried flower buds of the tree of the same name

CINEMA is a dry and twisted bark obtained from the fine branches of the Cinnamon tree

CHIMEN is the seed of a plant, with a very aromatic specific taste


They are culinary preparations obtained by grilling pieces of meat of different sizes or whole pieces (birds, game, lamb, piglet). The meat is exposed on the grill, with the help of the classic grill or it is exposed on the grill of the roaster.

Roast steak is most often requested by consumers of all ages.

Simple T: different species of meat are used to obtain them

Assorted teas: in addition to meat, add liver, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, peppers, bacon

The steak is mounted on a hot plate or on a wooden plate, the meat being accompanied by various garnishes.

The steaks are served hot.

They are culinary preparations obtained by grilling meat. The best steaks are obtained on a charcoal grill, because, once the heat is transmitted, a small amount of pyrolignic acid is released, which gives the steak a pleasant aroma.

Because they have a short preparation time, they are frequently requested in public catering units.

The steaks are mounted on a hot plate or hot plate, the meat being accompanied by different garnishes.

Serve hot with the sauce separately in the saucepan


They are culinary preparations obtained from large pieces of meat or whole pieces (piglet, game). The meat is processed in the oven. Under the action of radiation, the processes of roasting outside and the deep cooking of the meat take place at the same time.

Portioning the steak is done after 20 minutes from the end of the thermal processing, in order to avoid the meat being crushed when cutting.

The portioning of the meat is done on a hot plate, accompanied by different garnishes, and the sauce is served separately in the saucepan.

Stuffed beef muscles

They are culinary preparations obtained from slices of meat exposed to the process of sautéing, a process of thermal processing that consists in the rapid frying of sausage meat, in a small amount of fat, heated to 160 degrees Celsius.

Modern procedures introduced in gastronomy replace frying in a saucepan, by putting the meat in a Teflon pan, without fat.

The meat is mounted on a hot plate with different garnishes.

The sauce is served separately in the sauce.


The technique of serving steaks

Serving with tongs:

It is practiced when the steaks are sliced ​​and mounted on the kitchen or grill tray and are accompanied by garnishes.

I brought the plate to the table on my forearm and left palm with the anchor

The pliers are placed on the plate with the handle towards the waiter

Serving is done on the left side of the customer, in large, stretched, warm plates, which are placed on the table beforehand.

The pliers are used to place the steak trench on the plate on the edge closest to the customer

The gaskets are placed on the opposite side

It is practiced in the case of assorted cold steaks (asietteanglaise) and in the case of assorted hot steaks (mixeggrille).

The plate is offered on the left side of the client, the pliers being directed towards the client, giving him the possibility to serve himself

After the plate has been offered to all people and it is left over from the assortment of hot steaks, the plate is placed on the spirits to keep it warm, and will be offered once again after consuming the previously served

It is used in the case of steaks prepared in large pieces (grilled chicken, breaded pork muscles) to be sliced ​​and portioned in front of consumers.

For these operations are used:

Grooved shredder on the edges

A knife and a special fork

The plate on which the steak with the garnish is mounted is brought on the left forearm and palm, over the folded anchor

A napkin is placed on the table under the tray

Fix the preparation with a fork, cutting with a very sharp knife

The obtained tranches are placed on the plate next to the gaskets, serving according to the direct system

The plate placed on the table top through the right side of the consumer, on the support plate where we place a napkin to avoid the plate slipping while cutting the meat slice

The plate is placed with the customer-oriented steak tranche and the emblem towards the inside of the table top

Served by two workers:

It is practiced when the steaks were mounted from the section on the plate and the space does not allow (the table is placed next to a support column)

Serving is done with tongs

The technique of serving the gaskets

v They are brought to the kitchen, on the same inventory items on which the meat dish was mounted

v Only in exceptional cases are they brought separately, when the quantity and number of assortments are too large

v For a meat dish, as a rule, three assortments of garnish of different colors and with the most similar consistency are served EX EXAMPLE: french fries. sautéed green peas and pilaf

v The service is made with the help of the tongs formed by the spoon and the fork on the left side of the customer

v The gaskets are mounted from right to left, towards the edge of the plate with the emblem

v We must be careful that the mounting on the plate is so that the gasket assortments do not mix with each other and are as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

3.3. The technique of serving salads

The salad bowls are brought to the table in one or four serving salad bowls before serving the steaks

One-serving salad bowls are brought on a tray or plate, depending on the number of consumers, held on the forearm and left hand covered with the folded anchor

It is placed on the table top without support, on the left side of each consumer, at a distance of 2 3 cm. From the teeth of the big fork

The large four-serving salad bowls are brought on a large flat plate and placed on the table, at a distance accessible to customers, to serve themselves.

