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Delicious salad with field salad

Delicious salad with field salad

  • Field salad
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • radishes
  • cucumbers
  • mozzarella or cheese with mold (which you will like)
  • peeled sunflower seeds
  • for dressing:
  • yogurt,
  • dill,
  • extra virgin olive oil,
  • a clove of garlic
  • salt,
  • pepper
  • optional: fresh or dried oregano leaves

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Delicious salad with field salad:

Wash the lettuce leaves very well and then drain the water. Also, wash the tomatoes, cucumbers and radishes very well, cut them into slices or halves, as you like. Place them in a bowl. sprinkle sunflower seeds on top. Make a dressing of finely chopped dill, yogurt and a little olive oil and a clove of crushed garlic, sprinkle with salad. Add pieces of cheese and fresh oregano leaves. Season with salt and pepper. I leave the quantities at your discretion. You can combine them as you wish, it will definitely work out!

These are the flowers you can eat! The master chefs use them to prepare the most appreciated dishes!

If you are passionate about cooking or if you simply love food, this article is definitely for you. Next we will present you the flowers that the great chefs put on their plates to give them a special note and an inviting scent. Read on to find out which flowers you can eat.

The flowers look beautiful in the vase, but they are spectacular when you put them on your plate! A few delicate petals impeccably decorate any dish in which you put your soul. However, this does not mean that you have to limit yourself to placing them on the edge of the plate. Many of your favorite flowers can be incorporated into regular recipes to give them an exotic flavor and an inviting scent. Lavender cakes, lily salads, hibiscus and rose tea, risotto with zucchini flowers… Does it sound addictive? Then read on!

Cooking with flowers dates back to the time of the Romans, who gave the aroma of wine with rose petals and violets, and of the ancient Greeks, who used flowers for medicinal purposes. In the 15th century, assorted flower salads were widespread, with daisies, primroses, violets and lamb's tongue, and sweet doughs with rose water and shock flower vinegar, and peonies, lavender and sage flowers were preserved. and used as a general tonic. The 18th century cookbooks were full of caramelized flower recipes, and the cream for the cakes was made with orange blossom, butter, powdered sugar and egg yolk.

Today, floral delights return to the menus of luxury restaurants, but are also appreciated by passionate gardeners, who transpose the love for beauty in the kitchen. And you can prepare delicious recipes, learning to use the delicate or strong aroma of flowers in the jar to reinvent the ordinary rice, puddings, cocktails or entrees. All you have to do is put your imagination to work and practice your good taste. This way you will remember the family meals and you will bring back in your life the nostalgic flavor of even more romantic times.

How to use flowers in the kitchen

You will be surprised to learn that many of the flowers you buy on special occasions, such as roses, carnations or chrysanthemums, can be used for cooking. Apart from these, there are also a variety of wildflowers, which we sometimes pass carelessly, and which hide gastronomic secrets worthy of master chefs. If so far you have been absorbed exclusively by their pleasant smell and the way they complement the floral arrangements at parties, you will discover that all these flowers have an aromatic taste, hard to forget and that leaves a deep impression whenever you try them. This is because each one retains the aroma and character of the plant from which they come.

Delicate plants, which bloom annually, are better when eaten raw, because the thermal preparation cuts them out of flavor. On the other hand, the flowers of perennials, with woody essence, taste better when cooked and their aroma is infused in the dishes you prepare. Depending on the variety chosen, they will give a note of color and an exotic touch to the food or will impose themselves as the dominant presence in the palette of tastes on the plate. In addition to petals, you can also use the leaves of plants to flavor salads or as a garnish for meat.

Of course, the easiest way to put flowers in the plate is as a decoration. One or two fantastically arranged on the edges of the plates, in the soup bowl or in the glass of liqueur will bring a touch of magic to the family meals and will increase your fame as a host at parties. However, some flowers can make an important contribution to the prepared menu, becoming an integral part of it, thanks to their texture, taste and color. Let's see what these are.

1. The lady's lead (caltunas)

Of all the edible flowers, the lady's condiment has the strongest aroma, sweet-spicy. To figure out what kind of food fits best, put a whole flower in your mouth and chew it slowly. At first you will feel a sweet taste, given by nectar, followed by a bold hint slightly peppered. These flowers give personality to salads, creating an enchanting chromatic play, in shades of yellow, orange, bright red and beige. You can also use the leaves for salads - they are really delicious and can replace capers in garnishes, having a similar taste and sorrel. The flowers are ideal for preparing a fragrant vinegar as a salad dressing (add them to white wine vinegar and let them sit in the dark for a few weeks, because exposure to light affects their color) or for preparing ingenious cocktails, if you let them soak in vodka. In addition, you can decorate with them meat dishes, cheese specialties, spreads and other appetizers.

