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Sandwich with cream cheese and pressed ham

Sandwich with cream cheese and pressed ham

I cut the bun in half and greased each piece with cream cheese. On one of the pieces I put the green onion slices, and on the other the finely chopped parsley. Over the green onion I put the slice of pressed ham cut in half. I also spread the hot pepper paste, I assembled the sandwich and ... the man ate with great appetite !!

You don't play with man's cravings, and for me it was a bit late :)

Recipes with pressed ham

Hot sandwiches
Put butter on each slice, then make the combination of sausage and cheese, make sandwiches and put in a sandwich maker. Leave until browned. Serve hot, with ketchup and grated cheese or cheese on top. . Chicken breast roll with sesame
Mushrooms: Chop the garlic and put in a pan, then add the mushrooms, tomato / chilli sauce, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Keep on the fire for about 7 minutes. Roll preparation: Each piece of chest cut on. Train appetizer
Cut cubes of pressed ham, pass through a skewer, decorate on top with squares of cheese, cucumber and pepper, the locomotive is made taller and decorated with olive and the wheels are made into rounds and carrot sticks. Breakfast roll
We make the scrambled eggs from beaten eggs, then we turn it over on the plate and we start to line the cheese first, then the salami and at the end the cream sausages. Roll and put in the oven (or microwave) to melt the cheese. Is a . Gordon blue
cut the meat into slices, beat lightly, then season. cut the cheese into slices. In each slice of meat, place the bacon and the cheese and roll them nicely, we catch them with toothpicks so that they don't fall apart. in a bowl beat eggs with. Pizza with ham and sun-dried tomatoes
I prepared the dough in the bread machine, the kneading and leavening program. From the above quantity come two pizzas with a diameter of 28-30 cm. Grease the top with tomato juice, sprinkle with dried basil, grated mozzarella, place the slices of ham,. Pan-fried vegetables with chicken ham
Put the cube of butter in a Teflon pan, leave it until it melts and add the frozen vegetables over which we will put a lid and leave them like this until they soften. Meanwhile, cut the ham into cubes and put it over the vegetables, too. Festive set
The capsicum, I cleaned it and filled it with a paste made of urda mixed with dill, and I filled the slices of ham with a paste made of liver pate mixed with boiled egg yolk and mustard. . Appetizers for children gathered from around the world
The snake is made the simplest by cutting cucumber slices and with the mouth of an opahar cut slices of ham / salami and cheese about the same size. Grease with a little cream cheese to stick and arrange them alternately. The snake's head will be a. Cordon Bleu
Wash the meat and wipe it with a napkin, cut it into thin slices and beat it like a schnitzel. Put a slice of ham on each slice of meat, then a slice of cheese, fold it, catch it with toothpicks. Beat the eggs well. , add salt, pepper and a. Whimsical pizza
For the dough, put the flour in a bowl, add the oil, salt and yeast, then pour the cold milk, incorporating lightly, either with a mixer or a spoon. Knead a dough that no longer sticks to your hands, cover with plastic wrap and. Chicken roll with rose sauce and rice with vegetables
Roll: Spread the chicken breast, cut the pressed ham and cheese into cubes and slice the mushrooms. Mix the cheese with the ham and mushrooms and place the filling over the chicken breast. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and roll the chicken breast. You caught him with. Cordon Bleu
The slices of muscle are beaten with a hammer and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Place sliced ​​cheese and kaizer or any other smoked, skimmed sausage on half of the slice. Roll and catch the ends with. Bean salad with mayonnaise
In a bowl put the beans, add the grated carrot, ham and sour cucumbers, cut into small cubes. Put the sliced ​​egg white, finely chopped parsley, salt and pepper and mix lightly. Then mix everything with. Cordon Bleu
Wrap the fillets with cling film and beat lightly with a hammer to spread them. Sprinkle with salt and pepper each piece. Place a slice of cheese and a slice of ham on top (I put cheese sticks and the remaining ham. Flower salad
Boil the peeled potatoes and cut them into cubes together with the peeled carrot and cut the slices. Then drain and add salt and pepper. with . Stuffed eggplant
Put 3 eggs to boil, about 15 minutes after it boils. Meanwhile, cut the eggplant lengthwise and remove the core with a spoon. Sprinkle with lemon juice, so as not to oxidize. Prepare the filling: cut the ham into cubes, as well as the sausages and. Ham and ham salad with mushrooms
The mayonnaise is mixed in a bowl together with the sour cream and seasoned. Cut the ham and mushrooms into small pieces and add them to the bowl with the sauce, then add the drained corn. At the end we cut the parsley and add it over our salad. And that's it . Chops with tomato and olive sauce
- the chops are washed and beaten with a hammer, they are salted and peppered, they are passed through flour - they are fried a little on both sides in a little oil next to the thinly cut pastrami - the chops and pastrami strips are removed and in the remaining oil. Italian salad with aromatic dressing
Bring water to a boil with salt when it boils, add the pasta and boil according to the instructions on the package. Tomatoes and peppers are cut into cubes salami into smaller pieces. Mix all ingredients. At the end, put the dressing.

