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The Romagna piadina is one of the most famous Romagna specialties, it is a thin sheet made of flour, lard (or olive oil), salt and water with a rounded shape that was traditionally cooked on a terracotta or metal plate placed directly on the embers which is then served alone to accompany the dishes or stuffed according to personal taste. Piadina from Romagna, once the food of the poor, is now one of the traditional Italian agri-food products of the Emilia Romagna region and is famous all over the world and appreciated by all. When I find myself passing by the areas of Rimini, I have my fixed stops to go and eat the wraps and although the fillings to choose from are countless, I prefer to stuff it with rocket, raw ham and squacquerone. The recipe that I propose is that of the Romagna piadinas that is closest to the flavor of those I have tasted in recent years, even if each area has its own variant, so I also imagine every family, I hope you like it :)

In a bowl, put the flour, salt, baking soda and lard. Start working everything by gradually pouring the water.

Work the dough vigorously for about ten minutes, until it forms a smooth and fairly firm dough, then cover with a cloth and let it rest for 30 minutes.

Now divide the dough into 8 pieces of equal weight.

With the help of a rolling pin, roll out each ball to obtain a thin sheet with a rounded shape.

Heat the Romagna text and, once hot, start cooking one piadina at a time.

Prick the piadina with a fork on the air bubbles that will begin to form on its surface during cooking.

Cook the wraps for a couple of minutes on each side, then place them gradually on a plate, one on top of the other.

Then stuff the Romagna wraps with meats, cheeses, vegetables or whatever you like best.

Piadina Romagnola: the original recipe step by step (with oil or lard)

There Piadina from Romagna, also called piada, it's a flat bread without leavening typical of gastronomic tradition of Romagna based on flour, water, lard or extra virgin olive oil, which comes cooked on a plate or on perfect text to stuff with cheeses and cured meats or from use instead of bread! A unique goodness it has ancient origins in campaigns Romagna as poor dish today protected by & # 8217IPG has become one street food symbol of Italian cuisine in the world! Follow this Piadina recipe with all step by step advice and you will see how to do the homemade piadina he is not alone easy And rapid!! but also very good like the one bought! In addition to that more genuine!

Like any traditional recipe they exist different versions depending on the region in which it is made! Among the best known: the Piadina from Rimini from thinner thickness and that of Cesena low in added fat! What I give you today is there Original recipe of the Piadina from Romagna, the classic one, slightly thick, of a unique delicacy comes from my Emilian cookbook! It's about a very simple preparation, enough 1 bowl where all the ingredients are mixed in a few seconds. Then it is kneaded, the loaves are obtained, finally they are spread out in disks and the wraps are cooked one by one! In this case I made the original piadina with lard, a very cheap grease made from pork. But don't worry, if you don't have it in the house, I have experimented with great success also there variant from Piadina without lard with extra virgin olive oil! the result believe me is one Perfect piadina! from the soft texture And toasted surface , delicious in taste, also ideal to fold and wrap around! Just like the Tigelle, it is excellent to fill with any seasoning to taste! from the classic squacquerone to raw ham to olive pate, grilled vegetables to create delicious unique dishes as the crespelle of piadina or savory piadina pie, the Romagna piadina is also perfect for making tasty appetizers like rolls, swivels, savory cannoli, delicious finger food or even from enjoy as a snack simply with a spread of nutella or jam! children love it! try it soon!

Lo Gnocco fritto (the typical Emilian recipe explained step by step, delicious!)

Piadine & # 8211 Ideas for the filling

I present to you a collection of recipes from wraps to be made at home, to be filled in many ways and for all tastes.

In this collection in addition to the ideas for the filling you will find the recipes for the basic preparations and, in addition to the classic recipe of the Romagna piadina, you will discover variations such as: wraps with spelled flour or with sourdough sourdough. With these recipes you will get soft wraps, ready to be stuffed with meats, cheeses, vegetables, but also meat and fish.

The wraps are ideal for a quick meal, for a tasty dinner as an alternative to pizza or sandwich, and to be enjoyed in the company of friends. For the filling you can indulge yourself, personalizing the filling and trying many tasty and special combinations. Here you will find ideas with which to delight you and your diners.

For those who are not a teetotaler, I recommend serving the wraps with a good iced beer that enhances the taste and quenches thirst after a delicious meal.

