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Webby Awards’ David-Michel Davies on Food Social Media

Webby Awards’ David-Michel Davies on Food Social Media

David-Michel Davies is the executive director of the Webby Awards, which honors the best of the Web every year, including social media-based hits and misses. We spoke with Davies about the current landscape of food and drink social media, where it’s heading, who’s doing it well, and what companies should take into account before launching a social media footprint of their own.

What are some trends that you’ve noticed in food and drink social media recently?
To be successful on social media, brands have to tell compelling stories. Creating transparency in the food production process is one way to do it. A great example of this strategy is the Webby-winning "Our food. Your questions." campaign from McDonald’s Canada and our Agency of the Year, Tribal DDB.

Food and beverage brands are also seeing great results by strategically sharing user-generated content. Coca-Cola has been doing this successfully on Facebook for years. Smaller brands like Shake Shack are also taking advantage of the innate photo-ready nature of a delicious meal to encourage their fans to share photos on Instagram and then re-sharing them with credit, a great way to encourage community and brand loyalty.

What direction do you see it moving in?
The future of great social media for food and drink brands lies in doing something a little bit different. Great social media requires a solid strategic foundation, and once you have that, there is room to experiment. Customer service is also becoming increasingly important, and with more people active on Twitter than ever before, customer issues will need to be dealt with in a timely manner.

Why do you think more big brands are embracing social media?
Social media is an incredible opportunity for brands to form a positive relationship with their customers, and the impact can be huge when followers turn into evangelists. Social media has become a reflection of our lives and to avoid harnessing that conversation can be detrimental to business. All brands need to be taking note.

What are some of the best campaigns you’ve seen?
Oreo’s Webby-nominated "Daily Twist" campaign was the first of its kind, bringing the idea of "real-time marketing" mainstream. A team of strategists, copywriters, and designers created thoughtful, beautiful content and released it at the exact right moment, the most famous being during the blackout at the Super Bowl last year. We also really like what Chobani, Skittles, and Dunkin' Donuts are doing.

What are some of the most disastrous campaigns you’ve seen?
A surprising number of brands have gotten into a lot of trouble by "hashtag surfing" (participating in trending conversations) and executing insensitive real-time marketing. It is a strategy that comes with a high level of risk and requires a lot more thoughtful planning than is immediately apparent. The potential for PR disaster can sometimes outweigh the benefits of being one of the first to join the conversation.

What are some tips/warnings you’d give to brands looking to up their social media presence?
A successful social media strategy should begin by asking yourself how you’re going to create an environment in which people want to engage. It’s one thing to post content, but it’s a whole other ballgame to get people to look at it and share it, which is the key to expanding your audience. You need to make sure your profiles look great and have a solid plan for what you’re going to post and say. We recently released our very first Social Media Report, "Cats Are Over: Social Media in the Post-Cat Economy" with lots of great tips and tricks from Webby-winning brands of all sizes that are getting it right on social. It’s definitely worth the download whether you’re staring fresh or building on an established foundation.

Team NZ scoop big prize at Volvo Yachting Excellence Awards

It was a victory that captivated a nation, so it was little surprise when Emirates Team New Zealand were named Executive Travel Sailor of the Year at the annual Volvo Yachting Excellence Awards tonight.

Emirates Team New Zealand convincingly beat Oracle 7-1 in Bermuda in June to win back the Americas Cup and were tonight presented with the Sir Bernard Fergusson trophy at a gala dinner at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron, now home of the Auld Mug.

Peter Burling and Blair Tuke had won the previous four Sailor of the Year awards and had a big hand in Emirates Team New Zealands Americas Cup campaign as key sailing members.

Neither were able to attend the Volvo Yachting Excellence Awards with both chasing a rare treble of the Volvo Ocean Race to go with their Olympic gold medal and Americas Cup win.

Burling also picked up a performance award for finishing second at this years Moth world championships, something he achieved against a high-quality field despite very little time in the single-handed foiling dinghy following an intense period that included the Olympics and Americas Cup.

Team New Zealand were recognised throughout the night, with Murray Jones and Ray Davies being named joint winners of Coach of the Year, the board of directors collecting the Presidents Award for work done in promoting, supporting and developing the interests of yachting, team principal Matteo de Nora winning a service award and Emirates Team New Zealand picking up a performance award.

"Congratulations to everyone involved in the Emirates Team New Zealand campaign," Yachting New Zealand chief executive David Abercrombie said. "It was a genuine team effort and they succeeded in winning international sports oldest trophy despite the odds being stacked against them. It was great to see the impact our Olympic sailors had throughout the campaign.

"Were excited to have the Americas Cup in New Zealand and excited by the look of the new design of boat. We wish Emirates Team New Zealand every success in establishing a true event venue in Auckland because we see some significant long-term legacy benefits for the public of Auckland and New Zealand from an event and commercial perspective."

Emirates Team New Zealands win was the highlight of another very successful 12 months for sailing and boating in this country.

Multiple world champions were crowned from junior to elite level in a variety of classes, and many were recognised tonight with youth performance and performance awards. New Zealand also played host to the 2016 Aon Youth Sailing World Championships - the Torbay Sailing Club were also recipients of the Presidents Award - and a number talented sailors are starting to develop as the NZL Sailing Team gear up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Sisters Kate and Greta Stewart were named Young Sailor of the Year after winning their second youth world championships medal and 13-year-old Seb Menzies picked up the Emerging Talent Award.

There were also a variety of service awards presented to recognise the outstanding work done by a handful of mostly volunteers who play an integral role in their clubs or organisations to ensure yachting and boating remains strong in this country.

Volvo Yachting Excellence Awards

Executive Travel Sailor of the Year: Emirates Team New Zealand

Volvo Young Sailor of the Year: Kate & Greta Stewart

Aon Emerging Talent: Seb Menzies

Zhik Official of the Year: Doug Elder

Nespresso Coach of the Year: Murray Jones & Ray Davies

Lawsons Dry Hills Presidents Award: Torbay Sailing Club & Emirates Team New Zealand board of directors

George Anyon, Taylor Balogh & Matthew Hughes (Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron)

Peter Burling (Tauranga Yacht & Powerboat Club)

Conrad Colman (Vendee Globe)

Emirates Team New Zealand (Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron)

Giacomo - Jim Delegat & Crew (Royal Akarana Yacht Club)

David McDiarmid, Matthew Steven, Bradley Collins (Royal Akarana Yacht Club)

Alex Maloney & Molly Meech (Murrays Bay Sailing Club)

NZL Sailing Youth Americas Cup Team (Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron)

Phil Robertson, William Tiller, Stewart Dodson (Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron)

Josh Armit (Murrays Bay Sailing Club)

Mattias Coutts (Manly Sailing Club)

Sean Herbert (Torbay Sailing Club)

Sebastian Lardies & Scott McKenzie (Kohimarama Yacht Club)

Eli Liefting & Rose Dickson (Royal Akarana Yacht Club)

Seb Menzies (Murrays Bay Sailing Club)

Brianna & Courtney Reynolds-Smith (Murrays Bay Sailing Club)

Kate & Greta Stewart (Murrays Bay Sailing Club)

David Anderson (Naval Point Club Lyttleton)

Stephen Cranch (Royal Akarana Yacht Club)

Peter Dawson (Murrays Bay Sailing Club)

Matteo de Nora (Emirates Team New Zealand)

Richard Gifford (Queen Charlotte Yacht Club)

Ray Haslar (Kerikeri Cruising Club)

Helena Horswell (Royal Akarana Yacht Club)

Scott Leith (Murrays Bay Sailing Club)

Ian Wallace (Panmure Lagoon Sailing Club)

Emily Riley (Solo circumnavigation of New Zealand)

- This story has been automatically published using a media release from Yachting New Zealand

Rumaan Alam

In conversation with Edan Lepucki

Rumaan Alam’s latest release, the National Book Award-nominated Leave the World Behind, is a magnetic novel about two families, strangers to each other, who are forced together on a long weekend gone terribly wrong.

Rumaan Alam is the author of the novels Rich and Pretty, That Kind of Mother, and Leave the World Behind. His writing has appeared in The New York Times, New York Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, Bookforum, and the New Republic, where he is a contributing editor. He studied writing at Oberlin College and lives in New York with his family.

Edan Lepucki is the bestselling author of the novels California and Woman No. 17, and editor of Mothers Before: Stories and Portraits of Our Mothers as We Never Saw Them.

Webby Awards’ David-Michel Davies on Food Social Media - Recipes

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24 Nov w/ Beverley McGarvey, Angus Ross, Michael Carrington and Nick Forward

Top executives from four Australian platforms reflect on the impact of COVID-19 and look ahead to 2021 as they figure out ‘the new normal’. Join Beverley McGarvey, Chief Content Officer and EVP, ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand, Angus Ross, Director of Network Programming at Seven Network, Michael Carrington, Director Entertainment and Specialist, ABC and Nick Forward, Chief Content Officer, Stan with moderator Denise Eriksen, Co-Founder, Media Mentors Australia as they discuss new ideas, changing production models, mergers, quotas, audiences, funding and more.

10 November w/ Paul Wiegard, Chloe Rickard, Nathan Anderson and Peter Herbert

In conversation with AFTRS’ Head of Screen Business Peter Herbert, AFTRS alumni Paul Wiegard (Co-founder and CEO, Madman Entertainment), Chloe Rickard (Partner, COO and Executive Producer, Jungle Entertainment) and Nathan Anderson (COO, Start Beyond) discuss the evolution of their companies and share strategies and insights into today’s global screen media landscape.

27 Oct w/ Karina Holden, Jacob Hickey and Stephen Oliver

Factual television producers, Karina Holden (Northern Pictures), Jacob Hickey (Blackfella Films) and Stephen Oliver (Manager of Documentaries at ABC) join Andrew Garrick to discuss storytelling with impact, discovering unlikely heroes and the exciting new projects they have in the works.


25 years ago, Karina Holden was a wildlife biologist pumping crocodile stomachs and doing testicular biopsies on snakes. She made the switch to filmmaking when she joined the ABC’s Natural History Unit in 1995 as a researcher, working her way up the food chain to work on blue-chip wildlife series including international co-productions.

Since then, she has worked in both the independent sector as Head of Production, Creative Producer and Writer/Director, as well as within the national broadcaster as Commissioning Editor of Science and Natural History.

In July 2013, Karina joined Northern Pictures as Head of Factual in the hope it would lead to more croc wrangling and less paperwork. So far, that’s not been the case. Her slate at Northern Pictures has included award-winning programs such as Magical Land of Oz, Love on the Spectrum, Lukewarm Sex, Employable Me, Changing Minds, Big Weather, Strong Female Lead and many more.

Karina remains a passionate ambassador of conservation work internationally and was awarded the Okeanos Prix for services to the Ocean in 2018 for her theatrical film Blue. In 2019, she was recognised by The Australian Financial Review in the 100 Women of Influence awards.


Jacob started his career in BBC current affairs and worked on many award-winning projects before moving to Melbourne. In 2009, he wrote and directed the feature-length documentary Inside the Firestorm for ABC, which won the 2010 AFI Award for Best Direction in a Documentary. Jacob’s next project as series producer and director was Immigration Nation, which broadcast on SBS and was nominated for Best Factual Series for the 2011 AACTA Awards. This was followed by Once Upon a Time in Cabramatta, attracting one of the largest ever audiences for an SBS documentary, and received great critical acclaim, winning Gold and Silver Medals at the New York Film Festivals International Television and Film Awards.

In July 2013, Jacob joined Blackfella Films as Head of Factual and is responsible for the company’s factual slate. Since then, he has worked on First Contact (seasons 1 and 2), DNA Nation, Deep Water: The Real Story which received top honours at the 2018 NSW Premier’s Literary Awards and the acclaimed ratings hit series, Filthy Rich & Homeless (seasons 1, 2 and 3).

Most recently, Jacob co-produced, with Darren Dale, the documentary Maralinga Tjarutja for the ABC.


As Manager of Documentaries at the ABC, Stephen Oliver oversees some of the national broadcaster’s biggest hits including Big Weather, Love on the Spectrum, War on Waste, Employable Me, The Cult of the Family, Don’t Stop the Music and Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane. Before joining the ABC, Stephen was an award-winning filmmaker, making both comedic docs including Chateau Chunder – A Wine Revolution and Stop Laughing, this is Serious on the history of comedy in Australia, as well as hard-hitting campaigning series like What’s the Catch, For the Love of Meat and How to Save the World. Stephen has brought that program-making and impact campaign experience to the ABC with great success.

In 2020, he is heading up some ground-breaking climate-themed series and game-changing associated impact campaigns including Australia’s Ocean Odyssey on the interconnectedness of species, Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge on how we can all help reduce our carbon emissions and Big Weather (and how to survive it) on how to survive and thrive in a time of increasing extreme weather events. Stephen is passionate about telling stories with real-world impact. Outside of work, he likes tennis, mountain-biking, and dogs… and his kids, he definitely likes them too.

13 October w/ Trisha Morton-Thomas and Rachel Clements

Trisha Morton-Thomas and Rachel Clements, founders of Brindle Films (8MMM Aboriginal Radio, Occupation: Native, The Song Keepers), have just embarked on pre-production for multi-million dollar ABC and Netflix children’s series MaveriX – the largest-ever Northern Territory production. In conversation with Media Mentors’ Denise Eriksen, the multi-award-winning producers will discuss the upcoming series, running the Alice Springs-based production company and all the new projects they have in the works.

Trisha Morton-Thomas

Born in the Northern Territory, Trisha Morton-Thomas is a writer, producer, director and actor who has worked in film and television for over 25 years. She has a background in teaching, radio broadcasting, journalism and theatre. She is an Aboriginal woman from the Anmaterr People in Central Australia.

Straight out of drama school, she landed the lead character Mae in Rachel Perkin’s 1997 debut feature film Radiance. Trisha has since become one of Australia’s most renowned Aboriginal actors, recently starring as Lola in 8MMM Aboriginal Radio (2015), the first Aboriginal narrative comedy series which she also wrote and produced. Trish also appears in the award-winning Redfern Now and Total Control.

From 2004, Trisha worked for CAAMA where she produced, directed and wrote documentaries for Imparja TV, ABC and NITV including Destiny in Alice, Ridin’ Time, Bungalung and Finding Place. In 2007 she joined the newly established National Indigenous Television Services (NITV) as one of the first Aboriginal Commissioning Editors, eventually working her way up to Senior Commissioning Editor. While at NITV, Trisha oversaw hundreds of television hours including documentaries, dramas, music television and magazine-style formats.

In 2011, Trisha co-founded Brindle Films in Alice Springs. With a slate of critically acclaimed and award-winning films, documentaries and television series to their credit, Brindle Films is a driving creative force in the Northern Territory.
In 2017, Trisha wrote, directed, produced and presented Occupation: Native for NITV/SBS, which won the Screen Producers of Australia Award for Best Documentary, an ATOM Award and a Capricornia Award (Darwin International Film Festival). Trisha produced The Song Keepers, a feature documentary which premiered at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2017 and had a strong theatrical release in 2018. Recent projects include Finke: There and Back, a feature documentary for Madman which was released into cinemas in 2019, and Uluru & the Magician, a feature documentary currently in production.

Trish is currently writing, directing and presenting History Bites Back, a documentary for NITV. She is also producing Audrey and Me, a feature documentary in production, and MaveriX, a children’s television drama series scheduled for production in 2021 for ABC and Netflix. She is in development on a number of feature drama and television drama projects.
In 2016, Trish received the Bob Plasto Award from the NT Government for her contribution towards the Northern Territory’s screen industry.

Rachel Clements

Alice Springs-based Rachel Clements is a co-founder of Brindle Films, recipients of the 2015 SPA Breakthrough Business Award and the first Northern Territory production company to received Screen Australia Enterprise funding. Recent feature documentaries include Finke: There and Back (premiered in competition at Sydney Film Festival, released into cinemas by Madman in 2019) and The Song Keepers (MIFF Premiere Fund, released into cinemas by Potential Films).

Rachel has produced drama projects including 8MMM Aboriginal Radio, the first Aboriginal comedy narrative series, for the ABC in 2015, and Double Trouble (2007), the first Indigenous children’s drama series for network television (Channel 9, Disney Australasia, ACTF).

Rachel has produced award-winning documentaries including Big Name No Blanket and Ochre and Ink. In 2014, Rachel produced Blown Away, a documentary for the ABC on the 40th anniversary of Cyclone Tracy (10th best rating show of the week for ABC). Occupation: Native (one-hour documentary) for NITV/SBS won the SPA Best Documentary Award in 2017.

Rachel has produced or executive produced feature documentaries for cinema, television drama (children’s and comedy), 30 broadcast documentary films, and over 65 hours of magazine-style television for NITV. She has produced from remote Aboriginal communities to international locations. She has executive produced documentaries commissioned by ABC and NITV, including Urrpeye (Messenger), the launch program for NITV.

Rachel’s films have been broadcast in over 35 countries, and she has attended festivals and markets with her films including Cannes, Sundance, MIPCOM, Hotdocs and Sichuan. Her films have won AACTA, ATOM and AWGIE awards.