Large salad bowls are accompanied by special salad cutlery, tongs made of teaspoon and fork

The service is performed by the consumer's right, the waiter having the anchor developed on the left palm.


The waiter comes to the table, through the right side of the client, with his right foot in front, slightly founded, warns the client asking permission to get rid of.

If the cutlery is left on the table supported by the edge of the plate, the waiter places the fork on the left and the knife (with the blade under it) on the right with the right hand.

The plate rises with the right hand on which the deployed sitter was placed.

Go to the left and pass the plate in your left hand, between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger.

The success of a good disposal depends on how we place the first cutlery on the plate.


Lift the first plate, proceeding in the same way as disposing of a single plate.

The waiter moves to the left, next to the client, taking care not to stain it and places the plate on the forearm of his left hand and the thumb, supporting it underneath with the ring and little finger.

Pass the knife next to the first and with the fork you can pass remnants of the second in the first plate, then placing the fork next to the other.


It is recommended if there are some leftover food.

He raises the first plate with his right hand, asking permission, withdraws to the left, next to the client, passes it in his left hand, catching it with his thumb, forefinger and middle finger.

Go to the left and lift a third plate, which you place on the upper edge of the second and the forearm of the left hand, place the knife in the plate, chain the others, and with the help of the fork, pass any leftovers in the plate, then place fork next to the others in the first plate.

It is recommended that in this system, the plates be transported directly to the office.

It is NOT recommended to dispose of several plates at once (4-5 large stretches)


T Fork can be made from tinned hotel or from stainless hotel with wooden handle that is used to turn the steaks at the time of frying

T Plateau can be made of stainless steel

T Wooden countertop can be made of wood or plastic

T Castroanele they are of different sizes and are made of plastic or stainless steel

T Steak cutting knife has a blade of 170 350 mm. and is made of stainless steel

4.2.1. Gas cooking machine

It is built of a metal frame, provided at the top with cast iron hobs, supported on a metal frame. The hobs can be heated independently, as can the ovens. Starting from the central pipe, the pipes branch off, supplying each burner with methane gas, the machine being provided with the possibility of igniting each burner separately.

4.2.2. Electric cooking machine

It is increasingly requested, due to the many advantages it has, namely:

  • It does not require large investments in installation
  • The electric cars are provided with bumpers, between the bar and the hob leaving an isolated space of 20 mm.


The cooking machines require a permanent maintenance, both for ensuring the operation in good conditions of the machine, and for observing the sanitary norms in force.

Plitele se curata cu o perie de sarma , cuptoarele in interior se curata cu cu peria si se sterg cu o carpa , zilnic , dupa terminarea lucrului .

La masinile de gatit cu combustibil gazos se verifica vizual arderea corecta a flacarii . Daca in bucatarie se simnte miros de gaze sau daca arderea nu se face normal , se iau urmatoarele masuri :

Inchiderea imediata a tuturor robinetelor de admisie

Deschiderea ferestrelor si a usilor

Chemarea de urgenta a mecanicului de intretinere

Ridicarea de pe masina de gatit a vaselor de greutate mare ( peste 20 kg ) se face cu toata atentia , in mod obligatoriu de catre doua persoane .

La masina de gatit elecrica periodic se verifica starea intrerupatoarelor de curent si stabilirea plitelor electrice .


Pentru a se pregati mai repede carnea de vita, o vom taia fasii potrivit de mari, asezonata cu sare, piper si tavalite prin faina alba, apoi scuturate si puse la sotat ( nu prajit) pentru cateva minute( 5-10), intorcandu-le in mod constant, intr-o cratita cu fund dublu ( pentru a nu se prinde mancarea si capata gust amarui si folosita pana la final ) cu ulei incins.

Acestea se vor scoate pe un platou in asteptare, iar in uleiul ramas, punem ceapa pe care am curatat-o, taiat-o fideluta, amestecand continuu pana devine translucida.

