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Pizza Hut Introduces New Flatbread Pizza

Pizza Hut Introduces New Flatbread Pizza

Aiming to compete with artisan pizza joints, Pizza Hut brings you the flatbread pizza

Hoping to jump right on the flatbread bandwagon, Pizza Hut has created a new twist on their pizza in the form of a fire baked-style flatbread pizza.

Pizza Hut is offering the flatbread at U.S. stores only with six to a box for $11.99. They can be done in three different varieties, vegetable, pepperoni, or plain cheese options, and television advertising and a full PR program is said to start soon.

Carrie Walsh, vice president of national marketing for the Yum Brands division, told National Restaurant News, “We’ve been watching flatbreads closely, talking to our consumers to understand the appeal.” The trend started when people desired more of a homemade, brick oven, rustic type of pizza, and large chain restaurants like Pizza Hut simply did not offer that; until now. Pizza Hut looked for inspiration from these small, local pizza places and emulated a flatbread that strives to mirror these, without the actual process of being cooked in a brick oven.

Walsh added how the flatbread order is actually larger than a regular large pizza, and the customization allows for everyone in a group to be satisfied. Chili’s also began offering the item back in May in hope to attract customers away from small brick oven pizza joints with flavors like chipotle chicken, grilled chicken, and margherita.

Wile Bates III, executive chef for Pizza Hut, told baking business, "We didn't invent flatbread pizza, but Pizza Hut's Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas strike the perfect balance between a product that's hot given current food trends and one that delivers an eating experience that is perfect for our customers." Look for the new item in a Pizza Hut location near you.

Pizza Hut Just Added a Detroit-Style Pizza

The chain said it went through over 500 test versions to get it right.

When discussing American pizza styles, New York and Chicago tend to dominate the conversation𠅊nd for good reason: Beyond being two popular options, they&aposre also solid stand-ins for the thin-vs.-thick crust debate. But all sorts of regional variations exist𠅏rom the Neapolitan-style pies of New Haven to the cracker-thin pizzas of St. Louis to California&aposs more unconvential approach to toppings over the last 40 years.

But more recently, the rectangular pizzas of Detroit have gained steady buzz, and now, Detroit-style pizza is receiving its largest endorsement to date, landing on Pizza Hut menus nationwide. Though not the first national release of a Detroit-style pie—the Detroit-based Little Caesars launched one in 2013—this Midwestern creation has finally infiltrated the big two. (Your move, Domino&aposs!)

Pizza Hut&aposs take is, as expected, rectangular-shaped and "features cheese all the way to the edges to create that crispy, thick, caramelized crust." That said, a rectangle doth not a Detroit-style pizza make, so Pizza Hut also says they incorporated a few "unique" elements including a "new, vine-ripened tomato sauce that&aposs only available on Detroit-Style—which it tested eight different versions of before finding the perfect taste."

Extensive testing is actually a big part of Pizza Hut&aposs pitch on why you should give their Detroit-style pizzas a try: The brand says it took more than 500 iterations to hone in on the perfect pie, and even then they still tested "several" versions in the Midwest. "Countless hours were spent testing and perfecting every detail here to create our take on Detroit-Style pizza," David Graves, Pizza Hut&aposs chief brand officer, said in the announcement. "The caramelized cheese crust and the sauce on top take the taste of this pizza to the next level."

Pizza Hut Detroit-Style pizzas are being introduced with four different topping options. The Detroit Double Pepperoni is topped with a mix of regular pepperoni and Crispy Cupped Pepperoni "which crisp up in the oven and provide a crunchy texture and zesty flavor." The Double Cheesy version includes a layer of aged Parmesan. The Meaty Deluxe is "loaded with bacon, Italian sausage and Crispy Cupped Pepperoni." And finally, the Supremo is "topped with Italian sausage, red onions and green bell peppers."

All four pizzas should be available now nationwide with prices starting at $10.99. The company says the pies are arriving as a limited-time offering𠅋ut if they prove popular, they could certainly stick around.

Pizza Hut introduces a new Detroit-style pizza, available nationwide


Pizza Hut's Detroit-style pizza.

Pizza Hut introduced a new menu item Tuesday - a handcrafted Detroit-style pizza to be available nationwide, according to a company news release.

The pizza is rectangular in shape and will feature cheese all the way to the edge and will be "loaded with toppings and finished off with a vine-ripened tomato sauce on top."

The company stated it had spent over a year perfecting their pizza, "trying more than 500 iterations and testing several of those in the Midwest, where this distinct style was born."