At her AFTRS graduation in 2001, she was the recipient of the inaugural FFC Creative Producer Award. In 2013 she was awarded the Bob Plasto Award by the NT Government, for her contribution to NT film and television.

Current projects in production include Uluru & the Magician (feature documentary), Audrey and Me (feature documentary) and Give Us Green Darling (television documentary). MaveriX, a 10 x 30 min children’s drama series, created by Rachel, is financed and scheduled to enter production in 2021 for ABC and Netflix.

6 Oct | Working Better Together | Mental Health During COVID

In this special edition, key industry leaders discuss the importance of supporting the mental health of the film and television workforce in a COVID-safe production environment.

22 September w/ Alex Mitchell and Karla Arnall

AFTRS Senior Radio Lecturer Tony Rasmussen in conversation with two of the top audio producers in the business: PodcastOne’s Alex Mitchell (Rusty’s Garage, The Chaser’s Extreme Vetting, The Big Questions, Health Hacker, Radical Fashionism) and freelancer Karla Arnall (CrossBread, Judith Lucy: Overwhelmed & Dying, The Pineapple Project), talking all things podcasting and audio storytelling.

Karla Arnall

Karla Arnall likes stories. Specifically, telling good ones via audio. She has produced a number of high profile podcasts for the ABC, including CrossBread, Judith Lucy: Overwhelmed & Dying and The Pineapple Project.

Now working as a freelancer, Karla’s excited to be collaborating with new players in the Australian market, such as Amazon’s Audible on projects including Slushy, a ‘traditional sitcom but for your ears’, from Get Krack!n duo Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney.

Prior to making podcasts, Karla spent a number of years working on triple j’s news and current affairs show Hack. As Executive Producer, she developed original and editorially challenging content across all channels of the Hack brand and was nominated for a Walkley in Radio/Audio News and Current Affairs. She was also the launch producer of triple j show The Hook Up and worked as a cross-media reporter for the ABC in Western Australia.

Alex Mitchell

Alex Mitchell is a graduate of AFTRS and has had a multi-award-winning career in commercial radio, before taking his love of audio entertainment and technology to the on-demand audio space. Today, Alex is producing original podcasts for PodcastOne Australia and is the Executive Producer for Branded Content, forwarding the future sound of premium podcasting for audiences and clients.

8 September w/ Debbie Lee and Sophia Zachariou

It has been an extraordinary year for scripted Australian television – from the latest seasons of Mystery Road and Stateless to Informer 3838 and Hungry Ghosts. Two of Australia’s top producers, Debbie Lee from Matchbox Pictures and Sophia Zachariou from Bunya Productions, join Andrew Garrick to discuss creating, making and delivering scripted comedy and drama for Australian and international audiences.

Sophia Zachariou is CEO of Bunya Productions. Since joining Bunya in 2019, Sophia has overseen the development of Bunya’s television drama and comedy slate. Most recently she executive produced Nick Boshier (Bondi Hipsters) and Jazz Twemlow’s (Tonightly) sketch comedy series Nice Shorts and is currently in production with Emmy award-winning artist Lynette Wallworth’s podcast series Engineering Consciousness.

Previously as Screen NSW Director of Screen Investment, Engagement and Attraction, Sophia led the screen program across NSW and oversaw the commissioning of award-winning productions such as Warwick Thornton’s Sweet Country, Rachel Perkins’ Mystery Road, Nash Edgerton’s Mr Inbetween, Bruce Beresford’s Ladies in Black and Jeffrey Walker’s Riot.

Before joining Screen NSW, Sophia was Deputy Head of Entertainment at ABC TV and commissioned and Executively Produced over 35 award-winning television titles, including Gruen, The Chaser, Kitchen Cabinet, Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell, Elegant Gentleman’s Guide to Knifefighting, The Checkout and Judith Lucy’s Spiritual Journey.

Sophia is a passionate advocate for the emerging sector and has championed many emerging creative voices from under-represented groups during her entire career at SBS, ABC and Screen NSW. In her role as CEO Sophia has overseen the Bunya Talent arm of the company and has developed and produced a number of workshops including the Bunya Creative Talent Incubator for First Nations creatives supported by Screen Australia’s Enterprise Business and Ideas Program and the South Australian Film Corporation.

Debbie Lee

Debbie Lee is Matchbox Pictures’ Director of Scripted Development. Debbie provides creative leadership across the Matchbox scripted slate. She also serves as an executive producer on a number of projects – most recently on Safe Harbour, The Family Law, Mustangs FC and The Heights.

Before joining Matchbox, Debbie was ABC TV’s Head of Comedy where she commissioned and EP’ed shows including A Moody Christmas, Please Like Me, Laid, It’s a Date and The Strange Calls.

Prior to that, she worked as Series Producer for Eat Carpet, the late night experimental short film program on SBS, Australia’s multicultural Broadcaster and then as a Commissioning Editor for Drama and Comedy for SBS Independent. At SBS her commissions included Kick, Wilfred, John Safran vs. God and The Circuit.

25 August w/ Zoë White, Sherree Philips, Julie-Anne De Ruvo and Mia Stewart

Inspired by the ‘Who’s On Your Crew?’ campaign, this special edition features four female AFTRS alumnae talking about their careers, their most recent projects and how film school gave them a leg up. Join Cinematographer Zoë White (The Handmaid’s Tale, Westworld, Nancy), Production Designer Sherree Philips (Babyteeth, Top of the Lake, Fighting Season), Editor Julie-Anne De Ruvo (The Letdown, Please Like Me, Les Norton, Girls Can’t Surf) and Sound Editor Mia Stewart (Lambs of God, Mad Max Fury Road) in conversation with AFTRS Head of Industry, Wendy Gray.

Zoë White ACS shoots all over the world collaborating with a diverse roster of directors and production creatives who share her passion for innovative and impactful storytelling. Her television credits include seasons two and three of The Handmaid’s Tale, Dare, and season three of Westworld. For The Handmaid’s Tale, she received both Emmy and ASC Award nominations. White has shot multiple features including Nancy (US Dramatic Competition, Sundance 2018), Princess Cyd (Maryland FF, BAMCinemafest 2017) and Catfight (TIFF 2016). Originally from Sydney, Australia, she studied at North Carolina School of the Arts and the Australian Film Television & Radio School and trained alongside mentors including Vilmos Zsigmond ASC, Laszlo Kovacs ASC, Newton Thomas Sigel ASC and James Chressanthis ASC. She has been named a “Rising Star of Cinematography” by American Cinematographer and one of “Ten Cinematographers to Watch”” by Variety. In 2017, White gained official accreditation with the Australian Cinematography Society.

Julie-Anne De Ruvo is an award-winning screen editor with over 18 years of experience working across television, feature films and documentary filmmaking.

After graduating from AFTRS in 2002 with a MA in Editing, Julie-Anne has been dedicated to diversifying her capacity as a storyteller and challenged herself by working across as many different genres and formats as possible.

Julie-Anne has received six nominations and four wins for Best Editing across television Comedy and Drama from the Australian Screen Editor’s Guild. Her ASE awarded television credits include the second series of The Letdown (dir. Trent O’Donnell/Giant Dwarf, 2019) season two and three of Please Like Me (dir. Matt Saville/Guesswork Television, 2015, 2016) as well as The Beautiful Lie (dir. Glendyn Ivin/ Endemol Shine, 2015).

Julie-Anne’s television credits are extensive, some of her other recent highlights include the hit series Les Norton (dir. Fadia Abboud/Roadshow Rough Diamond, 2019) My Life is Murder (dir. Leah Purcell/CJZ, 2019) Tidelands (dir. Emma Freeman/Hoodlum, 2018) Squinters (dir. Trent O’Donnell/Jungle, 2018) the television adaptation of Romper Stomper (dir. Geoffrey Wright/Roadshow Rough Diamond, 2018) the second series of the acclaimed children’s series The Nowhere Boys (Matchbox Pictures, 2017) and the fifth season of beloved Australian drama Offspring (Endemol Shine, 2011).
On the feature film side, Julie-Anne recently co-edited Undertow (Emerald Productions, 2018) for director Miranda Nation as well as the horror-comedy, Better Watch Out (dir. Chris Peckover/ Storm Vision Entertainment, 2016).
Julie-Anne has also edited a number of acclaimed documentaries, some of which include, Morgana (dirs. Isabel Peppard, Josie Hess/House of Gary, 2018) and Horror Movie: A low budget nightmare (dir. Gary Doust/ Fridgejam Productions, 2017).

Most recently, Julie-Anne co-wrote and edited the feature documentary Girls Can’t Surf (dir. Christopher Nelius/ Finch, 2020) which follows the journey towards equal opportunity in women’s professional surfing.

Sherree Philips is a Sydney based Production Designer who works in film, television & commercials. Sherree has recently designed Shannon Murphy’s feature film Babyteeth, premiering at the prestigious La Biennale di Venezia in main competition last September. The feature was produced by Whitefalk Films’ Alex white & executive produced by Jan Chapman, starring Ben Mendelsohn, Essie Davis, Eliza Scanlen and Toby Wallace.

Other recent feature film credits include: Outlaws directed by Stephen Mccullum and produced by See Pictures, Otherlife directed by Ben C. Lucas released on Netflix, Teenage Kicks directed by Craig Boreham, Girls Can’t Surf directed by Christopher Nelis, and Standing Up For Sunny directed by Steve Vidler. She started in large US productions, including Universal’s Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie as a design assistant for Jon Hutman.

Television credits include BBC’s Top Of The Lake (China Girl) directed by Jane Campion & Ariel Kleiman, Foxtel’s Fighting Season directed by Kate Woods & ABC’s Devil’s Playground directed by Rachel Ward & Tony Krawitz. Her many short film credits include Dream Baby directed by Lucy Gaffy, which won the AACTA award for Best Short Film.

Sherree graduated from AFTRS in 2012 with a Graduate Diploma of Production Design. Sherree has received award nominations from the Australian Production Design Guild for the student award in 2012 and Best Short Film in 2015 and she was the recipient of genders matters funding from Screen Australia to develop her skills further in Production Design in 2017.

Mia Stewart is an Australian sound editor. Her love for sound and story began when she started making mini audio documentaries in high school and hosting her own radio show on Melbourne’s youth station SYN FM. Mia continued her radio work while she studied Radio and Film at LaTrobe University. There she discovered sound design through a guest lecturer who created sonic branding for commercials. Wanting to take her sound editing skills from radio to screen, Mia applied for the Graduate Diploma: Sound course at AFTRS. Since graduating Mia has worked on a number of Australian television series Home and Away, Janet King, Devil’s Playground, On The Ropes and Lambs of God. A career highlight has been assisting the sound teams on Mad Max Fury Road and attending the 2016 Academy Awards where the film received Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing. Mia recently moved to LA where she continues to work as a dialogue editor for games, television and animation. She lives with her dog, cat and husband, composer David Barber, who she met at AFTRS in 2009.

11 August w/ Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope

Versatility is a trademark of successful Australian producers – now more than ever. Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope are living proof of that mantra and they’ll be sharing stories of their career – from The Librarians to The Inbestigators and, most recently, Love in Lockdown – with MC Denise Eriksen, Co-Founder of Media Mentors Australia.


Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope are actors, writers, directors and producers who run the Australian production company, Gristmill, recognised for its distinctive brand of narrative comedy. Butler and Hope have created, produced, directed and occasionally starred in Upper Middle Bogan, The Librarians and Very Small Business. Butler and Hope are also the creative forces behind popular children’s series including Little Lunch (for ABCMe) and The Inbestigators (for Netflix).

28 July w/ Julie Hanna, Ben Ulm and David Galloway

Three of Australia’s leading factual television producers, who – even in this current climate – have continued to bring important stories to eager audiences. Julie Hanna (ABC), Ben Ulm (ITV) and David Galloway (Lune Media), in conversation with Andrew Garrick, share their experiences, insights and expectations in factual television-making.

Ben is one the most respected, experienced and diversely skilled television executives in Australia. As a passionate storyteller, format creator, manager, strategist and mentor, Ben’s television career has been uninterrupted since his first job in 1984. He has worked in news, documentary (observational, history, true crime, event), reality, entertainment, comedy (scripted and panel), and lifestyle genres.

As Head of Content and Head of Reality & Factual at ITV Studio, his credits include the new observational documentary series on SBS Who Gets To Stay In Australia?, I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Australia (6 seasons) Love Island S1, NOMA Australia, Keeping Australia Alive, Keeping Australia Safe, The Chase Australia, Cannonball, Cram, The First ANZACs, Plonk! SeaChange, Hell’s Kitchen Australia and Paddock to Plate.

Prior to ITV, Ben was the Head of Factual Entertainment at WTFN, responsible for the series Tattoo Tales, The Living Room, Tony Robinson’s Tour of Duty, Tony Robinson’s Time Walks, The People Speak, Trishna & Krishna: The Quest for Separate Lives, Bondi Vet amongst many others.

Other EP credits for Fremantle Media and Beyond Productions include The Farmer Wants A Wife (S3 & 4), Addiction, No Way, Get F*#ked, F*#k Off, Friday On My Mind: The Easybeats Story and Taboo! (S4 & 5).

Julie Hanna

Julie Hanna is the Manager for ABC Factual. Her commissions include Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds, Further Back in Time for Dinner, Anh’s Brush with Fame, Shaun Micallef’s On the Sauce, Aftermath: Beyond Black Saturday, Australia Talks, Restoration Australia, Brazen Hussies and Tick F**king Tock (the story of the Doug Anthony Allstars).

Julie has worked extensively as an Executive Producer, Series Producer and Director across a wide range of genres. Before starting at the ABC, Julie worked at KEO Films Australia as Head of Development. Julie also worked as an Executive Producer for ITV Studios – Australia across a broad range of programmes including factual, lifestyle, entertainment, comedy and long form documentaries.

Julie is passionate about exploring stories that examine social issues and push the boundaries with innovative storytelling techniques.

David Galloway

David Galloway is the Director of Programs at Lune Media. David began his television career in the newsroom of Network Seven in Sydney in 1984, producing daily news programs including 11AM and Newsworld – with Clive Robertson. From there, he moved to Network Ten in the late 1980’s, where he was senior producer of the daily national breakfast program, Good Morning Australia.

In the early 1990’s, David was a producer for the science and technology series Beyond 2000 for the Ten and Seven networks and the Discovery Channel in the USA. He was Series Producer of the program in 1994.

Returning to Seven in 1995, he produced a range of programs for the network, including the historical documentary series This Fabulous Century with Peter Luck, and Forty Years of Australian Sport with Jack Thompson. In 1998, he made the Logie-nominated medical observational-documentary series, Kids’ Ward and in 2000 was Series Producer of Olympic Sunrise, screened by the host broadcaster during the Sydney Olympic Games.

More recently, David has been Executive Producer of River Cottage Australia for ITV Studios Australia and KEO Films. He was also Executive Producer of three series of Struggle Street which aired on SBS from 2015-2019. He was also Executive Producer of both series of War on Waste with Lune Media Taboo (Network Ten) and Fight for Planet A – Our Climate Challenge (ABC – 2020).

14 July w/ Janine Cooper and Cathie Scott

Making large format, big-budget primetime shows during a pandemic is certainly a challenge, but one that this week’s guests are all over. EPs Janine Cooper (The Masked Singer, The Bachelor) and Cathie Scott (Dancing With The Stars, Survivor) will talk about the challenges and joys of running multi-million productions, with MC Denise Eriksen, Co-Founder, Media Mentors.

Janine Cooper is currently Executive Producer of The Masked Singer. Previous to the she was Executive Producer of The Bachelor franchise in Australia, which includes The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise.

Janine has produced hours of prime time television for every Australian network, as well as Comedy Central in the USA, Paramount UK and Britain’s ITV2. Her credits cover a broad range of genres, including entertainment, reality, lifestyle, comedy and factual. She has produced the Logie Awards, the AACTA Awards and the International AACTAs from Los Angeles, as well as Sydney’s New Year’s Eve and Australia Day telecasts from the Sydney Opera House.

One of her favourite gigs is the annual World Ballet Day when she produces up to five hours of live behind the scenes content of The Australian Ballet telecast around the world

Cathie Scott is an Executive Producer who works across both the broadcast and production sector.

She most recently returned to Network Ten as a freelance Executive Producer, overseeing the production of the past two series of Australian Survivor and the re-launch and subsequent second series of Dancing With the Stars.

During the past five years she has worked as an EP on various projects including the broadcast of the NSW School Spectacular for The NSW Department of Education Arts Unit – the 2019 NYE Fireworks coverage for the ABC (producer), Coast Australia S4 for Foxtel’s History Channel, The 2 Cellos with the Australian Symphony Orchestra for Sony Masterworks US, The CMC and the Helpmann Awards for Foxtel and the Australia Day broadcast for the NSW Premiers Department. She has also consulted with BBCWW ANZ in the formats team during the transition to BBC Studios ANZ.

Prior to this, Cathie spent five years at Fremantle Media Australia as the Head of TV Content, where she had oversight of the relaunch of numerous international formats in Australia and New Zealand including Got Talent, The X-Factor, Grand Designs and MasterChef Australia. Previous to FMA she was Network Ten’s Executive Producer of Entertainment, responsible for the launch of numerous series including The Biggest Loser and Masterchef Australia.