Fasolea verde fideluta pe care am curatat-o de codite si spalat-o in apa calduta, o adaugam peste ceapa, acoperind-o cu apa calduta si o lasam sa fiarba inabusit (acoperita cu un capac) to foc domol pana va deveni aldente ( nu inmuiata prea mult, deoarece o vom pune si la cuptor impreuna cu carnea de vitel ), apoi o asezonam cu sare, piper, mararul tocat fin si adaugata pasta de tomate ( aproape de final ) circa 30 minute.

a vas Jena rotund ( capacitate de 24 cm diametru ) punem alternativ fasole verde fideluta cu sosul format si fasiile de carne de vitel, adaugand si vinul alb sec.

Rosiile spalate si taiate felii, le vom adauga deasupra, apoi introducem vasul in cuptorul preincalzit la 175 grade, pentru 30-35 minute ( pana va scadea din sos si carnea va fi mai moale).

Cand vasul se va scoate din oven, preparatul ajuns la final, se va decora cu patrunjel proaspat taiat.

Candy in a calendar box

Chocolate fruit bouquet

Chocolate Basket

Box of 4 chocolate hearts

Fasolea verde fideluta cu carne de vita, se va servi cu paine calda scoasa din cuptor si salata de legume.

Retete carne de vita

Carne de vita cu ciuperci

  • 800 g carne de vita
  • 300 g ciuperci
  • doua cepe
  • doua lingurite cu faina
  • 50 ml oil
  • 50 ml bulion
  • un paharel cu vin alb
  • o cana cu zeama de carne
  • o legatura de patrunjel
  • salt

Durata : 90 minute Sfat : Se serveste fierbinte.
Felul : 1
Portii : 6 Bautura : Cabernet Sauvignon

Carne de vitel cu legume

  • 2 onions
  • 250 g carrots
  • 1 dovlecel mare
  • 100 g ciuperci
  • 500 g carne de vitel ( pulpa )
  • 4 linguri de ulei de floarea-soarelui
  • 150 ml supa ( instant )
  • 1 lingura smantana
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 lingura patrunjel

Durata : preparare : cca. 15 minute prajire : 10 minute
Felul : 2
Portii : 4

Chiftele de dovlecei cu carne

  • 500 g carne tocata amestec ( vita si porc )
  • a carrot
  • doi dovlecei
  • doua oua
  • o ceapa mare
  • o cana de pesmet
  • salt
  • pepper
  • parsley
  • oil
  • piure de legume
  • muraturi

Durata : o ora Sfat : Se servesc cu piure de legume si cu muraturi.
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Vin rosu de buturuga

  • 800 g carne de vita
  • a carrot
  • an onion
  • o albitura
  • doua rosii
  • leustean
  • 500 ml bors
  • smantana
  • un ardei iute

Durata : o ora Sfat : Se serveste cu smantana si ardei iute.
Felul : 1
Portii : 4 Bautura : Vin alb de buturuga

File provencal de vitel

  • 600 g file de vitel
  • 2 linguri suc de lamaie
  • 1 lingura ulei de masline
  • 2 onions
  • un ardei gras rosu si unul galben
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 200 g rosii taiate cubulete
  • sugar
  • 1 fir de rozmarin
  • o foaie de dafin

Durata : 20 minute Sfat : Ca garnitura va recomand piure de cartofi.
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Cabernet Sauvignon

Friptura cu salata de gulii

  • o jumatate de kg carne de vita
  • 3 gulii
  • 4 linguri cu ulei
  • salt
  • maioneza

Durata : o ora Sfat : Se poate servi si cu maioneza
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Cabernet Sauvignon

Friptura de vita cu sos de ardei

  • cate un ardei gras galben , rosu si verde
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 200 ml supa ( instant )
  • 100 ml vin alb
  • 300 g paste late
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 4 fripturi de vita ( a 180 g )
  • 2 linguri unt topit
  • 1 lingurita pasta de rosii
  • 150 ml smantana
  • thyme

Durata : 30 minute Sfat : Presarati deasupra cu cimbru.
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Cabernet Sauvignon

  • 2 onions
  • 500 g potatoes
  • 200 g morcovi
  • 1 telina
  • 600 g gulas vita
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 1 varf de cutit de piper de Cayenne
  • 2 linguri faina
  • 1 foaie de dafin
  • 1 conserva de rosii in su propriu , deojite ( 425 ml )
  • 1 lingura concentrat pentru supa
  • 600 g mazare congelata

Durata : 30 minute
Felul : 2
Portii : 4

Iahnie cu carne de vita

  • 500 g de fasole alba
  • 300 g carne de vita
  • an onion
  • o lingura cu bulion
  • o lingura cu sare
  • pepper
  • 50 g ulei
  • castraveti murati

