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Discontinued Fast Food Items We Miss the Most

Discontinued Fast Food Items We Miss the Most

Bell Beefer, where are you?!

Onion nuggets? Yes, please!

If you’re a loyal devotee of fast food, seeing one of your favorite menu items at a fast food chain disappear can feel like a death in the family. We’ve rounded up 10 fast food items that were taken off of menus, and that are certainly missed.

Items are added to and removed from fast food menus all the time. Some are limited-time offers that are destined for a short run. These may be introduced to test markets to see how they perform (with the ultimate goal of rolling them out nationally if they succeed), or they might hit all national locations for a brief window of time each year in order to keep the hype going (like McDonald’s infamous McRib). Sometimes chains strike gold with a new release; just look at Taco Bell’s now-legendary Doritos Locos, which generated more than a billion dollars in revenue for the chain within months of their release. But other items don’t fare as well, disappearing from menus for a host of reasons.

Some fast food items fall by the wayside simply because they’re too difficult to prepare and employees can’t work it into their workflow. This was the case with Shake Shack’s hand-cut fries, which were rolled out a couple years ago and quickly removed from menus once corporate realized that it prohibitively difficult to outfit existing locations with fry-cutting equipment, train the staff, and maintain quality control. Most other menu items say farewell once sales slack off and the cost of keeping the ingredients on hand becomes too high.

But not all discontinued fast food menu items are gone forever. Look at the semi-infamous chicken fries from Burger King, which returned to menus in 2015 after a three-year hiatus. But if a fast food item has been discontinued, that doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone wants to see it back on menus. Take McDonald’s ill-advised McLean, which replaced some of the fat in the burger patty with water and a thickener called carrageenan. Nobody wanted one of those the first time around in 1991, and nobody wants it now.

10 Discontinued Fast-Food Items We Miss The Most

Don&rsquot you hate it when the foods you love the most just vanish into thin air? Sometimes these items return to us from the depths of the fast-food past. So we can never really know when a food is actually discontinued. Either way, we must acknowledge the truly fabulous fast-food items that do not have a fixed place on menus. We miss these items and we love these items. Here are 10 Discontinued Fast-Food Items We Miss The Most.

If you ate at Wendy's with any regularity during the late '90s, chances are you tried — and loved — the chain's Chicken Caesar Pita. Boasting low-fat Caesar dressing and warm bread, this dish (and the two others versions the chain introduced) was supposedly Wendy's answer to the "wrap craze" that was taking over fast food restaurants at the time.

This dinner favorite made it about three years before it was discontinued. But its legacy lives on on sites like Pinterest and Top Secret Recipes where many try to recreate it.

If you couldn’t decide between lasagna or pizza for dinner, this was the product for you. Pizza Hut unleashed this hybrid to the world back in 2006, but it didn’t last long.

“Despite its name, the Sicilian Lasagna Pizza is not merely a big dish of lasagna dumped on a crust,” wrote the Houston Chronicle.

“There are no wide noodles — a key ingredient in lasagna — on this pizza.” It also had ricotta cheese on it, which made it… interesting.

What was it? A Big Bell Value Menu item stuffed with rice, creamy jalapeño sauce, spicy shredded chicken, and Fiesta Salsa on a soft tortilla. It was replaced by the Chicken Burrito. It was $1.29, and it was GIGANTIC.

4. Little Caesars Pepperoni Crazy Bread

Little Caesars found that stuffing breadsticks takes them to another level — but you won’t find the chain's uber-popular pepperoni-stuffed breadsticks on the menu anymore.

Pepperoni Crazy Bread sticks were meaty and spicy on the inside, crispy and buttery on the outside and topped with parmesan — like a mini rolled-up pizza with an extra boost of garlicky goodness.

You got additional flavor points if you dipped the sticks in marinara sauce.

Little Caesars still has plain ol' garlic Crazy Bread sticks on the menu. For something close to the pepperoni version, you might catch a limited-time bacon-stuffed pizza crust now and then — for old times’ sake.

10 Discontinued Fast Food Items That We Really Miss

I remember being younger and relishing over all the yummy foods that I couldn’t have. Well, I could eat these foods on occasion, to celebrate a small success (like scoring a goal during my weekly soccer games), or just as a treat on the weekend (ever-so-rarely, though). These meals weren’t just any old meals they were fast food meals!