30 June w/ Alexs Stadermann, Jacquie Trowell and Richard Jeffery

With live-action filming still on hiatus, producers across the world are turning to storytelling through animation. Are audience expectations for animated stories changing and what do industry leaders imagine we’ll see next? Three of Australia’s leading animation directors, Alexs Stadermann, Jacquie Trowell and Richard Jeffery speak to Andrew Garrick about the wonder and potential that is animation in Australia.

Alexs Stadermann is an accomplished director, storyteller and animation professional. He spent most of his career working for the major animation studios around the world, including Amblimation, Aardman, Walt Disney Studios in Sydney and Animalogic.

Alexs has worked as an Animator, SFX Supervisor, Head of Story through and Director throughout his career on an impressive array of TV shows and Movies.

He now serves as Creative Director of Flyingbark Productions where he speerheads the development of new projects as well as having directed the internationally successful Maya the Bee Movie, Blinky Bill and recently 100% Wolf movie, now featuring on the front page of Apple movies.

Jacquie began her animation career in South Africa and co-founded acclaimed animation
companies XYZoo Animation and Triggerfish Studios. During her time as partner, animator and director at both companies, she picked up numerous awards for childrens’ education and television commercials. She returned to Australia (her place of birth) in 2011 to work as an independent animator and director.

During her 30 year career, she has worked with advertising clients such as Ogilvy & Mather,
Young & Rubicam, Leo Burnett, Network BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Jupiter Drawing Room,
Metropolitan Republic, JWT, and TBWA. She has directed and produced educational content for Sesame Workshop, UNICEF, PSI, Monash and Deakin Universities, as well as animated content for clients such as the Australian Health Commission and UN WOMEN.

Her major achievements include a nomination for the Golden Bear award at the Berlin Berlinale for her short film Beyond Freedom, creative director of animated content production for Sesame Workshop’s Takalani Sesame, director for UNICEF’s multi-platform and multi-format SOPO campaign, and various craft awards for children’s animation as a stop motion animator.

She is currently Series Director of 100% Wolf TV series for Flying Bark.

Richard Jeffery is an Animator & Director from New Zealand whose career has spanned over 25 years. Working for leading studios in both New Zealand and the UK Richard has gained extensive experience on Children’s series productions in various roles and whose most recent credits include Charlie and Lola, Tinga Tinga Tales and Lily’s Driftwood Bay. Richard joined the Ludo team in 2017 to animation direct on Bluey Series 1 and is now Director on Series 2. Among his favourite episodes are Bike, Bumpy, and Hospital.

23 June w/ David Michôd and Mirrah Foulkes

Australian directors David Michôd (Animal Kingdom, The Rover, The King) and Mirrah Foulkes (Judy and Punch) talk feature films, collaboration and creative inspiration with AFTRS’ Head of Directing, Rowan Woods.

Mirrah Foulkes

Mirrah Foulkes is an Australian actor, writer and director, who graduated from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2003.

Mirrah’s first feature film as a writer and director Judy and Punch starring Mia Wasikowska and Damon Herriman had its world premiere at Sundance Film Festival in 2019.

Previously she wrote and directed three award winning short films. Dumpy Goes to the Big Smoke premiered at the 2012 Sydney Film Festival and earned Mirrah the Rouben Mamoulian award for Best Director. Going on to be nominated for two 2013 AACTA Awards for Best Short Film and Best Short Screenplay, she also won the Best Director prize at Flickerfest 2013 and the Ellen – Filmmaker to Watch Award at Aspen Shortsfest 2013.

In 2015 her short film Florence Has Left The Building, screened at numerous festivals and won the 2015 AACTA Award for Best Short Film as well as touring Europe as part of the Golden Nights Panorama. Mirrah’s latest short film Trespass won the Erwin Rado award for Best Australian Short Film at Melbourne Film Festival 2016, Best Short Film at Balinale Bali International Film Festival and had its international premiere at Toronto Film Festival in 2016. She is currently developing an 8-part television drama Toast with Carver films and screen Australia.

Mirrah is also part of the Australian film-making collective Blue-Tongue Films, which includes Joel Edgerton, Nash Edgerton and David Michôd. Mirrah’s acting credits include Top of the Lake, Animal Kingdom, Sleeping Beauty, The Crown and The Turning, the latter of which she was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 2014 AACTA awards.

David Michôd

David Michôd has made four feature films as writer/director including Animal Kingdom (with Ben Mendelsohn, Joel Edgerton, Guy Pearce and Jacki Weaver) in 2010 which won a record 10 AFI Awards in 2010 and a best supporting Actress Oscar for Jackie Weaver.

The dystopian futuristic western The Rover starred Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson and was released in 2014 War Machine (with Brad Pitt, Ben Kingsley and Meg Tilly) was released on Netflix in 2017 and The King (with Timothée Chalamet, Joel Edgerton, Sean Harris, Lily-rose Depp, Thomasin Mckenzie, Ben Mendelsohn and Robert Pattinson) in 2019. He also co-directed the documentary Solo (with Jennifer Peedom) and co-wrote the limited-series adaptation of Catch-22 (with Luke Davies).

16 June w/ Tony McNamara and Marian MacGowan

Oscar-nominated screenwriter/AFTRS alumnus Tony McNamara (The Favourite) and producer Marian Macgowan join AFTRS’ Head of Screenwriting Pieter Aquilia to discuss their latest production The Great for Hulu (available on STAN) and other works from their celebrated careers. This is one not to be missed.

Tony graduated from the Australian Film Television and Radio School with a BA in Film and Television writing in 1996.

In 2002, he wrote and directed the feature film The Rage in Placid Lake (starring Rose Byrne, Miranda Richardson and Ben Lee) which he adapted from his stage play The Café Latte Kid. The film won the Audience Award at the Melbourne International Film Festival, AFI Award for Best Screenplay and two AWGIE Awards being Best Screenplay Adaptation and Gold AWGIE. In 2015, he wrote and directed the feature film Ashby, starring Mickey Rourke, Sarah Silverman and Nat Wolff and in 2017, he wrote the feature film screenplay, The Favourite, for director Yorgos Lanthimos (starring Olivia Coleman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone) which opened the New York Film Festival, screened at Telluride and Venice Film Festivals (winning Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize), won Best Screenplay at British Independent Film Awards and received nominations from both Golden Globe and Academy Awards.

Tony has been writing for television since 2001, his series credits include multiple episodes of The Secret Life of Us (series 1, 2 & 3), Love My Way (series 1,2 & 3), Spirited (series 1, 2 & 3), Offspring (series 1 & 2), Tangle (series 1, 2 & 3), Rush, Moving Wallpaper (2007, ITV2/Kudos Productions UK) Echo Beach, Happy Life (2007, ITV2 AND 2013 Kudos Productions UK). Tony developed and wrote the TV series of Star Wars for Lucas Film. Tony co-created, wrote multiple episodes and script produced series one and series two of the miniseries Puberty Blues for Channel 10 in 2012 & 2013. He also created the successful series of Doctor Doctor and recently wrote and produced The Great (starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult), a 10 x 1-hour miniseries which is based on his stage play.

Marian Macgowan is principal of Macgowan Films, an independent Australian production company that develops, finances and produces feature films, television, and documentaries. Currently represented as executive producer with all 10 episodes of the darkly comedic Hulu series The Great, starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult, Marian has produced or executive-produced Lilian’s Story, with Toni Collette Gregor Jordan’s Two Hands, with Rose Byrne, Bryan Brown, and Heath Ledger Tony McNamara’s The Rage in Placid Lake, starring Rose Byrne, Ben Lee, and Miranda Richardson South Solitary, directed by Shirley Barrett, with Miranda Otto and her father Barry Otto and the documentaries Boxing for Palm Island, directed by Adrian Russell Wills, and Women He’s Undressed, directed by Gillian Armstrong. The latter is about legendary Oscar-winning costume designer Orry-Kelly.

Among the other movies from Macgowan Films have been Death Defying Acts, an Australian/UK co-production directed by Gillian Armstrong, and starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Saoirse Ronan as mother and daughter and Ana Kokkinos’ Blessed, with Miranda Otto and Frances O’Connor.

Marian’s other works include publishing the Australian film/TV industry bible The Production Book and serving as Head of Producing at AFTRS, where she subsequently remained a consultant.

9 June w/ Jeffrey Walker and Shelley Birse

Recent collaborators, director Jeffrey Walker (Modern Family, Lambs of God, Ali’s Wedding) and writer Shelley Birse (The Code, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries) discuss their work on STAN series The Commons and their stellar careers. They speak to AFTRS Head of Directing Rowan Woods, who also directed episodes the series.

Shelley Birse is sneaking up on 25 years of gainful employment as a writer, having penned more than 70 episodes of animation, young adult fiction and limited series drama. Writing has taken her to Germany, France, Singapore and the U.S.A. and her work has been acknowledged by AWGIE, AACTA, SPA, FIPA and NSW Literary Awards.

Both seasons of her political thriller, The Code, won Best Drama Series and the Major AWGIE awards in 2014 and 2016. Season Two won the NSW Premier’s Literary Award Betty Rowland Screenwriting Prize and internationally, the series took out the Golden D’Or Screenplay Award at the FIPA Festival in France.

Shelley’s most recent work is the Stan series, The Commons, written under the mentorship of Graham Yost, writer of Speed, executive producer of Justified, Sneaky Pete and The Americans.

Shelley regularly writes with one hand and juggles a bush life and small, wild children with the other.

Jeffrey Walker started his career as an actor in the Australian film industry at the age of seven and was a lead in more than 200 episodes. In 1997, Jeffrey won the Australian Film Institute’s Best Young Actor Award for his title role in The Wayne Manifesto. Making short films on weekends and acting during the week, teenaged Jeffrey garnered the attention of prolific television producer Jonathan M. Shiff and he had become one of Australia’s youngest ever television directors at twenty years of age. For well over a decade, Jeffrey has helmed major Australian television productions incuding Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys for HBO, the period BBC mini-series, Banished, Riot for ABC Television, the Jack Irish TV movies starring Guy Pearce, and last year, Jeffrey sole-directed the widely lauded four part “gothic fairytale” miniseries for Foxtel/Sky, Lambs of God. Jeffrey and the project received universally glowing reviews and the project sold to over fifty territories worldwide and won an unprecedented 9 AACTA awards, including Best Director and Best Mini-series. Jeffrey began directing in the US in 2012, working on various television series including Modern Family, Bones and Difficult People, where he series directed and executive produced alongside Amy Poehler for three seasons. His most recent credit is the futuristic series The Commons released in December 2019 on STAN.

Jeffrey’s debut feature film, Ali’s Wedding, released in September 2017, received critical and audience acclaim. It won the Critics Award at the Melbourne International Film Festival, the Audience Award at Sydney Film Festival, and was awarded the Grand Prize at CinefestOz. Dance Academy marked Jeffrey’s second feature and has been reviewed to 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Both Ali’s Wedding and Dance Academy have been acquired internationally by Netflix. Currently, Jeffrey is attached to direct multiple feature films including The Portable Door for The Jim Henson Company.

2 June w/ Kate Dennis and Jonathan Brough

Media Mentors’ Denise Eriksen talks to two of Australia’s top television directors Kate Dennis (Run, The Handmaid’s Tale) and Jonathan Brough (Rosehaven, The Family Law) about new directions in screen comedy. Focussing on the new wave of drama/comedy hybrids (think Fleabag, After Life, Sex Education) they discuss their careers and the projects they’re currently working on.

Kate Dennis

Kate Dennis has set-up seven television dramas in the US, UK and Australia including HBO’s Run (starring Domhnall Gleeson, Merritt Wever and Phoebe Waller-Bridge) CBS’s Tommy (with Edie Falco) NBC’s New Amsterdam (5 seasons) Network Ten’s Secrets & Lies Offspring Party Tricks, and BBC1’s Rescue Me. Offspring ran for seven seasons, garnering over 40 awards and nominations.

Kate’s episodic work in the US traverses comedy and drama and includes: The Handmaid’s Tale GLOW The Tick Heathers Strange Angel Krypton Damnation I’m Dying Up Here The Mindy Project Preacher Turn: Washington’s Spies Fear The Walking Dead Sleepy Hollow and Suits.

Kate began her career as a camera assistant and later script supervisor on Priscilla Queen of the Desert Babe At Play in the Fields of the Lord and Cliffhanger. Her Australian directing work includes Rake Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries The Time of Our Lives Rush The Secret Life of Us and Love My Way. From 1997 to 2002, Kate was based in London and developed two features (with Polygram), co-wrote Superstition (Holland/UK) starring Charlotte Rampling, and directed 2nd unit on Gregor Jordan’s Buffalo Soldiers (starring Joaquin Phoenix).

Kate has been nominated for an ADG Award three times for her work on Love My Way (2007), Rake (2012) and Secrets & Lies (2015).

In 2017, Kate’s Handmaid’s Tale episode ‘The Bridge’ was nominated for an Emmy® for Outstanding Director for a Drama Series.

Kate is currently attached to the feature films Almost French (from Sarah Turnbull’s memoir) and All That I Am (from the novel by Anna Funder).

Jonathan Brough

Jonathan Brough is an award-winning director of film & TV, acclaimed for his work in comedy and drama. His television credits include The End, Rosehaven Series 1,2 & 3, Ronny Chieng: International Student, The Family Law, Sammy J and Randy in Ricketts Lane, The Time of Our Lives, Series 1 & 2, It’s a Date Series 1 & 2, Wonderland, Coverband, The Pretender, Spirited, The Insider’s Guide to Happiness, Trails of Napier, The Unauthorised History of New Zealand & Eating Media Lunch and Outrageous Fortune.

With a great affinity for working with comedians, he has won two Australian Directors’ Guild Awards for Best Director, Comedy for his work on Sammy J & Randy in Ricketts Lane and again Rosehaven. He has also made several acclaimed short films including The Model (Official Selection Cannes Film Festival), Permanent Wave (London & Sydney Film Festivals), No Ordinary Sun (‘Best Short Film’ New Zealand International Film Festival 2005 / Official Selection Edinburgh / Hof / Slamdance) and Snowmen (in competition, Interfilm Berlin/ Pacific Meridian Film Festival).

In addition, he has directed over 40 episodes of television, including Legend of the Seeker and Power Rangers for the American market through ABC/Disney and Saban Entertainment.

26 May w/ Leanne Cartwright-Bradford and Marc Fennell

This session explores the world of storytelling via podcast. Leanne Cartwright-Bradford, Country Manager, Audible Australia and New Zealand and Marc Fennell, creator of one of Audible’s most successful recent podcasts, It Burns, talk with AFTRS Radio and Podcasting lecturer Tony Rasmussen about narrative audio and the burgeoning podcasting industry.

(If you aren’t an Audible member and haven’t listened to It Burns: The Scandal-Plagued Race to Breed the World’s Hottest Chilli, there is a 30-day free trial).

Marc Fennell

Marc Fennell is an Australian interviewer, journalist, documentary-maker, and author. He has been honoured by The Webby Awards, nominated for Europe’s prestigious Rose d’Or, and is a two-time New York Festivals award winner. Marc has worked with the BBC, Showtime, and Monocle. He currently hosts SBS Australia’s national current affairs program, The Feed, and long-running ABC radio series, Download This Show. Marc created Audible’s chart-topping global podcast hit, It Burns, and the forthcoming Nut Jobs.

In 2019, Marc was named one of the 40 Under 40 Most Influential Asian-Australians. His interviews with celebrities and newsmakers like Al Gore, Tom Cruise, Julian Assange, Jennifer Lawrence have been watched over 30 million times. He has reported all around the world, covering everything from sex in Japan to survivors of ISIS torture. Marc can also be caught guest-hosting Network Ten’s The Project and SBS’s Insight & Dateline programs. He is the Creative Director of the not-for-profit group Media Diversity Australia.

19 May w/ Kriv Stenders and Jocelyn Moorhouse

This edition of Talks @ AFTRS features two of Australia’s leading directors – Kriv Stenders (Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan, Wake in Fright, Red Dog) and Jocelyn Moorhouse (The Dressmaker, Stateless, Les Norton). In conversation with AFTRS Head of Directing Rowan Woods, they discuss their careers and projects and explore moving between the worlds of television and feature films.

Jocelyn Moorehouse

Upon graduating from AFTRS in 1984, Jocelyn worked in TV as script editor, writer and director and received a grant from the AFC to direct a short children’s comedy called The Siege Of Barton’s Bathroom which was adapted to a 12-part children’s series, The Bartons, commissioned by the ABC. Jocelyn wrote and directed her feature film debut Proof, starring Hugo Weaving and Russell Crowe, which had its world premiere in Director’s Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival in 1991.

In 1994, Jocelyn moved to LA to direct How to Make an American Quilt (1995) starring Winona Ryder and Anne Bancroft, and A Thousand Acres (1997) starring Michele Pfeiffer, Jessica Lang and Colin Firth. She works closely with her husband PJ Hogan and worked as a producer on Muriel’s Wedding, Unconditional Love, Peter Pan and Mental. Jocelyn wrote and directed The Dressmaker, released in 2015, starring Kate Winslet, Judy Davis, Hugo Weaving and Liam Hemsworth. It took over $20m at the Australian Box Office and won AACTA Awards for Best Costume, Best Actress, Best Supporting actress, Best Supporting Actor and Audience vote for Favourite Australian Film of the Year.