Durata : 90 minute Sfat : Se serveste cu castraveciori murati.
Felul : 2
Portii : 6 Bautura : Cabernet Sauvignon

Legume gratinate cu carne

  • o bucata de carne de vita
  • 200 g legume mixte congelate
  • 30 g butter
  • o lingurita cu sos de soia
  • o lingura cu ulei de masline
  • salt
  • pepper
  • green parsley

Durata : 45 minute Sfat : Deasupra se presara verdeata tocata marunt.
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Cabernet Sauvignon

Mancare de ciuperci cu vita

  • 1 kg pulpa de vita
  • 2 onions
  • 4 ardei grasi
  • o cutie cu ciuperci
  • a carrot
  • 4 rosii
  • verdeata
  • salt
  • pepper
  • oil
  • dafin
  • basil

Durata : o ora Sfat : In sosul de rosii se poate adauga busuioc
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Muscat

Mancare de vita cu castraveti

  • 1 kg carne de vita
  • un borcan cu castraveti murati
  • un pahar cu bulion
  • salt
  • pepper
  • o capatana de usturoi
  • dill
  • oil

Durata : o ora Sfat : Se poate servi cu mamaliguta
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Cabernet Sauvignon

Mancare de vita cu stafide

  • 800 g carne de vita
  • 50 g stafide
  • 50 g prune uscate
  • an onion
  • 400 g cartofi
  • parsley
  • salt
  • pepper
  • oil

Durata : 90 minute Sfat : Se asorteaza cu prune uscate.
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Cabernet Sauvignon

Musca de cartofi cu carne

  • 1 kg of potatoes
  • 1 kg carne tocata amestec
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 onions
  • 1 ardei capia
  • oil
  • 3 linguri cu bulion
  • ground pepper
  • salt
  • dafin
  • 2 linguri cu gris
  • verdeata
  • gogosari murati

Durata : 90 de minute Sfat : Se serveste cu gogosari murati.
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Cabernet Sauvignon

Muschi de vita caramelizat

  • 800 g muschi de vita
  • 150 g sugar
  • salt
  • pepper
  • o limeta ( lamaie verde )
  • salata verde
  • oil

Durata : o ora Sfat : Se serveste cu salata verde.
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Cabernet

Paste cu carne de vita

  • o jumatate kilogram de carne de vita
  • o punga cu paste
  • un pahar cu bulion
  • pepper
  • delicat
  • oil
  • salt
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • gogosari acri

Durata : o ora Sfat : Se pot servi cu gogosari acri
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Muscat Ottonel

Sarmale in foi de stevie

  • 1 kg carne tocata amestec (porc si vita )
  • 3 onions
  • o cescuta cu orez
  • o felie de franzela
  • 5 linguri cu lapte
  • an egg
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 4 linguri cu bulion
  • 250 ml suc de rosii
  • foi de stevie
  • oil
  • smantana

Durata : 90 de minute Sfat : Se servesc cu smantana
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Vin rosu de buturuga

  • 800 g rasol de manzat
  • a carrot
  • doi cartofi
  • an onion
  • or celery
  • o radacina de patrunjel verde
  • 50 g taitei
  • salt
  • peppercorns

Durata : 90 de minute Sfat : Carnea si legumele se pot consuma
Felul : 1 cu mujdei sau zeama de lamaie.
Portii : 6 Bautura : Palinca

Supa de vita cu legume

  • 1 kg carne de vita cu os
  • an onion
  • o radacina de patrunjel
  • a carrot
  • pepper
  • taitei
  • un fir de praz
  • salt
  • cateva buchetele de conopida
  • 200 g pastai verzi
  • o legatura de patrunjel

Durata : 90 de minute Sfat : Se serveste cu crutoane.
Felul : 1
Portii : 4 Bautura : Vodca

  • 1 kg carne de vita
  • a carrot
  • or celery
  • an onion
  • 3 rosii
  • green parsley
  • salt
  • o foaie de dafin

Durata : o ora Sfat : Se serveste cu verdeata.
Felul : 1
Portii : 4 Bautura : Palinca

  • 500 g carne de vitel
  • un kg de praz
  • un kg de cartofi
  • verdeata
  • salt
  • pepper
  • Paprika
  • oil
  • butter

Durata : 90 de minute Sfat : Deasupra se presara verdeata.
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Bere bruna

