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Baked donuts stuffed with kiwi, pumpkin seeds and persimmon

Baked donuts stuffed with kiwi, pumpkin seeds and persimmon

In a bowl, put water, 1 teaspoon of sugar and yeast, mix and keep warm for about 10 minutes, until it swells. Meanwhile, mix the flour, sugar and salt, then add the mixture of yeast, melted butter, milk and egg and mix well until the composition is homogeneous. The composition should be soft and sticky. Cover with foil and leave to rise hot, in a place away from drafts, until it doubles in volume (about 1.5 - 2 hours). Prepare the filling: after cleaning the kiwi and khaki, blend them until they become a puree and add the chopped pumpkin seeds. After the dough is leavened, flour the worktop well and turn the dough over on the countertop. With a very well floured knife, cut pieces of dough in which we put the filling, gather the ends and form a ball. Put the ball of dough with the assembled side down in the tray. Cover with foil and leave to rise for 30 minutes. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C and grease the donuts with melted butter and put them in the oven for about 12 minutes. After cooling, powder with sugar and serve. Good appetite!

Baked donuts stuffed with kiwi, pumpkin seeds and persimmon - Recipes

How good it looks. But if I put wholemeal flour (I don't know if it's barley), can I make buns ?! That, according to Italian studies, it is better not to eat white bread commercially, that we put too many preservatives and we make the liver sick and we also have diabetes, so. bread writes on my kitchen and fresh dough scent. Many kisses .

I take a bite out of those rolls: D, I really like seeds, I kiss you!

It looks extraordinarily good.

You convinced me. I'm going to the health food store to look for barley flour. But what is:

How beautiful they are !! I feel like admiring them ... but I dare to eat one too !! many kisses

Your buns are gorgeous !!

I like them very much. In addition to sesame and flax seeds, you can also try sunflower, poppy and pumpkin seeds. Greetings!

gorgeous, like balls.

Excellent. I came for the smell. Kisses!

Hallölchen Maya!
Did you hit the bakery again ?!
The buns look great!
`Three tried!
Congratulations on your success and good luck!

Coincidentally, right now I had the leaven to make bread

Schwarzwälder Landbrot.
But it's actually an experiment.
My dear husband, decided to install the second alternative to wood heating.
And now, the second year, I have a roomy stove on lemons and I thought I was having the experience of baking bread in it.
I'm so curious, because I've been coding for a long time whether to buy / build a special bread oven in my yard.
If something works out for me, I'll bet on the Blog, maybe it's interesting.
Dear Maya, thank you very much for the recipe and photo!
A successful week!

I have never used such flour but if I have the opportunity to see it in stores I will definitely take it home with me and try it. The cakes are great, I want one with sesame seeds.

Licuta, today I made buns only from wholemeal flour and flax seeds.
They came out very tasty! Kiss :*

Daniela, I say it should work out. Today I even made them only from whole barley flour and flax seeds. Very tasty.
If you have experience with whole wheat flour, you will know if it requires more or less liquid. Even if it were, it is definitely a plus-minus 10 ml.
Many kisses !

Flory, the ones rolled in linen were for me, the ones with my husband's sesame, and Denise wanted simple ones. He also likes seeds, but that's what he wanted this time: D

Lia, thank you. Barley flour type 1050 is white barley flour, not really bright white, but white, and is not extremely finely ground. It is used as white wheat flour type 405 for example.
I hope I helped you. Kiss!

Anto, I serve you with pleasure! Kiss!

Marius, I use all kinds of seeds. Solo or mute in combination. I like all :)

Cristina, and tasty! I would even dare to say that they are better than those made from wheat flour (equal to which, either wholemeal or combined white and black.)

Cat, that's what Denise said: D

DiaMar, today I have fresh wholemeal flour, so. I'm waiting for you!

Laura, bread on the hearth is a luxury. And we kept thinking about "rebuilding" the grill / oven in the garden outside the city. That is, to make a door for him and turn him into an oven. For bread, some goose something =))
I'll go see what you're cooking there. More recently, due to his denise allergies, I bake whole and / or white barley flour.

Sarah, if you get the chance, try it. With barley flour, everything comes out tighter. The downside is that it dries faster. But I don't do much at once, so nothing gets dry =))
Many kisses!