Jocelyn directed her first play, Sex with Strangers at the Sydney Theatre Company in 2012 and had her memoir, Unconditional Love: A Memoir of Filmmaking and Motherhood published in 2019.

Her television credits include Wanted (Matchbox, Seven Network and Netflix), set up director Les Norton (Roadshow Rough Diamond and ABC), Stateless (Matchbox, Cate Blanchett, Tony Ayres and ABC) and set up director Wakefield (Jungle, ABC and BBC).

Kriv Stenders

Kriv Stenders is one of Australia’s most renown, respected and prolific film directors with numerous critically acclaimed and award -winning shorts, documentaries, music videos, television commercials, television series and feature films to his credit. His early feature films include Blacktown, The Illustrated, Family Doctor, Boxing Day, and Lucky Country.

His fifth feature, Red Dog, earned over $22 million at the box office, making it the eighth highest grossing Australian film of all time, and won numerous awards. Other feature film directing credits include Kill Me Three Times, Red Dog: True Blue and the Vietnam War epic, Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan which was released theatrically across Australia in 2019.

Kriv directed Australia Day for Foxtel, Hoodlum and Icon Films which was the first film released on the Dendy Demand platform and his critically acclaimed feature-length documentary The Go-Betweens: Right Here premiered at the 2017 Sydney Film Festival.

Kriv’s extensive television credits include The Principal, a four-part television drama for SBS, the feature length documentary, Why Anzac with Sam Neill and Wake in Fright, Stephen M. Irwin’s contemporary re-imagining of the Australian classic which aired as a two-parter on Channel Ten.

That same year, he also completed production on Foxtel’s The Pacific with Sam Neill, a six-part documentary series which he co-directed with Sally Aitken. He is currently in post-production on feature documentaries about Slim Dusty’ wife, Joy McKean and racing legend, Peter Brock for Universal Pictures which are due for release in 2020.

12 MAY w/ Sarah Walker and Michael Robotham

This instalment features two of Australia’s leading most prolific creators and writers of both shows and books we love – Sarah Walker and Michael Robotham. They have most recently worked together on Ten’s new hit drama The Secrets She Keeps, but each have an incredible back catalogue of household-name work from All Saints and Winners and Losers to the novel which became Oranges and Sunshine. In this conversation they discuss their latest project, as well as the how we tell psychological drama-stories in a world on edge.


With over 340 produced screen credits as a writer on prime-time Australian television, and over 1,500 as a Script Producer/Story Consultant, as well as Co-Creator credit for a primetime one-hour drama series, Sarah Walker is one of the most prolific screenwriters in Australian television. She’s worked in freelance development with most prestigious production companies, including Matchbox, Aquarius, Essential Media, Fremantle, Roadshow/Rough Diamond and Jungle. As Script Producer of the one-hour prime-time medical drama All Saints for four years, she plotted over 160 episodes and wrote 24 episodes, including “The Sign”, which was nominated for an AFI Award. She developed the hit one-hour comedy-drama series Winners & Losers for Network Seven and worked as a Development Script Executive for Fremantle Media, including Wonderland, for Network 10, for which she was co-creator, script producer and writer. She was Script Executive on Season 1, and Story Consultant on Season 4 of the hit series Wentworth for Foxtel and lead writer and Script Producer on the Lingo limited six-part TV series The Secrets She Keeps, which recently premiered on Network 10. She has written a limited 6-part TV series A Life in Men by Denver & Delilah and UCP in the US, which has been optioned by Netflix, has been commissioned to write a feature adaptation for See-Saw and is currently writing a US pilot and series adaptation for Jessica Biel and Iron Ocean.

Michael Robotham

Michael Robotham’s psychological thrillers have been translated into 25 languages and sold more than seven million copies around the world. He began his working career as a journalist and went on to write for newspapers and magazines in Australia, Britain and America before becoming a ghostwriter and collaborating with politicians, pop stars, solders and adventurers to pen their autobiographies.

In 2015, Michael’s novel, Life or Death, won the coveted UK Crime Writer’s Association Gold Dagger award for the year’s best novel, beating Stephen King and Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling) who were on the shortlist. He has also twice been shortlisted America’s top crime writing prize, the Edgars, and twice won Australia’s Ned Kelly Award for best crime novel.

A six-part TV series based on The Secrets She Keeps recently screened on Channel 10 with an international cast.

5 MAY w/ Vicki Madden and Louise Fox

This edition features two of Australia’s leading supernatural creators and writers – Vicki Madden and Louise Fox. With Media Mentors Australia’s Denise Eriksen, they dig deep into the worlds of Glitch, Gloaming and The Kettering Incident to uncover the secrets of successfully writing about the paranormal – and how it feels like we are in an episode of a supernatural thriller right now.

Vicki Madden

Victoria Madden is a Producer, Writer and Showrunner with over 25 years experience in the television industry both in Australia and overseas. She has worked as Writer and Showrunner on such shows as Halifax f.p. (Aus) The Bill, (UK), Trial & Retribution (UK) The Clinic (Ireland), Water Rats (Aust) and K9 (UK) to name a few. She was also the writer of Blood Brothers, a 90- minute true crime telemovie for the 9 Network and Playmaker media.

Vicki runs her own Production Company, Sweet Potato Films, a small boutique film and TV company in Tasmania, her home state, and co-created, co-produced and wrote the critically acclaimed TV series, The Kettering Incident and followed recently by The Gloaming.

The Kettering Incident was a $15 million elevated supernatural-thriller for Foxtel, set in the dramatic landscape of Tasmania and is the first adult TV drama to be set there. Critics worldwide have described it as ground breaking, bold and confident storytelling that subverts and elevates the crime genre.

TKI has enjoyed stunning award success both in Australia and overseas, winning the Special Jury Prize at the prestigious Series Mania Festival in Paris, with David Chase (Sopranos) as head Juror, four AACTA awards, the SPAA award for most outstanding telemovie or mini-series and two LOGIE awards for outstanding telemovie or mini-series. Madden was short-listed for an Australian writer award (AWGIE) for excellence in writing and for the prestigious NSW Premier’s Literary Award.

TKI has been Foxtel’s highest rating drama ever and been critically acclaimed in Australia and is currently showing in the US and the UK to rave reviews. BBC worldwide has distribution rights.

The recently released supernatural crime series, The Gloaming set once more in her beloved state of Tasmania has been an 18 million-dollar production in collaboration with John Molloy from 2Jons, STAN and ABC Studios US/Disney.

The Gloaming was released on STAN in January 2020 to excellent reviews and is being distributed world-wide by ABC (US)/Disney. Madden is represented by Ted Miller at Creative Artists Agency in the US and Georgina Carrigan at United Agents in the UK.

Louise Fox

Louise Fox was a core member of the writing team on Fast Forward and Full Frontal. She then wrote for the children’s dramas Genie From Down Under and Round The Twist. She then moved into adult drama, working on shows such as Always Greener, Fireflies and Rush.

She was a core member of the writing team on Love My Way (winning the AWGIE for Episode 8 of Series 1), Camelot (Starz network), The Kettering Incident, and wrote an episode for the acclaimed ITV drama Broadchurch. Louise spent two years working as a core member of the team writing for Lucas Film on the Star Wars live action television series.

She was the co-creator and showrunner of the AACTA and Logie-winning Glitch, and also wrote the screenplay for Dead Europe, for which she won the NSW Premier’s Literary Award. Her plays have been performed at the STC, Malthouse and the QTC.

28 April w/ Tony Ayres and Sheila Jayadev

This edition features Australian producers Tony Ayres (Clickbait, Stateless, The Slap) and Sheila Jayadev (Stateless, Ali’s Wedding) in conversation with AFTRS’ producing lecturer Robbie Miles about creating the series Stateless, and their current slate of projects.


Sheila Jayadev is a producer with a background in entertainment law, having represented some of Australia’s leading producers across television and feature film. She has worked as a producer with Matchbox Pictures since 2015, producing the award-winning feature film Ali’s Wedding (2017, Madman Entertainment), which won awards at all the major Australian film festivals before being acquired by Netflix. Most recently, she produced the acclaimed ABC series Stateless (2020) for Matchbox Pictures and Cate Blanchett’s production company Dirty Films. Sheila has also worked across the Matchbox Pictures’ features slate as development producer and currently has a slate of high-end television series in development with Matchbox. She has previously worked in development at Scott Free, Ridley Scott’s London-based production company through Screen Australia’s Talent Escalator program, and also as a Development Executive for Create NSW and Screen Australia. She is a company director of the boutique film production company Emerald Productions, established in 2009, a company that works with some of Australia’s most exciting emerging writers and directors, with a particular focus on telling ground-breaking diverse stories.


Tony Ayres is an award-winning Australian showrunner, writer and director, and is one of the founding members of internationally renowned Australian production company Matchbox Pictures, now owned by NBCUniversal Studios. In 2018 Tony established his own production company Tony Ayres Productions (TAP), developing and producing feature films and television for global audiences and international marketplaces. Tony was the showrunner on International Emmy and BAFTA-nominated series, The Slap and an EP on its US remake. He co-created and was Executive Producer on multi-award-winning series Glitch (3 seasons). He was also an executive producer on International Emmy nominated Wanted (3 seasons), and multi-award winning series The Devil’s Playground, Old School, Underground: The Julian Assange Story, and The Straits. He executive produced comedy series The Family Law (3 seasons), Bogan Pride and Maximum Choppage. He produced miniseries Barracuda and the multi-award-winning Seven Types of Ambiguity. He directed the multi-award winning TV movie, Saved. In children’s TV, Tony created and executive produced the International Emmy and BAFTA award-winning Nowhere Boys and the telemovie based on the series, Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows. The series is internationally acclaimed, winning the AACTA Award for Best Children’s Television Series, two Logies, three Kidscreen Awards, a Rockie, and a Prix Jeunesse Award. In feature films, Tony directed Cut Snake (2015), The Home Song Stories (2007) winner of 24 international and Australian awards, and Walking on Water (2002), which premiered at the Berlinale. He also EP’d feature films Ali’s Wedding and Lou. Currently, Tony is the showrunner for upcoming US Netflix series Clickbait, and co-created and EP’d the Matchbox/ABC refugee detention centre drama Stateless alongside Cate Blanchett and Elise McCredie. Stateless stars Yvonne Strahovski, Jai Courtney, Dominic West and Cate Blanchett.

21 APRIL w/ Daina Reid and Emma Freeman

The first Talks @ AFTRS featured Australian directors Daina Reid (The Handmaids Tale, Romper Stomper, Sunshine) and Emma Freeman (Stateless, Glitch, Secret City) in conversation with AFTRS Head of Directing Rowan Woods. They shared their experiences of directing top-flight local and international TV.


Daina Reid began her film career as a comedy writer and actor, before making the move behind the camera. Daina’s US episodic work includes The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu) and David Makes Man (OWN/Warner Television) which was recently nominated for Best Drama Series at the 2019 Critics’ Choice Awards. Daina’s recent credits also include the upcoming thriller The Outsider (HBO) and the half-hour comedy Upload (Amazon). In 2015, she directed Hunters, produced by Gale Anne Hurd (Syfy). Her UK credits include The Spanish Princess (Starz). Daina’s episode “Holly” of The Handmaid’s Tale, received an Emmy and a Director’s Guild of America nomination. In Australia, Daina directed the series remake of the classic Australian film Romper Stomper, (Roadshow Rough Diamond/Stan) and Sunshine (Easy Tiger/Carver Films/SBS). Sunshine, a 4-part miniseries set in Melbourne’s South Sudanese community, won the 2017 AACTA award for Best Telefeature or Miniseries, and Daina won the Australian Directors Guild Award for Best Direction of a TV Miniseries. Her other Australian credits include The Wrong Girl, as well as the final seasons of The Dr Blake Mysteries and Offspring. She directed and co-produced the mini-series adaptation of The Secret River by Kate Grenville, which premiered at the Sydney Film Festival, and screened at the FIPA (Festival International De Programmes Audiovisuels) in Biarritz, France. Daina is a frequent collaborator of award-winning producer John Edwards, their projects include Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo and Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, both of which received AACTA award nominations for Best Direction. Following the success of The Birth of Cleo, Daina directed the follow-up Paper Giants: Magazine Wars. In 2013, she directed Nowhere Boys which won the Best Children’s Television Series AACTA Award. Daina’s other television credits include: Never Tear Us Apart The Untold Story of INXS Ready for This Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Rush and City Homicide to name a few. Her first feature film, I Love You Too, about a commitment-phobe and a New Ager who buddy up to win the women of their dreams starring Yvonne Strahovski and Peter Dinklage. In 2017, Daina received the Michael Carson Award at the Australian Directors’ Guild Awards, in recognition of her excellent contribution to TV Drama Directing. She currently has a feature in development with Carver Films as well as a couple of television projects.


Emma Freeman is one of Australia’s leading directors in television. Her work includes Stateless, Glitch, Secret City, Sisters, Tangle, Puberty Blues, Hawke, Love My Way and Secret Life of Us. A graduate of Victorian College of the Arts, her short films Blood and Ash, Daphne and Ollie and 2002 Tropfest Best Film and Best Screenplay, Lamb have screened at numerous Australian and International film festivals including London, Locarno, New York, Cork, American Cinémathèque and Palm Springs. In 2010 Emma was nominated for an AFI – Best Direction in Television for her work on Tangle and Hawke, for which she won the award. Hawke was also awarded the AFI for Best Telemovie or Mini-Series and won the ADG award for Best Direction in a TV Mini- Series or Telefeature. Emma most recently won the award for Best Music Video at the St Kilda Film Festival for Child Bride (CocoRosie) and the ADG awards for Best Direction in a Television Drama Series for Secret City, Best Direction in a Television Drama Series for Glitch and nominated for Sisters. Emma is the set-up director of the critically acclaimed ABC/NBCU six-part series, Stateless created and produced by Cate Blanchett, Tony Ayres and Elise McCredie. She most recently directed the upcoming Netflix Original, Clickbait produced by TAP, Matchbox Pictures and Heyday Films and will be directing two episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 4 for Hulu and MGM.

Other Books

'Portrait of Humanity Vol 3', 320pp, cloth spine, 151mm x 199mm.

In collaboration with 1854 Media/ British Journal of Photography

These astonishing portraits, taken in over 50 countries, capture a year like no other in living memory. Though a global pandemic has made many of us feel isolated, the faces and stories in this book are a testament to our collective will to connect, rebuild and keep going.

With an introduction by Otegha Uwagba .

This is the first edition.

Afro Vegan


'Afro Vegan: Family recipes from a British-Nigerian kitchen'. Text and photography by Zoe Alakija. Edited by Harry Adès. 176pp, hardback, 170 x 230mm.

A vegan cookbook that draws its breath from the explosive colours, contrasts, cultures and flavours of West Africa.

Inspired by Zoe’s British-Nigerian heritage, these eclectic fusion recipes – from jollof arancini to plantain brownies – give a playful, contemporary twist to the joy-infused food of her childhood.

Zoe Alakijais an art director and food stylist based in London. This is her first book.

This is the first edition.

Single Dad


'Single Dad', 104pp, cloth spine, 168 x 222mm. Photography by Harry Borden. Foreword by Sir Bob Geldof.

These raw and tender portraits of single-parent dads are combined with moving testimonies about their love and loss, hopes and fears. The result is a much-needed celebration of the innate ability in all fathers to nurture and love.

A beautiful book, filled with humanity and compassion – and proof of the deep love that fathers have for their children.‘ Alain de Botton

Harry Borden is one of the UK’s finest portrait photographers whose work has been in The New Yorker, Vogue and TIME.

This is the first edition.



'Revival: London 1989–1993', 96pp, cloth spine, 190 x 240mm. Photography by Roy Mehta. Introduction by Caryl Phillips.

Brent has a rich history of multiculturalism. Roy Mehta’s exquisite black and white photographs capture the daily rituals of its various communities, most notably the Afro-Caribbean and Irish, engaged in seemingly simple activities at home, in the street and at church. Shot from 1989–1993, the images move from profound moments of faith to quiet family settings to the noisy streets outside, reminding us of the continual opportunities for connection and reflection in everyday life.

‘Mehta doesn’t shy away from the sadness and difficulties of this foundational story, but his multiracial faces – taken in Brent, northwest London – remain coloured with British dreams, and they exude a vitality which suggests that, although things are never going to be easy, all will eventually be well.’ – Caryl Phillips from the introduction

Roy Mehta is a well-established London-based photographic artist with thirty years of professional experience working on personal and commercial projects. This is his third book.

This is the first edition.

When We Were Young


'When We Were Young: Memories of Growing Up in Britain', 192pp, cloth spine, 156mm x 206mm. Photography compiled by Lee Shulman, creator of The Anonymous Project. With an introduction by Lucy Davies.

Unknown yet strangely familiar, these anonymous family photographs provide a unique window into past lives. Each image, shot on colour slide film in Britain between the mid 40s and 70s, transports us to a world full of possible stories and forgotten memories.

