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Dramatic elBulli Movie Coming Soon to Theater Near You

Dramatic elBulli Movie Coming Soon to Theater Near You

Ferran Adrià's legendary restaurant will get immortalized in a fictionalized dramatic film

We should've seen this coming; elBulli, Ferran Adrià's legendary avant-garde haute cuisine restaurant that closed in 2011, will be portrayed in yet another film, this time in a "fictionalized dramatic feature film" titled EL BULLI. The movie will be based on Lisa Abend's book The Sorcerer’s Apprentices: A Season in the Kitchen at Ferran Adrià’s elBulli.

Vendome Pictures has announced that it will produce and finance the film, and is currently looking for a director for the project. In The Sorcerer's Apprentices, Abend spends six months in 2009 at elBulli, capturing the drama of the kitchen's training program. The 32 apprentices, culled from 3,000 hopeful candidates, were "pushed to their competitive limits in a 14-hour-a-day Darwinian process," the press release brags.

Abend tells us that the crew will still be filming at the closed elBulli restaurant, but since characters (read: apprentices) are all international, parts of the film will be located in other countries. Production should begin in the fall of this year, she tells us via email.

"As for the adaptation, my book was more documentary than anything, and what it documented was often the very tedious nature of working in a fine-dining restaurant," Abend wrote. "Since the film is a feature and not a documentary, it will necessarily heighten the drama — and also condense a lot of the book. But some of the characters should be recognizable."

Obviously Adrià will be a key character in the movie, and the chef has been consulted in conversations about the movie. Casting decisions have not yet been made, a representative tells us, but we imagine Adrià will be too busy working on his epic food encyclopedia La Bullipedia to star in the movie. We nominate Javier Bardem to play the brilliant mad scientist/chef role. Judging from Bardem's performance in Skyfall, he can definitely pull it off.

7 Best Christian Movies for 2020

Comic book superheroes star in their fair share of movies these days (some with fictional, futuristic themes and most with exciting special effects). If you're looking for a good belly laugh or ten, slapstick comedies are a dime a dozen it seems. Best kids' movies in 2020 and funny family movies offer tons of entertainment for a cozy, laid-back movie night at home. But to find a film that offers a compelling, meaningful storyline focused on faith and religion, you might have to look a little harder.

Add to your 2020 watch list movies with uplifting spiritual themes&mdashfrom a Netflix thriller series about a modern-day Messiah to a romantic biopic starring Riverdale heartthrob KJ Apa to an epic docudrama about Saint Patrick. These upcoming films, as well as other Christian films to stream on Netflix and our roundup of best Bible movies, feature moving Christian messages that will leave you feeling inspired, peaceful, and just all-around good.

As our world can often be an unsettling place, renew and refuel your faith with these exciting selections to enjoy on your own or with the whole family. Check out these most anticipated Christian movies coming out in 2020.

Available now on Netflix.

This provocative thriller series, starring Michelle Monaghan and Dermot Mulroney, tells the story of the meteoric rise of a modern-day messiah figure and the efforts of a CIA agent investigating his mysterious origins. Messiah is executive produced by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, who made the acclaimed History channel miniseries The Bible.

Available now on Amazon.

This inspiring documentary tells the true story of an American family that dedicated their lives to helping rescue displaced citizens in war-torn regions such as Burma (now Myanmar), Iraq, and Syria. In addition to providing relief, David and Karen Eubank say their mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ to defeat evil.

Available now on DVD.

Great for watching on Saint Patrick&rsquos Day, this epic docudrama tells the true story of Ireland's patron saint through historical re-enactments, expert interviews, and Patrick's own writings. John Rhys-Davies (The Lord of the Rings series) stars as Saint Patrick, a missionary who spread Christianity throughout Ireland during the 5th century.

Available now on Amazon.

This romantic biopic from filmmakers Jon and Andy Erwin is based on the heartbreaking true story of Christian musician Jeremy Camp and his first wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer shortly before they married. The highly anticipated film stars Britt Robertson and Riverdale&rsquos KJ Apa, who does his own singing in the role, plus Shania Twain and Gary Sinise.

Available now on DVD.

Filmed in front of a live audience, Jesus takes Sight & Sound&rsquos stage production to the big screen for a special event. This Broadway-like musical has been seen by more than 1 million people.

Available now on

Premiere Date: Coming in 2020 on Netflix.

This faith-based musical film tells the story of a troubled teenager who finds love and a sense of belonging in the last place he expected: a Christian summer camp. The star-studded cast features The View&rsquos Sherri Shepherd and Adventures in Babysitting&rsquos Kevin Quinn.