I write here too, and I apologize for the misleading. that is, about the confusion between barley flour and spelled flour. So for this bun recipe I used wholemeal flour and white spelled flour, not barley flour.

I like buns and I will try the recipe. I don't have a robot but I will try to make the dough in the bread machine.

They are perfect!
I don't know the taste because I've never eaten pastries made of flour other than wheat, but your buns are good, Maya.

Mmmm, I imagine how fluffy and fragrant they were when you took them out of the oven! I'm a bit lazy and I don't make much bread at home, but maybe I'll start doing it due to the cold outside :) Nice weekend!

I have to look for spelled flour too, because I only made bread with white flour. if you say she's healthier and gets rid of allergies and hip fat, then I'll get in!
The buns are all good! : *

looks very good. and if they are healthy ... it's great!

Diana, she's doing very well in the bread machine. I did that too, just because my daughter likes the buns more, I bake them in the oven.

Appetizing dishes, you should know that bread, buns and co, seem tastier to me :)

Danutza, the most beautiful smell in a house is that of freshly baked bread and apple and cinnamon pie! So beat him, because the cold has arrived: D

Liana, that's right. Let's try. If you find spelled tiles of several & quotnuante & quot you can combine them without problems.

Alinutzika are healthier than wheat flour in the sense that they are easier to digest. And they are also tasty :)

Maya, don't you want to write exactly what flour you took (in German), and possibly where?

Diana, this is about Dinkelmehl. The Küchenmeister brand offers four variants:
-white as Type 405 usual for sweet leavened doughs such as cakes and other pies
- coarserly ground white, for bread, pizza and Co
-finely ground white for pandispans, cakes, etc
All tested, very good. Can be found at Kaufland and other stores.
I generally use a regional brand. If you're in Bayern, you may have heard of Rosenmehl.

I want to make too, but yeast a cube of what weight? That they are 25 and 50gr. Wait for response. Only Good Sandu

Sandu, if the yeast is fresh, they reach 25-30 g.
A nice evening,

Glycemic index table from low to high

Low GI foods
Otet 5
Spices (pepper, parsley, cinnamon, etc.) 5
Crustaceans (lobster, lobster, crab) 5
Lawyer 10
Bran (wheat, rye) 15
Tofu 15
Soy 15
Green salad 15
Lift 15
Rhubarb 15
Pepper 15
Roscove powder 15
Praz 15
Pistachio 15
Pepper 15
Pine seeds 15
Pesto 15
Physalis (an exotic fruit) 15
Olive 15
Macris 15
Cashew nuts (cashew nuts) 15
Onions 15
Nuts 15
Hazelnuts 15
Beans variety "coco" 15
Lupine (seeds of lapinus albus, also called coffee) 15
Germinated seeds 15
Blackcurrants 15
Ginger 15
Marar 15
Andive 15
Spinach 15
Pumpkin 15
Esalote (a kind of onion) 15
Cucumbers 15
Cornichon (cornison cucumbers) 15
Cabbage 15
Brussels sprouts 15
Cauliflower 15
Cabbage wall 15
Mushrooms 15
Wheat germ, soybeans 15
Peanut 15
Celery (strain) 15
Broccoli 15
Blette, bette (like spinach, Mediterranean plant) 15
Asparagus 15
Almonds 15
Agave (syrup of) 20
Soy yogurt (natural) 20
Soy cream (soy cuisine) 20
Tamari sauce - no sugar or sweeteners 20
Bamboo mladite (bamboo shoot) 20
Pots & # 8211 20
Fructose 20
Lemon juice 20
Dark chocolate> 85% cocoa 20
Palm heart 20
Cocoa powder (without sugar) 20
Caribbean cherries (acerola, exotic fruit) 20
Artichokes 20
Eggplant 20
Whole halo puree without sugar 25
Almond puree completely, without sugar 25
Dried peas 25
Orz "Monde" 25
Sugar-free peanut puree 25
Green lentils 25
Mure 25
Mung beans (green soybeans) 25
Chicken humus 25
Fresh strawberries 25
Pumpkin seeds 25
Red currants 25
Beans flageolet 25
Strawberries, fresh fruit 25
Dark chocolate> 70% cocoa 25
Soy flour 25
Blueberries 25
Cherry 25
Tomatoes 30
Soy noodles 30
Naut 30
Parsley root, bleach 30
Grapefruit (fresh fruit) grapefruit 30
Fresh pears 30
Jam, sugar free 30
Nap, raw 30
Yellow lens 30
Mandarin, clementine 30
Milk (skimmed or not) 30
Brown lentils 30
Almond milk 30
Milk powder, fresh ** 30
soy milk 30
Oat milk (uncooked) 30
The fruit of passion (nmaracuia) 30
Green beans 30
Jam (without sugar) 30
White cheese ** not drained 30
Raw beets 30
Raw carrots 30
Fresh apricots 30
Garlic 30
Soy yogurt, flavored 35
Natural yogurt ** 35
Hard grain noodles 35
Wasa fiber (24%) 35
Dried tomatoes 35
Sunflower seeds 35
Wild rice 35
Tomato sauce, sugar-free broth (tomatoes) 35
White almond puree (without sugar) 35
Quinoa 35
Dried apples 35
Fresh plums 35
Apple compote 35
Fresh apples 35
Fresh peas 35
Naut (preserve) 35
Germinated cereal bread 35
Peaches (fresh fruit) 35
Mustard 35
Oranges (fresh fruit) 35
Flax seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds 35
Ancestral corn (Indian) 35
Brewer's yeast 35
Tomato juice / broth without sugar 35
Dried red beans 35
Dried white beans (cannelloni type?) 35
Dried beans deny 35
Dried beans, red (adzuki) 35
Mashed dried beans (borlotti) 35
Fresh figs 35
Fresh pomegranates 35
Falafel (from chickpeas) 35
Chickpea flour 35
Compote, fruit puree 35
Fructose ice cream 35
Raw grated celery (remoulade) 35
Fresh quinces 35
Fresh nectarines 35
Iahnie (cassoulet = food used in France from dried beans and meat) 35
Amaranth 35
Cinnamon apples (exotic fruit) 35