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Piadina sausage and onion

  1. Doses for: For 4 people
  2. Difficulty: easy
  3. Preparation: 10 minutes


  • 4 wraps
  • 400 g of Levoni spicy Napoli seasoned sausage
  • 1 fresh Tropea onion
  • 30 ml red wine

Heat a non-stick pan over medium heat and use it to heat the first piadina on both sides, remembering to lower the heat so as not to burn it. Meanwhile, cut the onion into thin slices and pass it in a pan with a little oil and the wine to blend until it is wilted. Heat each side of the piadina for about 30 seconds, turning it often, once cooked remove the piadina from the heat and sprinkle it with the onion slices, in the meantime heat the other wraps. Place the ready wraps on a tray, cut into thin slices seasoned sausage and arrange them on one half of the piadina. Fold the piadina in two and cut it in half, serve on a serving dish.


Mix everything without insisting too much and let it rest for 15 minutes covered.

Make balls of about 170 g each and roll them out, one at a time.

Roll out the next piadina only when the previous one is almost cooked, otherwise too many bubbles will form.

Cook in the pan for wraps or on a non-stick plate. They should be cooked over low heat first on one side, then turn them over and cook them on the other side.

Whole Wheat Piadina

In the fall and winter my favorite family routine is our Saturday movie nights or game nights with board games. We also have (homemade) pizza for dinner or piadina.
You know pizza and you know espresso, but do you know “piadina”?
Piadina is a flat bread from the Italian region Emilia Romagna particularly in a town called Riccione.
Piadina can seems similar to tortillas or tacos but it & # 8217s very different. These delicious sandwich wraps are filled with everything: cheese, ham, vegetable, pesto or jam, nutella.

I chose to fill mine with green beans, prosciutto and cheese but I believe that increasing your vegetable consumption is one of the best things you can do for your health.
The real piadina isn & # 8217t too healthy so this is an alternative healthy recipe
This recipe is fast, easy and great tasting.
What are your favorite piada fillings?

Ingredients (makes 3 large piadine)

  • 2 cups whole wheat flour
  • 6 oz. water
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder

In a bowl mix the ingredients in this order: flour, baking powder, salt, water, and oil. Stirring well between each item. Knead the dough for 5 - 8 minutes, until it forms a soft and elastic ball. You may need to add a bit of flour depending on the flour you are using. You can knead the dough in a standing mixer on low speed until combined.
Place ball of dough into a floured bowl. Cover bowl with moist dish cloth or plastic wrap. Let rise for 30 minutes in a warm area.
Cut into 3 equal portions. Roll each portion out onto a lightly floured surface until less than ¼ inch.
Cook the dough in a lightly oiled hot skillet until it begins to set, 2 minutes per side. Remember you will kow piadina is ready to turn when top side is covered wint bubbies. Remove from the pan and add your favorite ingredients.

Piadina can also be cooked on an outdoor grill in the same way

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Genes and luck contribute, I believe, in a very important way to keep us healthy. But certainly preparing healthy recipes and exercising with intelligence also helps! :-) Show more articles

Piadina - Recipes

One piadina recipe - raw ham, squacquerone and rocket - cannot be enough for a lifetime. Of course this is there traditional Romagna recipe, bad stuffed wraps they are an excellent idea for the lunch in the office and if carefully stuffed they can be a complete meal. With a filled piadina and cut into slices, you get an excellent appetizer for the aperitif. Without considering that with a sweet piadina you can also make delicious recipes, using custard, fruit or ice cream. Piadina stuffed with raw ham and stracciatella signed by Simone Rugiati, it's an idea to try. Otherwise you can try the piadina stuffed with raw ham, mushrooms and cheese.

There piadina, in recipe without lard, but with extra virgin olive oil, it is prepared at home in a few minutes and can become the bread suitable for all emergencies, the one to be prepared in the event of a sudden dinner with friends without having to turn on the oven.

Piadina stuffed with cooked ham, mozzarella and tomato
A light recipe, very simple but delicious. Here are the ingredients needed for a flatbread.

To prepare this piadina recipe, proceed as usual by starting to heat the pan. Meanwhile, cut the mozzarella cheese or if you prefer you can cut it into rags with your hands. Stuff your piadina after turning it. Turn off the heat and stuff, starting by arranging the mozzarella. Let it melt a little, add the sliced ​​tomato and finally cover everything with the baked ham. Roll up, arrange on a serving plate and finally cut in half.

Piadina stuffed with smoked cheese, rocket, turkey, cherry tomatoes and tuna sauce

A recipe of filled piadina very rich that will appeal to many.


First of all prepare all the ingredients: cut the three slices of smoked cheese, wash the datterini tomatoes, cut them in half and add salt to form the sauce. Then season them with two tablespoons of tuna sauce, mix well and continue preparing. Wash it well rocket and dry it. Then heat up a non-stick pan very well and roll out the piadina. When one side is well heated, turn the piadina over. After about a minute, adjust the slices of smoked cheese so that they soften in the heat of the pan. As soon as they are melted, turn off the heat under the pan and continue to stuff the piadina. First place the slices of Turkey breast, then the rocket and finally i cherry tomatoes dressed with tuna sauce made following the our easy recipe. At this point you can roll up the piadina, move it to a serving dish and cut it in half.