2. Hemerocalis (day lilies)

These flowers are considered delicacies, with an aroma reminiscent of lettuce and watermelon, with a pungent hue that resembles the taste of radish. Another way to describe their sweet and spicy flavor, as well as texture, is to think of a combination of zucchini and asparagus. They are called "day lilies" because that's how long their flowers last, so you can admire them in pots all day, and then pick them in the evening, before they wither, to enjoy their taste. You can eat them raw, in salads, or given through dough and well fried in oil. For spring salads, it is good to put whole petals, preferred for their delicate appearance. You can also fill the flowers with risotto and serve them on an elegant plate or you can decorate with them glazed cakes.

3. Pumpkin flowers

The petals have a slightly sweet taste, with a hint reminiscent of mustard, which the flower base, more crunchy, completes extraordinarily. Zucchini flowers are traditional in Mediterranean cuisine, and according to the classic recipe they are filled with risotto and finely chopped aromatic herbs, with breadcrumbs or ricotta, and then sautéed or fried well in oil, until they become crispy.

4. The tongue of the lamb

The flowers of this intense azure plant have a cucumber-like taste and can ennoble green salads or summer cocktails. The young leaves can be used to prepare pasta dishes, and the corolla goes well in combination with the dough or can be put in ice cubes. All you have to do is half fill the cubes in the tray with water, place a flower in each cube, and then fill it with water and put it in the freezer. In this way, the flowers will remain in the center of the cube, and you will amaze your guests when you serve them with punch or iced tea.

5. Marigolds

They excellently replace saffron in food and can be sprinkled on salads or used in paella. In order to highlight their aroma and color, it is advisable to finely chop them and cook them in oil. Saute a little onion in olive oil, add chopped marigolds, rice, meat as desired (chicken, beef, fish, seafood) and hot water or soup strained with vegetables and paella is ready! The buds and young leaves are an inspired choice for tortellini and can be turned into ingenious appetizers if you bake them in tempura dough. The petals have a spicy aroma and add fantasy to soups, omelets, meat or rice dishes. You can also make a marigold paste for canapés, crushing the petals together with two tablespoons of oil. And for dessert, add the marigolds to the carrot or pumpkin cake or decorate with them the cheesecake and the glazed cakes.

6. Violets

Violets are among the most famous edible flowers, thanks to their sweet and fragrant aroma. Their delicate taste refreshes the green salads, and the heart-shaped leaves are delicious when you cook them just like spinach. The most creative way to enjoy these petals in the kitchen is to crystallize them (ie to grease them with egg white and sprinkle them with powdered sugar), to use them in fruit salads, cocktails and drinks. with ice or to decorate puddings, icing cakes and sorbet.

7. Levantica

Lavender gives food a sweet, floral aroma with citrus notes of lemon, and is often used to enhance the flavor of bee honey, homemade cakes, puddings and biscuits, but also in summer teas. The flowers can also be combined with cheese specialties and look fantastic in the champagne glass, on the chocolate cake (when they are crystallized) or as a garnish for sorbet and ice cream. Put a drizzle of lavender in the composition for creme brulee and let your guests guess the ingredient-surprise! In addition to desserts, lavender can be included in the main courses, starting from vegetable stew to sauces with wine reduction.

8. Tulbaghia violacea ("the aristocrats' garlic")

The leaves and flowers of this beautiful purple plant have a delicious garlic aroma, being perfect to flavor salads. The story behind such an unusual name has to do with the fact that the flowers taste like garlic but are devoid of its pungent smell, which is why they can be eaten at festive social banquets, with a more formal character.

Carnations have a surprisingly sweet taste and can be boiled in wine to give it a special aroma, can be crushed and caramelized to make candy or can be used as crystallized decorations for cakes. To use them to prepare desserts, remove the white base of the flower, because it tastes bitter. Dwarf carnations have a slight smell of clover and nutmeg and can be put in salads or meat in aspic. Few know that carnation petals are one of the secret ingredients of the famous French Chartreuse liqueur, being used in its preparation since the seventeenth century.

10. Chrysanthemum

With a hot and slightly bitter taste, these flowers are reminiscent of cauliflower and can be put in salads, provided that you first scald the petals or boil them a little in water with the addition of vinegar. Chrysanthemum leaves are also used to flavor balsamic vinegar. But remember to always remove the white base of the flower and use only the petals for cooking.

11. The clover

It tastes like anise and licorice. White and red clover flowers were used in traditional medicine of various cultures as a treatment against gout, rheumatism and leukorrhea. It was also believed that if you drink clover flower tea you will have healthy and beautiful nails. Native people on the American continent used the whole plant in salads and drank white clover tea to get rid of coughs and colds. Avoid flowers that start to darken in color, because they are bitter, and use only those in bright tones, because they are the tastiest.

