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Noodles with beef

Noodles with beef

For starters, I cut the meat into strips and marinated them for about 1 hour, in a sauce consisting of: soy sauce, wine, lemon juice, salt, pepper.

I boiled the noodles in boiling water.

I cleaned the vegetables and cut them: garlic and ginger slices, green onions and carrots in the form of sticks.

I heated the wok over high heat, added olive oil (I use a fairly small amount) and added onion, garlic, carrots and ginger.

Those who like slightly spicy food can add a few slices of hot pepper.

I sautéed the vegetables for a maximum of 2 minutes, so that the carrots remained crispy, after which I took them out on a plate.

In the wok I added a little oil again and when it warmed up well I added the slices of meat drained from the sauce. I kept the sauce in a bowl.

I also sautéed the meat over high heat, I added the sauce in which it was marinated and in addition the sweet-spicy sauce. Now the meat is tender and looks slightly caramelized.

Over the noodles I added the vegetables and the meat, together with the sauce left in the wok and I mixed. I sprinkled a few green onion sticks and served.

I invite you to our table!

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