  • un kg de burta de vaca
  • un picior de vaca
  • un rasol de vita
  • a carrot
  • o radacina de patrunjel
  • an onion
  • 3 foi de dafin
  • 4 yolks
  • 3 linguri cu otet
  • peppercorns
  • salt
  • 100 ml de smantana
  • o capatana de usturoi

Durata : 90 minute Sfat : Se drege cu smantana si mujdei.
Felul : 1
Portii : 6 Bautura : Tuica

Ghiveci cu carne de vita

  • un kg carne
  • doi morcovi
  • trei cartofi
  • doua cepe
  • varza
  • un pastarnac
  • cauliflower
  • mazare
  • praz
  • un pahar ulei
  • un kg rosii
  • cascaval

Durata : 90 minute Sfat : Se serveste cu cascaval ras deasupra.
Felul : 2
Portii : 8 Bautura : Vin rosu de buturuga

Carpaccio cu fasole verde

  • 8 fileuri de carpaccio
  • 500 g fasole verde
  • an onion
  • doua linguri cu pasta de toamte
  • doi catei de usturoi
  • rosii cherry
  • oil
  • salt
  • pepper

Durata : 40 de minute Sfat : Se orneaza cu rosii cherry.
Felul : 2
Portii : 4 Bautura : Cramposie

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( 5 puncte / total voturi: 18 )

Rodica acum 9 ani - 23 Noiembrie 2008 19:38

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

Multumim frumos pentru reteta. A iesit foarte gustos. Eu am inlocuit muschiuletul cu spata de porc cu os degresata (2 bucati). O sa incerc si cu carne de vita.

Ioana acum 9 ani - 24 Noiembrie 2008 09:04

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

ma bucur ca v-a placut! sa va fie de bine

alina creanga acum 8 ani - 18 Ianuarie 2009 15:30

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

andy acum 8 ani - 28 Octombrie 2009 20:11

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

elena acum 7 ani - 8 Ianuarie 2010 13:40

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

buna. eu sunt o incepatoare in bucatarie. vreau si eu sa incerc o friptura de porc la cuptor dar sa fie mai pe intelesul meu. adica sa imi spuneti in detaliu pasii care trebuiesc urmati. va multumesc. o zi buna!

liliana acum 7 ani - 26 Iunie 2010 20:57

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

Exceptionale retete. Am incercat pana acum papanasii si friptura de porc si sunt exceptionale. Sotul meu este convins ca are o gospodina drept sotie.

cristina acum 7 ani - 21 Septembrie 2010 23:28

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

eu care detestam sa gatesc . multumita acestui site am invatat sa "iubesc" sa petrec mai mult timp in bucatarie si sa am mese consistente si sanatoase:x multumesc!

Ynna acum 7 ani - 2 Decembrie 2010 17:14

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

Sunt superbe toate retetele, nu ma asteptam sa fie atat de complexe si bine explicate sunt super incantata ca am gasit acest site, si Ioana YOUR THE BEST .

Alina acum 6 ani - 1 Martie 2011 16:50

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

Am si eu o intrebare:stiu ca muschiul de porc iese cam uscat.As vrea sa stiu daca in varianta asta iese suculent. Thanks!

Ioana acum 6 ani - 1 Martie 2011 17:47

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

sub folie nu se usuca carnea. dar pentru siguranta, fiindca am invatat multe de cand am postat reteta asta, pune cuptorul la o temp. mai mica, 170-180C, nu la 220C cat e specificat in reteta.

Simona-Adina Hotea acum 6 ani - 2 Martie 2011 11:03

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

Ce-mi mai place sa citesc ultimele comentarii, caci asa descopar retete pe care nu le vazusem. Mi-e si ciuda, eu credeam ca am vazut cam totul de pe site-ul asta, si-mi pare si bine, ca atunci cand descoperi o jucarie veche, de care uitasei.

Ioana acum 6 ani - 2 Martie 2011 12:33

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

e valabil chiar si pentru mine

alina acum 6 ani - 24 Octombrie 2011 13:43

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

foarte gustoasa si as dori daca se poate sa mai dati retete la fel de gustoase ca si pana acuma

pishkot acum 6 ani - 17 Noiembrie 2011 08:19

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

salvia si busuiocul trebuie sa fie proaspete, nu ??
tare as vrea sa fac si eu reteta asta azi, dar mi e teama ca o sa ma plimb de bezmetica si n o sa gasesc salvie verde.