Foods with medium GI
Spaghetti al dente (cooked 5 min) 40
Buckwheat, black wheat (whole wheat, flour or bread) 40
Sorbet (without sugar) 40
Sesame puree tahin 40
Sable (wholemeal flour, no sugar) 40
Prunes 40
Pumpernickel 40
Wholemeal pasta (al dente) 40
Cucumber (pepenele para) 40
100% wholemeal bread made of natural mayonnaise 40
Unleavened bread (wholemeal flour) 40
Lactose 40
Coconut milk 40
Quince jelly (without sugar) 40
Red beans (box) 40
Dried figs 40
Oatmeal (not boiled) 40
Farro 40
Feve (raw) 40
Falafel (feve) haba 40
Make quinoa 40
Raw cider 40
Epeutre (wholemeal, flour or bread) 40
Peanut butter without added sugar 40
Chicory (drink) 40
Dried apricots 40
Ovaz 40
Tomato sauce, tomato broth (tomato sauce, tomato coulis) with sugar 45
Rye (wholemeal, flour or bread) 45
Grapes, fresh fruit 45
Whole basmati rice 45
Peas (in the box) 45
Pilpil (of degree) 45
Kamut bread -45
Toast, wholemeal flour 45
Coconuts 45
Grapefruit juice (without sugar) 45
Orange juice (without sugar) 45
Spelled flour (integral) 45
Kamut flour (wholemeal) 45
Whole grains (sugar free) 45
Integral couscous (integral gray) 45
Complete Bulgur (wheat, boiled) 45
Capellini (pasta) 45
Chocolate bars (sugar-free, Montignac type) 45 Wheat (wholemeal flour)
Degree (type Ebly) 45
Green bananas 45
Plantain banana (raw) 45
Red cranberries 45
Pineapple (fresh fruit) 45
Topinambopur, Jerusalem artichoke 50
Wasa leger 50
Whole brown rice 50
Surimi 50
Complete pasta (whole grade) 50
50 long basmati rice
Epeutre Bread 50
Sweet potatoes 50
Muesli (without sugar) 50
Quinoa bread (about 65% quinoa) 50
Macaroni (durum wheat) 50
Mango (fresh fruit) 50
Kiwi * 50
Litchi (exotic fruit, fresh) 50
Khaki (exotic fuct) 50
Pineapple juice (no sugar) 50
Apple juice (without sugar) 50
Red cranberry juice (without sugar) 50
Chayote, christophine (piure de) 50
All Bran (cereal brand) 50
Cereal energy bars (sugar free) 50

