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The Jalisco Holiday Shooter

The Jalisco Holiday Shooter

The Jalisco Holiday Shooter.

Not that we don't love combining all of our shots with Thanksgiving entrées, but sometimes you just need a shot of pure tequila goodness. New York mixologist Leo Robitschek shares his tequila shot to get us even more in the spirit of the holidays; this infused batch of Jalisco will put everyone at the dinner table in a good mood.


  • 1 bottle (750 ml) Tequila Don Julio 70 Añejo Claro
  • 3 whole star anise pieces
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • 2 cloves


Calories Per Serving100

Folate equivalent (total)0.3µg0.1%

The Jalisco Holiday Shooter - Recipes

Ordering shots at the bar can really add up and be quite a shock when its time to close the tab. Another option is to invite all your friends over and make your favorite shots at home. The bar scene can be fun until that guy pukes on your shoes or the guys next to you start a fight pushing your girlfriend to the ground. Sometimes hanging out at home is more fun and you can make all your favorite shots from the bar.

This infographic has recipes for 30 of the most popular shots. Whether your celebrating a bachelor party with a “buttery nipple” or St. Patrick’s Day with a “shamrocked” shot, these recipes have got you covered. I know that when I have people over we always try to remember what is in our favorite shots and try to make then. Now we can, thanks to this convenient infographic.

Each shot is shown with an image and the title as well as what is included in each shot. Save this infographic because I am sure you are going to be using at your next party or maybe even a family gathering. Remember to know your limit.

My favorite is a Woo Woo and then the Kamikaze. What’s yours? This drinking infographic was created by Don Bullach.

Christmas Cocktail & Drink Recipes

Whether you’re hosting a get-together or enjoying a night at home with family, there’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than with a festive drink in hand!

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White Christmas Margarita

Change up the holidays by serving this traditionally warm-weather cocktail at your next Christmas party. To make it snowy white, we added a touch of coconut milk. Cranberry ice cubes add a touch of cheer.

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate


Wassail is a hot mulled cider, traditionally enjoyed during wassailing, an English Christmas drinking ritual intended to ensure a good apple harvest the following year. The whole baked apples floating on top lend a homey feel to the warming festive drink. Serve as is -- or top with a splash of brandy if you like. It's perfect for a big family gathering or holiday party.

Vodka Cranberry Punch with Apple Cider Ice Cubes

This is dangerously easy and delicious. Not only does it taste sweet and spicy, but just look at it! Those colors! The ruby-red cranberries cover the surface, and the apple cider cubes are the best additions that amp up the flavor.

5. Apple Jack

Remember tasty apple cinnamon cereal? It's not just for breakfast with this flavorful shot. The recipe makes two 2-ounce shots.



  1. In a cocktail shaker, combine all ingredients.
  2. Shake until chilled.
  3. Strain into two 2-ounce shot glasses.

A DIY version of the flavored, spreadable Gournay cheese originally from France.

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32 Easy Christmas Cocktails to Spice Up Your Holiday Celebrations

These are the best holiday drinks to truly make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

There is so much to celebrate this holiday season, and if you want to make your celebration extra special this year, there's nothing better than a great holiday cocktail. These easy Christmas cocktails will only take you five to 10 minutes to make, and they'll taste like you went to bartender school. Whether you want something sweet, spicy, or full of seasonal berries, these are the best holiday drinks to impress everyone in your family.

And the great thing about holiday cocktails is they're not tied to a typical Christmas feast. You can make one that goes great with your cookie decorating party and another that's cozy enough to sit with by the fire for opening presents or one that pairs perfectly with watching your favorite Christmas movies. There's a Christmas cocktail that works no matter what activities you plan on doing this holiday season, so try one or try them all, and prepared to be wowed.

17 Incredibly Good-Tasting Shots

Nothing gets a party started like a tray of shooters. But let&aposs face it: Strong drinks often taste, well, strong.

Luckily for you, here&aposs a list of kickass shots that go down very easy. If you try them all, you are going to have to hide the car keys and sleep on your friend&aposs floor.

A quick note: Each of these recipes is for one shot unless otherwise noted. The best way to make these for parties is to scale the ingredients (for example, with the Bazooka Joe, you could use one cup of each ingredient) and chill them all in the mixing glass at once. Then pour a shot&aposs worth into each person&aposs drink.

For a party, you can also do away with the ice and simply prepare a pitcher of the drink ahead of time and keep it in the fridge.

Lastly, the shooters than contain juice can also be enjoyed as cocktails𠅋ut be sure to enjoy them in moderation!

Flaming shot recipes

Layer in this order: grenadine, creme de menthe, banana liqueur, white rum. Ignite rum before serving. Server with a straw.

