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Boxi cake

Boxi cake

Separate the egg whites from the yolks, mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt, add the sugar, coconut and poppy seeds and mix. Add flour and mix lightly with a spatula. Wallpaper a tray with baking paper, put the composition and put in the oven at 200 degrees until lightly browned.

Boil the cream in a bain-marie, adding one by one and mixing the yolks, milk, sugar and flour. When the composition binds, take it off the heat and add the rubbed margarine, foam and raisins.

Put the cream over the cooled top and sprinkle with coconut. Let it cool for 30 minutes.

Good appetite.

Team Liquid won the ESL Germany One tournament, being the most important victory in the history of the team

Liquid is a rarity in the world of Dota 2. When it comes to teams, they are constantly changing, there are always changes in staff, but not in the Nordics. Since 2018, the team has evolved in the same formula, gamers have had time to get used to each other, to know each other and to lay the foundations of a coherent strategy.

Here is the sad news for the Romanian theater. Carmen Tănase announced, just for her birthday, that she is going to leave Romania for good.

& # 8220I like to travel, I don't like to pack. If anyone could pack my bags, I'd leave anytime. The next question is will you leave altogether? I'm leaving everything. Probably in America. Now in some years, in maximum 5 years, I leave and I don't look back ", said Carmen Tănase.

I take the animals with me. It costs a lot, but I take them with me & # 8221, added the actress.

Carmen Tănase stated that she would like to go to California and settle there.

Impressions from the McDonald’s Summer Club

On a Wednesday, that is on the first day of July, I planned to go with my little boy (just don't imagine that I will go alone to an activity for children) to a workshop in the Summer Club organized by McDonald & # 39s, more precisely the little artists (I thought it was worth it, let's say chiseled, its artistic side). I say I planned because in our country any incursion outside a walled establishment (read your own home) requires long planning (check in advance, several times, the weather, wind speed and other atmospheric factors of this kind). Why haven't I participated so far? Don't think I had a good reason. Not at all. But it seems that something always intervened that thwarted our so-called plans, so this year we decided not to let anything stand in our way.

At 10 o'clock, after an invigorating ride on a scooter (necessary for transport to the location), we arrived at the restaurant McDonald's from Camp Road, located right next to Moghioros Park. I say fixed because the workshops start every day from this time until 12 and are repeated in the afternoon, starting at 16 o'clock. because the little ones are certainly not silent partners for dining) a young lady by name Roxane (my boy, out of special courtesy and rarely met, addressed her by the nickname of the lady for about an hour, and then to "quote" her Roxi-boxi-don't ask me where she comes from) she was just sharing her worksheets. Following the bombardment with questions (from me, obviously), I found out that an average of 10-15 children participate in these workshops, that the little ones receive at the end a diploma with a sticker for each activity completed, plus a picture (which can be picked up starting with the first day of the following week). Initially there was only one little girl at the children's table, but by the end I counted 10 participating children. About 2 with the mothers after them (or rather the mothers with the children after them), about 3 with the grandparents and the rest. relatively alone. I say relatively because in the end an adult came to take them over, but in principle many rely on these few hours, which are totally free, as a kind of after school / baby sitter. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

After dividing the drawings that represented butterflies of various shapes and sizes, the children they cut, glued small balls made of paper napkins (my little boy proclaimed himself Chinese boss, showing maximum meticulousness), and in the end they painted their works of art. All the materials were made available and at the discretion of the restaurant, and the only rule imposed (by the way, perfectly fair) was that they can not go to the playground (an adjacent area where all kinds of exciting activities take place- maze, basketball game and even cycling) than after he finishes his project.

All the children seemed to me the whole time of the particularly good workshop (to be read without collateral intentions) and the reason was not only the patient and friendly attitude of the young lady who coordinated them, but the fact that it gave them a real pleasure to execute the activity. Even the boys, who were delighted to get a sticker, respectively completion of a diploma. Of these, two seem to be schoolmates with Teo (from a larger class), so they shared more or less pleasant impressions about common knowledge. There was, of course, no small divergence between the small representatives of the male species, but managed by the young lady supervisor and the grandmothers / mothers present.

What did I like? (I think you got used to my overflowing sincerity) The kind, open and naturally friendly kind of supervisor, an extremely pleasant young lady with everyone present (honestly, I admired her patience when she has to deal with day with all kinds of my children including). By the way, he also participated side by side with the children in the activity and proved at least the same involvement as them (I don't know if I would be able to do this on a daily basis — probably my artistic and social skills aren't that good). Finally, all the butterflies were glued to a panel, the decoration of which was also attended by the mothers / grandmothers present (in fact, they also contributed to the cleaning of the battle-table area of ​​activities-work again extremely commendable). Of course it was done and a group picture, but also an individual one for each participating child the face of the child from the endowment is due to the joining of an age group. smaller.

It is interesting to note that, although the themes are repeated from one week to the next (they are different for each day of the week), there are no two to fel, probably precisely because a lot of children participate in several workshops in the club (I even noticed the friends between them from the past years) and we all know how much the little ones hate monotony. It's basically proof, from my point of view, of interest and consideration for children who really come with love and not necessarily that their parents / grandparents have no one to leave them with or want to give them work on vacation (I think that in this category I also include myself).

Therefore, I say that we will participate because the little one seems interested to gather all the stickers (Didn't you think he was a dissident ?!) and see the boys again. And, why not, to eat on a Mac, why hide behind my finger ?! We tick the Mac for birthdays, when I don't have time / desire to cook and when there is a beautiful toy on the children's menu. That's it, I'm human too!

Later edit: It's later because I came back in two days after the first activity at the summer club, at the insistence of my boy of course, and I had the pleasure to meet the coordinator of the team of kind girls (because my intuition as a mother trained for 8 years on the battlefield does not deceive me in identifying people. less excited about the company of the little ones), Ana Georgeta (christened Georgitsa by my little boy). She later found out about my visit and proved to me that there are people who love their job and do it with attention to detail and involvement, in fact, I noticed her some time ago at other events for the little ones that she doesn't want to talk to the children present in the restaurant, to distribute balloons to them and to cheer them up as little as possible. She also confessed to me how much she is happy when she knows that the little ones are happy and that they stay with a pleasant memory and I know that she was sincere (because I could see the twinkle in her eye while she was telling the story). I thank him on this occasion for his hospitality and for offering me a delicious cappuccino and a portion of potatoes from the house (he considered that the ones I had ordered had cooled down while we were talking).

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