Review: Teen goes in search of J.D. Salinger in gentle ‘Coming Through the Rye’

A Jewish outcast at a waspy boarding school, Jamie Schwartz is hardly the only kid in the world to identify with Holden Caulfield. But the protagonist of the gentle memory piece “Coming Through the Rye” has one key distinction: his encounter with Holden’s famously reclusive creator, novelist J.D. Salinger. The movie’s key distinction is Chris Cooper’s forbidding but soulful turn as the idolized writer.

Recalling his own adolescent search for Salinger, writer-director James Sadwith unfolds a mildly engaging coming-of-age road trip, set in a nostalgia-kindled 1969. Yet as heartfelt and personal as the story is, much of it feels like standard teen angst. Even Jamie’s particular obsession with “The Catcher in the Rye” — he’s adapted it for the stage — hasn’t the intended dramatic pull.

As the 16-year-old aspiring writer who’s tormented by the “mean guys and phonies” at his Pennsylvania prep school, Alex Wolff is fittingly earnest and self-involved. Jamie’s open-heartedness is evident his holy grail is Salinger’s blessing for his independent-study project, but truly he’s seeking communion and validation. The film conveys this without building a compelling case for why Jamie deserves our attention — or the affection of the smart, spirited and exceedingly grounded Deedee (a captivating Stefania Owen).

When they hit the road for New Hampshire, with Deedee at the wheel of a sky-blue Rambler, the movie enters less predictable territory. Sadwith, whose TV credits include the miniseries “Sinatra,” conjures a few memorable moments in his big-screen debut. But the most stirring moment belongs to Cooper, who turns a barely audible, exasperated sigh into a complicated life story.

‘Coming Through the Rye’

MPAA rating: PG-13, for some drug material, sexuality and language.

Running time: 1 hour, 35 minutes

Playing: Laemmle Monica Film Center, Santa Monica Laemmle Town Center 5, Encino Laemmle Playhouse 7, Pasadena Regency South Coast Village, Santa Ana

June 7

THE BLACK GODFATHER Often called the “godfather of black music,” the industry executive Clarence Avant — who played an important role in the careers of Bill Withers and Quincy Jones, among many others — is profiled in this documentary.

DARK PHOENIX Just when you thought the comic-movie marathons were over, Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) goes to the dark side in a film that is being promoted as the capstone to two decades of X-Men movies. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain co-star. Simon Kinberg directed.

FRAMING JOHN DELOREAN In one of two films about John DeLorean this summer, Alec Baldwin plays the automobile executive who rose through General Motors and gave us the “Back to the Future” car — and later was acquitted of cocaine charges in a high-profile case. Directed by Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce, it’s a meta-documentary. Baldwin reflects on playing the part, and there are interviews with DeLorean’s family members.

THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO A major critical success at Sundance, the writer-director Joe Talbot’s debut feature uses a loose, poetic narrative to explore the effect of displacement in San Francisco, through the story of one man (Jimmie Fails, playing a version of himself) trying to take back the Victorian-style home he associates with his grandfather.

LATE NIGHT In this Sundance crowd-pleaser, Mindy Kaling breaks into the all-male writer’s room of a struggling late-night show, whose host (Emma Thompson) is “Devil Wears Prada”-level demanding. She may be just what’s needed to turn the ratings around. Kaling wrote the screenplay Nisha Ganatra directed.

LETO The director Kirill Serebrennikov worked on the editing of this black-and-white rock-band saga, set in 1980s Russia, while he was under house arrest. (He was freed last month after serving more than 18 months .) The charges of financial fraud against him were widely seen as being politically motivated.

PAVAROTTI Ron Howard, opera fan? He directed this documentary about the legendary tenor, with his singing mixed for Dolby Atmos.

THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 Just how big a paycheck did the suits have to cut Harrison Ford to lend his voice to a farm dog named Rooster? Patton Oswalt takes over for Louis C.K. as the terrier Max, while Jenny Slate and Kevin Hart return as a Pomeranian and a bunny.

December 2020 Romance Movies

Mickey (Sebastian Stan) and Chloe (Denise Gough), two Americans in their mid-thirties.

Anne is married to a small-town minister and feels like her life and marriage have.

A young couple (Sawyer Spielberg and Malin Barr) are forced to seek shelter in the.

Nicolas Shaw is a retired U.S. special operative who becomes part of an elite 'invisible'.

In a time when monsters walk the Earth, humanity’s fight for its future sets Godzilla.

A near college graduate, Danielle, gets paid by her sugar daddy and rushes to meet.

Determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain.

