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What is the Trapizzino, and Why Do Pizza Fans Love it?

What is the Trapizzino, and Why Do Pizza Fans Love it?

Trapizzino, a new Roman invention, combines the best of the pizza, calzone, and pita pockets

Even though we Americans will probably butcher the spelling and pronunciation, trapizzino sounds delicious.

Of course the newest street food innovation in Italy is an incarnation of pizza. Meet the trapizzino: a delicious hybrid of pizza, calzone, and the “tramezzino,” an Italian triangular sandwich. Invented in 2008 by Stefano Callegari at his slice shop 00100 in Rome, it features thick, triangular pieces of dough baked separately and then stuffed with all manner of fillings, from traditional pizza toppings to more unusual and gourmet ingredients like braised oxtail, cuttlefish, or tripe. Now the trapizzino is Rome’s newest, affordable comfort food and it’s been a hit on the streets. They usually just cost €2to €4 each (for a small or large trapizzino).

The concept may sound familiar; after all, 00100 was a part of Madison Square Eats in 2012, and similar iterations of the trapizzino have popped up in recent years like the pizza sandwich at Kesté Pizza & Vino.

Due to its success, 00100 now has a few locations throughout Italy, but sadly it has yet to come to America. We will wait patiently for your arrival, trapizzino.

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