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Smiling pizza

Smiling pizza

Dough preparation:

Melt the butter with 100 ml of water.

We make mayonnaise from 50 ml of warm water, sugar and yeast.

In a large bowl put flour and make a hole in the middle. In that hole we put water with warm butter, salt and mayonnaise.

Mix from the outside to the inside until you make the dough and at the end knead a little with oil. If you still need flour, you can add enough to make a thick dough and not be sticky.

The dough bowl is covered with a towel and left in a warm place to leaven.

After the dough has risen a little, we spread it in a tray, we greased the tray with a little oil.

Grease the countertop with tomato sauce and then grate half of the mozzarella over it.

Place the rest of the toppings on top so that the tomatoes and onions are on top, and grate the rest of the mozzarella.

Bake in the middle for about 30 minutes until the top coats.

Serve hot with spicy ketchup and a pint of cold beer: D: D

Good appetite!

Piti, lying on the rails

Girl, what a beautiful beach you shot! What sand, what coast, what Black or Mediterranean Sea? There is also a track full of squirrels, from somewhere in Cucuieţi. It's even more natural and cheaper!

Girl, what a beautiful beach you shot! What sand, what coast, what Black or Mediterranean Sea? There is also a track full of squirrels, from somewhere in Cucuieţi. It's even more natural and cheaper! And you don't even have to step on your feet and figure out who knows which girls are better tanned and more receptive to silver. But why are you so smiling? Does a blade of grass tickle you? Or do you somehow hear your stupidity roaring on the rails? And cracking his ass. be? Stay calm and tan as evenly as possible, because you have no chance to miss the train of absolute nipples!

In the newspaper!

If you see squirrels on the street, at the sea, in the club or on the internet, don't be afraid to give them the picture in the newspaper! The e-mail address [email protected] can't wait to find out the latest pitzi-trends.

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Alternatives for kindergartens. How much will parents take out of pocket for the services of a nanny or a day center for children

In summer, not only the students go on vacation, but also the little ones from kindergartens. The Ministry of Education says that the public administration together with the parents set the break period of the preschool institution. Thus, in order to be able to go to work, parents can call on children's day centers, or even hire a nanny for a term.

Children's clubs offer parents alternatives if their kindergartens are closed, and some even organize camps. For five days of fun, activities and meals, parents must pay 900 lei.

& # 8222Parents can bring their children from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., every day. There will be some educational classes, they will have paper applications, colored, drawn with fingers, in addition to this we expect an hour a day to inform children about the environment & # 8221, said the director of the mini-club for children , Diana Dubovschi.

& # 8222It is a joy for children because they have the opportunity to play, they enjoy their free time because they are constantly bored at home, here they meet more children & # 8221.

While some mothers leave their children in day care centers, others turn to nannies. Experts say they are in high demand. In order for the little one to stay for an hour with a nanny, the parents pay 25 lei, and about five thousand lei per month & # 8211.

& # 8222We offer nannies aged between 35 and 55 & # 8211 57 years. They usually have extensive experience. They must be neat, have neat hair and hands. If the nannies go to a Moldovan family, they must speak Romanian fluently & # 8221, mentioned the director of the nanny agency, Liudmila Egubeţ.

Psychologists, however, recommend that parents pay attention to both the outside appearance of the nanny and her knowledge of managing critical situations.

& # 8222This nanny should emanate kindness, should be a person first of all soulful, it is also very important that this nanny be smiling. Both parents and all nannies who, even if we hire them for a short period of time, know the simplest first aid & # 8221, said the psychologist, Diana Beraru.

The representatives of the Ministry of Education say that the duration of the holidays and their period is established by the local public authority.

& # 8222We are talking about certain activities that are to be approved by the authority in the management of the educational institution, so that the staff can rest on the one hand, and on the other hand not to interrupt the final process. This minimum period should not be less than 14 days & # 8221, mentioned the head of the Pre-university Education Department, Valentin Crudu.

The holiday period in kindergarten must be set in June-August for a maximum of 30 days.

Homemade pizza

1. If you use fresh yeast, dissolve the yeast in warm water. Mix all the dry ingredients, then add water, followed by oil.
2. Knead the dough, and if it is still sticky, add more flour until it becomes fine. Set the dough aside for 20-30 minutes to warm.
3. Meanwhile, prepare the toppings. When the dough has risen, grease a tray with a diameter of

30 cm and put the dough in the center.
4. Using your fingertips, push the dough evenly around the edges of the tray.
5. If you want a normal homemade pizza top, prick the dough from place to place using a fork. The stiffer the dough, the less the countertop will grow. If you want a homemade pizza with a fluffy top, you can skip this step.
6. Combine the broth with 2 tablespoons of water and spread the sauce obtained on the whole dough, followed by oregano and mozzarella / cheese.
7. Place the rest of the ingredients on the pizza and bake for 30-40 minutes, until the top is colored.

You can "talk" to other drivers

If you want to communicate with other traffic participants, without horns, obscene gestures or emergency lights, it is worth mounting a Drive Motion device on your car. It consists of a wireless remote control that is applied to the dashboard and a small round screen, for the rear window, which helps you to say thank you, to make sweet eyes or to give a sharp look to the driver you have passed . All you have to do is press one of the five buttons on the remote control, depending on the message you want to send, and the image, smiling or frowning, will appear on the rear-view screen.
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