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How to Staying Warm in this Freezing Cold

How to Staying Warm in this Freezing Cold

Baby, it’s cold outside … really, extremely cold outside. As we’re forced to walk to and from class, the library and our dorms in extremely low temperatures, it’s crucial that we wine and dine accordingly. Make your food choices work for you—follow this guide and enjoy staying warm for an entire day. Bon appétit!

Breakfast: COFFEE.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even in the cold. Begin your day with a warm cup of coffee and milk, and add cinnamon raisin oatmeal for a warm and cozy start to your day.

Photo by Hannah Lin

Lunch: SOUP.

It’s now the middle of the day, and your stomach is growling. Battle the frigid outdoor weather with searing hot soup. Chicken noodle, butternut squash and matzo ball soup are all great options, or enjoy tomato soup as a supplement to a warm, gooey and entirely satisfying grilled cheese sandwich.

Photo By Teon Cromwell, Jr.

Afternoon Snack: MARSHMALLOWS.
It’s not quite dinnertime, but your heart is set on a snack. Hot chocolate with Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallows is calling your name. If you have the time, melt the extra marshmallows by the fireplace, over the stove or in the microwave fo s’mores, the summertime snack that tastes much better in the winter.

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Warm dinner options are endless. Choose from steamy mac and cheese, homemade pizza or extra spicy chili, ending your third meal of the day with warmth and goodness.

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Midnight Snack: TEA AND COOKIES.
Before snuggling in bed with a blanket and a bio textbook, make yourself hot tea with a drop of honey. And don’t forget your midnight sweets—warm, chewy chocolate chip cookies and a tall glass of milk.

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