Make a cream of cheese, butter, salt, pepper and parsley. Place it on a slice of ham pressed a little from the cream cheese, roll it and place it on a plate. Decorate with green parsley.

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Boiled and pressed ham & # 8211 Easter recipe

Boiled and pressed ham & # 8211 Easter recipe & # 8211 ciolan pressed in membrane or PET. A homemade sausage that we can always make from ham, ham or ciolan. How to make homemade sausages? How can we cut the ham into perfect slices and have the taste and aroma we want? I will now describe step by step the whole procedure for obtaining a perfect ham.

The good part is that in the ham we can add either ciolan (boiled and smoked or raw and smoked) from our own production or bought, as well as leftovers from various homemade sausages dry (or not), homemade ham with or without fat, each as he wishes. I used 2 bone chisels (a total of 2.6 kg) and some leftovers from homemade sausages.

This is what a plate on our Easter table looks like: boiled ham (pressed ciolan), freshly sweet or slightly salted homemade pieces and radish mousse.

There is no lack of green onions & # 8211 placed vertically in cups or tall glasses.

Or naturally painted Easter eggs with onion peels & # 8211 see here.

If you do not have such thick mats (in our country in Arad they are found in the market, brought from Hungary) you can use plastic bottles (pet) or plastic boxes with lids.

What is the best filling for spinach appetizer roll?

The best filling for me is the one with cream cheese and smoked salmon. Spinach with cream cheese and salmon is a perfect combination. They just go perfectly together. The spinach I used for this appetizer roll was frozen spinach leaf by leaf from Bonduelle. It is of very good quality and very tasty. The cream cheese was from the green one, and the smoked salmon was of good quality and without too much salt. Sometimes I hit some extremely salty marks. Of course you can replace salmon with a good quality chicken or turkey ham, bresaola or prosciutto. Choose the best quality products anyway. You need a small amount, so it's worth it.

Before slicing this appetizer roll with spinach, it must be left in the fridge for at least 2 hours. In this way the cream cheese will harden and will be easy to portion. It is very important to roll it as tight as possible, but not enough to break the worktop. With this basic recipe you can make many other options. It depends only on you and your imagination. My father liked it very much, so he told me he wanted it on the holiday table too. For some time he has completely given up meat, so try all kinds of combinations based on fish and vegetables. I also really liked it, so I shared it with my father, but I will definitely do it for the holidays, along with broccoli tart and Telemea cheese.

Mosaic with zucchini, sheep cheese and chicken ham

Since it's still pumpkin season, I made a mosaic appetizer from zucchini. He is the star! But not only & # 8230 It can be eaten in any part of the day you want. Hot or cold. For this I needed the following ingredients:

  • 1 suitable zucchini, about 500-600 gr
  • 2-3 portions onions, the size
  • 1 carrot
  • 200 gr sheep cheese (you can put whatever you want)
  • 5 eggs
  • 200 gr pressed chicken ham (you can also put pork)
  • 70 gr. CHEESE
  • a bunch of green dill
  • 1 baking powder
  • 4-5 tablespoons flour
  • 3 tablespoons oil
  • salt to taste
  • ground pepper to taste

These being listed, let's get to work! I peeled the onion and carrot and washed them. I washed the zucchini, without peeling it. I cut the onion into cubes, I put the carrot on the large grater. I also put the zucchini on the large grater. I did the same with sheep's cheese. I washed the dill and chopped it finely. I cut the pressed ham into cubes.

In a saucepan I put the grated zucchini, carrot, onion, ham, cheese, dill, eggs, oil, salt and ground pepper (to taste) and I mixed the composition well. Then I put the baking powder and flour and mixed. Be as dense as a cake batter. Depending on this, add the flour. Because it depends on the juice from the zucchini, the size of the egg used, etc. In a 20/30 size tray I put the baking sheet and put the composition. I put it in the oven for 40-45 minutes, at a temperature of 180 degrees. In the end it looks so good, but the taste is just right. Section I was not able to take pictures & # 8230 Guess why & # 8230 :)))

But it's very good! It's a mosaic with zucchini, other vegetables and chicken. Good appetite!