We might finally know when Marvel’s epic ‘Avengers 5’ movie is coming

We’ve been wondering what Avengers 5 will be about and when it’ll be released since the moment Steve Rogers had his dance with Peggy Carter at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Marvel has yet to reveal anything at all about the next major Avengers installment. The studio announced the first films and TV shows from the MCU’s Phase 4 a few months after the Endgame premiere, but it didn’t disclose any future Avengers projects. We explained at the time that Marvel will not just dump its most lucrative franchise, especially now that Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Deadpool are available for fabulous team-ups. But Marvel has to introduce plenty of new superheroes and add new Avengers team members before it can announce an Avengers 5 release date. The same goes for villains — we need scary new threats like Thanos.

Since then, we’ve heard all sorts of rumors and reports about Marvel’s Avengers plans. The studio has already warned that Avengers 5 will not have the same scope as Endgame, teasing that it hopes it’ll be able to offer a similar movie down the road after a massive buildup. But Avengers 5 might be a sort of reboot because so many original Avengers will be replaced.

It’s mid-2021 and Marvel hasn’t gotten around to making Avengers 5 announcements. The pandemic didn’t help, as Marvel postponed all of its Phase 4 movies by more than a year. But we now have a brand new Avengers 5 rumor that tells us the film is already “on the board,” and teases a potential launch timeframe.

Marvel ran an excellent teaser video a few days ago, reminding fans of some of the most iconic moments in the MCU so far and teasing the films that are coming soon. Marvel showed footage for Eternals for the first time, revealed the titles for the Black Panther and Captain Marvel sequels, as well as release dates for Ant-Man 3 and Guardians 3. Here’s another reminder of Marvel’s MCU movie schedule through 2023:

September 3rd: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

December 17th: Spider-Man: No Way Home

March 25th: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

May 6th: Thor: Love and Thunder

July 8th: Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


November 11th: The Marvels

February 17th: Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

May 5th: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3



YouTuber John Campea talked about Marvel’s teaser, wondering why some of the titles we already know are in the making have not been shown in the clip. The list includes Fantastic Four, Deadpool 3, Blade, and X-Men projects. The first Fantastic Four film was at least teased in the video. We expect it to drop in July 2023, according to previous rumors.

Campea reached out to an unnamed person who is supposedly familiar with Marvel’s plans, and he received this answer:

It’s basically the same reason Avengers 5 and Eternals 2 weren’t announced. They were only announcing those films up to 2023 that have verified release dates. There are over 20+ projects on the board.

If genuine, the answer implies that Fantastic Four will be released by the end of 2023, which is already great news. It also tells us that Eternals will have a sequel at some point in the future. But the most exciting detail concerns the Avengers. If this is accurate, the next movie in the franchise will not launch any earlier than 2024.

This gives Marvel plenty of time to prepare the audience for an Avengers team-up that might be unlike anything we’ve seen so far. As a reminder, Black Widow, Iron Man, and Steve Rogers are gone for good. Thor and Hawkeye might also retire soon, and their replacements are expected to be introduced in upcoming Marvel projects.

Also exciting is the fact that Marvel has more than 20+ projects “on the board.” Considering the answer above is related to Marvel’s promo clip and that clip was an ode to watching Marvel movies in theaters, these 20+ projects must be movies. The list above only includes 13 projects, which means Marvel has some big plans for the near future, having mapped the MCU’s next phases several years in advance. That’s not exactly a surprise, as we already know that Kevin Feige and Co. plan out several years of Marvel adventures when deciding the MCU’s fate. That’s the only way to make these films intertwined and ensure they contain the necessary hooks that tie them to the bigger MCU storyline.

As always with rumors, nothing is confirmed at this point. But if we don’t see an Avengers 5 announcement soon, it might be because the film is still several years out. Campea’s full video is available below.

15 Best Movies You Can See in Theaters on Thanksgiving

Including Frozen 2, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, and 21 Bridges.

Thanksgiving Day brings the entire family together under one roof, and although that may already sound a little bit overwhelming, there&rsquos nothing quite like enjoying turkey, stuffing, and pie with your loved ones. While you continue finalizing the Thanksgiving dinner menu and begin to shop for all the ingredients needed to create an unforgettable meal, you&rsquoll probably start to wonder what other activities everyone can do together. Of course, you can all curl up on the couch and watch classic Thanksgiving movies or stream more recent releases on Netflix, but if you simply don&rsquot have the space, there&rsquos also the option to head out to the movie theaters.

From historical to comedy to animated, the movie selection for Thanksgiving Day 2019 at the theaters will get your family&rsquos approval, although there may be multiple polls taken to watch only one. So, before asking everyone to put on their coats and pile into the car, learn all about the 15 movies coming out in theaters just in time for Turkey Day.

11 Christian Movies Coming to Theaters in 2019

These family-friendly flicks are perfect to watch with your kids.