"Countless hours were spent testing and perfecting every detail here to create our take on Detroit-Style pizza," said David Graves, chief brand officer, Pizza Hut. "The caramelized cheese crust and the sauce on top take the taste of this pizza to the next level."

There will be four recipes to choose from:

  • Detroit Double Pepperoni: "Topped with 32 slices of regular pepperoni and another 48 slices of Crispy Cupped Pepperoni"
  • Double Cheesy: "Layered with two kinds of cheese, including aged Parmesan"
  • Meaty Deluxe: "Loaded with bacon, Italian sausage and Crispy Cupped Pepperoni"
  • Supremo: "Topped with Italian sausage, red onions and green bell peppers"

All four Pizza Hut Detroit-Style recipes are available now at locations nationwide for contactless delivery, carryout or curbside pickup.

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A Flat-tering Proposition: Pizza Hut® Introduces New Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas

PLANO, Texas - June 17, 2013 // PRNewswire // - Thin crust. Check. Pan crust. Double check. Stuffed crust. Triple check. Pizza Hut has a legacy of bringing new crust types to consumers all around the world.

Now, the world's biggest pizza chain has done it again with the rollout of Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas. Flatbreads, available in the U.S. only, include a slightly crispy "wood-fired style" crust, high-quality cheese and toppings that extend right to the edges. The Flatbreads come six to a box, and can be topped three different ways with up to three toppings each &ndash all for $11.99.

"We wanted to give our fans a lighter crust experience that doesn't skimp on flavor and believe we've delivered that with our Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas," said Kurt Kane, Chief Marketing Officer at Pizza Hut. "We take pride in our food innovation chops. Our latest creation is yet another example of how we pay close attention to what consumers want and bring it to them in a very accessible, convenient and value-focused way."

Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas join a list of heralded crust innovations from Pizza Hut that includes the original Thin 'n Crispy®, signature Pan and legendary Stuffed Crust Pizza. Earlier this year, Pizza Hut launched Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza, taking the concept of stuffed crust to the next level. According to Pizza Hut Executive Chef, Wiley Bates III, the brand is known for menu innovations that push the envelope in terms of great taste, ingredients and customer experience.

"Our food innovation team is encouraged to experiment and create recipes that change the way America consumes pizza," said Chef Bates. "We didn't invent flatbread pizza, but Pizza Hut's Firebaked Style Flatbread Pizzas strike the perfect balance between a product that's hot given current food trends and one that delivers an eating experience that is perfect for our customers."

This Beloved Chain Is Adding Pizza to Their Menu For the First Time

Courtesy of Panera

There's a brand new pizza in town, friends. Panera has added three new flatbread pizza creations to its menu, a move which perfectly captures the zeitgeist of pandemic eating.

The chain is debuting the new menu category today, and the pizzas will be available in three different flavors at locations nationwide: Cheese, Margherita, and Chipotle Chicken & Bacon. They were created by Panera's newly appointed head chef Claes Petersson, who—being a Pizza Hut alum—knows a thing or two about pizza. (Related: 9 Restaurant Chains That Closed Hundreds of Locations This Summer.)

For a brand that's known for top-notch baked goods, pizza was the logical new frontier. According to a press release, the company is looking to "redefine the expectation of pizza" as it carves out a niche for itself with a thinner and crispier crust. With this addition, Panera continues to expand its array of delivery-friendly menu items.

The company has doubled its delivery business this year—which now accounts for more than half of its sales—and has ramped up its drive-thru capabilities. Chief brand and concept officer Eduardo Luz says the company expects the new pizzas to grow Panera's dinner business after years of customer requests.

Priced at $7.99, the new menu items are the size of a personal pizza. When it comes to calories, the heartiest of the three is the Chipotle Chicken pizza, which will set you back 930. While you may not want to load up on all of those calories at dinnertime, Panera suggests adding soup and salad sides to create a full shareable family meal that's lighter.

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Margherita and cheese among new Panera flatbreads

The final flatbread is the Chipotle Chicken and Bacon and is made up of a flatbread that is topped with garlic cream sauce, red grape tomatoes, smoke pulled chicken, applewood smoked bacon and a blend of fontina and mozzarella. It’s then topped with cilantro and chipotle aioli (a fancy name for mayo with something else mixed in).

While all these are probably great, I think the chipotle chicken and bacon definitely sounds the best. You can get a cheese pizza anywhere, but chipotle chicken with garlic cream sauce on a flatbread is pretty unique. I may or may not be drooling just thinking about it.

All three of these flatbreads are available now at participating locations so you can literally be ordering on their website while you’re reading these words.

Which flavor of the new Panera flatbreads sounds best to you? Let us know in the comments below!


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