‘This is a truly filmic insight into Britain’s past. The images remind me of my roots – a more innocent world.’ – Ridley Scott

The Anonymous Project is dedicated to collecting and preserving colour slides from the last 70 years from all around the world. Started in 2017 by filmmaker Lee Shulman, the project seeks to preserve Kodachrome memories and create new ways of storytelling that question our place in the world today.

Book design by Friederike Huber.

This is the first edition

Urban Geometry


'Urban Geometry' by Andrés Gallardo Albajar. 128pp, hardback with cloth-covered spine, white & gold foiled, 222 x 157 mm.

Spanish photographer Andrés Gallardo Albajar has travelled the globe to capture the mesmerising silhouettes, colourful juxtapositions and angular forms of the world’s most exciting buildings. Symmetry, line, shadow and colour: these photographs, taken in 20 cities across the world, provide an immersive visual tour of contemporary architecture. From Bilbao to Beijing, Stockholm to Seoul, journey through the urban geometry that forms the spatial soundtrack to our lives.

With an introduction by Rachel Segal Hamilton.

Andrés Gallardo Albajar is a freelance photographer from Spain. For years Andrés has been documenting the architecture and urban life of numerous European and Asian cities, and his work has been featured in many publications and exhibitions.

This is the first edition.

Book design by Friederike Huber.

Smoke & Mirrors



This is the second book in collaboration with Penguin. Written by Adam Hay-Nicholls.

A groundbreaking book of car photography, revealing the car's unique role in our culture

Car photography often evokes the same recycled tropes. Predictably slick, hi-spec images on the front pages of glossy magazines, or huge blow-ups on giant billboards which have one designed aim: to sell a lifestyle. But our relationship with cars is so much more meaningful than these images might suggest. Like the camera, the car has changed the way we explore the world. With cars came road trips, and with road trips came some of the most important photographic documentaries of our time. A car is a vehicle not just for transport but for our hopes, desires and dreams.

In Smoke & Mirrors, a selection of world-renowned and up-and-coming photographers come together to pay tribute to the car. From Nick Turpin's images of 'donut' skid marks, Todd Hido's painterly landscapes taken through wet windscreens and William Green's shots of sleeping Tokyo taxi drivers, these photographs display cars at their most playful, introspective and meaningful, reminding us that there is more to them than just metal and machinery - for cars are emotionally intertwined with the lives we live.

240pp hardback, 195 x 253mm.

Adam Hay-Nicholls
is a writer and media consultant specialising in motoring, Formula One racing, culture, travel, luxury and adventure. An editor, visual director and producer who has worked with some of the world's most talented writers, photographers and designers.

This is the first edition.

In Your Face


'In Your Face', 128pp, cloth spine, 222mm x 160mm. Photography by Paul Trevor.

Paul Trevor’s extreme close-ups, made spontaneously on the streets of east London, capture Britain’s perennial social divide. They contrast the people in The City with those in the nearby market of Brick Lane. Shot during Thatcher’s reign, the imagery is as fresh and relevant today as it was then.

‘This series is a new twist on the street photo, but totally unlike anything I have seen before or since.’ – Martin Parr

This is the first edition.

The Botanical City


'The Botanical City: A busy person's guide to the wondrous plants to find, eat and grow in the city'. Written by Hélèna Dove and Harry Adès. 176pp, hardback, 283mm x 184mm.

Illustrated with the most exquisite 18th-century artworks, The Botanical City reveals the hidden secrets of plants and flowers growing on your doorstep. Discover the wonder of urban weeds and wildflowers, their healing powers and poisons, the ancient wisdom and folklore, and get practical ideas for cooking and craft, plus expert tips on how to grow and harvest them yourself.

Hélèna Dovemanages the Kitchen Garden at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Cultivating everything from the allotment staples to more unusual edibles, she is a strong believer in using what grows around us to benefit our daily lives.

Harry Adès is the author of An Opinionated Guide to London Green Spaces and A Field Guide to East London Wildlife, and many other titles besides. His two children are far more talented gardeners than he is, and his cats eat the flowers off his only rose bush.

This is the first edition.

Paris, China


'Paris, China' by François Prost . 88pp, paperback, 162mm x 127mm.

Tianducheng is a small suburb in China modelled on Paris — it even has a replica Eiffel Tower. These photographs of near-identical landmarks in both places beg the question: is imitation really the highest form of flattery?

François Prost is a Parisian photographer, graphic designer and art director. When he’s not working for editorial or commercial clients he spends his time on personal photography projects, documenting façades of local French nightclubs, machine gun shops in the US and Chinese scooters. In 2020 he started photographing the similarities between the real Venice and replicas in Las Vegas and Hangzhou, China.

Portrait of Humanity Vol 2


'Portrait of Humanity Vol 2', 320pp, cloth spine, 151mm x 199mm.

In collaboration with 1854 Media/ British Journal of Photography

This collection of 200 intimate portraits and stories – shot by photographers all over the world – reminds us of our common struggles, our deep bonds and, perhaps most importantly in light of the global pandemic, the restorative power of community.

‘Humanity is now standing at a crossroads. We must decide which path we want to take.’ – Greta Thunberg

With an introduction by Gemma Padley.

This is the first edition.

Trivial Pursuits


'Trivial Pursuits' by Orlando Gili. 112pp, hardback with cloth spine, coated fine art paper, 222mm x 157mm.

Come rain or shine, the English are serious about having fun. Orlando Gili’s photographs of people engaged in apparently trivial pursuits - whether cheese rolling, pram racing or partying in the street - are in fact a tender portrait of a nation in pursuit of happiness.

With an introduction by Lucy Davies.

Orlando Gili is a London-based documentary and portrait photographer whose work has featured in The Financial Times , The Sunday Times and Vice , among other international publications and advertising agencies. In between editorial and commercial assignments Gili pursues documentary projects, with a focus on leisure, community and identity.

This is the first edition.

Book design by Friederike Huber.

Hotel Carpets


'Hotel Carpets' by Bill Young. 128pp, paperback with French flaps, fine art paper, 162mm x 127mm.

Bill Young is a US pilot.
Bill Young has stayed in a lot of hotels.
Bill Young likes carpets.

Now you can share his joy.

From Austin to Amsterdam, Lille to Las Vegas, this book shares the mesmerising, bizarre (and sometimes questionable) carpets found in hotel lobbies all over the world. Bill Young, a US pilot, finds himself in a lot of cities often with camera, time and carpet to hand. His photos are enjoyed by his 400,000 followers on Instagram and now an edit of the most striking designs appear in this playful paperback alongside Bill's irreverent commentary.

This is the first edition.

Sunday Best


'Sunday Best: A celebration of diversity' by Katie Waggett, 176pp, hardback, 151mm x 199mm.

In the wake of a terror attack and determined not to let the voices of separatism win out, photographer Katie Waggett embarked on an intimate survey of London’s many religions. Her portraits of individuals in their most colourful religious outfits are accompanied by personal quotes, as well interiors from the places of worship. Sunday Best is a feast of colour and a love letter to a city that so depends on diversity for its survival.

‘As we tend to get caught up in the current climate of fear and hostility, Sunday Best reminds us to stop and think, to look beyond the surface and to challenge what we think we know about others.’ – Jilke Golbach, from the introduction

Katie Waggettis an award-winning documentary photographer based in London. Her work has been exhibited internationally.

This is the first edition.

The Urban Forager


'The Urban Forager: Find and Cook Wild Food in the City'. Text by Wross Lawrence. Photography by Marco Kesseler, 192pp, hardback, 156mm x 109mm.

Hawthorn berry ketchup, cherry blossom shortbread, nettle ravioli, elderflower fritters, cowslip summer rolls. these are just some of the tasty and surprising dishes you can make from wild food found in your city. With expert advice from professional forager Wross Lawrence alongside elegant photography, this pocket-sized hardback explains how to identify 32 easy-to-find plants in the city and cook up a wild feast.

We were all foragers before the invention of the supermarket. And our cities, despite appearing grey, are in fact wildly green. Whether in parks, along canals or on your own street, there is an abundance of delicious food hiding in plain sight. Reconnect with nature and enjoy making these surprisingly easy recipes.

Includes original photography and illustrations, 32 vegetarian recipes and top tips for urban foraging. The information in the book can be applied to cities within the North Temperate Zone.

Wross Lawrenceis a professional forager with over 10 years’ experience, supplying wild food to royalty, Michelin-starred restaurants, veg box delivery companies, department stores, breweries and more.

Marco Kesseleris a London-based photographer whose clients include FT Magazine, The New York Times and TIME.

This is the first edition.

The Silence of Dogs in Cars


'The Silence of Dogs in Cars', 96pp, cloth spine, 156mm x 196mm. Photography by Martin Usborne. With an introduction by Lucy Davies.

Once left in a car, for a short while as a young kid, Martin remembers the feeling that no-one might come back. Around about the same time he identified and fell in love with dogs - they were also silent, just as he felt in the car. A few decades later the two memories fused into this strangely melancholic but also subtly humorous project.

These cinematic photographs of dogs in cars, taken mostly at night, reveal an emotional honesty that only animals can express. Behind the dogs’ eyes are feelings that humans so often avoid: the fear of being alone, the uncertainty
of the unknown, but also a certain hope that can be found in silence.

This work previously appeared in a large format book published by Kehrer Verlag .

Martin Usborne is a photographer based in London and also co-founder of Hoxton Mini Press.

This is the first edition



'Launderama: London's Launderettes', 144pp, cloth spine, 156mm x 178mm. Photography by Joshua Blackburn.

Photographer Joshua Blackburn has visited all 462* launderettes in London. The resulting pictures are not just a portrait of a much-loved institution but of a city itself: full of life, colour, faded nostalgia and a whole load of dirty laundry.

*Please note: the book features a selection of images from Joshua's collection, not all 462 launderettes. That would be a very fat book.

Joshua Blackburn is a London-based photographer, print maker and co-founder of The Artful Project gallery. In his previous life, he ran a graphic design agency for 14 years. Joshua runs the popular Instagram account: @coinop_london.

With an introduction by the photographer

This is the first edition

Book design by Friederike Huber and Hoxton Mini Press

East London Homes


'East London Homes'. Styling and text by Sarah Bagner. Photography by Jon Aaron Green, 272pp, hardback, 255 x 196mm.

East London is a playground of possibility. In a neighbourhood where tradition and experimentation collide there is no such thing as a typical home. This book, by stylist and author Sarah Bagner and photographer Jon Aaron Green, is a celebration of diverse creative expression, a journey through the compelling interiors of architects, florists, film makers, upholsterers and many more who don’t play by any rules other than their own.

This book is the same size and format as our East London Food book. It features 29 homes with accompanying text by Sarah Bagner and introductory texts by acclaimed art historian Charles Saumarez Smith and SCP founder Sheridan Coakley.

Sarah Bagner is an interior and still life stylist and art director. Her debut interiors book, 'Wonder Walls, Supermarket Sarah’s Guide to Display', was published by CICO Books in 2012 and has been translated into three languages.

Jon Aaron Green is an interior, still life and portrait photographer. He works with clients ranging from small startups to worldwide brands.

This is the first edition

Once Upon a Time in Brick Lane


'Once Upon a Time in Brick Lane', 144pp, cloth spine, 197mm x 256mm. Photography by Paul Trevor. Afterword by Alan Gilbey.

Paul Trevor, one of the great unsung heroes of British documentary photography, spent many years during the 70s and 80s capturing life on Brick Lane, London’s most iconic East End street. Published here for the very first time, these images, full of humour, grit, love and surprise, capture a vibrant time before the area went through dramatic social change.

Paul Trevor began to make pictures in his Brick Lane neighbourhood after abandoning his job as an accountant and deciding to become a photographer at the age of 25. His photographs have been exhibited internationally since the 1970s and are in public and private collections worldwide.

This is the first edition.

Invisible Jumpers


'Invisible Jumpers', 88pp, cloth spine, 196mm x 156mm. Photography by Joseph Ford. Knitting by Nina Dodd.

Book and limited print special available here

The intricate jumpers in this book - worn by humans, dogs and bananas alike - blend seamlessly into their surroundings thanks to more than 1,000 hours of knitting and endless hours lining up the camera for the perfect shot.

‘I love this kind of attention to the absurd. Right up my street.’- Fatboy Slim

With an introduction by Laura Noble

This book began as a photography and knitting project called Knitted Camouflage .

Portrait of Britain Vol 2


'Portrait of Britain Vol 2', 336pp, hardback, cloth spine, uncoated paper, 199mm x 151mm.

In collaboration with British Journal of Photography

A new volume featuring 200 of the most compelling portraits taken in Britain during this time of national soul-searching. The photos are accompanied by wonderful quotes from the photographers.

'The portraits in this book show a country unscripted, revealed page by page in all its joy. its sorrows and anxieties, its accidental beauty. There's no mystery to being British. You just have to be yourself.' - Ekow Eshun, from the introduction



'Funland', 128pp, cloth spine and back cover, 237mm x 285mm.

**This book is also available in a special book + limited edition print bundle. Click here to see it.**

From Blackpool to Brighton, and Barry Island to Brightlingsea, these richly-detailed photographs capture the candyfloss colours and faded nostalgia of a seaside culture that is peculiarly (yet wonderfully) British.

Rob Ball has been a photographer for over 20 years. He spent time working as a news, sport and crime scene photographer before shifting to long-form personal projects while lecturing at Canterbury Christ Church University. Rob has exhibited his work internationally and continues to work on projects and commissions while lecturing.

Book design by Friederike Huber and Hoxton Mini Press

New Girl Order


'New Girl Order, 160pp, hardback, silver foil, 199mm x 151mm.'

Renowned photographer Iain McKell spent two years immersed in a community of young female artists, documenting their unique performances, parties and personalities. The resulting visual diary is a celebration of freedom and self-expression, and a reminder to embrace the most creative parts of who we are.

Iain McKell is a British fine art-documentary, fashion and portrait photographer who lives in London. He has documented various sub-societies, directed commercials and pop videos and worked on commission for The Sunday Times, Vogue Italia, L’Uomo Vogue and i-D. This is his fifth photography book.

With an introduction by Gemma Padley.

Book design by Friederike Huber.

Miami Beach 1988-1995


'Miami Beach 1988-1995', 144pp, cloth binding with tip-in image, 210mm x 195mm.'

This book is also available in a special book + limited edition print bundle. Click here to see the prints.

Fashionistas and retirees, drag queens and bodybuilders, waiters and wanderers: these sumptuous black and white photographs taken by Barry Lewis capture the rich colour of Miami Beach in the early 90s. After two decades of drugs, corruption and violence the coastal strip had come back to life and the party was just beginning…

Barry Lewis is a British photographer and filmmaker. He has worked internationally for magazines and directed numerous documentaries, commercials and films. His work has been exhibited at the V&A and The Photographer's Gallery.

With an introduction by Bill Hayes.

Book design by Friederike Huber.



'Twins', 96pp, cloth hardback, uncoated paper, 163mm x 210mm.

Picked as one of Buzzfeed's Best Photography Books from 2018. Also featured in the Guardian.

Peter Zelewski has spent years capturing the faces and stories of identical twins. Some inexplicably lost their hearing at the exact same time, others unlock each others’ phones with their indistinguishable fingerprints, but perhaps more surprisingly, some don’t get on. These powerful portraits tap into one of the most fascinating of all human relationships.

Peter Zelewski is a London-based portrait and documentary photographer. Born in Detroit, USA, he moved to London in the 1980s and studied at the London College of Communication (LCC). His portraiture concentrates primarily on the exploration of people, culture and urban life. Zelewski’s work has been featured in numerous publications, he has won several awards and been a prizewinner in the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize. His previous book, People of London, was also published by Hoxton Mini Press.

With an introduction by Naomi and Alexandria Hewston (featured in the book).

This is the first edition.

London Nights


In the glow of the night, the vibrancy of London meets a quiet stillness.

This collection of historic and contemporary images features work from over 60 photographers who reveal the city after hours: unnerving, beautiful, eerie, energised – sometimes all at once. Step into the night and discover a darker, richer side to the capital.

The book contains essays by Museum of London’s Curator of Photographs, Anna Sparham, poetry by award-winning poet and playwright Inua Ellams, and over 100 images from the exhibition that span the genres of architectural, documentary and portrait photography. Includes w ork by Bill Brandt, Bob Collins, Brian Griffin, Tish Murtha, Tim Peake, Rut Blees Luxemburg, William Eckersley, Dougie Wallace, Nick Turpin and many more.

'London Nights' is published in conjunction with an exhibition of the same name, running 11 May - 11 November 2018 at Museum of London, 150 London Wall, EC2Y 5HN. Click here for more details.

208pp hardback, navy cloth spine, yellow foil, 222 x 167 mm.

Anna Sparham graduated with a photography degree and after working with the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum’s photographs collection, she joined the Museum of London in 2004, becoming a curator there in 2006. Working closely with photographers, Sparham develops the museum’s collections and realises temporary exhibitions.

Inua Ellams is a cross art form practitioner, a poet, playwright and performer. He has written for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre and the BBC.

This is the first edition.

Book design by Frederike Huber.