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As it is still the period when fresh fruits are found, I thought of making one with cherries. I didn't want to go for the biscuit top version… I'm not very satisfied with the taste. So I reinvented from several recipes I made. Am & hellip

Cabbage, a good vegetable, for some commonplace, from which tasty dishes can be made, for our appreciated family. But, this time, not simple. Ingredients: a fresh cabbage up to I, 5 kg. pork breast head 750 gr. 3-4 suitable onions a kapia & hellip pepper

All foods are very good. And since I didn't know what else to prepare for the family, I thought of making a goulash. For this I needed the following ingredients: For goulash: 900 gr pork on the belly (not very fat) 4 good looking onions & hellip


An idea of appetizer, simple, handy and very tasty.
Placed on various shapes cut from slices of bread, it can even be very effective.

200 g Philadelphia cream cheese
50 g butter
100 g pressed ham
2 hard boiled eggs
3 green onions
1/4 red pepper
salt, pepper to taste

How come:

which are tightly wrapped in plastic wrap and cool.

Before cutting slices to serve is recommended
to put for 5-10 minutes in the freezer in this way will be much easier to cut
perfect slices (or less perfect, so mine & hellip).
Each slice is placed on a slice of bread that has been previously cut into a cookie cutter (or, failing that, goes with a round glass).
I made them out of black bread & hellip
If you want, you can decorate them with cucumber pieces or anything else.

Tart with onion, cheese and ham & # 8211 Quiche à l & # 8217oignon or Zwiebelkuchen

Tart with onion, cheese and ham & # 8211 Quiche à l & # 8217oignon or Zwiebelkuchen. How to make a savory tart with onion hardened in butter, ham and cheese? Quiche with onions, eggs, sour cream and tender dough. Recipes with salted tender dough. Appetizer tart recipes.

This tart with onion, cheese and ham & # 8211 Quiche à l & # 8217oignon or Zwiebelkuchen is made according to a Franco-German recipe from Alsace and Lorraine. These two regions of eastern France (Alsace & # 8211 Elsass and Lorraine & # 8211 Lothringen) have been part, throughout history, sometimes of Germany and sometimes of France. The population is a mixed Franco-German one and the imprint of both nations has been put in the culinary field.

The term "quiche" comes from the German "Kuchen" (cake, baking). He designates a wide range of salted tarts with different fillings: with cream, smoked (ham, kaiser), onions, local cheeses, etc. Crust of a quiche ("The quiche" it is feminine) it can be both a tender dough with butter (pâ te bris é e) and a puff pastry or even leavened. Zwiebelkuchen means "cake or baking with onions" (from German lb.).

This tart with onion, ham and cheese is generally made in autumn and winter. It is a kind specific to the season when the vines are harvested (la vendange or Traubenlese) and served with a glass (or more!) Of freshly squeezed must. An excellent combination!

The most famous quiche is the one in Lorraine & # 8211 Quiche Lorraine. It is prepared only with pieces of smoked ham (lardons) and a fine cream of eggs and cream (migaine). It does not contain cheese or other additives & # 8211 see here the traditional recipe.

The rest of the salty tarts that contain onions, cheeses or other ingredients are generically called "quiche". Especially this Zwiebelkuchen or Quiche à l & # 8217oignon is prepared with a large amount of onion hardened in butter, which gives it a special flavor! I had the opportunity to eat onion tart on both sides of the Franco-German border and I found that it is prepared in exactly the same way!

The dough is tender with butter and must be worked quickly, cold. The enemy of soft dough is kneading & # 8211 process through which the elastic gluten network develops (something we want for bread, pizza or cake and which we avoid pate brisee). The crust of the dough is baked in two stages: empty (15 minutes) and then with the filling (another 45 minutes).

The filling of this tart consists of sauteed onion with butter, pieces of kaiser, ham or other smoked ham and a mix of beaten eggs with sweet cream (for cream). On top it has a reddish crust and au gratin cheese flour. The recommended types of cheese are those that melt nicely, "cheese" type & # 8211 Emmentaler, Gruyere, Gouda, trapist or similar. Excluded telemea!

From the same tart dough I made some tender biscuits / pizza crackers (the recipe here).