I have to admit that my mom has always been a stickler for a healthy diet, and she was never for us eating greasy foods from our local fast food restaurants when she can make us fresh hamburgers, salads, and potato wedges right at home (and with added healthy alternatives).

But, you have to admit that things just weren’t the same. As a kid, you always craved what you couldn’t eat, especially when you saw the commercials that had your favorite restaurant advertising the “limited time only” items on the menu — it took some extra convincing, but mom usually came around, you HAD to try those!

And, I’m hoping you did get a chance to try out the diverse menus a lot of these popular fast food chains used to have because a majority of the items that were available even a few years back aren’t around anymore. In an effort to pay homage to some of the best fast food meals we used to have, here’s a list of 10 discontinued fast food items that we miss oh-so-dearly.

1. McDonald’s “McPizza”

Someone, please bring these McPizzas back! These were the best thing to happen to the famous fast food restaurant. The best part was that you could opt for a simple cheese or pepperoni pizza, or get fancy with your toppings — they had it all.

A lot of the locations stopped serving the McPizza in the late 80s, but there were two in the United States that held off on discontinuing these until 2007. They were on to something. We wish someone will fight even harder to bring them back.

2. Burger King’s “Cini Minis”

The Cini Minis were one-biters that would just melt in your mouth. Nothing like having one of these for dessert after a whopping whopper.

3. Taco Bell’s “The Bell Beefer”

There’s a reason it’s called “Taco Bell.” Most people say that this joint shouldn’t have bothered to introduce a burger to their menu, tacos were doing them plenty good. When this burger came along, it was sloppy and unwelcomed. Although it overstayed it’s welcome, it was discontinued in the 90s, and customers were pleased to know that Taco Bell would now only continue to “think outside the bun.”

4. McDonald’s “Onion Nuggets”

Like big chunk of onions? Battered and deep-fried? Have you tried onion nuggets? No? You missed out.

Not their most popular item on the list, but McDonald’s introduced these nuggets for a very short period. They were quickly shelved, and today, it’s just the Chicken McNuggets that are left in their shape and form.

I swear I had one like last year! The P’Zone wasn’t a bad idea given that Pizza Hut is an Italian-inspired restaurant, and the P’Zones were a form of panzerotti. Good news is that this item isn’t totally discontinued! They bring it back once in a while, we promise — there’s still hope!

6. Wendy’s “Fresh Stuffed Pitas”

Salad + pita bread = Fresh Stuffed Pitas

Not a bad combination at all, it’s too bad they got rid of ’em.

7. McDonald’s “Original Fries”

Now, you’re probably thinking, “What do you mean?! Their fries have always tasted the best! They’ve always been original!” Well, there was a time when they tasted better than best (is there such a thing?). Before 1990, McDonald’s used to fry their fries in beef fat — 7% cottonseed oil and 93% beef fat. The risk of obesity was high with an order of these guys, but the taste was at a whole new level.

8. KFC’s “Original Chicken Little Sandwich”

Remember eating this sandwich in one bite with an explosion of mayo bursting right through the bun? Yup, you don’t get that anymore. Anyone wanna take a trip back to the 80s?

9. Burger King’s “Mozzarella Sticks”

Dip them in marinara, and off you go! These were the best bite-sized snack a fast food chain could introduce — who would have ever said no to cheese and tomato sauce?

10. KFC’s “Double Down”

Skip the carbs and double up on grease and protein. That’s pretty much what this delicious food item was all about. KFC introduced the Double Down in 2010. It comprised of two deep fried chicken strips that sandwiched bacon, cheese, and a special sauce, to make the perfect drunk food.

These are some of the items that we miss and are no longer available, but there also some pretty diverse items on menus of various fast food restaurants around the world. For example, you’ll never see McDonald’s carry the same things in India as you would in the United States.

Want to know what menu items you can get on McDonald’s menus around the world? Click on the link below and go through the list!

16 Discontinued Fast Food Menu Items We Desperately Need Back

Fast food is like fashion. The trends come and go, and sometimes we're left wondering why we liked what we did all those years ago&ndashbut it's important to remember that at the time, it felt right. Every so often, however, there are things that come along, whether it be a foodie trend or a piece of clothing, and it just holds a special place in our nostalgia-loving hearts. For one reason or another, these fast food menu items didn't manage to last forever, but we didn't forget about them. Everyone loves to reminisce about their favorite childhood treats (and even breakfast cereals), so we decided to take a trip down a very fast food&ndashfueled memory lane, and pay our respects to these 16 discontinued fast food menu items.