Men Photographing Women in the 70s


'Men Photographing Women in the 1970s' by Michael Abramson, 96pp, paperback, pink foil, 175 x 120mm.

Once a month, in 1970s Chicago, men were allowed to take cameras into underground strip clubs. Michael Abramson, a local photographer, thought it would be more revealing to photograph the men photographing the women. Left in a drawer until now, the resulting images are a fascinating, funny and at times unsettling portrayal of the uninhibited male gaze.

Introduced by Midge Wilson.

Michael Abramson (1948-2011) was an American photographer best known for his work documenting the nightlife of black night clubs on the south side of Chicago. His photographs can be found in the permanent collections of many major American institutions including the Smithsonian, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Chicago History Museum, the California Museum of Photography and more.

This is the first edition.

Book design by Matthew Young.



'Sisters' by Sophie Harris-Taylor. 112pp, fully cloth-bound hardback with tip-in image, white foiled, 199 x 151 mm.

Sophie Harris-Taylor spent two years photographing and interviewing more than 100 sisters in an effort to better understand this most intimate of bonds. Her tender portraits combined with short interviews reveal the jealousies, fears, love and laughter that co-exist at the heart of each relationship.

"This book is a celebration of sisterhood, in all its glory and with all its flaws." - Sophie Harris-Taylor

Acommpanied by an introduction and texts by Emma Finamore, based on the photographer's interviews with the sisters.

Sophie Harris-Taylor is a fine art and portrait photographer, born in 1988 in London. Renowned for her images created exclusively with natural and ambient light, her work centres around relationships and the everyday moments shared between people in familiar but often mundane surroundings. Harris-Taylor has previously been nominated for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize, The Renaissance Photography Prize and The Young Masters and her work has been featured in numerous publications. This is her second photography book.

This is the first edition.

Really Good Dog Photography



This is the first book in collaboration with Penguin.

Dogs and photography have gone hand in paw almost since the medium was invented and our passion remains undiminished, with pictures of adorable, bright-eyed dogs all over the internet.

The photographs in this book offer an alternative to all the fluff. They approach the dog as a dignified, intelligent and noble being, and they consider our relationship with man's best friend for the extraordinary thing it really is. Elegant, beautiful, surprising, sometimes comical, full of drama and heart, these images show the world's best-loved animal in a remarkable new light.

Featuring work by 30 photographers including William Wegman, Alec Soth, Charlotte Dumas, Traer Scott, Tim Flach, Elliott Erwitt, Jo Longhurst, Dougie Wallace and many more.

'Really Good Dog Photography', published by Particular Books (imprint of Penguin Books) in collaboration with Hoxton Mini Press. Written by Lucy Davies. Photography by 30 world-class photographers.

304pp clothbound hardback, 218 x 254mm.

Lucy Davies
writes about art and photography for the Telegraph , where she is a Commissioning Editor. She has written widely on visual art for numerous books, exhibition catalogues and magazines.

This is the first edition.

Unseen London


London is one of the world’s most photographed cities, so you might think there’s nothing left to see. But you’d be wrong. Through the eyes of 25 contemporary photographers you can venture along hidden canals, around notorious housing estates, through surreal street scenes and deep underground. This is London as it is today, and as you’ve never seen it before.

This illuminating book compiles the work of 25 world-class photographers:

Thom and Beth Atkinson, James O Jenkins, Rut Blees Luxemburg, David Vintiner, Matt Stuart, Janie Airey, Vicky Grout, Ben West, Effie Paleologou, Stephen Leslie, Dougie Wallace, Anton Rodriguez, Simon Norfolk, Mark Sanders, George Georgiou, Andy Sewell, Lorenzo Vitturi, Carl Bigmore, Giacomo Brunelli, Cian Oba-Smith, Johanna Neurath, Lewis Bush, Shahed Saleem and Nick Turpin.

Words by Rachel Segal Hamilton. Rachel is a London-based freelance journalist who has written extensively on photography for The British Journal of Photography, VICE, The Telegraph, The Royal Photographic Society Journal, Professional Photography and others.

288pp hardback, 242 x 186 mm.

This is the first edition.

London Coffee


It’s no secret that London is addicted to coffee. T oday’s flat white drinkers are well versed - with a taste for single origins and light roasts - but w hat is often forgotten is that the city has a rich history of coffeehouses going back to the 1650s.

Bestselling author Lani Kingston and photographer David Post have captured the stories of the most inspirational modern-day artisans, roasters, growers, innovators and entrepreneurs who make London, once again, a world capital of coffee.

This book comes with a fold-out map featuring 50 of the best London coffee shops.

'London Coffee' by Lani Kingston and David Post
256pp hardback, black foiled, 222 x 167mm. Plus fold-out map.

Lani Kingston is an Australian food writer, consultant and management professional who proudly calls London home. Her first book, 'How to Make Coffee', was an international bestseller, and has been released in five languages and eight editions. Lani holds Masters degrees in Food Studies and in Education, and pastry chef and barista qualifications, and judges coffee for the Great Taste Awards.

David Post is a Canadian photographer whose portfolio includes work for a number of prominent London brands including a recent project for Mast Chocolate. David is also a respected character in the coffee world: he owned and operated an award-winning coffee bar in his home province of Newfoundland before moving to London, where he joined the vibrant coffee scene and worked with cafés across the city.

This is the first edition.

Hackney Studios


East London creatives and their spaces

'Hackney Studios' by Jenny Lewis. 116pp, hardcover with tip-in image, white and gold foiled, 220 x 265 mm landscape

Hackney, East London, is well known for its vibrant creative community. Jenny Lewis spent four years in and out of studios across the borough photographing a tribe of artists who over time have defined the area. Painters, illustrators, filmmakers, jewellers, ceramicists and fashion designers invite us into their studios and share their private thoughts about the creative process.

What began with a chance encounter with fashion designer Isobel Webster grew organically into a ‘family tree’ of the borough’s creative community, with each artist nominating the next person to be photographed.

Lewis notes that many of the artists featured in the project have since been forced to leave their studios due to recent steep rent increases, and as such, hopes this book will stand as a timely reminder and celebration of the spirit of creativity in one of London’s most dynamic areas.

Jenny Lewis moved to Hackney over twenty years ago via a spell at Preston University where she acquired a Fine Art degree and a husband. Since then she has made her living as an editorial photographer but continues to pursue a range of personal work. Much of this centres on her experience of living and working in East London. Her first book, 'One Day Young', is also published by Hoxton Mini Press.

This is the first edition.

Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model


'Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model' by Oli Kellett and Alex Holder, 88pp hardcover with tip-in image and foiled titling, 173 x 135 mm

This book is also available to buy as a Collector's Edition here.

They moisturise 30 times a day. They know 200 different ways to pick up a Lego brick. They can method act with a Ferrero Rocher. They’re the only people who get paid as much for cleaning a toilet as they do for modelling a diamond. These hand models are the stars of the biggest advertising campaigns around but you’ve never seen their faces…until now. Hand Jobs: Life as a Hand Model offers 24 revealing portraits, 24 hilarious quotes and 24 ways to peel a banana.

This is Book 3 in a series that celebrates the best in colourful, modern photography.

As an 11-year-old Oli Kellett took a photo of a flower which his granny bought for £5. Feeling like he had hit the big time, he continued to take photos in the hope that he would soon be able to retire early. Twenty or so years later, Oli is still taking photos, both commercially and for longer-term projects. He is no way near retiring.

Alex Holder is a Partner at advertising agency Anomaly London. Her projects often make worldwide press and range from a photographic recreation of Mills & Boon romance covers (shot with Oli Kellett), to the political ‘Make Them Pay’ campaign that sought to end the pay gap between men and women with Elle magazine. It earned 83 million hits and backing from the Prime Minister.

This is the first edition.



'Bubblegum' by Emily Stein, 102pp hardcover with tip-in image and foiled titling, 173 x 135 mm

This book is also available to buy as a Collector's Edition here.

Emily Stein's photographs of children blowing bubblegum on beaches around the world are a portrait of the freedom, innocence and joy of youth. The range of facial expressions as the children blow the gum – frustration, excitement, surprise, concentration – tell a story in themselves.

This is Book 1 in a series that celebrates the best in colourful, modern photography.

Emily Stein started taking photographs in the last term of her Fine Art degree. Never able to concentrate for long enough to finish a painting, she picked up a camera and immediately fell in love with photography. Taking pictures enabled her two great loves: going on adventures and meeting new people. These days she photographs people of all ages, often for commercial clients such as MTV, Vice and Puma, and has a natural gift for capturing their energy and individuality.

This is the first edition.

Haircuts of Hackney (Illustrated Book 2)


Book 2 from the series 'Illustrated East London'

‘Haircuts of Hackney’ by Daniel Frost. 48pp hardcover, gold foiled, concertina,199 x 139 mm

This book is also available to buy as a Collector's Edition here.

Haircuts of Hackney is the newest title in our collectable series 'Illustrated East London'. This quirky and colourful book folds out to show 35 paintings of the backs of Hackney heads. Daniel Frost, a local artist, has created a playful visual encyclopaedia of the haircuts you'll find in East London, the epicentre of self-expression and coiffed confidence. Using this book you will be able to identify and spot some of East London's finest examples of the 'Mun' (man bun), the Kingsland Basin, Queensbridge Quiff, the legendary Hoxton Fin and more.

Daniel Frost is an illustrator living in East London. He is fixated by strange people and odd situations and uses simple imagery to reinterpret his observations in an imaginative and playful way. Daniel has exhibited around the world and has worked for a list of clients including Nike, New York Times and Transport for London.

This is the first edition.

Portrait of Britain Vol 3


'Portrait of Britain Vol 3', 336pp, hardback, cloth spine, uncoated paper, 199mm x 151mm. Cover image by Brunel Johnson.

Portrait of Britain Bundle: Vol 2 and Vol 3 (save 25%) available here.

In collaboration with 1854 Media/British Journal of Photography

Introduced by David Olusoga

The Black Lives Matter movement and Covid-19 have brought a tidal wave of change to Britain. These 200 portraits and accompanying stories, full of hope and humanity, capture the individuals that make up the country’s collective resilience.

'This collection of photographs is a reminder of what we have been missing and of the power of looking into the faces of those with whom we share our nation.' - David Olusoga , from the introduction

This is the first edition.

Portrait of Humanity


'Portrait of Humanity', 320pp, cloth spine, 237mm x 285mm.

In collaboration with 1854 Media and Magnum Photos.

What does it mean to be human today? These 200 portraits taken by photographers in over 65 countries celebrate global citizenship at a time of instability. Funny, revealing, and often moving, the faces and stories in this book show that we are all wonderfully unique, yet on some level, deeply the same.

Introduced by Lucy Davies.

Portrait of Britain


'Portrait of Britain', 336pp, hardback, cloth spine, uncoated paper, 199mm x 151mm.

In collaboration with British Journal of Photography

200 photographs that capture the face of a changing nation.

Portrait of Britain is an annual photography exhibition showcasing the best portraits taken by people throughout the country. The winning photographs, selected from BJP's open-call competition, are displayed on digital billboard screens nationwide – in train stations, airports, shopping centres and on high streets – and are seen by over 10 million people.

Now in its third year, the exhibition will re-launch on 1 September 2018 for one month but for the first time with this book. Portrait of Britain is a small, chunky hardback featuring 200 shortlisted portraits alongside information about each image and selected quotes from the photographers. Together these photographs celebrate the richness and diversity of a vibrant nation at a time of pivotal change.

'These magnificent photographs capture at once the great diversity and the inescapable identity of the British. Gay, straight, bisexual and non-normative male, female and non-binary old, young and in between — how can it be that these — every one a compelling identity in its own right — are nonetheless trumped by a Britishness as heavy and irresistible as a Dundee fruit cake?

- Will Self, from the introduction

Book design by Shaz Madani

The Corners


'The Corners' by Chris Dorley-Brown. 96pp, hardback with cloth spine and back cover, fine art paper, 237 x 285 mm.

These hyperreal photographs of East London street corners are a unique documentation of an ever-changing landscape. Using multiple exposures, Chris Dorley-Brown plays out different narratives simultaneously, creating dream-like scenes that lie somewhere between fiction and reality.

Chris Dorley-Brown has been living and working in East London for over 20 years. He sett up his own photographic practice in 1984 and has since expanded his activities to film-making and radio and has worked as a sound designer for BBC Radio 3. The Corners is Chris’ third photography book.

**This book won the Best Photography Book Award at British Book Design & Production Awards 2018**

Book design by Friederike Huber.

This is the first edition.

Badly Repaired Cars


'Badly Repaired Cars' by Ronni Campana, 72pp hardcover with tip-in image and foiled titling, 173 x 135 mm

This book is also available to buy as a Collector's Edition here.


Badly Repaired Cars is a bright, bold and humorous documentation of some of the best (or worst) examples of DIY car repairs. Close up photographs of cars held together by tape, plastic and glue fill each frame and begin to take on the qualities of abstract art. A strip of duct tape across a broken headlight becomes powerfully graphic in form green plastic hanging from a door divides the frame like a Rothko colour wash.

This is Book 2 in a series that celebrates the best in colourful, modern photography.

Born in Milan in 1987, photographer Ronni Campana specialises in photographing the world’s minute imperfections. By concentrating on details in his surrounding environment and framing contrasting colour and shapes he uncovers an abstract beauty in seemingly mundane objects. With the use of subtle humour and a bright flash he draws our attention to the wonderful flaws found in everyday life. This is his first book.

This is the first edition.

Vintage Glamour In London's East End


‘Vintage Glamour In London's East End’ photographs by Boris Bennett. 208pp, hardcover, fully cloth covered with inlaid image and gold foil, 289 x 214 mm

Boris Bennett (1900-85) was considered the doyen of Jewish studio portrait photographers, famed for bringing Hollywood glamour to an impoverished area of east London. His studio on the Whitechapel Road was the fashionable location for wedding couples and families in the 1930s and 1940s.

East London Food


'A celebration of the energy and creativity at work in the East End. This is a joyous, inspirational, heart-warming book.' Nigel Slater

East London has become the most exciting place to eat in the UK. Home to a vibrant and diverse community, it has attracted a wave of fresh gastronomic talent, including top chefs, young producers and bold entrepreneurs. This book follows forty people at the heart of a culinary phenomenon — from Michelin-starred chefs and specialist butchers to wild foragers and urban beekeepers. With in-depth interviews and lavish photography, East London Food guides you on where to go, what to eat and how to cook it at home.

'East London Food' by Rosie Birkett and Helen Cathcart
288pp hardcover plus 20pp pull-out recipe booklet, copper foiled, 255 x 196 mm, available in 2 colours randomly selected.

Rosie Birkett is a food writer, stylist and author based in Hackney. She has written features on restaurants, chefs and food trends for magazines and newspapers including the Independent on Sunday, Condé Nast Traveller, the Guardian and Red magazine. Rosie’s debut cookbook A Lot On Her Plate was published in 2015 to critical acclaim and she was named a rising star by the Observer the same year.

After studying photography and art direction in Manchester, Helen Cathcart started her career as a photo director in London working on various publications. In 2010 she moved to Sydney to kickstart a transition to being a full-time photographer and was soon photographing for publications such as Condé Nast Traveller, Monocle and Australian Gourmet Traveller. She currently lives in London and shoots for magazines, brands and cookbooks.

Makers of East London (coffee table book)


“Makers of East London captures the energy and spirit of a unique part of the capital. Evocative photography alongside insightful profiles of makers reveals hidden processes behind objects both everyday and exceptional.” Annie Warburton, Crafts Council

Bike builders, violin makers, ceramicists…East London is the creative hub of one of the world’s most dynamic cities and is now seeing a resurgence of craftspeople breathing life back into traditional disciplines. This book takes a tour of their studios and practices to see what it takes to be a maker in a world of mass production. Our largest and most ambitious book yet.

Photography by Charlotte Schreiber, written by Katie Treggiden
336pp, 264 x 198 mm, hardback, clothbound, foil embossed.

Charlotte Schreiber grew up in Wiesbaden, Germany, where she studied photography and went on to become a freelance photographer focusing on portraiture and fashion. Telling stories has always been one of Charlotte’s favourite things to do and with photography she feels able to quietly observe the world and to capture what strikes her as most important or beautiful.

Katie Treggiden is a respected design writer. Her blog, 'confessions of a design geek', was awarded Best Interior Design Blog in Great Britain within five months of launch. She founded Fiera, an independent magazine discovering new talent at the world’s design fairs, and also writes for titles such as Dezeen, the Guardian Weekend Magazine and Ideal Home. This is Katie’s second book.

This is the first edition.

Field Guide to East London Wildlife


‘A Field Guide to East London Wildlife’ by Ian McDonnell & Harry Ades, 108pp 165 x 115 mm, Paperback

This book is also available to buy as a Collector's Edition here.

Imagine a 19 th Century nature guide that has been squarely dropped into 21 st Century urban life. Stealthy garden foxes, escaped parakeets, illegally imported snakes and feral cats are rendered as romantic etchings set against the chaos of East London life in this pocket bound wildlife guide with a twist.

Each drawing is accompanied by factual text that is both humorous and informative and which reminds us of the strange beauty and life that thrives amongst some of London’s most urban areas.

