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Sweet cabbage with peasant ham

Sweet cabbage with peasant ham

I cleaned the cabbage from the leaves on the outside and then cut it with the potato peeler.

After I cut the cabbage and rubbed it well with salt, I left it like this to leave a little juice in the meantime I cut the bacon and fried it a little on one side and on the other and then in the oil I fried I put the pieces of bacon and finely chopped onion.

After the onion was hardened, I put the cabbage and covered it with a lid. I left it to simmer from time to time. After 30 minutes I added the pieces of bacon together with 2-3 bay leaves, pepper and salt to taste. I left about 10 minutes after which I extinguished the fire and added the green dill. I had finely chopped dill in the freezer.

Great appetite!

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