12. Night viola

This flower belongs to the same family as radish, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and mustard. The petals have a bitter taste, which makes them a great addition to salads. Buds and leaves are also used in green salads, but they must be harvested before the plant can bloom.

A plant that we usually ignore but that has important medicinal properties is dandelion. The next time you go out in nature and you are on a dandelion field, start thinking about recipes, because the young flowers have a sweet taste, similar to honey. Even more delicious are the buds of the plant, which, like the petals, can be eaten raw or steamed. They are also used to make wine, and the young leaves are good sautéed or put in salads. When you cook rice, sprinkle dandelion petals on a plate, like confetti, and you will amaze your guests!

14. Pansy

Pansy flower can be eaten whole, including pistil and stamens. It has a sweet aroma of fresh grass, and resembles the hair in taste. You can use pansies as a side dish, in fruit or vegetable salads, in soups or desserts. Prepare elegant entrees from salted biscuits greased with cream cheese, over which to place a pansy. The flowers are perfect for decorating cakes, when you put them in white with sugar.

Begonia flowers have a sour, citrus taste and can be eaten both raw and cooked. Use the petals in salads or as a garnish for other dishes, and eat the stems instead of rhubarb, cakes and other recipes. But avoid begonias if you have problems with rheumatism, gout or kidney stones, because the petals and stems contain oxalic acid and can harm you.

16. The rose

The rose petals have a delicate and sweet taste, with the aroma of strawberries and green apples. Depending on the variety and color, roses have fruity, mint or slightly spicy notes. All roses are edible, but their aroma is more pronounced in dark-colored varieties. Miniature varieties can be used to garnish ice cream and desserts (especially cakes), and large petals can be sprinkled in salads and icing cakes. You can also put them in ice cubes, with which to decorate the punch or teas. Rose petals are also used in syrups, jellies, jams and fragrant butters for sweet canapés.

Sage flowers taste more subtle than leaves and can be put in salads or used as a garnish for many dishes, including beans, corn kernels, stuffed or salted mushrooms or pesto sauce.

In China, peony petals are half-boiled and sweetened, being a delicacy that accompanies tea. In the Middle Ages, peony water was one of the popular drinks at country parties. Add peony petals to summer salads or decorate with lemonade and punch.

19. Shock flower

Shock flowers have been used for centuries to flavor desserts and beverages. We all drank at least once shocked and we are familiar with their pleasant taste. In addition to homemade juices, shock flowers are used to prepare jams, syrups and sorbet.

20. Hibiscus

Who hasn't heard of hibiscus tea ?! This flower is an integral part of the traditional cuisine of many cultures. Hibiscus tea is drunk in Egypt and Brazil, and dried flowers are consumed in Mexico. You can also make syrups with them, to add flavor to desserts, and you can add them in cocktails at parties.

10 Couscous recipes that will delight your senses

couscous is a cereal-based product made from semolina contains gluten (unlike quinoa, which has a similar texture) and is a very easy ingredient to cook. If you have never tried couscous recipes, you have no idea what you are missing! Couscous, if whole, also has benefits for our health and is usually served with a delicious stew or curry.

I started to be a big fan of couscous not so long ago, and now I sometimes use it even more than rice, because it cooks so easily and is very versatile. It is a popular ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisine, so if you love this type of gastronomy, then you will definitely like these recipes!

I want to inspire you to use this ingredient in your recipes, so I recommend this list with 10 recipes with couscous which I cook with pleasure every time. You probably already know that I don't like to waste a lot of time in the kitchen, especially in summer, when I like to cook only light and refreshing things, that's why all these couscous recipes are very simple and quick. Also, they all contain affordable ingredients, so they are very easy to recreate even for those who do not follow a vegan diet or do not fast.

Click on the titles to access these couscous recipes. Thanks to all the bloggers who created these recipes and you will also find my favorite couscous recipe in the list below. I hope you will try at least one of these recipes next time you want to prepare a quick and filling lunch or dinner!

Field salad (Fetish)

It originates from the Mediterranean area and can be found in our department stores. In the dark green leaves (smaller or larger) hides a fabulous composition of nutrients, which protect the immune system, heart and brain, and which are a boon for pregnant women. In 100 g of salad are 35 mg of vitamin C, about as much as in tangerines or red currants. And under the green color of the leaves hides a significant amount of carotenoids, plant substances that our body can use directly to limit inflammatory and oxidative processes or the formation of cancer cells.

Recipe for Boiled Egg Salad

Recipe for Salad with boiled eggs - a simple and extremely nutritious recipe. Seasonal salad, absolutely delicious, healthy and fast, perfect to serve at lunch.