Bored Tourists


'Bored Tourists' by Laurence Stephens. 112pp, paperback with French flaps, fine art paper, 162mm x 127mm.

Discover a lost civilisation.
Gaze up at a towering cathedral.
Take a selfie in front of a kebab shop.

Ever had a holiday that wasn't what you hoped for?

What began as a chance visit to Barcelona Cathedral to escape the mid-August sun, led photographer Laurence Stephens to spend the next three summers traversing the cultural landscapes of Spain and Portugal. From stuffy museums to breathtaking skylines, with camera in hand, he went in search of the not-so-elusive bored tourist.

Laurence Stephens is a British documentary photographer. Inspired by colour photographers of the 1980s, his approach is anthropological, exploring aspects of modern life with a satirical eye.

Book design by Make Good Print Co.

This is the first edition.

Startup London


Over 200,000 startups launch in London every year. Here are the stories from 30 of the most creative of them. From King’s Cross to New Cross, from digital apps to distilleries, these small businesses have big ambitions to change the way we eat, shop, play and view the world. This book is an inspirational guide for anyone dreaming of starting their own business, whether it be in London or beyond.

This book comes with a 16pp 'Tips and Advice' booklet written by business writer Rebecca Burn-Callander, with illustrations by Daniel Frost.

'Startup London' by Christina Hopkinson and Rick Pushinsky
256pp hardback, gold and white foiled, 255 x 196mm. Plus 16pp booklet.

Christina Hopkinson is a novelist and journalist specialising in examining contemporary issues through both fiction and non-fiction. Her articles have appeared in a range of UK publications including the Guardian, The Times, The Sunday Times, Grazia and Red. Her five novels have been translated into more than 12 languages.

Rick Pushinsky is a British photographer based in East London, with a background in fine art and architecture. He shoots portraits internationally and his work has been featured in Vogue, The Telegraph and the Financial Times.

This is the first edition.

Book design by Matt Young.

50 People of East London (Illustrated Book 1)


Book 1 from the series 'Illustrated East London'.

‘50 People of East London’ by Adam Dant. 112pp hardcover, matt paper, gold foiled, 145 x 205mm

The standard edition of 50 People of East London is now SOLD OUT. We still have a very limited number of Collector's Editions available.

A painfully accurate guide to the diverse, colourful and sometimes infuriating people of east London.

Although the drawings are reminiscent of old-fashioned comic books or Hogarth’s 18th Century prints, the individuals portrayed represent the very modern characters that make up the melting pot of East London.

Adam Dant is an internationally renowned artist who lives in Shoreditch, East London.

PRE-ORDER: East London Food (Second Edition)

Pre-orders will ship w/o 14 June


'East London Food (Second Edition)' by Rosie Birkett and Helen Cathcart. 336pp, hardback, 196 x 255mm. With essays by acclaimed chefs Andi Oliver and Nuno Mendes.

Since the first edition of East London Food came out five years ago this culinary corner of the capital has evolved from rebellious start-up to globally established destination. Yet the area remains as energetic as ever with legendary family-run cafés sitting alongside Michelin-starred openings and tequila bars nearby urban farms. With over 40 personal interviews, 24 new entries and yet more lavish photography this book tells you where to go, what to eat and how to cook it at home.

‘A brilliant portrait of the beating heart of London’s food scene.’ Nigel Slater

Rosie Birkett is a leading food writer who has written four books. She is a regular contributor to national newspapers and magazines.

Helen Cathcart is a well established photographer who shoots for publications including Kinfolk and The Sunday Times.


Teaching anti-vax parents to trust science and the MMR vaccine | Watch Video
The World Health Organization listed vaccine hesitancy – when parents delay or withhold vaccines for their children – as one of the top ten health risks for 2019. Now, with more than 700 confirmed cases of measles in 23 states, public health officials are scrambling to put a stop to it. Dr. Jon LaPook reports on using science as an antidote to misinformation about vaccines.

For more info:

Mothers Day

LANDMARKS: A new museum for Lady Liberty | Watch Video
This week the $100 million Statue of Liberty Museum opens on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. It tells the story of the creation of Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi’s statue back in the 1800s – a gift of France – and also the story of how it became a symbol of America, of inclusion, of liberty. Martha Teichner reports.

For more info:

RADIO: The evolving Howard Stern | Watch Video
Over the past 13 years, Howard Stern helped SiriusXM satellite radio grow from a fledgling experiment into a 33-million-subscriber empire. But Stern, who made a name for himself as a potty-mouthed shock jock, has evolved – as a celebrity interviewer and as a person. He talks with Tracy Smith about his new book of interviews, “Howard Stern Comes Again” his psychotherapy a health scare that demonstrated he “wasn’t Superman” and how he and his wife are guardian angels to a thousand rescue cats.

For more info:

TRAVEL: Up, up and away at the TWA Hotel | Watch Video
When Trans World Airlines went bankrupt in 2001, it was the end of an aviation era – and of architect Eero Saarinen’s classic TWA Terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, one of the most distinctive buildings in the world. Rescued from the bulldozer by building preservationists, the magnetic terminal that once drew air travelers has now been transformed into the nostalgic TWA Hotel. Kris Van Cleave checks in.

For more info:

JUSTICE: The Central Park Five speak | Watch Video
With a new Netflix series about their case premiering, the men who came to be known as the Central Park Five share with correspondent Maurice DuBois the many costs of a false conviction.

To watch a trailer for “When They See Us,” directed by Ana DuVernay, click on the video player below:

For more info:

SUNDAY PROFILE: “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek on his cancer diagnosis | Watch Video
For 35 years Alex Trebek has hosted nearly 8,000 episodes of the game show “Jeopardy!” and won six Emmy Awards. And while contestant James Holzhauer’s record-setting streak has been making headlines of late, the biggest news from the show has been Trebek’s fight against pancreatic cancer. He talked with Jane Pauley about his chemotherapy, the crippling pain, and his determination not to miss a day of work.

For more info:

MILITARY: Life lessons and war stories from Admiral William H. McRaven | Watch Video
Admiral William McRaven, now retired, thought commanding the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound would be the crowning achievement of his 37 years as a Navy SEAL, until he gave a 2014 commencement speech at the University of Texas at Austin that went viral – a lesson in personal responsibility that spoke to millions across the globe and became a bestseller, “Make Your Bed.” David Martin talks with Admiral McRaven about the long, long road from making your bed to missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For more info:

Mares and their foals (Extended Video)
For Mother’s Day, “Sunday Morning” takes us near Corolla, North Carolina. Videographer: Carl Mrozek.

Awards and contests, lists of (in alphabetical order)

&bull ALLi Award and Contest Ratings (Alliance of Independent Authors). Geared to indie authors, who may be susceptible to vanity and/or cash-leeching contests--so contests are rated "Recommended," "Mixed," or "Caution."
&bull American Literary Awards (a list on Wikipedia)
&bull Authors Guild guide to Contests, Grants, and Residencies Calls for submissions by month. Excellent listings.
&bull Award submissions calendar (Poets & Writers handy calendar helps you schedule submissions for writing contests, grants, and other literary awards). See also Poets & Writers database of writing contests, grants & awards as well as G&A: The Contest Blog (Poets&Writers)
&bull Award Annals (ranks creative works honored by more than 180 book awards, film awards, and music awards). Here is information about the 69 award organizations represented on Award Annals.
&bull The Best Free Literary Contests (Winning Writers) Subscribe free.
&bull Between the Covers guide to literary awards and book lists (a rare-book store's excellent reference section)
&bull Big Fat Prize (information about contests, competitions, awards, prizes in many categories)
&bull Book Awards and Media Awards (Booklist Online, American Library Association)
&bull Book Awards for Self-Published Authors (Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer)
&bull CASW list of recent science writing awards given by scholarly and professional organizations (CASW Showcase, 2019)
&bull Contest and awards scams and competitions to be wary about
&bull Crime Fiction Awards (formerly Mystery Book Awards) Recognizing the best mysteries, suspense novels, and thrillers
&bull E&P Journalism Awards and Fellowship Directory (free PDF download, but seems no longer to be online). A comprehensive list from Editor & Publisher (2010) of more than 500 awards, grants, scholarships and contests -- national and international -- available to journalists and other newspaper professionals. With a subject index to make locating specific awards easier.
&bull Film Awards (Wikipedia)
&bull Film award ceremonies and festivals (Internet Movie Database, IMDb)
&bull ****Funds for Writers (C. Hope Clark's wonderfully helpful website and newsletter)
&bull Getting Funded (Writers & Editors links to grant-funding resources)
&bull Goodreads list of award winners (as a guide for READERS)
&bull Grants, Awards, and Residencies (PEN AMERICA, 2012) PEN has had an online database in the past, but I can't find it now. URL please?
&bull John Kremer's list of book and author awards for Book Marketing and Book Promotion (includes competitions that welcome self-published books)
&bull Journalism fellowships and grants (NewsLab)
&bull Legal Essay Contest Catalog (University of Richmond School of Law)

Banipal Trust for Arab Literature A prize of £3,000 awarded annually for a book of poetry or fiction translated from Arabic into English, published for the first time in English during the previous year.

Barlett & Steele Awards for Investigative Business Journalism, The Reynolds Center for Business Journalism celebrates the best in print and online investigative business journalism each year, with awards named for two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists: Don Barlett and Jim Steele. Find rules and application here. Deadline for submissions: July 31. Awards presented in November (a gold award of $5,000, a silver prize of $2,000 and a bronze award of $1,000).

Barry Awards for Best Crime Fiction (given by Deadly Pleasures Magazine and Mystery News)

Bay Area Planet Earth Awards for best travel article or essay (Bay Area Travel Writers)

Marica and Jan Vilcek Prize for Poetry

Goldenberg Prize for Fiction

Felice Buckvar Prize for Nonfiction

Bellwether Prize for Fiction ($25,000 plus publication, for "a literature of social change")

Benjamin Franklin Awards, (Independent Book Publishers Association, IBPA) awards in 55 categories, recognizing excellence in book editorial and design, for independent publishers. See also Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards (honoring the best in digital book innovation)

Helen Bernstein Book Award for Excellence in Journalism for best full-length bookswritten by an author or authors whose primary profession is print, broadcast, or electronic journalism, sponsored by New York Public Library. Factors considered: the subject's significance, the book's influence on on public opinion or policy, and the quality of reporting and writing.

Best in Business Awards, presented annually by the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW). This list of 2019 honorees shows the range of honors and variety of winners.

The Best of Photojournalism (NPPA, the contest designed by photojournalists for photojournalists)

Best Shortform Science Writing (SciShortForm, Medium and National Association of Science Writers) The best science writing online, curated quarterly. Nominations crowdsourced. To nominate a story, tag @SciShortform on Twitter with a link to the piece. See Roundups of previous Best Science Shortform Writing

Between the Covers (rare-book store's guide to literary awards and book lists)

The Audies, the Oscars for audiobooks, sponsored by the Audio Publishers Association (AP)

The Audio Verse awards Celebrating the best in free audio drama around the world. If you have to pay to listen to it, it's not eligible.

The Authors League Fund. The Fund gives open-ended, interest-free, no-strings-attached loans to professional writers and dramatists who find themselves in financial need because of medical or health-related problems, temporary loss of income or other misfortune.

The Bancroft Prizes, awarded by Columbia University, for authors of distinguished work in American History (including biography) and Diplomacy. For works originally written in English and published in the Americas (North, Central, and South).

The Bibliographical Society of America offers numerous fellowships, ranging in value from $3,000 to $6,000, which support bibliographical inquiry and research in the history of the book trades and in publishing history. It also awards a few prizes:
---William L. Mitchell Prize for bibliography or documentary work on early British periodicals or newspapers
---Justin G. Schiller Prize to encourage scholarship in the bibliography of historical children’s books
---St. Louis Mercantile Library Prize, which encourages scholarship in the bibliography of American history and literature.

Robert W. Bingham Prize (PEN) awards a cash stipend of $25,000 to exceptionally talented fiction writers whose debut work -- a first novel or collection of short stories published in the award year -- represents distinguished literary achievement and suggests great promise.

Worth Bingham Prize for Investigative Journalism ($20,000, and check out the other Nieman Foundation awards on that page)

Biography and Biographers, awards for:
See fuller description of award under its own name in master list. The Biographer's Craft newsletter will keep you up to date on when applications are due and on any special news about a particular year's award.
&bull Annual BIO awards (Biographers International Organization), including The Plutarch Award (biography's Oscar), The BIO Award (BIO's highest honor, to an individual for contributions to advancing the art and craft of biography), the Biblio Award (to a librarian or archivist who has made an exceptional contribution to the craft of biography), Editorial Excellence award (to an outstanding editor, from nominations submitted by BIO members), and the Hazel Rowley Prize , $2000 Prize for Best Proposal from a First-time Biographer (Biographers International Organization)
&bull Biographers' Club (UK) prizes, including
--The Tony Lothian Prize. The £2,000 ($2,569) Tony Lothian Prize (sponsored by her daughter, Elizabeth, Duchess of Buccleuch) supports uncommissioned first-time writers working on a biography. Find entry form here. Deadline July 27, 2017
--Slightly Foxed Best First Biography Prize Entry (Biographers Club of London accepts entries for best first biography (literary memoirs also eligible). Prize, £2,500 ($3,238) sponsored by Slightly Foxed, The Real Reader&rsquos Quarterly). Deadline Nov. 1. See entry form here.
--Lifetime Services to Biography Prize
&bull Cross Sports Book Awards: Biography of the Year (in British sportswriting)
&bull Evans Biography Award ($10,000) for biography of someone who spent a significant part of his or her life in the Interior West, also known as &ldquoMormon Country&rdquo &mdash the region historically influenced by Mormon institutions and social practices. Neither the biography&rsquos subject nor author need belong to the Mormon faith. Presented by Utah State University&rsquos Mountain West Center for Regional Studies. The $2,500 Evans Handcart Award is given to a biography addressing similar subjects but broadens the criteria to include family histories, and focuses on first-time and emerging authors.
&bull John Simon Guggenheim Fellowships (midcareer awards)
&bull Leon Levy Biography Fellowships ($60,000 stipend)
&bull Elizabeth Longford Prize for Historical Biography (£5,000 presented annually for a historical biography published the preceding year)
&bull Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Biography
&bull Mayborn Fellowship in Biography with James McGrath Morris in Santa Fe, NM. May deadline. See Mayborn contests.
&bull Mayborn National Biography Writing Contest (for high school or community college students)
&bull Mayborn Conference Young Spurs Biography Contest
&bull National Book Critics Circle awards in Biography and in Autobiography. Before 2005, autobiography and biography together were one category.
&bull National Biography Award $25,000--the richest national prize dedicated to Australian biographical writing and memoir, for a published work of biographical or autobiographical writing aiming to promote public interest in these genres. The authors of up to six shortlisted works will each receive
$1,000. Eligible works: biography, autobiography or memoir in English, about an Australian subject or someone who has made a substantial contribution to Australia. See Guidelines.
&bull National Jewish Book Award in Biography, Autobiography, and Memoir (a Krauss Family Award in memory of Simon & Shulamith (Sofi) Goldberg
&bull PEN/Jacqueline Bograd Weld Award for Biography ($5,000)
&bull The Plutarch Award (Biographers International Organization). BIO, an organization of practicing biographers and lovers of biography, has presented this Best Biography of the Year award annually since 2013.
&bull Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography. (See Pulitzer Stirs Controversy by Awarding the Biography/ Autobiography Prize to Memoirs (James McGrath Morris, BIO, 6-14-17) "Most [biographers] believe that memoir is a fundamentally different form of writing about a life in that it does not require any form of documentation, especially the kind of research that often distinguishes biographies." David Nasaw: ". there should be some references, footnotes, endnotes, or in the text itself, which gave the reader the confidence that what was being said, or what was being reported, had actually taken place. The Pulitzer guidelines made that abundantly clear." Judges for the 2015 Pulitzer did research: "it was the opinion of the three of us that an autobiography was distinct from a memoir. An autobiography is the writing of a life by the person who lived that life. It does not necessarily have to be cradle-to-grave, but it is written to show how influences of place and time, childhood, adolescence, parenthood, affect the coming-to-age, and the activities, character, personality, and achievements of the adult. It is, in other words, a biography written by the person who is the subject of that biography.
"It was our understanding that a memoir is a piece of a life, a moment of a life, a part of a life, and it is not documented. There is no corroborating material, there are no additional interviews, there are no newspaper articles, and there is no context provided. A memoir is a work&mdashas the title makes clear&mdashof memory. Autobiography and biographies are not works of memory." See the article for fuller commentary on how memoirs ended up getting awards in the Biography/Autobiography category.
&bull Rollin Fellowship. The Frances &ldquoFrank&rdquo Rollin Fellowship: $2000 for an Exceptional Biography-in-progress About an African American Subject (BIO, Biographers International Organization, $2,000) Awarded to an author working on a biographical work about an African American figure or figures whose story provides a significant contribution to our understanding of the Black experience. Comes with a year&rsquos membership in BIO, registration to the annual BIO conference, and publicity through BIO&rsquos marketing channels.
&bull Sarton Women's Book Awards (Story Circle Network, honoring women's lives). In the nonfiction category, you may submit a biography, collective biography, edited diary, scholarly study of women's lit, or an anthology. There is also a separate award for memoirs.
&bull The Coyiuto Prize, a new prize honoring a book (biography or autobiography) by a Filipino writer working in English, about a Filipino person or family. Cash prize of PHP100,000 ($2,223).
&bull William H. Seward Award for Excellence in Civil War Biography ($2,000, Civil War Forum of Metropolitan New York)
&bull Sperber Prize (for exceptional achievement in writing and research in a biography about a person in the field of journalism or media studies).
&bull Richard Slatten Award for Excellence in Virginia Biography (cash award, $1000)
Biographies are also eligible for an American History Book Prize, a Bancroft Prize, a Hillman Prize, a National Book Award, or a Pulitzer Prize, among others. Biography dominates Samuel Johson prize longlist (Alison Flood, Guardian. "A wide range of life stories loom large among the 18 finalists for the £20,000 prize." And a memoir won: Hawk book wins £20,000 Samuel Johnson prize.
And, as BIO's website points out, do not ignore state historical societies, which often issue awards for biographies. So do some university presses.