With long-awaited sequels and several book adaptions set to hit theaters or go straight to DVD this year, 2019 is already shaping up to be an incredible time for Christian movies. You and your whole family can learn a meaningful lesson or two from any of these religion-based films that you&rsquoll all definitely want to watch on repeat. Satisfy older kids with a touching PG-13 Christian movie about a troubled teen, or even keep little ones in the spiritual know with a cute animal cartoon about the Bible. Go ahead and grab your calendar, pencil in your trip to the movies, and get ready to be inspired, because you're going to be in awe of these incredible stories. Or, opt for a faith-infused film at home and stream any of these readily available heartfelt movies together from the coach (with popcorn, obviously). Either way, these picks are all a match made in movie heaven.

Premiere Date: August 23, 2019

The creators of War Room are back with a new feature about a discouraged basketball coach who reluctantly agrees to manage the cross-country team. While his original state championship dreams are dashed, he and an up-and-coming track star both find hope through their faith.

Premiere Date: December 31, 2019

Produced almost entirely by veterans, this Christian movie follows a troubled teen and her family as new challenges rock their faith foundations.

Premiere Date: June 28, 2019

Picking up where its popular 2001 prequel left off, this follow-up film shows grown-up protagonist John Groberg revisiting the Tongan islands 10 years later to continue his missionary work&mdashthis time with his whole family in tow. However, when his sixth child is born seriously ill, the Groberg's faith will repeatedly be put to the test.

Movies Coming Out In April 2015: 8 Theatrical Release Dates And Trailers

April is the first full month of spring, and the movies blooming into theaters are warming up the seats before big May box office giants like “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Tomorrowland.” From a sci-fi thriller starring "Star Wars" cast mates Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson to a romantic drama starring Harrison Ford, these are some of the top movies coming soon to a theater near you:

1. “Furious 7,” April 3
Forget logic and gravity and everything else you learned in physics class. Just enjoy the flying cars and feel for the family as they mourn the death of one of their own.

2. “Ex Machina,” April 10
Oscar Isaac plays a megalomaniacal reclusive genius who invites Domhnall Gleeson’s meek character to perform a Turning Test on a highly developed A.I.

3. “Lost River,” April 10
Ryan Gosling made his directorial debut with Christina Hendricks, Saoirse Ronan, Ben Mendelsohn, Matt Smith and wife Eva Mendes.

4. “Kill Me Three Times,” April 10
Comedian Simon Pegg (“Shaun of the Dead,” “Star Trek”) plays an assassin in this delightfully violent and convoluted Australian caper.

5. “Unfriended,” April 17
A horror movie set in a Skype call? This surprisingly creepy horror film will make you suspicious of every computer glitch from then on.

6. “Monkey Kingdom,” April 17
Do I really need to sell you on a Disney documentary about baby monkeys? I didn’t think so.

7. “The Age of Adeline,” April 24
A romantic drama starring Blake Lively and Harrison Ford, “The Age of Adeline” is the story of a woman frozen in time as life moves on around her.

8. “Iris,” April 29
Famed documentarian Albert Maysles profiles fashion icon Iris Apfel in one of his final films.

What movie are you looking forward to? Sound off in the comments below!

It seems that Black Adam won't be the first DC hero Johnson plays on the big screen.

"You really get to land on an emotional human level with Pam."

"It told me that this isn't as far removed as you would think it is."

The highly-anticipated movie is expected to follow the BBC series of the same name.

This week's Top 10 spotlights the return of a gripping murder mystery.

The third 'Conjuring' movie is based on the real trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson.

Jordan Blum dives into what makes a Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing tick.

Apparently, the sequel is taking a page out of the video games too.

Here's how the groundbreaking agreement between two rival studios came about.

As if we needed another reason for birth rates to continue decreasing.

Tune in to Hulu on June 11 to see what’s next for Victor and his Creekwood High peers.

Searchlight's re-imagining of 'Frankenstein' is based on the novel by famed Scottish author Alasdair Gray.

The series includes behind-the-scenes footage, deleted segments, and debunking of conspiracy theories.

Jeff also weighs in on the Cher biopic, the 'Attack the Block' sequel, and 'Those Who Wish Me Dead.'

Looks like Johnson isn't ready to show off the entire costume quite yet.

Only a few more months before we say goodbye to the Nine Nine.

The action thriller also stars Carla Gugino, Angela Bassett, Michelle Yeoh, and Paul Giamatti.

Actresses Eleanor Tomlinson, Elizabeth Berrington, and Ella Smith dig into their characters' twists and turns.

Liza Johnson will direct the hybrid movie, which will feature the animated squirrel in a live-action setting.

Watch the video: Coming Soon To A Theater Near You - Live Entertainment 1997 (December 2021).