The late-'90s introduced the world to Burger King's Cini-Minis. These miniature cinnamon rolls were warm and oh, so flaky. Not to mention, the center was perfectly chewy and each order came with a side of icing to top it all off. They were discontinued in the early aughts, but came back for a brief moment in 2018. We're still holding out hope that they'll regain their rightful place as a permanent menu item sometime in the near future.

This one still hurts because it's a fresh wound. KFC ditched their deliciously hearty potato wedges in June 2020 in favor of selling their herb dusted fries. And while the new fries are good, they're just not the same.

What do you get when you slap bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and special sauce between two deep-fried chicken filets? The answer is simple. You get the world's most unhealthy sandwich. So it's no wonder that it didn't last very long after debuting in 201o. The sandwich has remerged for limited-time offerings in the decade since it's official end, which means that someone out there likes it.

Wendy's offered a variety of fresh stuffed pitas in the late-'90s &ndash from the Garden Ranch Chicken Pita to the Veggie Pita, and even the Greek Pita. But it was the Chicken Caesar Pita that garnered such a cult following that it inspired many recipes online to try and duplicate the magic, and there's even an online petition to bring it back.

10 Failed Fast Food Menu Items That We Really Miss

Gone, but definitely not forgotten—these are the best failed fast food menu items we wish we could have back.

Ah, fast food. My old obsession. As I've said before, there's something to be admired about a restaurant that's so well-run, so beloved, that it's capable of spreading its grasp of a demographic from one coast to another. They are well-oiled machines that show how powerful marketing, good management, and a little bit of luck can be.

Over the years, fast food has created amazing dishes—particularly when it comes to dishes that taste delicious while you're high. Some, such as the Nachos BellGrande from Taco Bell, have stuck around for decades. Others? Well. they weren't so lucky.

Of the failed fast food menu items that the world has enjoyed, there are some that we honestly wish would come back. Do you remember these epic gems?

When it comes to great failed fast food menu items, you really can't go without discussing the McRib. It's one of the most famous failed McDonald's menu items in history—and also one of the most delicious, if you believe the reviews about it.

The problem with the McRib was that it was dogged by rumors. What was the meat inside supposed to be? Why did most people really not care? Who knows? The only things we really know for sure is that the McRib was discontinued despite being overwhelmingly popular—and that it occasionally still shows its face from time to time.

Back during the 2000s, the film Super Size Me pointed out how bad fast food really is for your body. Fast food companies started to take note of diving sales, and came up with a nice array of menu items that would cater to people who wanted a healthier snack.

In 2006, Wendy's came out with Frescata Sandwiches, a bunch of deli fresh sandwiches that had an artisan twist. They were delicious. The long prep times they took, though, ended up being their undoing. By 2007, they were gone and became one of the most deeply missed failed fast food items of the decade.

Back in the 1970s, Long John Silver's was known for having a much more pirate-y theme than today's establishments. The biggest issue most people have with this fast food restaurant chain is that they really don't have many menu options that weren't fish-based.

In the 70s and 80s, the pirate theme really sank into the menu with fried chicken drumsticks called Peg Legs. These drumsticks were fried with the same crispy batter they used for fish, and actually made the drums super light and crunchy.

These days, the pirate theme is a little less—but then again, so are the number of stores. If the trend continues, you might end up seeing Long John Silver's becoming one of the chain restaurants about to go extinct.

Okay, to a point, it's easy to see why this ranks among failed fast food items. It's seafood from a chain that's notoriously not seafood-related at all. However, just the thought of what Taco Bell could have done with this makes me really wish I was born earlier.

During the 80s, the US was going through a seafood craze and plenty of companies wanted to cash in. Taco Bell was one of these companies, but unfortunately, they did not succeed. The salad itself was reportedly tasty, but after a large number of food poisoning reports, it got pulled off shelves for good.

McDonald’s Arch Deluxe was one of those burgers that had great reviews and a loyal following, but just fell through the cracks. This 1990s-era burger was supposed to be a "grown up" version of the classic McDonald's sandwich during a time when McDs was just known for catering to kids.

It was very tasty, had a larger bun, and also just had better quality meat. The Arch Deluxe actually worked out fairly well for several years. That being said, it was discontinued in the early 2000s since the Angus burger started to gain way more traction in that demographic.