Black Caucus Literature Awards (Black Caucus of the American Library Association awards for fiction, first novel, nonfiction by African American author and Outstanding Contribution to Publishing for unique book positively depicting African Americans)

Blog awards (Wikipedia entry)
&bull Weblog awards for 2013 (Bloggies)
&bull The Webby Awards, an international award honoring excellence on the Internet -- for over 100+ Website, Interactive Advertising, Online Film & Video, and Mobile & App categories -- presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Two honors are presented in every category: The Webby Award and The People's Voice Award. This is different from the previous listing.
&bull Online Media Awards (somewhat British-oriented) include online editor of the year digital writer of the year best commentary/blogging best video journalism.
&bull The Duck of the Draw (Simon Waldman, Guardian, on the Guardian's Best British Blog award 2002). See also Weblog competition a 'bloody stupid idea'? (Simon Waldman vs. Tom Coates)

The Bob and Diane Fund supports an annual $5,000 grant for visual storytellers&mdashphotographers, video producers, multimedia artists&mdashto support the completion, publication, exhibition and/or screening of photography and/or multimedia workfthat documents Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry A privately funded $10,000 poetry award given biennially under the auspices of the Library of Congress. The Rebekah Johnson Bobbitt National Prize for Poetry recognizes the most distinguished book of poetry written by an American and published during the preceding two years.

Bollingen Prize for Poetry at Yale ($100,000), a prestigious literary honor bestowed every two years on an American poet, in recognition of the best book of new verse within the last two years, or for lifetime achievement.

Booker Prize (previously known as the Man Booker Prize, this distinguished award for contemporary fiction, worth £50,000, was originally for writers from the British Commonwealth, Ireland, Zimbabwe and South Africa) American authors are now eligible if the book is also published in England. See readers' guides for Man Booker titles and rules and guidelines for entering submissions for both the Booker Prize and the International Booker Prize (the latter, also worth £50,000, for best fiction translated into English--a novel or a collection of short stories--the money divided between author and translator). Prizes don't always go to the big publishers, especially for books in translation: Man Booker International prize 2019 longlist sees small publishers win big (Alison Flood, The Guardian, 3-12-19) See also FAQs. When first awarded (in 1969), the Booker Prize was limited to novels by authors from Britain, Ireland, and the Commonwealth nations. In 2014 American novelists became eligible (if published in England) and publishers with previously long-listed titles were allowed more entries. "Authors who have previously been shortlisted will still be allowed to automatically enter new titles, and there will still be a call in option for judges to request books that were not originally submitted." Why no longer the Man Booker prize? The "hedge fund company Man Group announced it was ending its 18-year relationship with Britain's most prestigious literary award." The Booker Prize Trustees Search for New Sponsor After Man Group Exit (Caroline Davies, The Guardian, 1-27-19).
For insights into the award process, see The 12 Biggest Booker Prize Controversies (Thomas Flynn, The Daily Beast, 7-23-13). See also 'Crazy but fantastic': Man Booker prize pitches tiny publishers into big league (Alison Flood, The Guardian, 7-29-16) A year after Marlon James and his indie press Oneworld beat publishing giants to win the Man Booker, three independent publishers have made the 2016 longlist. But what effect does the &lsquomother of all prizes&rsquo have on tiny teams?
See also: The Guardian's Not the Booker prize. Sam Jordison leads a hunt by readers of the Guardian books blog to find the year's best book, which may &ndash or may not &ndash tally with the assessment of the Man Booker prize judges. See The magnificent 70: Guardian Not the Booker prize longlist announced (2015). And from a working-class perspective, be sure to read Class, Race, and the Case for Genre Fiction in the Canon: Adrian McKinty on Reading the Real Giants of Literature (Adrian McKinty, Literary Hub, 9-27-17) And The Man Booker Prize: By the Numbers (Emily Temple, LitHub, 6-25-18) How Many Story Collections Have Made the Shortlist? Who's Won It Most? What proportion of men and women? How many writers of color?

Man Booker International Prize (worth £60,000, awarded every two years to a living author who has published fiction either originally in English or whose work is generally available in translation in the English language). There were also some one-off Special Prizes.

The BookLife Prize in Fiction ($5,000 to outstanding finalist, plus a profile in Publishers Weekly). This annual writing contest sponsored by BookLife and Publishers Weekly seeks to support independent authors and discover great works of unpublished or self-published fiction in six categories: Romance/Erotica Mystery/Thriller Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror General Fiction YA Fiction and Middle Grade Fiction.

Books for a Better Life Award (National MS Society, NYC-Southern NY chapter) Awarding self-improvement authors whose messages are aligned with the chapter&rsquos mission of inspiring people to live their best lives. Awards in several categories: Childcare/Parenting, Cookbook, First Book, Green, Inspirational Memoir, Motivational, Psychology, Relationships, Spiritual, and Wellness)

Booktrust administers many writing awards and contests previously administered by other organizations, and some new ones. Here's Booktrust's story.

The Booktrust Best Book Awards with Amazon Kindle. [Back to Top]
Borders Original Voices Award Winners (Goodreads listing through 2009--awards appear to have been discontinued after that. Was $5,000 award in each of four categories)

Boston Authors Club. Annual prizes of $1,000 each for two books (one for young readers) written by a Boston-area author. Poetry, fiction, or nonfiction (including creative nonfiction).

W.Y. Boyd Literary Award for Excellence in Military Fiction (American Library Association), $5,000 prize for winning book published in year prior to the award.

Bram Stoker Awards (Horror Writers Association)

Michael Braude Award for Light Verse, a $5000 biennial award for light verse written in English regardless of the writer's country of origin (one of many awards from the American Academy of Arts and Letters).

The Bridge Award ($1o,000, Arts in the Armed Forces, recognizing an emerging playwright of exceptional talent who served or is currently serving in the US military)

Brit Writers Awards Jane Smith of How Publishing Really Works originally wrote about suspect aspects of these awards--a marketing gimmick for a self-publishing arm? Here Writer Beware writes about the awards being "dogged by allegations of loose judging standards and poor communication," etc.

Brown Foundation. The Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation awards yearly grants ($1,000) awards yearly grants for full-length plays, screenplays, musicals or operas that present the gay and lesbian lifestyle in a positive manner and that are based on, or inspired by, a historic person, culture, event, or work of art.

John Burroughs Association Literary Awards
• John Burroughs Medal (for distinguished books of natural history)
• John Burroughs Nature Essay Award (for outstanding natural history writing in a published essay)
• Riverby Awards (for exceptional natural history books for young readers)

The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest (Where “WWW” means “Wretched Writers Welcome") For most wretched first sentence of a novel.

Cabot Prizes. The Maria Moors Cabot Prize, the oldest international prizes in journalism, are awarded each fall to journalists in the Western hemisphere who, through their sustained and distinguished body of work, have contributed to Inter-American understanding. Occasionally the award is given to an organization that has made a similar contribution.

CaFÉ for Artists ( is the leading online application and adjudication system for managing calls for entry for juried art shows. Sophisticated yet easy-to-use, CaFÉ allows call administrators to streamline every step of the online application and review process. CaFÉ was designed for artists and arts administrators by artists and arts administrators to be intuitive, user friendly, and affordable and can be tailored to nearly any call-for-entry process thanks to a robust and flexible management system. Launched in 2005, CaFÉ was designed with public art projects, artist fellowships, juried visual art competitions and exhibitions in mind but can accommodate nearly any type of call, including art commissions, public art RFQs, invitationals, residencies, fellowships, mini grants, awards, and more!
I include this entry (which is not geared to awards for writers, editors, and journalists) because a writer friend who has submitted photos for juried competitions explained that it lists all the competitions, dates, etc. that organizations, museums, etc., submit to it. The submitters pay to be listed. They read the listings to find shows they want to try for. Some will accept all media some just photography, etc. If it appeals to me to be juried into a show, I upload my photos and pay the amount per photo required. (Can be something like 5 photos for $45 or thereabouts.) Then Cafe submits them to the source of the competition for jurying.
&bull Five Tips for Getting into Juried Art Shows (Karen Leland, Artists Network, 2-13-09)
&bull What is the difference between curated and juried? (Harriete Estel Berman, Ask Harriet, 10-27-11)

The Caine Prize for African Writing (£10,000 and prestige). There's controversy about whether there is such a thing as African writing, which Ellah Allfrey discussed in this Guardian story in 2010: The winning qualities of the Caine Prize.

Calibre Essay Prize (Australian Book Review) $5,000 first prize, $2,500 second. Open to all essayists writing in English, for essays of between 2,000 and 5,000 words on any subject. Welcomes essays of all kinds: personal or political, literary or speculative, traditional or experimental.

Canadian Book Awards
&bull Scotiabank Giller Prize ($25,000, for excellence in Canadian fiction &ndash long format or short stories)
&bull The Governor General's Literary Awards (Canada Council for the Arts) celebrating the best in Canadian literature, recognizing finalists and winners in French and in English, in seven categories: Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, young people's literature (text) and young people's literature (illustrated books), and translation.
&bull Writers' Trust Fiction Prize (Writers' Trust of Canada, $50,000, recognizes Canadian writers of exceptional talent for the year's best novel or short story collection as selected by a three-member, independent judging panel)
&bull Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for Nonfiction ($60,000 for winner, $5,000 for 3 to 5 finalists) See guidelines
&bull RBC Taylor Prize $25,000, recognizing excellence in the field of literary nonfiction, to the author whose book best combines a superb command of the English language, an elegance of style, and a subtlety of thought and perception.
&bull Canada Reads, an annual "battle of the books" competition organized and broadcast by Canada's public broadcaster, the CBC. The program airs in two editions, the English-language Canada Reads on CBC Radio One, and the French-language Le Combat des livres on Ici Radio-Canada Première. A "longlist" of 15 books gets narrowed to five, the Shortlist, and then one winner.
&bull British Columbia's National Award for Canadian Non-Fiction, presented by the British Columbia Achievement Foundation ($50,000 to the winner, and $5,000 each to the finalists)
&bull Canadian Book Awards (a fuller list of Canadian book awards, from Livres Canada Books)
&bull Quill & Quire updates on what's happening with Canadian book awards.

Carl Sandburg Literary Awards (Chicago Public Library and Chicago Public Library Foundation) The Carl Sandburg Literary Award honors an author whose significant body of work has enhanced the public's awareness of the written word. The 21st Century Award honors an early-career author with ties to Chicago.

CASE Awards (Council for Advancement and Support of Education, many of them for writing and publishing)

Casey Medals for Meritorious Journalism honor distinguished coverage of disadvantaged children, youth and families. Read these First Person narratives by honorees about how they covered their winning stories, with tips (Reporting Best Practices) for fellow reporters. Journalism Center on Children and Families

CASW Awards (Council for the Advancement of Science Writing)
---Victor Cohn Prize for Excellence in Medical Science Reporting $3,000, to honor a writer for a body of work published or broadcast within the last five years which, for reasons of uncommon clarity, accuracy, breadth of coverage, enterprise, originality, insight and narrative power, has made a profound and lasting contribution to public awareness and understanding of critical advances in medical science and their impact on human health and well-being.
---Evert Clark/Seth Payne Award for Young Science Journalists under 30 (to encourage young science writers by recognizing outstanding reporting and writing in any field of science, limited to non-technical, print and online journalism) $1000 and expenses to attend ScienceWriters conference, limited to non-technical, print and online journalism).

Cat Writers' Association Communications Contest All Certificate of Excellence winning entries become finalists for theMUSE Medallion in their category.

Center for Plain Language ClearMark and WonderMark awards recognize the best and worst use of plain language each year in both the private and public sectors. The ClearMark awards celebrate documents and web sites that succeed in communicating clearly. The WonderMark awards "are your chance to tell the world what&rsquos not plain. Forms, signage, websites. Disclaimers, instructions, legal documents."

Center for Fiction's First Novel Prize ($10,000 to winner, $1,000 to shortlisted authors).
Other Center for Fiction awards:
&bull The Christopher Doheny Award ($10,000. Recognizes excellence in fiction or nonfiction on the topic of serious physical illness by a writer who has personally dealt or is dealing with life-threatening illness, either his or her own or that of a close relative or friend.)
&bull Maxwell E. Perkins Award to honor the work of an editor, publisher, or agent who over the course of his or her career has discovered, nurtured and championed writers of fiction in the United States.
&bull Roger Shattuck Prize for Criticism devoted to the support and encouragement of emerging critics.

The Chautauqua Prize , a national prize that celebrates a book of fiction or literary/narrative nonfiction that provides a richly rewarding reading experience and honors the author for a significant contribution to the literary arts--winner receives $7,500 and a week-long residency at the famed Chautauqua Institution in New York. Full-length books of fiction and narrative/literary nonfiction are eligible. Nonfiction may include history, science, religion, memoir, biography, journalism, and all sub-genres of creative nonfiction. Collections of short stories and collections of essays by one author are also eligible.

Chicano/Latino Literary Prize Awards outstanding Hispanic American writers, annually.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bikini bombs lawsuit inspires support at NZ peace action conference

Roskill MP and opposition Labour spokesperson on disarmament Phil Goff speaking
at the World Without War conference in Auckland today. Image: Del Abcede
BEFORE Parisian car engineer turned-designer Louis Réard named the sexy two-piece swimsuit he created a “bikini” in 1946, it was the name of an obscure Pacific atoll in the Marshall Islands, lost among more than 1100 islets in the trust territory, now an independent republic.

And Bikini Atoll was the Ground Zero for 23 US nuclear tests in the Pacific – out of some 67 conducted over the next dozen years in the Marshall Islands. (Excellent background on this in Giff Johnson's Don't Ever Whisper).

Last year the little republic filed a controversial lawsuit in the International Court of Justice at The Hague against Washington and the eight other nuclear powers – Britain, China, France, India, Israel (although it denies possessing a nuclear arsenal), North Korea, Pakistan and Russia.

The Marshall Islands accuses the nuclear club members of “violating their duty” to negotiate in good faith for the elimination of these weapons.

Now, over this weekend in New Zealand, some 200 people have participated in a World Without War conference drawing up a list for proposed action for peace and the Marshall Islands action came in for some strong support from several speakers.

Aperte le iscrizioni: parte la XV edizione dei Webby Awards!

Non è passato molto tempo dalla serata di Gala per l’edizione 2010 dei Webby Awards ma è già tempo di guardare avanti e pensare al quindicesimo appuntamento con gli Oscar della Rete. Sono infatti già aperte le iscrizioni per partecipare all’edizione 2011.

Le candidature possono essere presentate direttamente attraverso il sito Per quanto riguarda la tempistica entro il 29 Ottobre sarà possibile usufruire di un prezzo scontato per iscrivere i propri progetti, quindi non c’è tempo da perdere!

Le nomination verranno annunciate in Aprile, mentre i vincitori saranno proclamati come di consueto nel corso della cerimonia di Giugno 2011 a New York, dove potranno ricevere il premio pronunciando il classico discorso di cinque parole.

Sempre per quanto riguarda la quindicesima edizione dei Webbys c’è da segnalare un’interessante novità: è stata introdotta un’apposita categoria Mobile & Apps. A giudicare i lavori presentati in questa sezione saranno dei veri esperti del settore, ovvero i fondatori di Twitter, Foursquare e Yelp.

La scelta di creare questa sezione evidenzia ancora una volta quanto sia attento lo IADAS alle nuove tendenze, come conferma anche il direttore esecutivo dei Webby Awards David-Michael Davies:

"Nel corso di questi 15 anni passati ad onorare il meglio di Internet abbiamo visto pochi sviluppi dagli effetti così radicali come quelli che hanno avuto le applicazioni e la navigazione Mobile. Le apps hanno trasformato l’esperienza online, cambiando il modo in cui usufruiamo dei contenuti e abbracciando tutti gli aspetti della nostra vita.”

Nonostante sia appena partita insomma la nuova edizione dei Webbys si annuncia come sempre interessantissima e siamo già curiosi di sapere quali saranno le eccellenze della Rete portate alla ribalta dal premio più importante del Web!

Watch the video: Davies on the Red Carpet at the 15th Annual Webby Awards (December 2021).