  • 1 green salad
  • 3 eggs
  • 5 red radishes
  • 2 green onions
  • 3 olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • salt
  • pepper
  1. Boil hard-boiled eggs for 7 minutes and peel.
  2. Lettuce leaves, wash and drain well. Lettuce leaves break into small pieces.c
  3. Peel an onion and cut it into small pieces.
  4. Eggs are cut in four.
  5. Wash the radishes well, drain the water and cut into slices.
  6. Add all the ingredients in a bowl.
  7. In a separate bowl, mix the lemon juice with salt, honey and pepper to taste. Add this dressing over the ingredients in the bowl and add the oil. Stir and the salad is ready.

The recipe for lettuce with boiled eggs is a light and nutritious salad, ideal to serve on a hot summer day. I wish you successful recipes and good appetite! [Wpurp-searchable-recipe] Recipe for Boiled Egg Salad & # 8211 & # 8211 & # 8211 [/ wpurp-searchable-recipe]

My grandmother was born in the village of Tolici, Neamt County. He was born and lived all his life in Moldova. From her my mother inherited old recipes and grace to & hellip

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  • shrimp - 100 g
  • tomatoes - 150 g
  • Sweet onion salad - 50 g
  • quail eggs - 2 pieces
  • salad - to taste
  • odorless vegetable oil - ½ st. it.
  • red balsamic vinegar - ½ st. it.
  • lemon juice - ½ st. it.
  • natural yogurt - 1 tbsp. it.
  • salt - to taste.

Before you start cutting vegetables you should define the method of preparing shrimp. They can be like a boiled or brood. Decide for you. The only requirement - shrimp when added to the salad should be cold. This requirement applies to quail eggs.

1. While the shrimp is cooling, fresh red slices.

2. Shinkuem sweet onion salad. It can be replaced with green bow feathers.

3. Put the salad: first washed and dried the moisture from the lettuce leaves, followed by tomatoes, onions and shrimp.

4. On the sides lay a half quail eggs.

5. All that remains is to prepare the sauce - mix lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, yogurt and butter. carefully pour the prepared salad dressing. Don't forget to add sauce and quail eggs.

Light and delicate shrimp salad is ready!

That's how quickly and easily I made a delicious salad. Good appetite!

Gicu Roșca: "We changed everything, including the packaging, the name, the message we wanted to send"

The investment in the business that started 5 years ago amounts to several tens of thousands of euros, and part of the amount was spent to make the products as attractive as possible for children. Salads are sold for 8 lei each.

"We changed everything, including the packaging, the name, the message we wanted to convey. Even the name of the products is made in such a way as to attract children. We have added two new varieties of salads, which will be released in two weeks. For example, I changed the name of the carrot salad to "Carrot's Soup in Sweet Marinade." We formed this business with the wedding money.

We always say that to young people, to people who ask us. It is a family business, where at first it was very difficult. We reinvested everything we earned, so we didn't need money from elsewhere to support the business. Last year we submitted a project for Measure 2 and we are waiting for 10,000 euros. We'll see if we get them. But we, as a local business, have gradually developed in all these 5 years ", says Gicu Roșca, one of the beneficiaries of Measure 2, for the entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic, the people from Iași receiving tens of millions of euros from the Agency for SMEs- hate.

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He gets sick if he uses the computer

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There are some people who love dogs so much that they have turned this passion into a profession, devoting all their time to studying and understanding the things that make dogs happy and very happy.

So are our PEDIGREE experts at the Center

His sign shows you how to conquer him

If you want to find out his sensitive point and conquer it, you just have to know his zodiac sign and prepare your "arsenal". Every native of the zodiac has an image of the ideal woman, suitable for his personality.

Name suggestions for dog - male

Grivei, Azorel, Rex, Bruno or Bubico, are some of the best known names for male puppies. Lately, the owners of quadrupeds have started to give the animals less common names, which will attract the attention of those around them. The name may also reflect the puppy's personality. Here are some name suggestions for your dog:

Where does lasagna come from?

Lasagna it is nothing but very wide pasta. Their origin is distant, they date back to antiquity. The Greeks and Romans consumed. lagana, thin rolls of dough that they cooked in water or steam, as well as in the oven (all pasta was used fresh).

With these lagana, you have ancestors lasagna, prepared terrines, from several layers of dough and soft filling: it was made of chicken, pork or fish, crushed and mixed with eggs. Everything was covered with garum (a salted fish concentrate) and cooked in a crust, like a pate.
Deadline lagana was transformed into lasana (or lassana) in the Middle Ages, probably under the influence of an Arab preparation: lauzina, these being very thin sheets of dough filled with crushed almonds.
During that time, he also cooked lasana boiled and stuffed with cheese. But there is also lassanis cake: layers of lassana separated by a filling.

Video: Καλοκαιρινή Σαλάτα Caprese - Caprese Salad (December 2021).