Ioana acum 6 ani - 17 Noiembrie 2011 09:32

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

da, proaspete. sunt sanse sa gasesti salvie si busuioc proaspete in pungute la supermarket. busuioc sigur se gaseste. si salvie se gaseste insa nu chiar tot timpul. dar poti incerca. eu imi iau cate 2 plicuri cand gasesc si le pun la congelator ca sa fiu sigura ca am vreme indelungata si nu trebuie sa mai alerg dupa ea.
La Selgros au tot timpul multe verdeturi de genul asta, dar n-am mai fost demult (e departe de mine) ca sa-ti pot garanta 100%.

pishkot acum 6 ani - 17 Noiembrie 2011 09:44

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

deci trebuie sa ti trimit un maaaare maaare pup pentru pont:D
ce crezi?? am sunat la selgros, mai aveai 2 caserole de salvie si am rugat o pe tipa de acolo sa le puna de o parte si merg sa le iau la 19:00 dupa ce ies de la munca.
norok ku tine, altfel nu cred ca aveam vreo sansa sa gasesc:*

Ioana acum 6 ani - 17 Noiembrie 2011 09:53

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

ce eficienta esti. eu de ce nu m-am gandit niciodata sa sun la supermarketuri? ma scuteam de multe drumuri inutile de la un capat la altul al orasului.

pishkot acum 6 ani - 17 Noiembrie 2011 10:09

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

Pacat ca m a apucat acum o tristeteee. maxima.
tocmai ce mi a spus cineva ca am nevoie de legitmatie pentru a cumpara din selgros..deci m am bucurat degeaba. lasa ca mai caut. sii sa vezi tu ce fripturika buna iese dupa atatea eforturi

Ioana acum 6 ani - 17 Noiembrie 2011 11:18

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

poti sa mergi la selgros si fara legitimatie si il rogi pe cel din fata ta de la casa sa-ti treaca produsele pe legitimatia lui. am facut asta de zeci de ori si la selgros si la metro. intotdeauna gasesti pe cineva binevoitor.

Roxanna Mika acum 6 ani - 20 Noiembrie 2011 15:40

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

crezi ca iese la fel de buna daca o pun in vas de iena cu capac??

Roxanna Mika acum 6 ani - 20 Noiembrie 2011 22:16

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

mie nu mi a iesit asa frumos. cand am dat folia jos, era albicios, nu era asa frumos rumenit ca am tau oare unde am gresit?

Ioana acum 6 ani - 21 Noiembrie 2011 10:35

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

ai presarat boia? muschiuletul se rumeneste dupa ce scoti folia.

Roxanna Mika acum 6 ani - 21 Noiembrie 2011 11:28

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

da, exact
eu ti am skris in cele 10 minute cand tava era n cuptor fara folie si se incalzea garnitura, apoi a fost ok, a iesit delicios

Ioana acum 6 ani - 21 Noiembrie 2011 11:32

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

ai gasit salvie? eu am vazut ieri in carrefour. ti-a placut aroma ei?

Roxanna Mika acum 6 ani - 21 Noiembrie 2011 14:12

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

Da, am luat din selgros si ce mi a ramas am bagat o la congelator (asa cum am aflat de la tine).
Oare cat timp o pot tine acolo ??
Cat despre miros, da se simte, chiar are un miros puternic si aparte, mi a placut tare mult.
Mai am o bucatica mica, o pap cand ajung in seara asta acasa, sper sa fie la fel de buna .

Ioana acum 6 ani - 21 Noiembrie 2011 14:17

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

verdeturile la congelator eu le tin si 2-3 luni. daca le impachetezi bine in pungi sau cutiute sa nu ia miros de la altceva din congelator nu patesc nimic. vor fi doar moi cand le folosesti, insa aroma e intacta. busuiocul se inegreste in congelator, dar aroma ii ramane aceeasi. cand nu aveam busuiocul in ghiveci foloseam la sosul de rosii busuioc congelat si era super.

Roxanna Mika acum 6 ani - 21 Noiembrie 2011 14:53

Re: Friptura de porc cu fasole

am inteles
multumesc mult ptr raspunsuri
mi ash lua si eu ghiveci, mi ash face o sera intreaga, daca s ar putea, dar avand in vedere ca noi avem o pisicutza care roade toate plantutzele, mi e teama sa n o otravesc sau sa pateasca ceva

O craita in bucatarie

E inevitabil sa nu-ti vina in minte ganduri calde cat timp mananci bucate de casa.

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Mix the meat with the chopped onion,the eggs,pepper,salt and the bread crumbs .

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