Foods with high GI
Tagliatelle (well cooked) 55
Sushi 55
Well boiled white spaghetti 55
Red rice 55
Peaches (box, in syrup) 55
Nefle 55
Nutella 55
Cassava (sweet) 55
Mustard (with added sugar) 55
Manioc (amer) 55
Ketchup 55
Mango juice (no sugar) 55
Grape juice (without sugar) 55
Sables biscuits (flour, butter, sugar) 55
Hard grade gray 60
Orez de Camargue 60
Long rice 60
Ravioli (hard grade) 60
Chocolate powder (sweetened) 60
Pizza 60
Porridge, oatmeal stew 60
Ovomaltine 60
Bread with milk 60
Watermelon * 60
Lasagna (hard grade) 60
Mayonnaise, industrial, with sugar 60
Complete flour 60
Classic ice cream (sweetened) 60
Apricot (box, in syrup) 60 Pearl barley 60
Banana (ripe) 60
Tamarino (sweet) 65
Sorbet (sweetened) 65
Raisins 65
Syrup d & # 8217erable 65
Wholemeal bread 65
Baked potatoes in shell (water / steam) 65
Rye bread (30% rye) 65
Bread bis (with yeast) 65
Chocolate bread 65
Muesli (with sugar, honey) 65
Marmalade (sweetened) 65
Mars, Sneakers etc 65
Igname 65
Common corn grains 65
Bread fruit (fruit a pain) 65
Quince jelly (sweetened) 65
Semi complete flour 65
Couscous, gray 65
Chestnuts 65
Sweetness (sweetened) 65
Pineapple (box) 65
Beets (boiled) * 65
Raw / whole / whole sugar 70
Tacos (type of Mexican food) 70
Special K (Kellog's brand of cereals) 70
Old alb (old) 70
Standard white rice 70
Rutabaga, nap (cabbage-turnip) 70
Ravioli - type of pasta (soft wheat) 70
Risotto, pilaf 70
Mamaliga, Malay 70
Peeled potatoes 70
Paine ayme (faina alba) 70
Rice bread 70
Noodles (soft wheat) 70
Molasses 70
May 70
Corn flour 70
Gnocchi (type of pasta) 70
Curmale 70
Croissant type croissants 70
Chips 70
Cola, soft drinks, soda = soda? (Coca-Cola type) 70
Briose 70
Refined sweetened cereals 70
Biscuit 70
Cornmeal stew (polenta) 70
Chocolate bars (sweetened) 70
Pesmeti 70
Baghete, white bread 70
Banana plantain (ripe) 70
Amaranth blows 70
Covrigi 70
Pumpkin * 75
Rice with milk (sweetened) 75
Lasagne (soft grain) 75
Watermelon * 75
Gogosi, covrigi 75
Waffle with sugar 75
Mashed potatoes 80
Pumpkin (various) * 75
Tapioca 85
Beans (cooked) a kind of beans 80
Fast cooking rice (pre-cooked) 85
Puffed rice, rice pie 85
Pastarnac * 85
Poppies without sugar 85
Very white bread (Harry & # 8217s type) 85
Hamburger bread 85
Napi fierti * 85
Cornstarch (corn starch) 85
Honey 85
Rice milk 85
Rice cakes 85
Cornflakes 85
White wheat flour 85
Carrots (boiled) * 85
Boiled celery * 85
Gluten-free rice 90
Arrowroot, arrowroot arrow grass 85
Gluten-free white bread 90
Instant flake potatoes 90
Baked potatoes 95
French fries 95
Rice flour 95
Potato starch 95
Wheat syrup, rice syrup 100
Glucose syrup 100
Glucose 100
Modified starch 100
Corn syrup 100
Bere * 110

* Even if they have a high GI, these foods have a very low content of pure carbohydrates (about 5%). Their consumption in normal quantities should therefore have a negligible effect on blood sugar.
** There is practically no difference between the GI of non-fat dairy products and that of dairy products with O% fat. It should be noted that dairy products, although they have a very low GI, have a high insulin index.
*** These foods do not contain carbohydrates so they have an IG = O.