From the quantities below results a tart with onion, cheese and ham of 26 cm with a height of 3 cm. Out of it come 8 good portions. It is very tasty both hot and cold, the second or third day. It can be a hot snack or a main course (dinner, lunch).

Festive appetizer with cream cheese

this Festive appetizer with cream cheese, it fits very well Easter meal next to painted red eggs. You will agree with me after you see the pictures. To me from Holy Easter they had an unexpected success with the younger guests who came to visit. Of Easter Orthodox I will prepare these festive appetizers carrot type, but you will prepare even more nests of braided dough than the one in the picture because they were as resounding as these stuffed & # 8222 carrots & # 8221. Maybe you will smile at the idea and try them for Orthodox Easter or why not for other holidays, Christmas, New Year & # 8230

Dough ingredients Festive appetizer with cream cheese :
250 g flour
10 g of yeast
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon sugar
1 egg yolk
1 whole egg to grease the dough before putting it in the oven
sour cream
50 g butter for the dough
50 g butter for spreading dough
(From the quantities given to the dough ingredients, about 7-8 doughs come out of the dough. It also depends on the size of the cones made)

Ingredients for the festive appetizer filling with cream cheese :
150 g Something fine & # 8211 Cream cheese with sour cream & # 8211 Delaco
140 g Something fine & # 8211 Cream cheese with horseradish & # 8211 Delaco
2 cucumbers, pickle in vinegar
1 small onion
salt, pepper to taste
ground cumin
1/2 link green parsley leaves
2 boiled eggs
150 g pressed ham (it's special if you put even pieces of smoked sausage or pastrami)

Dough preparation Festive appetizer with cream cheese :
Dissolve the yeast in 100 ml of warm milk together with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt. Leave to rise and add it to the flour together with the rest of the salt, the egg yolks, 1 tablespoon of sour cream and 50 g of melted butter. Knead well until the dough comes off the edge of the bowl, sprinkle with flour on top and leave to rise until it doubles in volume (the amount of liquid may be higher or thicker depending on the flour used in each). The resulting dough should be neither too hard nor too soft to flow & # 8230 After leavening we spread the dough on the work table sprinkled with flour to a thickness of half a centimeter, grease its surface with melted butter, let stand about 3-5 minutes after which we cut it 1.5 cm wide strips that we will twist on metal horns or made of cardboard as in the image below. Heat the oven, grease the croissants with beaten egg and bake on low heat until nicely browned. After baking, take them out of the oven, leave them to cool a bit and remove the cornets.
Preparation of the filling Festive appetizer with cream cheese :
In a bowl put the two kinds of cream cheese, add to them a finely grated onion, finely grated pickled cucumbers, finely chopped pressed ham, boiled and finely chopped eggs. Season with salt and pepper, ground cumin (1 knife tip I used) add finely chopped green parsley and finally add 1 teaspoon paprika (for those who like spicy can use hot paprika). The pre-baked dough croissants will be filled with this filling.

Appetizer cream from ham and cheese, with horseradish

For meals of holidays (especially because they are in white, green and red: P) or for any other special occasion, I also propose a ham and cheese cream, taken out of anonymity with a hint of horseradish, just right to prepare some small sandwiches and cute, beautifully colored and appetizing. The recipe is simple and you can prepare the cream in advance, and before the arrival of the guests, just make and decorate the sandwiches (not too long before the bread does not soften). I used mini-toasts, bought as such, but I also go for biscuits, breadsticks, slices of toast at home or even slices of fresh baguette. What you like best.

As for the cheese, I have now experimented with a Romanian cheese, with a little sour cream in it, but I can't say that I liked it completely, as a result I would take a creamy Philadelphia next time. Finally, the ham is good to be drier (not with a lot of water in it) and a little smoked. The recipe is inspired by the magazine & # 8220Ioana & # 8211 Secrets of the kitchen & # 8221.

& # 8211 Prague ham 200 g
& # 8211 cheese (cream cheese / cow cheese) 200 g
& # 8211 unt 80 g !! at room temperature
& # 8211 horseradish paste 2 teaspoons tip (35 g). adjust the amount to taste
& # 8211 liquid cream (30% fat) 50 ml
& # 8211 salt, white pepper
+ bread, arugula and cherry tomatoes to serve

Pass very well with the blender, in stages, ham, cheese and liquid cream. Put the resulting cream in a bowl and mix it with the butter brought to room temperature. Add the horseradish, a little salt and white pepper and mix well. Keep the foam cool until ready to serve.

Make the sandwiches and decorate them with an arugula leaf and a piece of cherry tomato.

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