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Christmas turquoises

Christmas turquoises

1. Beat the butter, add the sugar and continue beating the composition until it becomes fluffy. Add the yolks one by one and beat the dough well until each yolk is incorporated. Gradually add flour, cocoa, baking powder, spices and vanilla sugar to the fluffy composition. Once incorporated (do not knead too much!), Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for at least 30 minutes.

2. Take the dough out of the fridge after it has "settled", and take pieces of it with a teaspoon. With a wet hand, form balls, which you press in the middle with your little finger, or with the tail of a wooden spoon. Put half a teaspoon of jam in the hole.

3. Whisk the egg whites!

4. Put the chopped hazelnuts on a plate and take the balls of dough in which you put the jam and roll them first through the beaten egg whites, then through the hazelnuts. Put them in the tray on baking paper. Place suitable pieces of marshmalows on top and bake for a maximum of 30 minutes (the oven should be well preheated).

5. After they are baked, take them out and quickly place the whole hazelnuts on top of the melted marshmallows. Bake the cakes for a maximum of 5 minutes. Be careful not to burn the marshmallow candies.

How do turquoise women have sex. I am UNIQUE in the world. What are sexual practices, some SHOCKING

CAREFUL! The Qur'an recommends sex, but not fornication. A girl who has lost her virginity outside of marriage is like a prostitute, the honor of a family depending on her virginity. In this culture, if a young lady is found deflowering, the girl risks in some Muslim communities violent and mutilating treatments, sometimes even capital punishment.

However, unmarried men can have sex as much as they want, sex outside of marriage being considered permissible.

But women do not receive the same treatment! They are forbidden to talk to boys before marriage. After they get married, discussions with men are allowed only in the presence of the husband. Many girls have banned having a cell phone just to limit the temptation.

Anal sex, although painful and traumatic, is preferred to normal by many unmarried Muslim girls, because it is a good way to "protect and preserve their honor."

Islamic culture does not glorify female beauty, so love between partners is the essential condition for the existence of a marital relationship, but if a Muslim man sexually neglects his wife, he is no longer considered a man.

There are no restrictions on sexual positions. The wife is considered "a man's meadow, which you can tread as you wish," as it is written in the Qur'an.


How fast you were. :)
Good luck.

Mmm. you make me start baking again! :) But first let my phobia of cookies pass, because a dwarf on my brain told me to post only cookies until Christmas. Save me! :)

Actually it's not a phobia, it's anger! :)

Well, it's not a phobia, because we are not afraid of anything :)
Well, yes. :)

always a pleasure to return to you in the "house of goodness"

you only do good things. you deserve only praise: I haven't done baklava for a long time. is on the list: D pup

Mmmmmm, the last time I ate baklava in Istanbul, on the first day of Ramadan, with a house full of neighbors and friends who complimented me and did not understand how I manage to make baklava better than Turkish :)))) The secret? Romances are & quotthe best of the rest & quot on all levels, so it's a waste of time looking for secrets. :)) Lia, your baklava looks stunningly good and I really will do it during this period. But I choose to scratch my right ear on my left ear, I make the sheets, as usual, I have a craving for dough. :)) I kiss you and thank you for the memories you refreshed me at the sight of the pictures !!

I think it's crazy! what wonderful flavors!
the baton of friendship is waiting for you to take it!

I make goodies, but your gloves are not to be neglected either. :)
I saw what wonders come out when they
get to work.

“Made in Turkey” beauty recipes

If today is still Turkey's National Day, let's refer to the proverbial beauty of Turkish women. They are, it is known, some of the most beautiful women in the world. There is a lot of talk about their hair adornment.
Basically, every third turquoise is characterized by rich, beautiful and shiny hair. It is natural to stand out, because when we refer to the beauty of women in the East, we are talking more about hair and eyes, because the rest of the body is more covered by the traditional costume.
Millions of women around the world are curious to know the secret of the beautiful hair of Turkish women. We will reveal it to you ourselves, in the following lines!

First of all, for the care of their hair, the turquoises use only means natural. Completely avoids chemical combinations, silicone and the like. The most popular hair care products are: peach oil, almond oil, whipped milk and figs.

It seems that whipped milk is more effective than any other shampoo, it strengthens the hair like nothing else! After washing the hair with whipped milk, the hair does not fall out, grows faster and thickens. And hairstyles are much easier.

Turquoise women often use almond and peach balm. To improve its effect, they add a little honey to it, be careful! , from wild bees! The mixture should be slightly heated and only then put on the hair. The mask should be left on the head all night, wrapping the head in foil and then in a thicker headscarf.

Turquoise women never go to bed until they have a head massage. For this I use a comb with sparse teeth or a flat brush, both made of natural materials, say wood.
After a light massage, the hair must be braided in ponytails, especially if it is long. This prevents hair tangles. Turquoise hair is usually coarse and wavy.
Precisely for this reason, before going to bed, they treat their hair with almond oil, slightly warmed. During the night, the oil is absorbed by the hair, leaving no traces, and the hair becomes soft and silky.

The Turks are also very attentive to the evolution of technology. It is no secret to them to treat their hair with the famous device called Darsonval, which visibly improves its quality. But also on the skin!