The must is brightly colored, full of antioxidants in the middle of autumn. Although the season of fresh fruits and vegetables has passed, the coming of winter no longer scares me. Because I know that I open the door to oranges, apples, grapes, persimmons, mandarins, kiwis, pineapples. I open the door wide, orange juice, grape juice.
It is not a philosophy to prepare fruit juice. But I make this post, to show you how I get the grape one quickly and easily, without having to worry about cleaning the sieve of the snail juicer, the screen blocked every time, by the kernel.
Wash the desired amount of grapes well (I leave them for 15-20 minutes in warm water, with baking soda, then rinse them thoroughly :)), put them in the blender, add a little water, depending on the strength you want to present at the end the must and mix until you get a smoothie. Then pass everything through a cloth bag, separating the liquid from the pulp. I use the bags found in Mega (you can buy them from cash registers, they are the replacement for plastic bags). I use the same bags to prepare cashew milk, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, etc.
The must is ready! Keep it in the fridge, serve it on an empty stomach in the morning. A powerful detoxifier! You can keep two days of treatment with grape juice, for better results.

Vegan Story Cake. With Pears, Apples, Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Gluten free.

If it's autumn. let the fresh must flow, let the nuts from the Sun, the apples, the pears, the plums fall off, sweet and fragrant, detach directly from our lustful arms! Delicious vegan and raw vegan delicacies to prepare, scaling their splendor over the taste buds, with light spice powders such as cinnamon descended from the Gods, nutmeg chosen the supreme scent, red allspice in the cheeks, dreamy cloves, or proud cardamom, with tailcoat and violin, sprinkled in the Cake Story with pears, apples and nuts. It may be a magical autumn in Vermont, but the proud and full of color begins to dance in the leaves and over Transylvania. Now fairy tales with illuminated settlements are required to be written, smelling of the scent of goodness, peace, love and peace. crumble sleeping in the dough made of chickpea flour, coconut sugar and vanilla bean. I don't go any further and I present you the recipe, until a short story about leaping dreams comes out of the keyboard.

5-6 tablespoons coconut sugar

3 tablespoons cold pressed sunflower oil

2 tablespoons of psyllium bran

half a teaspoon of baking soda dipped in the juice of a lemon

pure vanilla extract

ground walnuts (the more, the more delicious :))

chopped walnut kernels

grated nutmeg (I recommend using nutmeg to get a perfect flavor)

In a rectangular or round tray (you can also serve as a cake), spread baking paper.

Prepare the top, mixing all the ingredients, until smooth, using the target. The quantities are approximate, but in the end you have to get a cake-like dough.

Pour half of the composition into the pan and leave in the oven at a temperature of 200 degrees, 5 minutes, until you notice that you can touch with your finger, and the composition has become solid, firm.

Remove from the oven and pour the already prepared filling.

How do you prepare the filling? Sweet pears, apples, cut them into cubes. Over the cubes add coconut sugar to taste (I add depending on the sweetness of the fruit), coconut oil, 1 cup ground walnuts and the whole spice: 1 teaspoon cinnamon, grated nutmeg, if you want clove powder, grated lemon peel or orange, cardamom.

Mix well until they are all caught in the chorus of flavors.

Then spread it over the countertop in the tray and add the remaining half of the coca.

Place again in the oven at 200 degrees for at least 30 minutes, until you see that the top has browned.

Serve with a cold glass of must, on a painted autumn afternoon.

Or when you feel like it! Bread is ready! And. does not last long. ))

Good appetite, dear readers, inspiration, joy over your souls, wisdom in the choices and decisions of each moment! Why else. when can one be Vegan, without any other being suffering? Only you choose!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Apple, yogurt and almond cake / Apple pie, yogurt and both

Fry this ..I prepared it especially for Halloween, a charity party was organized for. a shelter for abandoned animals: Canil de São Francisco de Assis, Loulé. 200 dogs, 80 cats. they desperately needed food and money for medical care. I was unable to attend in person because of the service, but I did it remotely. The little ones will have a good winter.
Portuguese version below

280 gr melted butter
300 gr sugar
300 gr flour + baking powder
5 eggs
1 natural yogurt
Grated peel from an orange
100 gr chopped almonds
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground cloves