Piadina stuffed with coppa, spreadable cheese and artichokes
To fill a piadina, the ideal would be to use cured meats from the same region of origin. Here are the necessary ingredients:

  • 1 flatbread
  • 80 gr of Negroni cup
  • 3 artichokes in oil
  • Philadelphia-type spreadable cheese to taste

To prepare this recipe of filled piadina, as always, heat a pan. Meanwhile, drain the artichokes and cut them into slices so as to be able to distribute them evenly over the entire surface. Once the first side of the piadina has been heated, turn it over and after a minute turn off the heat and start filling it by spreading the cheese over the entire surface, then arrange the slices of coppa and finally with the slices of artichokes. Roll up the piadina, place it on a serving plate and cut it in half.

Piadina with mortadella, songino and pistachio and walnut cream
What would piadina be without mortadella? Here are the necessary ingredients:

  • 1 flatbread
  • 80 gr of mortadella Riserva 100% Italian Negroni
  • songino to taste
  • 100 gr of robiola
  • 50 gr of pistachios
  • a few walnuts

First prepare the pistachio and walnut cream. Shell the fruits, remove the skins and finally grind them either with the help of a mixer or even a meat hammer. When you have obtained a rather small grain, mix it with robiola so that it is well homogeneous. At this point, heat the pan and arrange the piadina. Once turned, distribute the cream of robiola and pistachios, even spoonfuls will do just fine. Turn off the heat and continue to stuff, first put the mortadella and finally the songino seasoned with oil, salt and balsamic vinegar. Roll up the piada and arrange it on a serving plate. Cut in half and enjoy your meal.

Super summer, the piadina recipe stuffed with cooked ham and guacamole sauce will conquer your summer. Here are the necessary ingredients:

  • 1 flatbread
  • 80 gr of High Quality cooked ham only Italian meat
  • 3 tablespoons of guacamole sauce
  • a few leaves of cabbage

The most important thing about this recipe is the guacamole sauce with avocado. If you have avocados that are ripe at the right point, you can prepare it in no time. Follow the original recipe, without onions, or the richer one with coriander and chilli. The taste of guacamole will be excellent combined with baked ham. Heat the piadina on a hot pan, turn it on the other side and after a minute turn off the heat and remove the piada from the pan. Spread the guacamole, then spread the slices of cooked ham and finally the cabbage leaves which you can also finely cut and distribute on the salami. Roll up the piadina and cut it in half to make it easier to eat. Enjoy your meal!

How to Make Piadina Bread

piadina is a thin Italian flatbread typically prepared in Italy. It look like tortillas !!

I love this type of bread and I want show you how to make her at home.

It's very simple, and you can make with this recepie the Vegan version without add whoal milk but added coconut milk or almont milk or every vegetable milk you prefere.

It is usually made with white flour lard or olive oil salt and water and yest.

The dough was traditionally cooked on a terracotta dish but you can cook with a normal flat pan.

The Piadinahas been added to the list of traditional food product of the Emilia Romagna Region.

You can fill it with chocolate cream like nutella or with cheese or Others salty and sweet ingredientes!

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Piadina from Romagna

There recipe of Romagna piadina it is one of the cornerstones of our regional gastronomic tradition, so much so that it is protected by the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication). There are two official variants but probably many familiar versions. If there are rules for the dough, taste and imagination prevail over the filling.

  • 500 g of soft wheat flour
  • 250 g of water
  • 1 tablespoon of lard at room temperature
  • 10 g of instant yeast
  • 10 g of salt

As often happens with recipes of the regional gastronomic tradition there is not a single version. In the case of piadina, there are at least two types: the Romagna one and the 'Rimini-style' one. On the piadina, protected by the PGI, there is a specification that clarifies the ingredients, characteristics and production areas. If you are interested in learning more about the subject, you will find a lot of information and curiosities in our How to cook piadina.

Compared to the recipe, we offer it in the right doses and in the most comfortable size for a home preparation, adjust according to the non-stick pan you want to use. For the amount of fat present we could say that this version is closer to piadina from Cesena, more contained in the presence of lard or oil.

As regards the piada fillings you can indulge yourself. In this recipe we have adhered to tradition but you know, the piadina is good with everything. Try it with an original and delicious filling as in the case of Piadina with oil and buckwheat with melted cheese.