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Lightning donuts

Lightning donuts

First, we prepare the eclair composition. In a saucepan, put water, salt and margarine and put on the fire, stir continuously until the margarine melts and bring to a boil, then add all the flour and mix vigorously so as not to form lumps. Let it cool enough not to "bake" eggs. When it has cooled, we start to incorporate eggs, one by one, if the eggs are bigger, only 5 go, if they are smaller, they go 6. Then, with the help of a ligurite, we form the donuts, we place them in the tray lined with baking paper. Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C, then lower the heat and bake over low heat. They are ready when they swell and are reddish. Leave to cool.

Cream: In a bowl, put the pudding powder and dilute it with milk. Separately, mix the eggs with the sugar and vanilla sugar and put on the steam bath, mix well until the sugar melts, then add the diluted pudding powder and let it boil until it thickens, stir continuously, so that no lumps form. Remove from the heat, let cool for approx. 10 min, then add the butter and mix well. Let it cool well and finally add the whipped cream.

We start to fill them, cut in half and fill with cream then glaze with fondant or melted chocolate.

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