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Plum compote

Plum compote

Wash the plums in several cold waters, rubbing them well with your fingers, then drain them.

In the well-washed jars put plums that contain about 3/4 of the capacity of the jars, then in each jar add two tablespoons of sugar and a cinnamon powder. Add water taking care to completely cover the plums (up to near the edge of the jar, because when boiling the water decreases). Staple the jars with lids that we keep in boiling water, shake the contents 3-4 times to partially melt the sugar and then place the jars in the boiling pot, the bottom of which we line with newspaper or a towel.

After placing the jars so that they fit as much as possible, add enough water to the bowl to reach the neck of the jars. Boil the compote for 30 minutes on low heat and let the jars cool slightly in the pot in which they boiled.

When the jars have cooled, we label them and keep them in a cool and airy place.


I used about 2 buckets of plums and I got 28 jars of compote, a 800 g jar


You can also make the syrup for the plum compote separately, on the fire, but I prefer to make it in the way presented above.


The aroma and taste of sweet depend a lot on the variety of plums used. I think mine were from the "Tuleu Gras" variety.


If you want, you can remove the seeds, using halves of plums in the compote.

Video: How to make Plum Compote. Abel u0026 Cole (December 2021).