Mix into a shot glass, and splash the bacardi on the very top. Be careful not to mix it into the rest of the drink. Then carefully light the rum on fire with a match. Blow out the flame and drink it fast before the rim gets too hot.

Layer with 151 proof rum on top. Light on fire - burn for 5 seconds - blow it out and drink.

Chill the shot glass until a frost has developed on it. All ingredients should be chilled. Add the aftershock and several small crystals, then add the vodka, and finally the cranberry juice.

1. Fill a shot glass about 3/4 full with amaretto and top it off with enough 151 proof rum to be able to burn.

2. Place the shot glass in another glass and fill the outer glass with beer (right up to the level of the shot glass).

3. Ignite the amaretto/151 and let it burn for a while. Blow it out (or leave it burning if you're brave - not recommended) and slam it. Tastes just like Dr. Pepper.

Fill the shot glass about 3/4 full with amaretto and top it off with enough 151 proof rum to make it burn. Put the shot glass in another glass and fill the new glass with beer (right up to the level of the shot glass).

Light the amaretto/151 and let it burn a while. Blow it out (or leave it burning if you're brave) and slam it. Tastes just like Dr. Pepper.

Mix together. Light on fire. Let the flames warm the concoction for about 20 secs. Blow out fire (optional). Swallow quickly (take care).

Light on fire for five seconds, blow out and suck through a straw.

Pour kahlua first into a double shot glass. Add one ounce of butterscotch schnapps. Float 151 proof rum on top and set on fire. Blow out before drinking.

Pour into shot glass, layering ingredients, from top to bottom. Light on fire and extinguish after 15 seconds.

Add the kahlua and then add bacardi 151 rum to the shot glass. Place a small sipping straw in the mixture and then light on fire. The straw is so you do not burn your eyebrows off. Once lit suck the shot through the straw till empty. Tastes like chocolate milk.

I have made this drink quite often at parties and it goes over very well with everyone. Try it a few times it does take a little practice to get it right.

Add one shot of southern comfort and a splash of dr. pepper in a shot glass. Serve.

Pour vodka, lime juice, and grenadine into shot glass. Then layer 151 proof rum on top from the back of a spoon. Light the 151 and shoot it while lit if you dare. If you are worried about shooting a lit drink, just blow out the flame and then shoot the drink.

Pour absolut citron into a shot glass and top off with a splash of galliano. Place one half lemon slice flat on the rim of the shot glass, put some sugar on the slice and soak the sugar with 151 proof rum.
Just before drinking, ignite the sugar. Blow the flame out when it seems to caramelize the sugar. Lick the sugar off the lemon slice, down the vodka mixture, then either suck the juices or bite the pulp of the lemon.

1. Place a short rocks (wide mouthed spirit) glass on the bar.

2. Pour the blue curacao, white sambuca and chartreuse into a brandy balloon (snifter). Place the brandy balloon horizontally, balancing on the mouth of the short rock.

3. Ignite the alcohol in the brandy balloon, and rotate (like a cement mixer). Pour mixture into the short rock while alight.

The stream of alcohol falling between the glasses should form a waterfall of fire cascading into the short rock.

4. Use the upside down brandy balloon to suffocate the drink in the short rock.

5. Be sure the flames are out. Remove the brandy balloon and inhale the fumes. Shoot the drink, and hold on to the bar.

Make sure the hot damn and the jagermeister are both cold before serving.

Take a tall shot glass, a straw and a lighter. When the drink is poured make sure your 151 is on top. Take your straw and lick it so it is wet. Light the drink (run the lighter over top), put your straw in and drink it fast.

Pour vodka in shot glass, carefully layer rum on top. Ignite rum and serve.

1. Pour amaretto, kahlua, and root beer schnapps into a shot glass. Float rum on top.

2. Fill a beer mug (with something like bud or coors) half way. Light shot on fire, drop into a beer mug and slam as fast as you can.

Strawberry & Cream Croissant French Toast For Your Weekend Brunch

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14 Festive Jello Shots to Make Your Holidays Extra Happy

Nothing will fill your home with holiday cheer quite like these colorful layered shots made with vanilla vodka.

Get the recipe from E is for Eat.

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Champagne is a classic holiday beverage, and now you can give it a twist with these bubbly bites.

Get the recipe from 40 Aprons.

No Christmas is complete without a candy cane or two. This year, give your candy cane an alcohol-infused makeover, complete with the signature red-and-white stripes.

Get the recipe from That's so Michelle.

Mistletoe is no longer simply a doorway decoration, thanks to these adorable Christmas jigglers. These sweet little pots of mistletoe jello will quick become a family tradition (and the whole family can enjoy them, because they're completely alcohol-free).

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