The marketing money spent on the Deluxe was massive, and sadly, it never really caught on. Those of us who remember it, though, will tell you it was a great meal. Arch Deluxe, we miss you!

The American restaurant industry is known for calorie bombs, and to a point, fast food has a reputation of being an itis-inducing race to the fattiest, most indulgent and decadent menu item on the map.

Friendly's, arguably one of the first fast casual restaurants to really exist, blew most others out of the water when they created the Grilled Cheese Burger Melt. This monstrosity was nicknamed the "heart attack on a plate," because of its insane 1,100-plus calorie measurement.

The Grilled Cheese Burger Melt was a hamburger that was placed in between two grilled cheese sandwiches, with bacon added in the middle. It was discontinued because there are certain things that are just too grossly decadent for any menu out there—or so we assume.

As far as failed fast food menu items go, this one might be one of the most unhealthy out there. That's saying something.

Burger King has had quite a few failed fast food menu items that were noteworthy, but not many were quite as "90s-style" as Shake-Em-Up Fries. These were french fries that had little packets of dry seasoning accompany them. Diners whoɽ order them would drop the fries in a bag or a box, add the seasoning and shake them.

The fries tasted good, but let's be real—no one wants to have to shake their food. As a result, they ended up getting canned.

Made famous by Rick and Morty, the McDonald's Szechuan Sauce was, in fact, developed as a promo for the Disney movie, Mulan. It. Was. Amazing.

Once the movie aired, execs decided to take it off the menu forever—and it was only after crazed fans demanded it to be back that McDonald's brought it back. (Sadly, it only lasted about a week, making it one of the best discontinued fast food sauces.)

It was good. Like, real good. Rick Sanchez definitely had good taste. That's why Iɽ say it's the best gift for Rick and Morty fans might just be a container of this sauce. or just a good recipe for a dupe.

Admittedly, this is not necessarily qualified as far as being a member of the "failed fast food menu items" goes, but if you think about it, the real failure here is that McDonald's didn't make it permanent.

Sonic's Pickle-O's are exactly what youɽ expect them to be: fried pickles. Back in the olden days, the original restaurant chain used to sell them and that's not surprising, considering that Sonic's is an Oklahoma-based chain. That being said, the whole "fried pickle" thing ran out of juice some time in the 1960s.

Then, in the 2000s, upper management decided to bring them back. They were juicy, crispy, and oh, so good. Though initial interest flared up, the truth was that the interest dropped and they were pulled off the menu.

Rumor has it that you can still order them on the secret menu, though. Not that surprising, considering that this company has made pickle juice smoothies in recent years. Yep. Sonic's loves their pickles.

Taco Bell is a fast food chain that really, truly gets inventive with their goods. This means that they've had quite a few failed fast food menu items that were gross—and a handful that would make any hungover stoner's eyes well up with tears.

This dish was actually spicy, gooey, and tasty. It lasted for 10 years, then Taco Bell decided to flip the bird on their customers and pulled it from the menu. Some of us are still grieving.

2. Chick-fil-A&rsquos Spicy Chicken Biscuit

Let&rsquos face it, there&rsquos not much variation in the breakfast menus from one fast food restaurant to the next. For that reason, we applaud Chick-fil-A&rsquos attempt to &ndash quite literally &ndash spice up breakfast. Their creation? The Spicy Chicken Biscuit. The name is pretty self-explanatory it was a spicy chicken filet, inside of a buttery, flaky buttermilk biscuit. It wasn&rsquot much to look at, but eating it was a whole experience. Between the different textures and the flavor-bomb of seasoning, this was as good as breakfast gets. Plus, it was a great way to shake things up from the usual bacon and eggs. The Spicy Chicken Biscuit has a very vocal and loyal fanbase, but, unfortunately, they only represented a very small percentage of Chick-fil-A&rsquos breakfast customers. As a result, it was removed from the menus, with Chick-fil-A citing &ldquopoor sales&rdquo as the reason. Like we said, the Spicy Chicken Biscuit&rsquos fanbase is very vocal, and they made their outrage heard all over social media. But that wasn&rsquot enough to change the minds of the powers that be. The good news is that, even though the Spicy Chicken Biscuit is gone, its milder counterpart lives on. You can still order a regular Chicken Biscuit for breakfast, with the same delicious breaded chicken breast, and flaky biscuit. We definitely miss the spice, but this version is a close second.

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