2-3 golden or royal gala apples
powdered sugar

* Mix the butter well with the sugar and the grated peel, add the beaten eggs for each separately, then yogurt, almonds, spices and flour with baking powder.
If you want you can put 1 diced apple on the counter. Arrange the apple slices on top, sprinkle with powdered sugar and bake for 30 minutes. at 180ºC, ventilated oven.
Serve powdered with sugar and cinnamon.
Goes at any time :)

1 natural yogurt
100 g chopped almonds
280 g softened butter
300 g sugar
1 orange rasp
5 eggs
300 g flour with yeast
1 tsp cinnamon tea
1 tsp ground cloves

2-3 golden or royal gala apples.
sugar in powder

* Knead the butter well with the sugar and orange zest. Combine the eggs, yoghurt, almonds, spices and finely chopped flour. If you want you can add an apple in pieces.
On top, place thinly sliced ​​apples in a spiral shape and sprinkle with powdered sugar.
Bake in the oven at 180ºC, about 30 min. oven ventildo.

Baked donuts stuffed with kiwi, pumpkin seeds and persimmon - Recipes

Internet sources are at the end of the article, please consult them.

This table is a personal appreciation and use and belongs to @ Cata's Blog.

The glycemic index and the glycemic load are two different things and it is important to know how to tell the difference between them. Thus, both the quality and the quantity of carbohydrates determine a person's glycemic response to a food. By definition, the glycemic index compares equal amounts of carbohydrates available in food and provides a measure of carbohydrate quality. The carbohydrates available in a food are calculated by adding up the amounts of sugar, starch, oligosaccharides and maltodextrins in the food.

Glycemic load, on the other hand, seems to be the product of the glycemic index and the total carbohydrate content per 100 grams. Unlike the glycemic index, the glycemic load is a more relevant calculation, as it refers to the recommended portions.

Thus, 100 grams of cherries have a glycemic index of 22, while the glycemic load is only 3 (for a portion of 120 grams).

In the ketogenic diet, a low glycemic index of food is essential, and when it is transposed, by the size of a portion, into a glycemic load below 10, the risk of insulin increases is almost zero.

A glycemic load of more than 20 will always create insulin peaks.

Glycemic pregnancy, although a relatively new calculation, is of massive importance in clinical programs targeting metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, diabetes, and weight loss.

IG values:
IG low & lt55
Moderate GI - between 55 and 70
High GI - over 70

Glycemic load of a food:
Low CG = 10 or less
Moderate CG = 11-19
High CG = 20 or more

It is considered that a glycemic load per day (the total amount of GC of the portions ingested during the day) is low if it is less than 80. On the other hand, it is high if it is greater than 120.

Please note:
A low carb keto or low carb diet is healthy, but it doesn't necessarily mean weight loss. To achieve weight loss it is necessary to reduce the number of calories and only then keto or low carb diets will help you to lose weight faster.
You have more information here.

* the carbohydrates in my table are taken from the French site ciqual - are net carbohydrates so you need to add fiber if you want to have the whole number of carbohydrates.

It all depends on what you want to look for: net carbs (whole carbs - fiber) as in my chart or whole carbs (not listed in my chart).

I end with a table found on Facebook with the Glycemic Index of sweeteners (in French):

0rez pumpkin and pine seeds

In the end, I'm on well-deserved vacation! I love to market and I got bored of Almancil. so I started caroling through the neighboring localities :)
And I didn't come empty handed, on the way I went to one of the supermarkets, where I find almost everything and I took the magazine of the store with proposals for the holidays, this rice is actually a garnish for coconut pipette stuffed in the oven, I could not resist temptation!

400 gr peeled pumpkin
1 linguiça or chouriço sausage (in no case Romanian, it has a strong ham flavor)
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 small chopped onion
1-2 cloves of chopped garlic
1 bay leaf
long grain rice
1 Lt of boiled water
1 teaspoon of salt
2-3 tablespoons pine nuts or nuts
I put the spinach leaves or spinach or arugula

Cut the pumpkin into small cubes and take the skin off the tongue. Heat the oil and add the chopped onion, garlic and flaxseed, bay leaf.

When the onion starts to change color, add the pumpkin and rice for 1 minute and quench with boiled water (in no case with warm water!) Season and cover.
Boil for about 15 minutes.